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Jorge Masvidal

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The Work Part. 3

The Work Part. 3

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Fight Camp Nutrition Vol. 1
  1. Ishmael C

    Ishmael Cپیش روز

    Yo this episode is crazy.

  2. being indifference

    being indifferenceپیش روز

    You should cast for Miguel, one the lead fighter in Tekken 6, you both have the same style

  3. Alan Rahimi

    Alan Rahimiپیش روز

    Why did he pull out of the Marty fight? That’s the fight I want to see. Please, just sign the contract man.

  4. Rea Lity

    Rea Lityپیش روز

    this japanese is a joke haha

  5. Jaime Montes

    Jaime Montesپیش روز

    Siempre estoy contigo amigo vidal

  6. Akezhan Amankul

    Akezhan Amankulپیش روز

    Hey Bro you are crazy

  7. khalid 1__

    khalid 1__پیش روز

    Jorge Masvidal the beast 💪🔥🐺

  8. Reanu Keeves

    Reanu Keevesپیش روز

    Where you get all these porn background music bro !!

  9. Gunawan Prasetyo

    Gunawan Prasetyoپیش روز

    seru nih, para panitia pencak dor di berbagai wilayah bs jd contoh nih... wasit cm 1 ,ada rule ngga asal2an, ada compare size juga so pasti seru👍

  10. Futt Bucker

    Futt Buckerپیش روز


  11. Mike Estrada

    Mike Estradaپیش روز

    Usman is the fakest cringiest mother fucker I’ve ever seen. I actually was rooting for that prick Covington cause I hate Usman. He’s like a create a character in a game, he does all the fighter moves like the crawls and ring entrances. Ugh FAKE as fuck!!!!!

  12. Reginald Caesar

    Reginald Caesarپیش روز

    Song at the 00:01 please???

  13. norris cole

    norris coleپیش روز

    people love masvidal because he loves fighting and and it's fun to watch someone doing what the love he always looks happy to be in the octagon

  14. Raz Adrift

    Raz Adriftپیش روز

    Man, is the 'Subscribe' button not working? Why is Jorge always threatening to knock me out? Jorge, buddy, I did subscribe, believe you me!

  15. desperateguy01ify

    desperateguy01ifyپیش روز

    Best moments are 14:34 to the end

  16. Sourabh Chanchlani

    Sourabh Chanchlaniپیش روز

    Hey brother, lot's of love and faith for you!

  17. Chairman Kim Jong Un

    Chairman Kim Jong Unپیش روز

    And that's why weapons were made to neutralise people like mazvidal dat mahfaka crazy

  18. Alonso Prynce

    Alonso Prynceپیش روز

    Like si le hiciste caso a masvidal v:

  19. Anton Franta

    Anton Frantaپیش روز

    cuidate trabaja duro ...porque khabib es una roca

  20. Gxng x

    Gxng xپیش روز

    Mardito no te entiendo nada soy latino pensé q hablarías español ajajajaj

  21. Anton Franta

    Anton Frantaپیش روز

    lo que te espéra.

  22. Sandesh Pun

    Sandesh Punپیش روز

    Jorge find me ihavent subscribed 😊

  23. catie west

    catie westپیش روز

    Quit throwing out old shit and put your fine ass out there TODAY!!! ❤️😘🤣

  24. Nico Stefano

    Nico Stefanoپیش روز

    Ya le di subscribe perro, calmado amigo jajaja

  25. Justin Krueger

    Justin Kruegerپیش روز

    Masvidal you’re a gatekeeper and the weirdo usman will fucking destroy you! You know this and that’s why you’re fighting another gatekeeper in Diaz for a second time. Ufc doesn’t want to lose another hype machine just yet.

  26. J HENNY

    J HENNYپیش روز

    Gamebred like real game pitbull💯

  27. Martin Flores

    Martin Floresپیش روز

    Run it back Nick Diaz don’t let a pebble ruin your legacy run it back

  28. Brio Brio

    Brio Brioپیش روز

    1:58 is that Khabib ? 😂😂😂😂

  29. BwB Bike Wen Brothers

    BwB Bike Wen Brothersپیش روز

    I blame u for the channel blameitonjorge I blame the creepy vids on u b word

  30. carpejkdiem

    carpejkdiemپیش روز

    Hahahaha ahhhhhh great stuff! Exposed BIGTIME!!!!

  31. Equalizing while Rising East

    Equalizing while Rising Eastپیش روز

    Jorge dedicated to everything he does. Respect.

  32. jacob edwards

    jacob edwardsپیش روز

    Either a rematch with Nate or fight Connor. If not then Jorge go for the big money! Whichever one pays more.

  33. jacob edwards

    jacob edwardsپیش روز

    Conner should have to fight Nate first then Jorge then get a title shot with Usman. If not Jorge would be at rights to fight Usman.

  34. THC_PS

    THC_PSپیش روز

    Looks like a killer to me

  35. Noah Hastings

    Noah Hastingsپیش روز

    Marty gonna get tuned up rq

  36. Wrathofkala

    Wrathofkalaپیش روز

    The pad guy is like the MVP hahaha

  37. unlimitedwealth1

    unlimitedwealth1پیش روز

    Ok you got me to subscribe with the lies

  38. CHANGO KC_

    CHANGO KC_پیش روز

    Almost at half a million subs dawg! Esketitttt

  39. Lorenzo Weedy

    Lorenzo Weedyپیش روز

    Calm down young african child hates alot

  40. Vincent Teichman

    Vincent Teichmanپیش روز

    Gamebred just punked me into subscribing

  41. Noah Hastings

    Noah Hastingsپیش روز

    Oompa Loompa? 100% accurate.

  42. uhyden

    uhydenپیش روز

    Why is everyone still calling him GEORGE?

  43. Asia Man

    Asia Manپیش روز

    Get the fight with Nick Diaz. Man that would be the shit.