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The King of Random
The King of Random

We make videos dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects.
There is excitement found in discovering the unknown, so join us and let’s build something great together.
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GIANT Green Fire Tornado
We Carbonated Mayonnaise
Skyballs Explode Glitter!!!
Weaving A ROPE Out Of STEEL!
Is It Safe To Eat Snow?
Flash Freezing Molten Salt!
Does Popcorn Pop in a Vacuum?
Making Upgraded Magic Mud!
How to Clone your FACE

How to Clone your FACE

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  1. Cxrt3r

    Cxrt3rپیش روز

    can’t be the only one who clicked cuz i thought it said “kanye effect”

  2. Stach van Grondelle

    Stach van Grondelleپیش روز

    Drop molten choclate on dry ice

  3. Turtle toes

    Turtle toesپیش روز


  4. John The Baptist Spirit

    John The Baptist Spiritپیش روز

    This sounds like a commercial .. the whole time ; I was waiting for the price


    TOXIC TERRORپیش روز

    Hey what do for a living Um I eat toothpaste😂😂😂💀

  6. KryptoXploits

    KryptoXploitsپیش روز

    This is before watching the video and is it also stab proof like if you slam the knife into it

  7. Sydnee Berry

    Sydnee Berryپیش روز

    You should try to carbonite icecream or try lol🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Blessing Doesntmatter

    Blessing Doesntmatterپیش روز


  9. Definitely The Real Jevil

    Definitely The Real Jevilپیش روز

    echoes from beyond the grave

  10. Mellow Tones Movies

    Mellow Tones Moviesپیش روز

    thanks for using a picture that wasn't even from your video idiots

  11. Jabby Barton

    Jabby Bartonپیش روز


  12. Anke De Cleer

    Anke De Cleerپیش روز

    4:13 did she say 'look babe'??????



    Lmao did you seriously just do that with a jello cup

  14. Timothy Rodriguez

    Timothy Rodriguezپیش روز

    Can the Kaye effect happen with ooblek?

  15. Ziauddin Mohammed

    Ziauddin Mohammedپیش روز

    994th comment

  16. Brillyan Emerald

    Brillyan Emeraldپیش روز

    The Soap Aren't Bouncing There Are Social Distancing

  17. LaTrisia Brewer

    LaTrisia Brewerپیش روز

    What happens if you freeze dry bread

  18. Antonio Trav

    Antonio Travپیش روز

    Shoulda just used a hydraulic press...

  19. Hectoor Ornelas

    Hectoor Ornelasپیش روز


  20. Boyd Madsen

    Boyd Madsenپیش روز

    Everybody looking for soap during covid19 outbreak! TKOR having gallons of soap for an experiment! 😂

  21. B R U H

    B R U Hپیش روز

    Can you glue aerogel to a solid surface with any glue?

  22. John Kaminski

    John Kaminskiپیش روز


  23. Ohgeesy LookAlike

    Ohgeesy LookAlikeپیش روز

    Mason Ray Parker-Who else high af rn?

  24. iOS God

    iOS Godپیش روز

    How you like your steak? - As is, m8

  25. Hectoor Ornelas

    Hectoor Ornelasپیش روز

    Nate has a week tops

  26. Adriel Oliveras

    Adriel Oliverasپیش روز

    At 1.25 Playback Speed, they sound weird talking. I don't mean the pitch, it's just them talking *Faster* is odd.

  27. patarama

    pataramaپیش روز

    Steve MRE is gonna go crazy seeing this

  28. Kollin Williams

    Kollin Williamsپیش روز

    I think u should try different types of cereal and make it into cotton candy

  29. Aidan Bolosan

    Aidan Bolosanپیش روز

    can u get us discont on n95?

  30. Visha Leah

    Visha Leahپیش روز

    Weirdest thing yet. LoL. Next video....

  31. Nathan Strike

    Nathan Strikeپیش روز

    Bro where you are looks hot compared to where I am

  32. DriftFailz YT

    DriftFailz YTپیش روز

    I actually do this every time I’m in the shower. I’m not crazy, I swear

  33. Casey Mandabach

    Casey Mandabachپیش روز

    This project would be impossible for people with naturally sweaty hands unless you wear gloves

  34. Resor Du & Jag

    Resor Du & Jagپیش روز


  35. Noah W-T

    Noah W-Tپیش روز

    This is an abomination

  36. Gwendolyn Rice

    Gwendolyn Riceپیش روز

    Great, now i want chocolate

  37. Bacon hair Man

    Bacon hair Manپیش روز

    better version of sugru

  38. peace out

    peace outپیش روز

    war at the office

  39. David Valentine

    David Valentineپیش روز

    Anyone here from the community post?

  40. Monte Davis

    Monte Davisپیش روز

    Just how freaking sad is this going to become?

  41. Frogpile •

    Frogpile •پیش روز

    The girl is so annoying an unnecessary

  42. -LaGAiming -

    -LaGAiming -پیش روز

    Can you make birds of prey harley quinn fun gun aka m79 grenade launcher?

  43. Ryanlaws99

    Ryanlaws99پیش روز

    Nate you can make carbonated Jello Real Easily Bring one and a half cups of water to a boil. Stir the water in a bowl with the Jello. Stir quickly until the Jello is completely dissolved. Refrigerate the Jello for 15 minutes. Make sure to time the Jello, you don’t want it to set too much. Stir in the two cups of cold club soda. Refrigerate the Sparkling Jello until firm. it disolves in your mouth and is awsome to eat

  44. Matthew Hoang Inc.

    Matthew Hoang Inc.پیش روز

    Or you could just ask the carbonation nicely to enter the hot dog

  45. Maritza Alanis

    Maritza Alanisپیش روز

    With some air freshener you can remove sharpies

  46. EvilBaron

    EvilBaronپیش روز

    This is such a well known effect.

  47. ASMRTac

    ASMRTacپیش روز

    if i met that lady i’d kms

  48. Ecktor

    Ecktorپیش روز

    Next try deep frying some theoretical particles

  49. ChillySilkHood

    ChillySilkHoodپیش روز

    I’ve used this method on my nerf guns and they’re great.

  50. MavicPro Boi17

    MavicPro Boi17پیش روز

    That’s a lot of girl’s hair gone.

  51. Daniel Li

    Daniel Liپیش روز

    WHY DID THEY use up so much cleaning supply, many famies now are low on that, bc everyone is trying to buy it out.

  52. Jacob Coco

    Jacob Cocoپیش روز

    Bounce liquid off of grants dead body Like if you want to see

  53. FSSHAIKH shaikh

    FSSHAIKH shaikhپیش روز

    What about a face? 👨👩

  54. Alyson L

    Alyson Lپیش روز

    What really happens when you put a hairdryer underwater??

  55. Coo Canvas

    Coo Canvasپیش روز

    How/where do we buy this giant candy?


    FIERY FIVEپیش روز

    Onobtanium minecraft

  57. baddarklove64 fun

    baddarklove64 funپیش روز

    Take kid off vacuum seal vile it's sealed

  58. LoRd oF DaNk mEmEs

    LoRd oF DaNk mEmEsپیش روز

    Who’s still here in 2020? Rip 💔

  59. Ocean Man

    Ocean Manپیش روز

    Carbonated coffee

  60. Broden M

    Broden Mپیش روز

    Freeze dryed chocolate?

  61. Maddy The Husky

    Maddy The Huskyپیش روز

    And that kids is how you make napalm

  62. エラーコード

    エラーコードپیش روز

    Most of the world: buys all the toiletpaper Nate: buys all the shampoo

  63. podoolooloo

    podooloolooپیش روز

    freeze dry a hot dog

  64. Grace Queyquep

    Grace Queyquepپیش روز

    Can you give away all of them

  65. νταν νταν

    νταν ντανپیش روز

    i did this to mine and now i am sleeping in dogs house 😂😜

  66. Xylx -_-

    Xylx -_-پیش روز

    Idea : freeze dry something that is already freeze dried, like the skittles!

  67. JoSePhXgAmEr 13

    JoSePhXgAmEr 13پیش روز

    Callie:🤪 Nate:🗿

  68. Vlogs with kyy

    Vlogs with kyyپیش روز


  69. Emillio Cruz

    Emillio Cruzپیش روز

    Microwave obleck? Ect with it

  70. GamerBoy GB

    GamerBoy GBپیش روز

    how to make soapproof soap


    AWSCHRISTIAN97پیش روز

    Bro he said he was making ozone. This man truly made this world a better place

  72. Its Max

    Its Maxپیش روز

    I like war thunder I play it and it’s amazing Plus why does the plug socket look weird

  73. Maki

    Makiپیش روز

    Are books going to be available in europe

  74. GliZee TV

    GliZee TVپیش روز

    Mold half your leg🤷🏽‍♀️ or half your arm maybe

  75. wiccacat17

    wiccacat17پیش روز

    Have you ever thought of trying to use bananas in place of bbq coals? Odd thing to ask I know. But then again this is the people to ask it.

  76. CatololOSU

    CatololOSUپیش روز

    hi i <3 your videos

  77. Ryck Jamez Whatley

    Ryck Jamez Whatleyپیش روز




    Wat is this come to india



    hey Nate and Callie ya'll should try to cast a few types of metal in playdoh and clay

  80. Melloww

    Mellowwپیش روز


  81. Justin Oof ree

    Justin Oof reeپیش روز

    How is there still snow over the☃️😬

  82. Shivam Dashottar

    Shivam Dashottarپیش روز

    At 4:52 you can see the logo of "the king of randoms for a split milliseconds

  83. Vlogs with kyy

    Vlogs with kyyپیش روز

    The 2.4k dislikes are the dinosaurs friends

  84. Lillian Kegel-Grende

    Lillian Kegel-Grendeپیش روز

    Make slime with pen ink plz

  85. Tim ಠ_ಠ Banana Cheese Cake

    Tim ಠ_ಠ Banana Cheese Cakeپیش روز

    freeze-dry then blend it and put in your cotton candy machine !!

  86. Nick Simms

    Nick Simmsپیش روز

    @ 9:40 you’ve heard of spaghetti carbonara- now get ready for spaghetti carbonatara!

  87. Wouter Grit

    Wouter Gritپیش روز

    Where did you manage to get soap, and so much of it.

  88. brendan beug

    brendan beugپیش روز

    Callie got joe exotic mercy on smh

  89. Jai

    Jaiپیش روز

    you guys should get one of those cameras that films super close for things like this :O

  90. BubbyZ_ official

    BubbyZ_ officialپیش روز

    Still can’t believe he’s dead

  91. Ošbaldo Šantana

    Ošbaldo Šantanaپیش روز

    skittle all taste the same

  92. Arenas Herochi

    Arenas Herochiپیش روز

    I mean eggs

  93. Vizz _

    Vizz _پیش روز

    4:00 🤦‍♀️only white people lol

  94. Yo! Macau

    Yo! Macauپیش روز

    Kaye had nothing better to do.

  95. Fords4life 91

    Fords4life 91پیش روز

    The weird stuff I watch at 3am

  96. Mike Mcfly

    Mike Mcflyپیش روز


  97. Aaliyah Temcho

    Aaliyah Temchoپیش روز

    For your next video can you Nate and Callie do a giant jelly fruits on tiktok? I would love to watch that

  98. OOF Potato

    OOF Potatoپیش روز

    What if you make a hydrophobic plate and try to make that same effect? Editors note: Let’s get Nate and Callie to notice this comment! <3

  99. FlatlineRyan

    FlatlineRyanپیش روز

    I see that happen when i use shampoo and soap all the time lol😂

  100. Nathaliel Miller

    Nathaliel Millerپیش روز

    Yo can I have some soap