I do what you want to see.

Custom CAR!! (Volks Wagon)
Customizing my SKATEBOARD!!
Custom CARTOON Jacket!

Custom CARTOON Jacket!

پیش 7 ماه

Custom Dragon Ball Z Yeezys!
Custom CARTOON Air Force 1's
Supreme x LV Scooter.... Diy
Let’s make a Cake

Let’s make a Cake

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I Made Gucci Sketchers...
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    Wheres your Tesla?

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    I go to school and yes I kind of sorta do absolutely hate my school

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    yep im year 8 in melbourne at scotch but hate life

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    0:20 just love him

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    God level editing ....😍😍

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    What the actually fuck is that background music

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    Hey marko I’m a fan 😊😊 All of your works are incredible 😊😊 keep it up😊 God bless😊

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    Amazing and as always u makes me smile 😊😂😜❤️

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    you should make your own custom stocking for Christmas

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    Único brasileiro

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    Damm I hate my school I'm supended because i told my teacher you an't a man until u had a man

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    I dont know if you do that on purpose like being awkward and stuff but I really want to comfort you if you do🙁 you are so loveable and talented and you deserve happiness ❤️ I love youu💖

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    It’s amazing 😉

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    When you know that the video is gonna be good so you just hit that like button b4 the video starts.

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