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  1. Haze 48

    Haze 48پیش روز

    guess what, they both cops. 🤭

  2. op bearer

    op bearerپیش روز

    I thought she was imitating a Democrat. Oh I know.

  3. Rafael Millan

    Rafael Millanپیش روز

    If he were a hero he wouldn't have recorded it

  4. *Christine* mielkiel

    *Christine* mielkielپیش روز

    i thought the couple eat the man to stop the robbery.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  5. Viva L'Italia!

    Viva L'Italia!پیش روز

    Wow! Still going strong 💪God Bless him! ❤🙏

  6. Prime2.0

    Prime2.0پیش روز

    Damn white supremacist at it again

  7. Nigel C.

    Nigel C.پیش روز

    Great [email protected]

  8. Deacon Gandy

    Deacon Gandyپیش روز

    1:42 Let me tell you, if my kid was screaming like that😤 itd be bad for him

  9. Sphinx Money

    Sphinx Moneyپیش روز

    that kid needed smacked into the next galaxy.

  10. Quek Quek

    Quek Quekپیش روز

    i'll cry when the big bro is off to college... and want to have husband like him too lol he looks sweet and warm-hearted tho lol

  11. Buttcheeks

    Buttcheeksپیش روز

    Talk about bad luck.


    SIR. UNKNOWNپیش روز

    They look like they will pull me over for goin one, over the limit

  13. Toxic Reaper

    Toxic Reaperپیش روز

    Dam how he get a cute girl like her

  14. TCOrigamist

    TCOrigamistپیش روز

    As long as you're not breastfeeding on steroids, I don't have a problem with this

  15. MarcR1030

    MarcR1030پیش روز

    Stop man lol

  16. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Leeپیش روز

    Thank God they had the privilege to be cops or else they would have probably been robbed to. Cheers to our 2nd Amendment

  17. Marvelous1

    Marvelous1پیش روز

    Uh maybe use commas

  18. Messi Mobile

    Messi Mobileپیش روز

    Me : Inhales Inside edition : your actually Inhaling WRONG!!

  19. Adalor Bunnugger

    Adalor Bunnuggerپیش روز

    That just doesn’t sound like a trumpet

  20. tonepaw

    tonepawپیش روز

    Lundy <3

  21. Paige Jasmine

    Paige Jasmineپیش روز

    Did that title confuse the hell out of anyone else?

  22. Mystical

    Mysticalپیش روز

    She's hot

  23. Meeehhh

    Meeehhhپیش روز

    Damn she's pretty. 😁

  24. FinskaRS

    FinskaRSپیش روز

    Stop man from robbing restaurant sounds nice

  25. Robert Salinas

    Robert Salinasپیش روز

    Woo back baby wooo! #RIPPOP You will be missed big dawg, i know ur up in heaven doing ur thang rn g.

  26. Brooke Vasquez

    Brooke Vasquezپیش روز

    I pray that I don’t go out with a story as ridiculous as this one

  27. Knightwell

    Knightwellپیش روز

    Maybe it was a murder suicide.

  28. Damp Toasters

    Damp Toastersپیش روز

    If I was in there just waiting for the cops I’d just destroy everything in the room. The rings glass everything

  29. Sara Gilstrap

    Sara Gilstrapپیش روز

    Charles Barkley is a very bad person he is mean to say that

  30. Iamjust Zyaire

    Iamjust Zyaireپیش روز

    ☹️☹️💔”his laugh”

  31. Happy Wolf :3

    Happy Wolf :3پیش روز

    Lmao no wonder why shes divorced.

  32. Trainwreck V

    Trainwreck Vپیش روز

    Don’t lose your balance. Don’t fall. Problem solved.

  33. Joseph Brandon

    Joseph Brandonپیش روز

    he got it right it happens in schools there people too... sadly not to bright in that moment tho not what you want from your education system

  34. Caleb White

    Caleb Whiteپیش روز

    Wow way to announce that this mans life is officially over. Rip brother enjoy loss of money time and joy

  35. Ramon Ayala

    Ramon Ayalaپیش روز

    Never heard of him. But RIP Kobe Bryant though.

  36. Just John

    Just Johnپیش روز

    Woman drivers Bam case closed

  37. Onnor Williams

    Onnor Williamsپیش روز

    He’s lucky he was apparently recognized as a white male suspect otherwise he may have received a couple of magazines to the back

  38. mehmood hassan

    mehmood hassanپیش روز

    North America cop job is easy

  39. Sören Caprasse

    Sören Caprasseپیش روز

    New constant of ninja warrior is.......

  40. luis fuentes

    luis fuentesپیش روز

    Typical Dallas they can't do anything right Houston FTW , heres a video of a successful demotion in downtown Houston its not hard Dallas just hire someone that aint your crony to do the demolition

  41. C-FU gaming

    C-FU gamingپیش روز

    All you have to do is pull the handbrake, and what were they even doing to the point where they didn't notice the car was moving.

  42. L C

    L Cپیش روز

    I don’t have any skills so I would have to jack off in that situation


    WARGAMER PROپیش روز

    A 1 year old can write a better title

  44. Fizziii

    Fizziiiپیش روز

    “Anxiety is all in your mind” *Oh, thanks! I always thought it was in my leg.* “Just chill your mind” *Yes, I know that. But if it was that easy, I don’t think i’d still be like this.* “Talk to your friends” *I would if I could, but sadly my anxiety makes me worry about their judgement :D*

  45. seccat

    seccatپیش روز

    It should be considered entrapment if she posies as an undercover prostitute. Because she’s to hot to pass up.

  46. Sassy Green

    Sassy Greenپیش روز

    Teach ur kids to be leaders not followers

  47. Joel Lyons

    Joel Lyonsپیش روز

    How bad do you suck at life to get a sex therapist

  48. FearStyled

    FearStyledپیش روز


  49. Ryan Kasaboff

    Ryan Kasaboffپیش روز

    Damm so uber eats couldn’t come thru this time boys

  50. Samuel Mer caca

    Samuel Mer cacaپیش روز

    I went to china and i got coronavirus 😀

  51. Joshua Garner

    Joshua Garnerپیش روز

    Beautiful and badass couple 💙👊🏽

  52. 4th Son

    4th Sonپیش روز

    I would be scared to death. Wet suit full of doodoo

  53. Daniel Flores

    Daniel Floresپیش روز

    She is way out of his league!! 😍😂🤦‍♂️

  54. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smithپیش روز

    Inside edition at it again. The internet has been around a while. We have all seen somebody doing something during brain surgery. Come back when she kills it like that cosplaying techno violin chick

  55. Yiriyahu27

    Yiriyahu27پیش روز


  56. Mark Alexander

    Mark Alexanderپیش روز

    White Privilege......... shame......shame.....shame

  57. Michael Cabada

    Michael Cabadaپیش روز

    You know they fked once they got home...

  58. soar arse

    soar arseپیش روز

    If it was shifted the women would have probably assaulted the guy and he would have been sued and kicked off the flight

  59. Ktm S

    Ktm Sپیش روز

    Average income of 22 million a year? Haha.... Oh!

  60. Agniva Roy

    Agniva Royپیش روز

    Omen child is very famous

  61. Karlee Miles

    Karlee Milesپیش روز

    Who was drinking, the service men? 🔥

  62. Samirah Dookley

    Samirah Dookleyپیش روز

    The Title Though...🤔

  63. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashesپیش روز

    DOESN'T everyone check.the bed first??? Or just me.

  64. Fu Inlé

    Fu Inléپیش روز

    I like that they added how she picked up her pomeranian. Of course she has a pomeranian. Unless someone has a wheelchair, they can just walk in the grass around the cute baby. Let them have their moment and be happy for them for having fun with their baby.

  65. sneakerwarzone

    sneakerwarzoneپیش روز

    They dope asf 🔥👌 I thought this only happens in movies 🤷🏽‍♂️

  66. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirtپیش روز

    And Epstein didn't kill himself

  67. Franklin Sharp

    Franklin Sharpپیش روز

    Honistly, he looks like he had a thing for "Thug Life" that tends to lead to a thugs death.

  68. André Pires

    André Piresپیش روز

    What happens when you allow whores to express political opinions

  69. sweet cupcakes

    sweet cupcakesپیش روز

    Life in prison without bail that guy seems he's not in the right mind

  70. Irwin Espinoza

    Irwin Espinozaپیش روز

    On god she's fine lucky man

  71. Armin Yang

    Armin Yangپیش روز

    UGH 2020, RIP❤️

  72. Vøid

    Vøidپیش روز

    I had a stroke trying to read that title

  73. moonie toonie

    moonie toonieپیش روز

    He is such a cute little pup and those kids need some good leather across the ass

  74. John Bruh

    John Bruhپیش روز

    They’re lucky it wasn’t me robbing the store, cause I would have built like crazy and dipped. Very epico

  75. Zahra Abdu

    Zahra Abduپیش روز

    They way she said Charlis last name tho 😂😂

  76. Taras

    Tarasپیش روز

    Anyone else die trying to read the title?

  77. Deacon Gandy

    Deacon Gandyپیش روز

    Man, this is a huge oof for this guy😂

  78. lightning gamingYT

    lightning gamingYTپیش روز

    Rip to all these people

  79. a

    aپیش روز

    The cashier watching them must've of thought why these two normal people trynna act like cop

  80. awhiteguy24

    awhiteguy24پیش روز

    Bet when they pull that car out of the water it’s in driver or neutral with the e brake off

  81. Cole Scott

    Cole Scottپیش روز

    Jake is right

  82. Rodra167

    Rodra167پیش روز

    I can’t imagine the tremendous guilt her mother feels....🙁I’m so sorry for your loss.

  83. biggavelle11

    biggavelle11پیش روز

    Nah but when she said “👏🏾🤞🏾✌🏾👌🏾🤘🏾👉🏾👆🏾👇🏾☝🏾☝🏾🖖🏾!”... I felt that

  84. JERRY 4209

    JERRY 4209پیش روز

    Just another example of only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Strict gun laws only affect law-abiding citizens

  85. Mob Mentality

    Mob Mentalityپیش روز

    I cant help but laugh after the first 20 seconds. XD

  86. Senor

    Senorپیش روز

    Rest In Peace

  87. Memo Juarez

    Memo Juarezپیش روز

    I bet they banged extra hard that night

  88. Roblox OOF

    Roblox OOFپیش روز

    Cop couple out to eat, stop man from robbing restaurant Edit: I forgot the title because it hurt my brain

  89. Darren Gilliam

    Darren Gilliamپیش روز

    🙄 mom wanted attention! 😳 😑 maybe she's banging the cop? I'm sorry but this beyond stupid geez

  90. barbara gill

    barbara gillپیش روز

    Drunk fool. Rich and privileged. Drunk driver manages to keep a license as long as ur rich.

  91. Existential Galaxy

    Existential Galaxyپیش روز

    I have an anxiety disorder and I over think a lot of things, like things normal people would never even over think. I have bad bad buyers remorse and I break down crying because the anxiety gets so bad. It's not created by me, it runs in my family. My great great great grandma passed it down along with bipolar and depression.

  92. Darnell Rashaad

    Darnell Rashaadپیش روز

    RE5 Co-op.




  94. voke mini

    voke miniپیش روز

    who the hell carries a party size bag of hot Cheetos when its 20 degrees (0:19)

  95. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashesپیش روز

    Wow, she's pretty. He a lucky guy.

  96. C Chen

    C Chenپیش روز

    Someone actually wanted to rob a Cane's?

  97. soar arse

    soar arseپیش روز

    I thought you weren’t allowed to show brain surgery on tv it showed the brain in the back camera

  98. Anonymous User

    Anonymous Userپیش روز

    Such a tragedy. I personally never really listened to his music (only to like 1 or 2 songs) but this guy was on the rise. He was just getting started man smh.

  99. Sheosh

    Sheoshپیش روز



    EZZY GREZZYپیش روز

    Gtf out of here