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10 Games For The Lonely!

10 Games For The Lonely!

پیش 11 روز

  1. Mr P

    Mr Pپیش روز

    You can just buy cheap PVC

  2. Lediamondking Wiseman

    Lediamondking Wisemanپیش روز

    Your walkin down with the sickness

  3. doctor 77320

    doctor 77320پیش روز

    i had one of those batman wings when i was a lot young i had a lot of fun with it so yeet dope for me

  4. Marshal Lindgren

    Marshal Lindgrenپیش روز

    15:51. Reminds me of ... something

  5. leighanna Watt

    leighanna Wattپیش روز

    While the coronavirus is going around they're just eating marshmellos

  6. Ben10 2005

    Ben10 2005پیش روز

    I remember the "Brian" product slam.

  7. Zero Two

    Zero Twoپیش روز

    Last man standing..... hmmmmmmmm

  8. SoufSide Sky

    SoufSide Skyپیش روز

    I knew i recognized Robert from somewhere 😤

  9. Sabina Lerma

    Sabina Lermaپیش روز

    Big Wayne Nicki Mirage Adolescent Gambino Canye Rest 😂😂😂 9:34

  10. Nevaeh Wright

    Nevaeh Wrightپیش روز

    That is NOT pancake batter its way THIN unless u want paper pancakes

  11. TheBucioGaming 21

    TheBucioGaming 21پیش روز

    Whenever tanner gets the keyboard I think: shits boutta go down

  12. Adam McCarthy

    Adam McCarthyپیش روز

    On the roulette drinking game they said it was SPRITE and they told us that it was sparkling water

  13. Ray Brancheau

    Ray Brancheauپیش روز

    Android still better

  14. George Hall

    George Hallپیش روز

    PIT not seed


    TheIMPOSTERپیش روز

    His voice made me want to clear my throat

  16. Xx Banana

    Xx Bananaپیش روز

    Buzzle me buzzle

  17. Levi Smith

    Levi Smithپیش روز

    Why dose tanner have such a large fore head I want it

  18. Tunita Love

    Tunita Loveپیش روز

    So cute 💙

  19. Sungjae Kim

    Sungjae Kimپیش روز


  20. Jess the hungry Girl

    Jess the hungry Girlپیش روز

    U should do a whole vid on things woods would use

  21. Atlas Azeem

    Atlas Azeemپیش روز

    you guys should make a app based on the card game pls!!!!!

  22. Keyla Pena

    Keyla Penaپیش روز

    I literally want shenelles Pokémon card 😂

  23. Peaceful Gaming

    Peaceful Gamingپیش روز

    150,000 likes = rip tanner

  24. animal kid

    animal kidپیش روز

    I watched all the adblade show and nightmare lugur

  25. Cody and dad gaming channel Porter

    Cody and dad gaming channel Porterپیش روز

    Do this it’s called: break it or keep it : you check toys items and stuff if you don’t like it you break it with you awesome items to break 😎 if you like it you guys buy your own and take it home 🏠 thanks if you use it :)

  26. Wolfie Vamp

    Wolfie Vampپیش روز

    Is there a star wars light bulb????????? or a star wars coffee maker???????

  27. Albert Guitar

    Albert Guitarپیش روز

    Well then my window needs repaired because it has a bunch of cracks

  28. Cfnobunt 3

    Cfnobunt 3پیش روز

    I was at my sons school and I had to give his pricible $20 so I went to pull out my wallet but my knife came out at his school don’t worry I’m the repair man now

  29. Shekar Ram

    Shekar Ramپیش روز

    Yes Michael wit the shoes damn man. This is for all my shorts peeps and me.

  30. L kabob

    L kabobپیش روز

    only if my life depends on it i will eat milk and cereal and I hate milk but I like soggy cereal better but I like to eat it from the box

  31. Kungfu Agent

    Kungfu Agentپیش روز

    Matthias the professional fart smeller. Smelled a new one I havent smelled that one before! Thats a rare genetic

  32. Landon DeBord

    Landon DeBordپیش روز

    Tanner gives Matt toilet paper your going need it. Now in 2020 fighting for toilet paper

  33. Francisco Velez Santana

    Francisco Velez Santanaپیش روز

    Is any one else watching this in 2020

  34. Kylee.waller Ok bye

    Kylee.waller Ok byeپیش روز

    I didn’t know you had to pay when you hit the join button?

  35. Levi Smith

    Levi Smithپیش روز

    Gentle Matt

  36. Carielys Oquendo

    Carielys Oquendoپیش روز

    You should make a mega nope button

  37. Geovani Sarabia

    Geovani Sarabiaپیش روز

    Randy Orton splithering around the ring WATCH OUT WATCH OUT R K O! - by the commentator tanner

  38. Isaac Walker

    Isaac Walkerپیش روز


  39. Ashanti Stamp

    Ashanti Stampپیش روز

    I actually have the doctor strange necklaces but yours looks better

  40. pandexx

    pandexxپیش روز


  41. Joshua Adams

    Joshua Adamsپیش روز

    Make hot dog out of hmmmm............ Somtin gross

  42. Brotato Ryan Kooki

    Brotato Ryan Kookiپیش روز

    Time space reality mind soul power

  43. kellie Lowe

    kellie Loweپیش روز

    Dirty thirty is actually a drag race car and his crew is called dirty thirty crew and they are amazing

  44. Linh đa Nguyễn

    Linh đa Nguyễnپیش روز

    Pancakes are just thin waffles

  45. Elizabeth Rieke

    Elizabeth Riekeپیش روز

    Can I have the portrait? It will be greatly cherished by my whole family.😂

  46. Maxwell Bowen

    Maxwell Bowenپیش روز

    Matthias- "its sparkling water, if anyone says otherwise they are wrong" also Matthias- "we got sprite"

  47. Rhys Wood

    Rhys Woodپیش روز


  48. Noah DeBruler

    Noah DeBrulerپیش روز

    woke up when u heard unus anas

  49. Raven Davenport

    Raven Davenportپیش روز

    Love you Matt

  50. Miggy Dela Cruz

    Miggy Dela Cruzپیش روز


  51. Siavau Sakaio

    Siavau Sakaioپیش روز

    "Luna would love this!" -Robert 2020 me: hold on. somethings not right here...

  52. masoud hejazi

    masoud hejaziپیش روز

    Im in 2020

  53. Kaleb The Kid

    Kaleb The Kidپیش روز


  54. Evan Shaw

    Evan Shawپیش روز

    I had the crossbow it broke

  55. Alrick Richards

    Alrick Richardsپیش روز

    So I searched "stupid stuff" on Amazonian and I found a game for this

  56. Samuel Del Villar Del Villar

    Samuel Del Villar Del Villarپیش روز

    I know bananas are radioactive please tell me I spelled it right

  57. Aubrie Roberts

    Aubrie Robertsپیش روز

    dill pickle chips and sour cream number one snack

  58. Safi ayad

    Safi ayadپیش روز

    Bring liz back to the show we want liz back #lizlizliz 😭😭😭

  59. matt alcoriza

    matt alcorizaپیش روز

    i say brian should come back brian come back pleassssse

  60. CreeperBoom100

    CreeperBoom100پیش روز

    .... Vodka

  61. Broken Gaming Pile

    Broken Gaming Pileپیش روز

    Matthias: Who is stopping them??? Me: THE FREAKING FTC. Everyone: nothing at all.

  62. 《•Gacha Cookie•》

    《•Gacha Cookie•》پیش روز

    Matt: Oh Dang That is Big, That's so Big!!!~ Mike's mind: hehe, that's what she said.~ Mike: *starts laughing* Matt: Are you laughing, you want to say that's what she said, huh. Mike: Oh yeah~ Editor: CO-PERVS OF THE YEAR~ Matthias and Michael. Meh: *laughing my lungs out* No one: -_-

  63. Daniel Holland

    Daniel Hollandپیش روز


  64. Daniel Holland

    Daniel Hollandپیش روز


  65. Blank blank blank Blank

    Blank blank blank Blankپیش روز

    7:20 is that Matt Watson from Super Mega?

  66. Snow White Qeen Elsa

    Snow White Qeen Elsaپیش روز

    Sleep beauty once on upon time

  67. J-Mouse Duar

    J-Mouse Duarپیش روز

    First of all, using spirit boxes needs respect for the entities around you. If they feel mocked, a year or two, you'll regret this video happened.

  68. Caitlin Webster

    Caitlin Websterپیش روز

    On my home page I have like 20-23 videos of yours on my home page

  69. static_symbol _and_beserk

    static_symbol _and_beserkپیش روز

    lets just ignore that he said his password allowed

  70. Cameron Payne

    Cameron Payneپیش روز

    I have used it

  71. YoTrini !

    YoTrini !پیش روز

    Damn, can Michael get some love too? Feel like he’s always being left out 😔

  72. Vaeh Mcleod

    Vaeh Mcleodپیش روز

    They always say bts now tanner said "blood sweat and tears". They be playing with my heart

  73. mia faith

    mia faithپیش روز

    19:50 Tanner: “yea i’d be pissed too”

  74. alinizers

    alinizersپیش روز

    You do not know about dd,s I go there lik

  75. Ajaykrishnaanil Anil

    Ajaykrishnaanil Anilپیش روز

    You are looking like a super man

  76. Andrew Steger

    Andrew Stegerپیش روز

    I’m 14 with size 18 shoe could I still get them



    What happened to 🎅

  78. Ashton Carter

    Ashton Carterپیش روز




    What it's chao mei I thought izs chao mian 炒面

  80. Heather Orsborn

    Heather Orsbornپیش روز

    4:30 Tanner: what's that blonde white dude that makes slime? Me: Collins Key!! Lol

  81. Lemadi 41

    Lemadi 41پیش روز

    I played Uno by myself

  82. Brooklynn Tyler

    Brooklynn Tylerپیش روز

    Pickles and mayo! Put the mayo like ketup

  83. Hayk Galstyan

    Hayk Galstyanپیش روز

    So is hi5 hiring? Qualifications: I have a beard

  84. Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!پیش روز

    Matt: Would you like a drink? Ananda: Regular water. No ice and a lemon. Tanner: That's gonna be a wine, you'll need that to get through this date.

  85. lucasthetrain

    lucasthetrainپیش روز

    Dope or nope team I have a question why are all ur vids 24 minutes

  86. The X Crafter

    The X Crafterپیش روز

    where is the battle bot video

  87. J3ff F4ry

    J3ff F4ryپیش روز


  88. r bldwn

    r bldwnپیش روز

    My first time watching... was great! They should use the 'applause" machine and translator all the time. Thanks, was great to watch after a week of isolation.

  89. Abbey Ure

    Abbey Ureپیش روز

    this is the falcon it made the cetle run Lando calrisin

  90. Jennah Goss

    Jennah Gossپیش روز

    It’s funny how people have a lot of subscribers but most of them don’t watch it

  91. James Henderson

    James Hendersonپیش روز

    Matthias is awesome

  92. Bryson Eaton

    Bryson Eatonپیش روز

    Matthias what can I do because im scared

  93. Mystic The Wings of Fire fan

    Mystic The Wings of Fire fanپیش روز

    How to get your ex back: B R E A T H D E E P L Y



    No u

  95. Lincoln Morgan

    Lincoln Morganپیش روز

    We don’t sleep in kangaroo pouch

  96. C. Smith

    C. Smithپیش روز

    A fun video but could make it more funny and interesting but still gave it a thumbs up😆😆😆😆😆

  97. Caitlin Webster

    Caitlin Websterپیش روز

    I have the hot wheels corkscrew crash track set toy at home even though it is loud it is quite fun

  98. jacob vaguard

    jacob vaguardپیش روز


  99. strongarm328 life sucks

    strongarm328 life sucksپیش روز

    at first I thought the sims light on top of tanner was thnks to the editor but then I noticed the strap

  100. Melania Mazzeo

    Melania Mazzeoپیش روز

    We love u Matthias!! Gentle Matt