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Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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  1. skildren

    skildrenپیش دقیقه

    I think it is time for a Big Hero 6 Noodle Burger.

  2. Anubhab Mondal

    Anubhab Mondalپیش دقیقه

    Why do I watch these while on diet

  3. Menulo

    Menuloپیش 4 دقیقه

    well darn, i was wondering why my sauce went orange..

  4. Muhammad Awais

    Muhammad Awaisپیش 6 دقیقه

    loved it man

  5. A Boomer Named Karen

    A Boomer Named Karenپیش 8 دقیقه

    Selfish foodstuff

  6. ITCHY

    ITCHYپیش 10 دقیقه

    ok boomer


    RYDERLOCO889پیش 14 دقیقه

    How about the Soup from the soup nazi?

  8. Padparadscha

    Padparadschaپیش 15 دقیقه

    You should make the Thanksgiving dinner Reese was trying to make in Malcolm in the Middle Season 5 episode 4 Thanksgiving

  9. Normah Binti Hasim Harma

    Normah Binti Hasim Harmaپیش 20 دقیقه

    Calzones from We Bare Bears

  10. Gerald Corvitz

    Gerald Corvitzپیش 25 دقیقه

    Where my minecraft cake? but still, so far you've made several dishes that I'll make when I'm old enough to buy my crazy ingredients for cartoon/TV/VideoGame food!

  11. cross

    crossپیش 27 دقیقه

    I hope you used the extra dough from the calzone trimmings to make garlic knots

  12. wahman13

    wahman13پیش 27 دقیقه

    Little pokes on the top to let some steam off to prevent balooning

  13. thefloweronwallstreet

    thefloweronwallstreetپیش 28 دقیقه

    Issa hot pocket.

  14. Janani Siva

    Janani Sivaپیش 28 دقیقه

    Hey Andrew I wanted to say something about the metric imperial war - perhaps look at IRgos stats . If your American audience outweighs the rest of the world then I have nothing more to say. However if you have a higher proportion of non American viewers perhaps consider speaking in metric(if it creates great hinderance to you as well angering the Americans then don’t but if not the please consider it ).

  15. Gerald Corvitz

    Gerald Corvitzپیش 28 دقیقه

    That last version is a patty that Le spatula MAY be willing to create.

  16. Larry Knight TV

    Larry Knight TVپیش 35 دقیقه


  17. Paradox Twozerosixthree

    Paradox Twozerosixthreeپیش 41 دقیقه

    I want to see less healthy versions of unhealthy meals.

  18. drew5211

    drew5211پیش 42 دقیقه

    I used to work at a place that only served calzones! A little hole on the top wolves the dome problem

  19. huc

    hucپیش 45 دقیقه

    re make the allergy inducing food from the movie ocean's 13

  20. Elliott Stanger

    Elliott Stangerپیش 45 دقیقه

    This is how I want to be presented with ads.

  21. Daniel Fogg

    Daniel Foggپیش 48 دقیقه

    Not sure how I feel about his plastic wrap... Gives me anxienty

  22. Lone Lik

    Lone Likپیش 50 دقیقه

    okay,, but since Christmas is coming, can you maybe try to cook some Venezuelan Hallacas, is something that we eat as our christmas dinner, it comes with side dishes as well and they are all very tasty, I bet you would like it, as it is similar to the tamales you did before :))))

  23. JackLiuCooks

    JackLiuCooksپیش 53 دقیقه

    I hope their watches are clean.

  24. B Elliot

    B Elliotپیش 53 دقیقه

    Good way to sneak in veggies :)

  25. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Missپیش 57 دقیقه

    Didn’t you make this in the calzone battle with Sean Evans


    DBXV HEROپیش 57 دقیقه

    “STAND” mixer

  27. Pearllyn miriam

    Pearllyn miriamپیش ساعت

    Lol you sound exactly.lik Arthur

  28. Skooter571

    Skooter571پیش ساعت

    This is the only recipe that basically has no prep time. Meaning I could actually make it

  29. 69,420 subs in 69 years

    69,420 subs in 69 yearsپیش ساعت

    Now, you make Calzones from We Bare Bears

  30. Oclog

    Oclogپیش ساعت

    Do eddies million dollar cook off

  31. Ralfo TG

    Ralfo TGپیش ساعت

    What's the difference between a calzone and a stromboli?

  32. Skooter571

    Skooter571پیش ساعت

    I love when he says “a little bit of kosher salt” then chucks a handful into the blender

  33. ThaC00l Kid

    ThaC00l Kidپیش ساعت

    when u are chilean and can eat the chilean seabass

  34. Floofy Catto

    Floofy Cattoپیش ساعت


  35. That Bricks Guy

    That Bricks Guyپیش ساعت

    *Ben Wyatt has entered the chat*

  36. Skooter571

    Skooter571پیش ساعت

    Nobody: Babish: *drops 600g of bread flower*

  37. sammikeiko

    sammikeikoپیش ساعت

    I like a wet calzone tho lol

  38. Linus Wickström

    Linus Wickströmپیش ساعت

    you should do the soup from seinfeld

  39. Luka Pantovic

    Luka Pantovicپیش ساعت

    Babish my man u forgot to cut the top of the calzone..if u did that u wouldnt have had that dome..❤

  40. Steve Apthorp

    Steve Apthorpپیش ساعت

    It's like americans get get through a dish with out adding some sweetness. Like guys its okay for things not to have any sweetness.

  41. Smoola :3

    Smoola :3پیش ساعت

    That ad though xD

  42. MoonUpper

    MoonUpperپیش ساعت

    Make the Kaz burger

  43. Juste un trou d'eau

    Juste un trou d'eauپیش ساعت

    1:17 they say it's crab because the restaurant is a crab trap and Mr crab is the only crab therefore he captured all the other crab and feed them to customers

  44. Cornflexen

    Cornflexenپیش ساعت

    Sittning in a restaurant in Sweden, enjoying a vegan pizza, when a man speaks to the chef asking him if he will be able to make a special dish for him. "Maybe, what do you have in mind" "Can you make a double baked pizza, with grilled eggplant and pepperoni sausage?" "Double baked, you said?" the chef asks. "Y-yeah, like a calzone" Damn Babish, you influence people more then you might know.

  45. Samuel Kurucz

    Samuel Kuruczپیش ساعت

    Roz, and Season 7. Basically after "The Dish Ran Away With the Spoon." The final season rekindled some of the magic from the first 6.

  46. Ambria B.

    Ambria B.پیش ساعت

    His wife is so lucky omg

  47. david42na

    david42naپیش ساعت

    but how to make a paddy

  48. Andrew Gomez

    Andrew Gomezپیش ساعت

    just dont use ricotta

  49. Heeeytherepal -_-

    Heeeytherepal -_-پیش ساعت

    Epstein didn’t calazone

  50. Pt0wN973b0iI

    Pt0wN973b0iIپیش ساعت

    Flip the dough onto your watches. *YEAH!*

  51. yakov Ryabikin

    yakov Ryabikinپیش ساعت

    It was oddly satisfying hearing you said ‘Apex Predator’ referring to a cast iron pan pizza)

  52. Winter

    Winterپیش ساعت

    6:41 tablespoon of flour. *empties bag*

  53. dreami paw

    dreami pawپیش ساعت

    Your apartment is haunted ;-; 3:34

  54. Minhaj Mohammed

    Minhaj Mohammedپیش ساعت

    Is it just me or I thought this was for parks and rec not Seinfeld

  55. sasquatch TV

    sasquatch TVپیش ساعت

    Maybe lightly score it before the oven? Might reduce the air expanding within the pocket, don’t want to leak of course. Also should brush it with some garlic olive oil parsley! Get a good shine on that flour.

  56. Khalila Yazid

    Khalila Yazidپیش ساعت

    I thought it’d be from parks & rec

  57. Chocolate Giddy-Up

    Chocolate Giddy-Upپیش ساعت

    Can you show us how to make our own pastrami next? After all, it is the most sensual of the cured meats.

  58. Jack Dab

    Jack Dabپیش ساعت

    Oven hotness. Someone has forgotten the word Heat. Lets remember the word HEAT. heat. Heat. HEAT. HEEEEEAAAAAATTT!

  59. Bill Overbeck

    Bill Overbeckپیش ساعت

    The most murican food there is

  60. Jon Roos

    Jon Roosپیش ساعت

    Is that a Rolex Sub?

  61. angel cortez

    angel cortezپیش ساعت

    I wish I could win that Contest :(

  62. SuperSonicGamer

    SuperSonicGamerپیش ساعت

    R.I.P. Iron Man

  63. TravelLover

    TravelLoverپیش ساعت

    Do pierogi’s

  64. Mbmoney1217

    Mbmoney1217پیش ساعت

    It’s times like these that being lactose intolerant really gets me down.

  65. Mark McDonald

    Mark McDonaldپیش ساعت

    I died when the coffee flew out of the mug hahaha

  66. Rono Arts

    Rono Artsپیش ساعت

    When will you make the cheesecake from Friends?

  67. assassintwinat8

    assassintwinat8پیش 2 ساعت

    Anytime someone mentions calzones I just hear a tiny squirrel shouting about how "non-New Yorkers' idea of a calzone is a pizza folded over into a half-pie wrap thing!"

  68. Jessica Barrow

    Jessica Barrowپیش 2 ساعت

    Morimoto needs his own show

  69. Sam Lunn

    Sam Lunnپیش 2 ساعت

    Make Jamdani hash from Gavin and Stacy

  70. lorenzo ajaja

    lorenzo ajajaپیش 2 ساعت

    my italian eyes are bleeding. i hate you.

  71. Лев Разумовский

    Лев Разумовскийپیش 2 ساعت

    It would be so awesome if he would post 3 days before the video to prep the dough. No comments just “trust me prepare some dough.”

  72. P3raltaX

    P3raltaXپیش 2 ساعت

    Meth is not the only thing that cooks well heinsenberg

  73. Joshua Fortune

    Joshua Fortuneپیش 2 ساعت

    I love watching the pizza type stuff, it's interesting to see how other people make this stuff outside of the way we do it at my work.

  74. Brandon Hartley

    Brandon Hartleyپیش 2 ساعت

    Come subscribe🖖

  75. frode hP

    frode hPپیش 2 ساعت

    It's a disgrace to call this a calzone.. Its more like a cornish pasty.


    CRONATOZپیش 2 ساعت

    The commercials, oh my fucking god

  77. Elton's BBQ-pit

    Elton's BBQ-pitپیش 2 ساعت

    Thanks for this one!

  78. Lukas Richards

    Lukas Richardsپیش 2 ساعت

    Let me tell you something George, when I like something I stick to it. From 1973-1982 I ate the same lunch every day

  79. Jacob Alvarez

    Jacob Alvarezپیش 2 ساعت

    Can you make the toxic wedding envelopes next?

  80. David Daniel Ducker

    David Daniel Duckerپیش 2 ساعت

    With all the cheese in the cauliflower crust is it actually lower in calories than bread ?

  81. inklvrtat2dude !!

    inklvrtat2dude !!پیش 2 ساعت

    NO SOUP FOR YOU! Whoops, wrong episode.


    CRONATOZپیش 2 ساعت

    Oh wow, damascus kitchen knife

  83. Van's Good Eats

    Van's Good Eatsپیش 2 ساعت

    Crumb structure has more to do with handling* than the fermentation. You can visibly see your "fermented" dough is rolled out far less thin than your first which is why you have the desired "New York" pizza structure. Edit: notice how your calzones didn't have that bubbly "new York" structure? You rolled out all the air pockets.

  84. Dwsnle14

    Dwsnle14پیش 2 ساعت

    Yes please make the calzones from parks and rec! The normal one and mini one please!

  85. elena

    elenaپیش 2 ساعت

    I wanna see foods from ghibli studio movies 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  86. Veo T.

    Veo T.پیش 2 ساعت

    5:15 *YOU FORGOT TO **_DAB_** WIT THE DAB!!!!!* 🙅🏽🤦🏽🤗

  87. Fredrik Andersson

    Fredrik Anderssonپیش 2 ساعت

    Great video. What size does your bowl have?

  88. Edward Talanian

    Edward Talanianپیش 2 ساعت

    2 Calzone episodes? DOUBLE EPISODE.

  89. Bald Cupcake

    Bald Cupcakeپیش 2 ساعت

    I love Calzone’s dirty cousin, the Panzerotti. Basically a deep fried calzone. So good. Also, none of the calzones I’ve ever eaten have ever contained ricotta cheese, at least I don’t think so. I wonder if that’s a regional thing.

  90. Agust D-amn you all

    Agust D-amn you allپیش 2 ساعت

    How long do you recommend drying the pasta at a minimum?

  91. Echelon

    Echelonپیش 2 ساعت

    Best Babish Quote of the Day: ...”*Before using it immediately to burn my mouth*” so priceless and relatable.

  92. JackTheSpades

    JackTheSpadesپیش 2 ساعت

    Wait, when did Babish start providing metric measurements? THANK YOU!

  93. Ngoanapedi Komane

    Ngoanapedi Komaneپیش 2 ساعت

    Gross as it sounds, please make the Eriksen seven layer salad from How I met your mother.

  94. Thiago Ribeiro

    Thiago Ribeiroپیش 2 ساعت

    peel the eggplant =(

  95. I need help. •

    I need help. •پیش 2 ساعت

    hmm yes, eating underwears.

  96. Elliot Boyette

    Elliot Boyetteپیش 2 ساعت

    To think I almost slept on this episode.

  97. bennyaftermath1

    bennyaftermath1پیش 2 ساعت

    Cut it into foursies for sharesies 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. S L

    S Lپیش 3 ساعت

    8:10 That's not pre-shredded cheese I hope!

  99. IceMan jr.

    IceMan jr.پیش 3 ساعت

    They have kangaroo meat 😯 @ 1:54

  100. Konstantin Keller

    Konstantin Kellerپیش 3 ساعت

    I need a bearded Grandma making me pies like this aswell!