Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

  1. Matthew Thurman

    Matthew Thurmanپیش روز

    There’s no whoopin’ quite like Shannon talking football to skip.

  2. Samuel Brown

    Samuel Brownپیش روز

    Man I love pushing issues that don’t exist

  3. b reed

    b reedپیش روز

    Lol, they were clowns then too huh?

  4. iTzZTCxD - Random Games -

    iTzZTCxD - Random Games -پیش روز

    Lebron also hasn’t stayed long enough to have those teammates

  5. Parker Brady

    Parker Bradyپیش روز

    Stephen Jackson- the Raptors couldn’t go through anybody without Kawhi.... Do you mean they literally beat every team in the East except The Cavs?

  6. Zuhayr Khan

    Zuhayr Khanپیش روز

    Why are we behaving as if LeBron is the MVP, Giannis is the reigning MVP and is on the verge to repeat it again this season ! LeBron is playing well this season so far but Kawhi is gonna show up in the playoffs just like he did last year and Clippers gonna get the chip!

  7. Drew Lutz

    Drew Lutzپیش روز

    The raptors are the champions... he left the champions 😂😂😂 he is a champ but his team isn’t on the throne. Relax 😂😂😂😂

  8. Kent Purdy

    Kent Purdyپیش روز

    Jared Cook is grossly underrated.

  9. G B

    G Bپیش روز

    Shannon so delusional he holds Bron Nuts sack .... he not even a real lakers fans just like most of the recent so called Lakers fans they would switch as soon as Bron switch so take Bron out of it and you Bron fans can see clearly Clippers way better than Lakers... since 2013 Clippers 27-5 against Lakers

  10. Pimp21ULike

    Pimp21ULikeپیش روز

    "When GOAT James talks we all listen" Shannon is Lebrons biggest cheerleader 😂😂😂

  11. Mr. Mince Productions Inc.

    Mr. Mince Productions Inc.پیش روز

    “He’s the defending Champ and MVP” Simple 🧐

  12. Noah Gore Hoe

    Noah Gore Hoeپیش روز

    idk squat about football dont know terminology or any players names other than Tom Brady. Im only here for Skip and Shannon

  13. Matthew Heckman

    Matthew Heckmanپیش روز

    Kawhi is better than LeBron..... See ya

  14. Dean Allen

    Dean Allenپیش روز

    If kawhi wins in la for the first time then the previous year one the first for Toronto. Where do we rank him.

  15. Dean Allen

    Dean Allenپیش روز

    They gathered a lot of stones for thanos

  16. Rod Tv

    Rod Tvپیش روز

    Skip “JUST DRIVEEE IT!!!!” Bayless.

  17. melian9999

    melian9999پیش روز

    Clippers are loading up to meet the Raptors/bucks. Lakers do not have the depth

  18. Gene Gu

    Gene Guپیش روز

    Jerry west flexing

  19. BlackJeys Jeyson

    BlackJeys Jeysonپیش روز The Best💪🏽🤑

  20. duce Kong

    duce Kongپیش روز

    @ salt Bayless sorry morris dosen't live by that sucker motto of " can't beat em join em" The Morris bros are tough

  21. Ty Law

    Ty Lawپیش روز

    Til this day I still don’t think kawhi made a great choice choosing George Paul as a teammate. Dude been getting schooled by daddy Ingles, Uncle Donovan, and step daddy lillard since he been in the West. But I’m trusting Kawhi’s decision

  22. Roger Eilam

    Roger Eilamپیش روز

    Stephen Jackson my guy preach🙌🏽 my brother,And dem cornrolls to tight my brother

  23. Andrew Boomhower

    Andrew Boomhowerپیش روز

    This is the dumbest segment I’ve watched in a long time.

  24. srook08

    srook08پیش روز

    Please we don’t want Tom Brady please let Dak stay Skip you are a trader if Tom Brady become a cowboy I will be wishing them to lose

  25. PMC05

    PMC05پیش روز

    Ahh the same ol topic from sport news today ♻️😴

  26. duce Kong

    duce Kongپیش روز

    Klippers are our lebroning lebron! 😂😂😂

  27. Namron Seyer

    Namron Seyerپیش روز

    Cant take my eyes off to Jeany! correct me if im wrong with name though😁

  28. cholhwa

    cholhwaپیش روز

    There's no Jordan. There's no Kobe. There's no young LeBron. Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA. But he just doesn't seem to be bigger than the NBA as of now. Until the Clippers wins the championship, the league rolls with Kawhi.

  29. Michael Jones

    Michael Jonesپیش روز

    Unk they got Jerry West that’s why we don’t say klaw got them players‼️ James was GM in Cleveland u know that‼️

  30. Sammy Coleman

    Sammy Colemanپیش روز

    Look at Matthew statford the money he is making with the winless lions why not and i am not even a cowboy fan give dak the money and take it from there! Lets sit back and see what happens!!!!

  31. Ronaldo Gilley

    Ronaldo Gilleyپیش روز

    I f/w a lotta players on the Clippers but this is starting to disgust me....they are trying to stack this team. But will all these pieces fit properly?🤷🏾‍♂️Honest question🧐 we’ll see.

  32. John Doe

    John Doeپیش روز

    Loading up to beat Lebron? Lol this narrative is played out.

  33. cholhwa

    cholhwaپیش روز

    Kawhi will carry his team to the playoffs. Until then, do not buy this L.A. hype. There's still a lot of basketball left.

  34. Real One

    Real Oneپیش روز

    Shannon Sharpe is so much in love with LeBron James he is missing with the topic is about yoo he really do got a man crush on another man

  35. duce Kong

    duce Kongپیش روز

    Can't forget bron wanted paul & klaw

  36. Volt Bae

    Volt Baeپیش روز

    Skip in 2019: There are three other Raptors who deserved the FMVP before Kawhi Skip in 2020: He's wearing the belt, you have to take it from him

  37. Dom W

    Dom Wپیش روز


  38. John Patterson

    John Pattersonپیش روز

    is it just me or 2:03 facial reaction of Skip Bayless reminds me of Joe from You netflix series?

  39. keshon marshall

    keshon marshallپیش روز

    3:10 oouuuu ol shay shay bussin stacks up

  40. Brandon Patterson

    Brandon Pattersonپیش روز

    Paul George not better than AD tho

  41. G. Alistar

    G. Alistarپیش روز

    This did NOT age well!

  42. Austin Grignon

    Austin Grignonپیش روز

    Patriots: Give up less than 10 points per game Skip Bayless: The Patriots aren't a good team

  43. Chuck-300 Da Realest

    Chuck-300 Da Realestپیش روز

    Shannon lose the debate every day hyping up Lebron smh. He too closed minded... Let Khawai be great and quit hating.

  44. Not Today

    Not Todayپیش روز

    It don't matter cause McCaw is still a Raptor, and they'll win again

  45. Eric meng

    Eric mengپیش روز

    Michael Jordan 6x champ , 10x scoring champ (6-0) finals record, 6 fmvps , 5 league mvp ect

  46. Hustle Man

    Hustle Manپیش روز

    Might as well recruit Durant to beat Lebron..Lmao!

  47. Eric Mckanders

    Eric Mckandersپیش روز

    Give it a rest we know LeBron is your boy, smh

  48. Steven Banks

    Steven Banksپیش روز

    That was hard to watch , this man is HOF Te a two or 3 time SB champion & they got him dumbed down to a groupie fan , scary

  49. Oldskool Jetz

    Oldskool Jetzپیش روز

    8:38 somebody come get this man

  50. Raffy Linconada

    Raffy Linconadaپیش روز

    Shut up Shannon. Still 2-0 as of date

  51. Kenyata Jones

    Kenyata Jonesپیش روز

    Shannon losing his mind😅😫😜

  52. Jason Young

    Jason Youngپیش روز

    Kawhi is the man of nba right he is the north king of the north now he is going to be the king of clippers

  53. Ethel B. Bautista

    Ethel B. Bautistaپیش روز

    LJ and AD > KL and PG ... LJ < KL today! Simple as that. LJ stats magnifies due to being a point guard with AD. Just like Harden, westbrook and luka stats get higher having the ball most of the time. Just my opinion. But Giannis i think is the best today playing less minutes and not being a point guard and always being triple-teamed.

  54. Chris Rollins

    Chris Rollinsپیش روز

    Shannon keep the ratings going

  55. Justin Harrison

    Justin Harrisonپیش روز

    Shannon talking like one of those McDonald's monopoly million dollar winners telling how they won

  56. Devontai Mitchell

    Devontai Mitchellپیش روز

    Kawhi trash bron cold asl and this intro on this mixtape the coldest I ever heard 💯 I can’t even lie bro spazzed gota give him his props 💯🔥❗️

  57. Al 2

    Al 2پیش روز

    Huh Kawhi doesn't get criticism because he's pretty transparent on what he wants to do... Compete and Win... He doesn't care for being great in our eyes

  58. Oldskool Jetz

    Oldskool Jetzپیش روز

    2:26 oh me oh my she got it

  59. Brandon bracken

    Brandon brackenپیش روز

    When playoff lebron shows up keep that same energy. Come one come all and bare witness. 👑

  60. vondior

    vondiorپیش روز

    A lot of gas being pass around

  61. Shawn John

    Shawn Johnپیش روز

    LOL Shannon almost had no response to Stephen Jackson.

  62. Kenyata Jones

    Kenyata Jonesپیش روز

    Lebron needs all the help since being in the league Stephen Jackson is a real one .

  63. Chiefskingdom 77

    Chiefskingdom 77پیش روز

    This did not age well lol Mahomes super bowl champion! Deshaun who? Mitch who?

  64. Jermaine Knowles

    Jermaine Knowlesپیش روز

    Im forever bitter he left the Spurs . I still can't believe it .i wil not get over it.

  65. sl1200

    sl1200پیش روز

    Kobe has 11 all-nba 1st team and 9 all-defensive first team selections and won 2 rings as the man. He's definitely top 10.

  66. jay fitness 901

    jay fitness 901پیش روز

    Shannon may be worse than Nick when it comes to Lebron smdh. Didn't lebron try to get Khawai on his team? Yea you can say he tried to get KD but still come on. People wasn't saying the Raptors were going to be in the finals before Khawai got there. Then talking about secretly meeting PG....uh it was the offseason as far as we know. Didn't lebron meet with AD during the season? I swear there is no objectivity. Then Shannon is all off topic lmao. Difference between the clippers and Lakers moves...clippers grabbing role players, lakers trying to grab all stars

  67. Kenyata Jones

    Kenyata Jonesپیش روز

    Shannon about to be in his feelings


    THIS IS CHICAGOپیش روز

    Kawai Been The King Of LA Since He Left Toronto 🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾

  69. Kevin Campbell

    Kevin Campbellپیش روز

    Welcome back to Skip and Shannon. I wonder if Jenny is still on vacation. Either way, the person they had today, was pretty entertaining

  70. jeremiah xxx

    jeremiah xxxپیش روز

    nobody cares where Reggie Jackson goes, he is irrelevant lol.

  71. Swa Sho

    Swa Shoپیش روز

    8:24 " You don't get credit for THAT??" 😂😂

  72. Jen

    Jenپیش روز

    “The clippers are the lakers now”? Don’t ever say that blasphemy again skip 😂😂

  73. Shawn John

    Shawn Johnپیش روز

    Clippers just got good management. Don't start the narrative that this is anything like LeHelp and his LeDecisions

  74. Kevin Lewis

    Kevin Lewisپیش روز

    I'm surprised Skip Bayless is able to deal with all the foolery sumtimes lol

  75. loni garcia

    loni garciaپیش روز

    Shannon so annoying and he still takes them Lebron Ls. Like how many times you wanna hold Lebron Ls old man?

  76. Sam Swain

    Sam Swainپیش روز

    So when mike was getting beat in the playoffs was he still the best player. Yes. When the pistons beat the Lakers was kobe still the best players. That's a dumb answer staxx.

  77. Isaidit Management

    Isaidit Managementپیش روز

    Blessings #IsaiditManagement

  78. rg3champ816

    rg3champ816پیش روز

    Never seen a man ride a man nuts as bad as unc shay do Lebron 😂

  79. Kevin Lewis

    Kevin Lewisپیش روز

    Totally agree with you once again Skip. Shannon is always doggin and hating on Brady. Seems like he's jealous of him. Not a Brady fan at all...but any one with football sense knows Brady is a beast, no matter how old he is. Wat a joke Shannon Sharpe

  80. Swa Sho

    Swa Shoپیش روز

    Lol good to see Shannon getting G-checked by 6'8 Malice in the Palace Stephen Jackson.

  81. James Poss

    James Possپیش روز

    Skip!!!! Yup yup yup yup!

  82. JDM LIFE

    JDM LIFEپیش روز

    How you going compare brady with drew bres don't get me wrong drew bres is good but brady is in another level

  83. Kenyata Jones

    Kenyata Jonesپیش روز

    It's chess not checkers but if it was Lebron getting players Shannon and Lebron fanboys would be ok.

  84. Raul Higgins

    Raul Higginsپیش روز

    Shannon maybe because the Titans are a better team than Vikings. Brady went up against a better team than Brees by the way dont Brees got Michael Thomas. Thomas had broke the reception record. Lets not forget about that so of course Brees is going to have a better QBR in the playoffs. Brady WR's were banged up.

  85. Jen

    Jenپیش روز

    Alright I love shannon but he was on one today 😂

  86. Reuben Morales

    Reuben Moralesپیش روز

    Only one receiver in the history of the game that was better.....Jerry rice!....put the man in!

  87. Kevin Lewis

    Kevin Lewisپیش روز

    It's obvious that you Shannon Sharpe, are a Brady hater. Sounds very foolish, everybody knows u don't bet against Brady. And Drew Bree's stunk in the playoffs, taysum hill outplayed him. Keep it 💯 please. Skip Bayless is no 1

  88. JP

    JPپیش روز

    Dude need a haircut

  89. OllieBlazin

    OllieBlazinپیش روز

    Hey Shannon.......the last time Lebron won......was about 4 years The last few years it’s been KD, Curry, and Kawhi

  90. Coco Buff

    Coco Buffپیش روز

    LAC vs OKC is going 6 or 7 games.

  91. Lil BAGDADI

    Lil BAGDADIپیش روز

    But some respect on the raptors

  92. Joshua _

    Joshua _پیش روز

    The championship runs through the Cavaliers still.

  93. Orville Wright

    Orville Wrightپیش روز

    LeBron played with big z for 8 years and joined Wade and Bosh then got to play with Shane Battier, Birdman Anderson, and Ray Allen as well as Kyrie and Kevin Love and Derrick Rose. Michael Jordan helped Pippen develop into a great Hall of Fame players but is the only player who made the all star game and the Olympic team as Jordan’s bulls teammate. Grant was an all star in 1994 when MJ was retired and playing Minor League baseball.

  94. Harris_z33

    Harris_z33پیش روز

    Kawuiet Force 💯🔥

  95. Judah Is Rising

    Judah Is Risingپیش روز

    Michael Thomas>all of patriots receivers put together#shannonsopiniondoesntmatter

  96. Terrance Herviey

    Terrance Hervieyپیش روز

    Every dude needs a woman that supports and fights for them, like Unk fights and supports lebron

  97. JayBells 777

    JayBells 777پیش روز

    Shannon is funny af

  98. reyes adrian daniel

    reyes adrian danielپیش روز

    Clippers are desperate to sign everyone . They are injured prone .PG out again Pat bev always out. Kawhi on load management

  99. Mark blue

    Mark blueپیش روز

    How is clippers loading up for Lakers and when they met twice this year clippers won both times enough said

  100. Jerome Kendrick

    Jerome Kendrickپیش روز

    Uncle Sharp u is WILD EASY UP on Them 88 might not come back after that show 😂