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Top 5 Favorite Moments

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  1. Sergio Mejia

    Sergio Mejiaپیش روز

    Sour patch adults

  2. _Shane_Anigans_

    _Shane_Anigans_پیش روز

    2:45 close your eyes and experience wonders

  3. lxxv

    lxxvپیش روز

    Joe's > seafood Red's > sides

  4. Reed Daniel Photography

    Reed Daniel Photographyپیش روز

    coming from Baltimore MD, I love some crabs with melted butter and old bay seasoning. Corn on the cobb and a beer.

  5. Isabel Gutierrez

    Isabel Gutierrezپیش روز

    air fryer beats both

  6. William Horton

    William Hortonپیش روز

    That's the biggest spoon I ever saw

  7. Tei Till

    Tei Tillپیش روز

    I just love crab legs. LOVE love love me some crab legs. Also, why is Rhett turning into a wildebeest with all that facial hair? Why Rhett?? WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?

  8. Angela OB

    Angela OBپیش روز

    Sweet Tea Chicken is actually super gooooood. Publix sells it every now and then in SC. Delicious af.

  9. Brooke Klenke

    Brooke Klenkeپیش روز

    What's happening to Rhett's hair lol? Theses guys are awesome lol.

  10. Scuffed Nation

    Scuffed Nationپیش روز

    Ed's Chowder Heads will always have my heart.

  11. Frankie Frankie

    Frankie Frankieپیش روز

    I could never unless my life depended on it

  12. Svinja

    Svinjaپیش روز

    pre load the ants

  13. Killa Tutorials

    Killa Tutorialsپیش روز

    That isn't new have pizza 😂😂😂😂

  14. Dylan Waggoner

    Dylan Waggonerپیش روز

    Teaching alcoholics to safely drink mouthwash 😂

  15. Isabel Gutierrez

    Isabel Gutierrezپیش روز


  16. Gina Hrabak

    Gina Hrabakپیش روز

    emily looks so good omg

  17. My BoyZ

    My BoyZپیش روز

    I'm dying lol

  18. tedbrogun1

    tedbrogun1پیش روز

    Lol. (Insert stirring the pot emoji here)

  19. Unfqz -

    Unfqz -پیش روز

    Why does every video have some dislikes like this is Great Content I don’t get it

  20. 420 subscribers with no videos

    420 subscribers with no videosپیش روز

    Rhett looking like Chewbacca

  21. Me big boy :3

    Me big boy :3پیش روز

    Hey it’s a Sti

  22. Heather Hughes

    Heather Hughesپیش روز

    This video was the perfect ending to my birthday, thank you guys for everything you do.

  23. Heccin Paragon

    Heccin Paragonپیش روز

    *subtly feeds rhett strawberries*

  24. gantin strike

    gantin strikeپیش روز

    never been to either...

  25. Leasuasu Moeva

    Leasuasu Moevaپیش روز

    I think they should do haunted dolls

  26. Zoe Cowin

    Zoe Cowinپیش روز

    Hi i love you guys😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄

  27. Donutboy 420

    Donutboy 420پیش روز

    Need another tournament episode!

  28. Janay Crane

    Janay Craneپیش روز

    I love finding hidden gems that I missed the first time around ❤️

  29. Metallicarulesss otto

    Metallicarulesss ottoپیش روز

    Your not eating a squid your eating a squad.

  30. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    John Fitzgerald Kennedyپیش روز

    “Takes the wood like a champ!”

  31. aka Valr

    aka Valrپیش روز

    I thought the majority of Joe's got shut down.

  32. Josh Gonzalez

    Josh Gonzalezپیش روز

    also wtf was up with the lesbians at the end LMAO XD

  33. JRL

    JRLپیش روز

    6:41 Literally the best line I’ve ever heard from a man

  34. Devin Bush

    Devin Bushپیش روز

    Everyone knows that raising Cane's tenders are just a vehicle for their sauce lol

  35. Kelley Abitbol

    Kelley Abitbolپیش روز

    Yahhh good song guys! Luv you

  36. Madilyn Reinhart

    Madilyn Reinhartپیش روز

    This is art.

  37. mikooaxdcdz

    mikooaxdcdzپیش روز

    I miss you

  38. Poop Brain

    Poop Brainپیش روز

    im allergic to crustaceans. why am i watching this. lol

  39. Phantom 2003

    Phantom 2003پیش روز

    7:55 - 8:09 As a magician myself, I approve this trick

  40. thessaly nicolaysen

    thessaly nicolaysenپیش روز

    dessert sandwiches: smores... stroopwaffles… fluffernutters...etc :)

  41. Slushy Sushi

    Slushy Sushiپیش روز

    Joe's Crab shack and Reb lobster exists: Angry Crab: Am I a joke to you?

  42. Lisa Murphy

    Lisa Murphyپیش روز

    I heard rhetno

  43. Savage army

    Savage armyپیش روز

    1:51 how my kidney stones look like😂

  44. Tracy M

    Tracy Mپیش روز

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO the avocado toast crunch is really funny asf 😂😂😂

  45. Pussy

    Pussyپیش روز

    TINY TINy TIny Tiny tiny food vs BBC

  46. Wave Productions

    Wave Productionsپیش روز

    HAH 75 degrees try -15 degrees on a warm day bud XD

  47. Rex Yang

    Rex Yangپیش روز

    I never knew chicken bacon eggsisted

  48. Mollabees

    Mollabeesپیش روز

    I- I’ve only ever eaten Act II

  49. Steven Lerner

    Steven Lernerپیش روز

    It's always a competition with these two, it gets old after a while.

  50. Insect King

    Insect Kingپیش روز

    I think I'm going into anaphylactic shock just watching this.

  51. Svinja

    Svinjaپیش روز

    That squid grilled cheese looks something like a grilled cheese my dad would make but I can barely eat it because he burned it so badly

  52. IMmarkus

    IMmarkusپیش روز


  53. silversonic99

    silversonic99پیش روز

    rhett lookin like a crackhead these days

  54. Lee Galila

    Lee Galilaپیش روز

    Feb 20,2020 2:33pm

  55. deetlejuice

    deetlejuiceپیش روز

    eat your cereal

  56. Alexander Hansen

    Alexander Hansenپیش روز

    Damn I thought the wasabi and the vegemite taco was the good one..

  57. Jayson Lilly

    Jayson Lillyپیش روز

    The tuna expires on my bithday

  58. Captain Calvin

    Captain Calvinپیش روز

    I heard sendok witch is spoon in Indonesian langgugage

  59. weside01

    weside01پیش روز

    I worked as a manager for joes. So let me tell you the funny party about the crab legs. they are all pre-steamed from the place from which they come from. All restaurants reheat king, snow, and Dungeness crab unless it is straight from the boat.

  60. izx

    izxپیش روز

    -idowanna eat the sqwid :( - *E A T I T*

  61. iiiyo1

    iiiyo1پیش روز

    Thumbs up for crust being what makes key lime pie

  62. Aaron James

    Aaron Jamesپیش روز

    The jokes in this video were hilarious .

  63. Captain Calvin

    Captain Calvinپیش روز

    I heard No way

  64. Water Green

    Water Greenپیش روز

    Only if the public knew that the multi verse is very real ...

  65. BeccaRaptor94

    BeccaRaptor94پیش روز

    Got them all right! I watch too many of her videos lol

  66. Captain Creepy

    Captain Creepyپیش روز

    Okay the takis to me looks like it slaps

  67. Rob Davidson

    Rob Davidsonپیش روز

    U guys hilarious!

  68. Benjamin Deer

    Benjamin Deerپیش روز


  69. Kimber Lee

    Kimber Leeپیش روز

    👎food allergy jokes

  70. Vitani B Mamba

    Vitani B Mambaپیش روز

    crabs look like giant spiders, so that's what I thought I saw... I swiped away so quickly and realized 10 hours later that its crabs

  71. Angelo Aristondo

    Angelo Aristondoپیش روز

    They didn't even have nesquick cereal

  72. Possum Queen

    Possum Queenپیش روز

    does anybody know where to find a sweater like Rhett's? i love it so much and i want one

  73. Emily

    Emilyپیش روز

    There’s one restaurant in Florida I go to for because of the key lime pie 😂 and it’s a seafood restaurant

  74. KingsleyIII

    KingsleyIIIپیش روز

    "Today, we determine where you should turn when you wanna get kraken." You guys do know that the kraken is a mythical sea creature, right? Also, I'm not sure if that pun was intentional.

  75. Roasted Lemon

    Roasted Lemonپیش روز

    Why don't they like raw potatoes, potatoes are good in any form and fashion.

  76. kitt carr

    kitt carrپیش روز

    I love both liver and sushi but not together. 😂 You guys should post an update video!!!!

  77. Lee Galila

    Lee Galilaپیش روز

    Feb 20,2020 2:19pm

  78. Andrews Channel.

    Andrews Channel.پیش روز

    laughing so hard.

  79. Jayden Harrold

    Jayden Harroldپیش روز

    3:20 spelled bagell


    GECKØ GÄMÏNGپیش روز

    Link hit the woah 3 years ago

  81. Amber Brown

    Amber Brownپیش روز

    I didn't even recognize Rachel I thought they hired someone new lol

  82. Stuck Stoned

    Stuck Stonedپیش روز

    Did they just ask if that glass was edible?

  83. 메리암

    메리암پیش روز

    This is my go-to video to watch whenever I'm sick lol ♡

  84. Gus Fogle

    Gus Fogleپیش روز

    Gosh-dang. Emily sure is a pretty lady.

  85. Adam Porter

    Adam Porterپیش روز

    I was actually wearing a shirt from Joe's earlier today that an ex gave me. The only seafood I really care for is shrimp so the winner of this really doesn't matter to me but the correct decision was made about the Red Lobster biscuits. The fact that they can be made at home very easily though makes whole conversation moot to me.

  86. Chris Eli

    Chris Eliپیش روز

    I don’t like the way Rhett worked the Booty Knot

  87. Preet Singh

    Preet Singhپیش روز

    Should try indian foods only

  88. Sleepy Sloth

    Sleepy Slothپیش روز

    Netflix: are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 6:47

  89. Tre Pedreira

    Tre Pedreiraپیش روز

    I'm only commenting because I feel bad on how much you spent

  90. Hyperboy

    Hyperboyپیش روز

    6:32 where did that popcorn come from 🤔🤔🤔 Illuminati confirmed

  91. AKA KHavens

    AKA KHavensپیش روز

    There's barely any cheddar flavor in the biscuits. Joe's uses too much Old Bay seasoning. If I want great seafood, I go to The Fresh Fish Co.

  92. Em

    Emپیش روز

    I tried Humm Kombucha once (I think it was like rasb lemonade or smthn) and it was gross.... like I hated it and I love kombucha (maybe I got a bad one???) But they are making me want to try that one they tried... thoughts?

  93. Chris Eli

    Chris Eliپیش روز

    The obliteration of Booty Knot was in fact NOT the spot

  94. AmeerDoes Stuff

    AmeerDoes Stuffپیش روز

    My last words: *Bring back, Ed, Edd n’ Edd-*

  95. Laurie Owen

    Laurie Owenپیش روز

    Now I have this sudden need for a vise to put stuff in! 😂😂

  96. Blue RazzBaby

    Blue RazzBabyپیش روز

    Why did I ever stop watching this😂

  97. Em

    Emپیش روز

    I love my booch, and there are so many flavors... but here are my personal suggestions: - Kevita Pineapple Peach (it is a really good starer kombucha. It still has that strong flavor, but it's more sweet!) -GTS Mystic Mango -GTS cosmic cranberry (this one is more of a "burner" to some [stronger vinegary taste] but I just plain enjoy it]) -Kevita Grapefruit I would also suggest any of the Kevita Pro-Biotic drinks, they aren't all vinegary if you don't like that :)

  98. Kadijah Musah-McLean

    Kadijah Musah-McLeanپیش روز

    L.O.M.L 😍

  99. FauxTomBrady

    FauxTomBradyپیش روز

    Rachael is cute ASF

  100. Bru

    Bruپیش روز

    You can eat dirt, man -Rhett 2019