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Kitten Lady
Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw is a professional kitten rescuer, bestselling author, and humane educator on a mission to change the world for the tiniest felines.

Puppy's First Bath Song
The Catchelorette

The Catchelorette

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Deworming My Foster Kittens!
Basil Gets a Butt Bath!

Basil Gets a Butt Bath!

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پیش 11 ماه

Fostering a Newborn Piglet!
Cat Beach in Malaysia!
Who is Kitten Lady?

Who is Kitten Lady?

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Help Save BIG CATS!

Help Save BIG CATS!

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How to Fly With Your Cat
Free Kittens?!

Free Kittens?!

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For the Love of Orphans


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Badger's Kitten Lady Rap!
Cats On Catnip PARTY!
Why are some cats FERAL?
Inside a Cat Rescue ARCADE
  1. Nora Gamma

    Nora Gammaپیش 22 ساعت

    But why do adult cats love milk? My cats will meow nonstop when I eat cereal ',:0

  2. Kassidy The cooper BOSS!!!

    Kassidy The cooper BOSS!!!پیش 23 ساعت

    My kittens two days old she's a runt

  3. Jessica Petersen

    Jessica Petersenپیش 23 ساعت

    Hey! stop squeezing my bladder! People like you restore my faith in humanity You is good people

  4. Jessica Petersen

    Jessica Petersenپیش 23 ساعت

    Her little face SQUEEEEee

  5. Illuminated Gacha

    Illuminated Gachaپیش 23 ساعت

    Chloe is like Briarlight from Warrior Cats, except paralysed as a baby instead.

  6. BoredBacon

    BoredBaconپیش 23 ساعت

    I love the cute faces they did while sitting in the towels and having a head wash, it was so cute! If you haven’t already, can you make a video for ear-mites on cats? (Idk if I spelled it right) but I wanna see it because we think my cat has them too.

  7. bitezumm

    bitezummپیش 23 ساعت

    I wish I had a kitten that small

  8. Kassidy The cooper BOSS!!!

    Kassidy The cooper BOSS!!!پیش 23 ساعت

    I have runt kitten and the moms not feeding her so this helped alot

  9. chupa cabra

    chupa cabraپیش 23 ساعت

    tattoos are degenerate

  10. CatSlave 56

    CatSlave 56پیش روز

    Oh, she is adorable!!!

  11. Carol Guthmann

    Carol Guthmannپیش روز

    You are so kind, each and every kitten is so lucky. Thank you for teaching about bathing!

  12. Tijuana Foreplay

    Tijuana Foreplayپیش روز

    Ever heard of a hair clip Kitten Lady?

  13. Oxiclea N

    Oxiclea Nپیش روز

    I Love how she talks to the kittens it’s so cute and wholesome

  14. Grace Robertson

    Grace Robertsonپیش روز

    And then his fan base doing anything they can to get one and adding even more to the mix 👿👿👿

  15. Illuminated Gacha

    Illuminated Gachaپیش روز


  16. Karen Kat Mom

    Karen Kat Momپیش روز

    Thanks!! I am getting a kitten soon. Need to make some toys!

  17. Anya Sheng

    Anya Shengپیش روز

    Barnaby is my spirit animal

  18. JakNekon

    JakNekonپیش روز

    Love u guys

  19. Slate 27

    Slate 27پیش روز

    If kittens have a mother present, it's safer to avoid handling them until two weeks old. I have a mother cat and every time someone would handle the kittens she would have major issue with it and move them. Unless it's a needed handling, or they don't have a mother try avoiding it so mom doesn't have unnecessary stress.

  20. Carla Norris

    Carla Norrisپیش روز

    Mama waited for you and a safe place! I understand both side but I do understand why you took her on and ppl have to TNR in the nieghborhoods. She will be fixed after all good. Hannah you are you my hero. Thank you for educating us thank you for saving the tiny ones that cant help themselves! ❤ You take on texting tough guys with grace, you are the best.

  21. Lashay Yates

    Lashay Yatesپیش روز

    The kittens is so cute 😸😍💙

  22. Oxiclea N

    Oxiclea Nپیش روز

    My only problem that I can’t Foster is that I wouldn’t want to give them up when the fostering is over and the cat gets adopted. I would get too attached lmao

  23. The SML ONE

    The SML ONEپیش روز

    I like to watch kittens grow!!!;

  24. Mac Kay

    Mac Kayپیش روز

    What a cute mouse

  25. Hina Ejaz

    Hina Ejazپیش روز

    did anyone else skip some of the video?

  26. Imtiaz Tonmoy

    Imtiaz Tonmoyپیش روز

    This video helped me in quarantine a lot. Its perfect.

  27. Rachal Brown

    Rachal Brownپیش روز

    After watching video: does all 5 to my 3 year old cat

  28. Mihaela Mihaylova

    Mihaela Mihaylovaپیش روز

    It’s little black nose 🥺

  29. It’s Lofi

    It’s Lofiپیش روز

    I think every animal likes some kinda whipped cream

  30. Alisia Mojarro

    Alisia Mojarroپیش روز

    I recently got a kitten, she’s in the middle of being potty trained, she’s been doing pretty good. But lately she doesn’t want to pee in the box. When she poops she goes in the liter box, but when it comes to peeing, she chooses somewhere else to pee. I always keep the liter box clean, so idk she keeps doing this. She goes up to the liter box, puts a paw in, but ends up just turning around and pee on my carpet. This has happened 4 times, and idk what to doo. I NEED HELLPPP!! I dont wanna give her way, but I don’t wanna have a cat that does that. Maybe I’m just talking to soon, but it’s frustrating. Help please!!!! I don’t know how to make her stop.

  31. Anya Sheng

    Anya Shengپیش روز

    Yes but what if you're allergic to cats

  32. Barbara Johnson

    Barbara Johnsonپیش روز

    Oh Hannah, I am so happy Spinach is doing much better. She is such a sweet heart!

  33. jenna p

    jenna pپیش روز

    my kitten is also named sage! love him!

  34. lolo hamde

    lolo hamdeپیش روز

    I have a cute baby kitten and his name is nor

  35. Gemma Cochrane

    Gemma Cochraneپیش روز

    I'm getting a tanned kitten called trigger ( me and sister named her) she is the oldest out of all the kittens

  36. Thurman Clifton

    Thurman Cliftonپیش روز

    One of God's greatest gifts when you feel down, Kittens!!!!!

  37. Linda Harrison

    Linda Harrisonپیش روز

    My vet said to never give a cat Pedialyte?

  38. Giada_De_Low_Rent_Tits

    Giada_De_Low_Rent_Titsپیش روز

    Yin and Yang cats, I like it.

  39. Susan Harte

    Susan Harteپیش روز

    I have had 3 kittys all nurtured but they are all passed away one lived to be18.

  40. legacy

    legacyپیش روز

    i didn’t even need to train my kittens to use the litter box, they just went in there to use it naturally :)

  41. Susan Harte

    Susan Harteپیش روز

    I live in Blue Island Illinois

  42. Susan Harte

    Susan Harteپیش روز

    Can I adopt the male kitten please

  43. Susan Harte

    Susan Harteپیش روز

    I lost my last kitty nov 26th 2019 and I am still heart broken.

  44. Susan Harte

    Susan Harteپیش روز

    I will take one male

  45. Susan Harte

    Susan Harteپیش روز

    I want 2 male kittens gray or gray and white

  46. Chrissie`s Universe

    Chrissie`s Universeپیش روز

    I just eeeeeeeeeeked loudly and called my boys!!!!We just buried our beloved Coco on Saturday.She was 8 years old,black,small,with beautiful green eyes - and you have a cat called Coco on your lap??????It felt like a message from heaven!!!Lmao!!!!❤❤❤❤🙈cyber-hug from Germany!

  47. Jessica Bennett

    Jessica Bennettپیش روز

    I just took in my first foster family. Mama Belle is about 7 months old, and was dumped when her four kittens were 2 days old (they are 12 days today). She was an inside/outside cat (in a hoarding household), and generally likes people, but is VERY protective of her babies. Which I think is good, just makes it difficult to weigh and assess the babies needs. They do seem to be healthy and growing. I'm trying to keep her happy, and apply 'taming' tactics, but am open to suggestions; I want them all to be healthy and content!

  48. J No

    J Noپیش روز

    I want to find part two with how to vet the people adopting the kittens cant find it...

  49. Dina Ahdoot

    Dina Ahdootپیش روز

    I love kittens , we had one named kitty by my daughter, and I love what good people do for their pets, but there are tens of thousands who find their way in the garbage, in plastic bags ,or get poisoned and die a horrible death. Please SPAY and NEUTER.

  50. StressedVulture

    StressedVultureپیش روز

    What about lactose free products? Like a bit of normal cream that is lactose free

  51. XxRobloxAnimatorGirlxX

    XxRobloxAnimatorGirlxXپیش روز

    I'm getting a kitten soon

  52. Sharnie Williamson

    Sharnie Williamsonپیش روز


  53. Unironic Irony

    Unironic Ironyپیش روز

    Ok but my kitten fights me when I try to bathe her

  54. Sharnie Williamson

    Sharnie Williamsonپیش روز

    Omg this broke my heart

  55. Crystal Clear

    Crystal Clearپیش روز

    I think TNR is really important, but these days people don’t go outside so they can’t spay them or they might be busy working from home or just don’t bother at all and children of course can’t do anything and so all cats are just outside that are not spayed and breeding and breeding. I think that during this time is gonna be the worst time for kittens because they would probably left alone and die. Some may survive but cats are not born spayed so they are gonna breed and more kittens would have to suffer so I hope when things get better, people go out and get the cats spayed and I hope the rate of kitten rescuers get higher when things get better because that’s probably the time of too many kittens. All in all I am saying that when everything gets better and we can go rescue and TNR all the cats at least in a neighbour hood.

  56. Edona Rugova

    Edona Rugovaپیش روز

    My kittens are still alive thanks to your videos and tips. Thank you so much for what you do!

  57. Jessica Cecil

    Jessica Cecilپیش روز

    I have to go comfort a dying kitten rn, so this video helped thank you 😢😩😞😔

  58. Trini uwu

    Trini uwuپیش روز

    I'm from Chile and I'm happy for this cats :) ❤️

  59. leányka kicsi

    leányka kicsiپیش روز

    I can't watch this video without crying since I know that Twinkle passed away 😭

  60. Lauren Snyder

    Lauren Snyderپیش روز

    When I was watching this I was with my mama cat and she has eight kittens and when that kitten was meowing she was looking for it. 😂❤🐈

  61. chicken nuggets

    chicken nuggetsپیش روز

    What about lactose free milk or plant alternative to it?

  62. Amy #Army

    Amy #Armyپیش روز

    What Do I do If my cat only pees but doesnt poop

  63. Jessica Foster

    Jessica Fosterپیش روز

    8:22 So cute omg!

  64. Poppy Bowerman

    Poppy Bowermanپیش روز

    I’m a foster parent to so if I find a kitten out in the street I’ll take it in because I love cats I have five permanent ones to and sometimes my cats mixi and snowball will lick the little orphanage kittens

  65. Bugeria123 Plays Roblox

    Bugeria123 Plays Robloxپیش روز


  66. Christian Chanchavac

    Christian Chanchavacپیش روز

    I tamed a stray cat

  67. Zoe Clark

    Zoe Clarkپیش روز

    my cat just gave birth to 3 kittens, how do cat work? pls tell me so i know what to expect

  68. DirtyOldDan

    DirtyOldDanپیش روز

    My late kitty Tooshie always begged for whipped cream and ice cream. But I did not like having to clean diarrhea spray off the wall by the litter box. It's def not good for most cats.

  69. Jackie D. Suxwell

    Jackie D. Suxwellپیش روز

    I have a question... so I have a 12 week old kitten who’s mother didn’t care for her (that’s human mother not cat mother). As a result she developed a type of kitten flu which caused her left eyelid to fuse shut half way (this is what the vet said). I’ve gotten her checked out by 2 different vets as I’m concerned with it. They both said it doesn’t bother her, but it should be considered that her left eye should get stitched up. She’s regularly getting food into the eye. In terms of the eyes the outer eye socket is half fused but the second eyelid is fully closed. Do you think it’s worth getting it stitched shut? It doesn’t seem to bother her but I don’t want to risk her getting a major infection :(

  70. legendary

    legendaryپیش روز

    My cat scratches me too much pls make a video

  71. Lps Cutie cat

    Lps Cutie catپیش روز

    My kitten looks like that

  72. TabaFaye Smith

    TabaFaye Smithپیش روز

    All i hear is meowing

  73. Mahwish Irfan

    Mahwish Irfanپیش روز

    I saw a lot of people feed adult cats milk in forign countries and those cats drink it without a problem. Could you please let me know why this is?

  74. Shannon Kennedy

    Shannon Kennedyپیش روز

    Loved this video!😻😻😻

  75. TheMiden

    TheMidenپیش روز

    My BFF says my kitten will go blind and i did give my kitten whipped cream

  76. BelanceM

    BelanceMپیش روز

    I only neutered one dog I ever had. Every other animal was not. We watch our animals closely and when they do get pregnant we give them to family for free. We all really love animals hahaha

  77. Keira Lawless

    Keira Lawlessپیش روز

    Happy birthday, Coco!😺

  78. aaron baxter

    aaron baxterپیش روز

    In the intro the cats just like good god human put me down 😂😂😂😂

  79. km dj

    km djپیش روز

    who is here from fifty fifty

  80. I'm a Lammacorn

    I'm a Lammacornپیش روز

    My mom just adopted 3 kittens and I'm meeting them today eeeeeee!

  81. Soleilumiere

    Soleilumiereپیش روز

    This video truly helped in getting to wean my baby kitten, Saturn, after 4 months of trying. I'm a first time kitten mom and he was the youngest born out of his litter. Patience was key here but this tutorial really helped. Thank you!

  82. Space Cat

    Space Catپیش روز

    Awww lil Rosie. I always try check how they’ve done. By the way i feel you about the cold. I like in the UK and the weather can be variable. I wish I had the option of moving to Cali or somewhere warm but now we stupidly left the EU, that’s now as hard as moving to the US. :(

  83. Grace Kenny

    Grace Kennyپیش روز

    I literally cry every time I have to leave them

  84. service dog angel thunder

    service dog angel thunderپیش روز

    My older cats (who are now deceased) on a rare occasion they would like our bowl of cereal or like our cups of milk. On extra rare occasion they get a very very very small amount of milk in a bowl. There usual treats would be liking toast crumbs off of our plates and cat made treats.

  85. S a k i_ dragon

    S a k i_ dragonپیش روز

    Omg that's so weird, my sister has a black cat with one missing eye (and the other eye, her sight is not the best)and a white kitty who did go through a lot

  86. Space Cat

    Space Catپیش روز

    0-3weeks kittens are just wriggling cute masses of fur.

  87. CD KM

    CD KMپیش روز

    How many kittens do u have?

  88. Space Cat

    Space Catپیش روز

    I actually searched to find out what happened to this kitten. She was adopted. Yay!

  89. Gabby Evans

    Gabby Evansپیش روز

    Hi Hannah! I really want to foster neonatal kittens but I am worried for when they are getting quite playful, when they are at that age, is a playpen enough for them? The one you have on your supplies lists?

  90. Keira Evz

    Keira Evzپیش روز

    I would foster then wouldn’t let them grow and get too attached. I do wanna foster kittens when I’m older

  91. Space Cat

    Space Catپیش روز

    What happened to her in the end? What a lovely kitty. I hope it ended well with a furever home. Edit: I see she got adopted. Yay! Edit: Oh my god. On the train. Person: “oh when is the baby due” Bump: Meeeewww! Person: Did your bump just meow? Hannah: no, nooo I just have a condition due to pregnancy. It makes me mew like a kitten. Mewwww! From street kitten to American house kitten. She went to a good residential school and I’m sure she learned to speak American meowish. Maybe she’s still meow-lingal? I hope she’s doing great. She had an adventure.

  92. Heroic_Antagonist

    Heroic_Antagonistپیش روز

    Wen I eat breakfast I have to move my plate around so my cat can't lick the cheese, managed to do it once when I wasn't looking tho

  93. mbrightx

    mbrightxپیش روز

    I just got my 3 foster bottle babies on Tuesday! This is my first time fostering and am very excited! Thank you so much for all your help and information!!

  94. Mya Nicole

    Mya Nicoleپیش روز

    I got so lucky with my 8 week old Salem. He is the sweetest, most loving kitten ever. He loves to play but as soon as he’s done he comes up to my face for head boops and kisses! I was crying the other day and he licked my tear and curled up into my neck and fell asleep, I was in shock as I have an 8 year old cat and she never showed me affection like this. (She’s very sweet too just not like him). I also have a friend who adopted a kitten about 5 years ago now, and when we went to adopt her she would not stop biting a scratching. I couldn’t figure out why my friend wanted to adopt this kitten when it was being so aggressive. Her kitten never calmed down and grew up to be an angry cat that hisses and scratches at you if you simply walk in the room. I’m wondering if you have any advice for my friend. Her cat is now an adult and is quite literally Satan in cat form. She never abused this animal, and she raised it from a kitten. I’m just wondering, is it possible to just get a bad kitten? Or is there something she could’ve done to stop that behavior at a young age?

  95. liam mcadam

    liam mcadamپیش روز


  96. Lindsay Boerman

    Lindsay Boermanپیش روز

    Rosalita’s kitten belly gives me life

  97. Space Cat

    Space Catپیش روز

    “One final potty break before the big game begins”. I died. Debbie 😴😴😴😳😺😴 (I predicted Darwin, a double winner though? Hmm). I had no eye-dea it took kittens that long to open their little eyes.

  98. Raven Outlaw

    Raven Outlawپیش روز

    We have a newborn kitten with no mama. We keep him warm but he doesn’t want to eat much. What should I do?!

  99. chaza youssef

    chaza youssefپیش روز

    My kitten is 3 week old , can she eat cream cheese??

  100. Space Cat

    Space Catپیش روز

    He got a furever home. Yay! They all did well. So glad for Jimmy. I wonder how he’s doing now?