Lucas the Spider
  1. 立樹森川

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    Atlas moth !?

  2. Bks Diablo

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    Deveria ser banda de uma aranha só

  3. Çisem Doğa Şafak

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  4. Çisem Doğa Şafak

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  5. 수제피클TV

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    너....귀여운데 징그럽고 귀여운데 징그럽고 혼란스러워.....

  6. Corin Price

    Corin Priceپیش 6 ساعت

    OMG he's so soft & adorable "I have too many eyes" <3

  7. supergamers indo

    supergamers indoپیش 6 ساعت

    Everyone: aaaaa spider Me:owwww cute


    RAGE GAMERپیش 7 ساعت


  9. 今村恒輝

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  10. ไอ โอ

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    I love it

  11. Tia. Lax.

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    Ути бозе :з

  12. 남자이명택

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    개 커엽ㅎㅎ

  13. Serenity Payne

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    I thought he was gonna ride the duck in the background.

  14. 梁媛安

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  15. reeces.p0ffs

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    i need to study for finals. but there's this

  16. Ashleigh J

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    Babbbyyyy 😭🥺

  17. mabel y mucho mas

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    Awwwwwwwww rip aracnofobia

  18. — corbeau subliminals - - x

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  19. Felipe Del Nero

    Felipe Del Neroپیش 17 ساعت

    Hey Lucas... Im from Brasil and i look your chanell, i say for peaple tô subscribe your chanell i like you thanks Lucas the spider

  20. Genevieve Urias

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    I was you're my pet

  21. valerie Lok

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  22. TheOolong27

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    The spider is so cute and lovable

  23. Depressive Dude

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    Nobody: Minecraft spiders at day:

  24. 백송이

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    대체 유튜브는 날 왜.... 난 이걸 왜 보고 있....

  25. Big-Slam-Villain

    Big-Slam-Villainپیش 20 ساعت

    Feels like everyone forgets to appreciate how Lucas was dubbed so well despite the fact that it was done by a little kid.

  26. Sarah Trenholm

    Sarah Trenholmپیش 21 ساعت

    That's my birthday!!!!

  27. vincent k

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  28. StarK

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    Самое милое, что я видел)

  29. Maini Chanel

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    Hello Friends

  30. Mariela Velazquez

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    Me encantaaaaaaaa!!!!

  31. Tinh Tran

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    Mặc dù tui ghét nhện,nhưng bạn ấy dễ thương quá

  32. nia shofiana

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    You are cute spider ever, Lucas!!

  33. Florence Olive

    Florence Oliveپیش روز

    people: dislikes video me: S O O Y O U C H O S E D E A T H bold

  34. E Baker

    E Bakerپیش روز

    I love how innocent and friendly he is. A bird just lands next to him. His first reaction isn’t fear for his life or nervousness for being around he just says “Oh, hello.” In a way that suggests if that bird had not stolen the harp, then Lucas would have befriended the bird.

  35. 96 Raven

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    い や さ れ る

  36. Thitiwat Thongsongson

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  37. 멸치

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    so nice so cute

  38. SCP 900

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    Thailand - ภาษาไทย

  39. SP665 GD

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    That’s a big spider or a tiny dog

  40. Baby Burma

    Baby Burmaپیش روز

    I <3 Lucas

  41. Mariana Mendoza

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    And here I am watching Lucas at 10 o'clock instead of doing dishes.... :'v

  42. k'nil infinite

    k'nil infiniteپیش روز

    Tbh i wanted lucas to eat the fly

  43. loova Golden

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    I'm 16 and I still like this

  44. Legend 628

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    Who is cuter? Like= Lucas Comment= Baby Yoda

  45. sage dovidio

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    I think and watch this "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ITS REWIND TIME"

  46. Mariela Velazquez

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  47. Anthony Sanluis

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    if lucas the spider is real i will pet it

  48. 亀仙人道 x L'AViENTURE !

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  49. Darkevilness3YK

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    I'm the toughest person in the wo- 0:02 "Hieeee" Me: *Dies of cuteness*

  50. 0ne me

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    А у меня бл*** арахнофобия 0_0

  51. Nerffer 0

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    Is this real spider

  52. Mariela Velazquez

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  53. rodrigo :v

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    Lucas:NO COME BACK😢 Me:* loads shotgun * Lucas:what are you going to do Me:stay here lucas im going to talk very seriosly with him😐

  54. isyourboy FADOM

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    Iphone 11 entered the chat

  55. Meow_ Club

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    awww!!! it's not a normal spider, it's a crazy cute spider!🥰

  56. DA GACHA gabry 2nd life

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    AAAAAAAAH SO KAWAII EVEN BATTER THAN BUB!!! also rest in pizza lil bub.

  57. anh vũ nguyễn

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    Me was screaming to my mom was I DON'T wanna make a band IRgos: *This*

  58. Mercy Romin

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    It’s so cute. Too bad I’m broke and your currency is like 70 times more than mine so it gets more costly for me. 😭 I wanna get it tho.

  59. Farras Aldi

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    0:42 I DIED!

  60. Punisher

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    Olm çok tatlılan 💙💚💛💜

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  64. тозя сиплый

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    Он такой няшный

  65. SomeSmiley Boi

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    Wait... *Lucas is a tarantula*

  66. SomeSmiley Boi

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    Me: *sees spider irl calls the swat team and the F.B.I and police Also me sees Lucas and does nothing

  67. Hello World

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    d r u m b o i

  68. 3Get55

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    Вот и скажи,после просмотра этого мультика, что пауки страшные создания. Паучок просто прелесть.

  69. Aureo Candare

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    Thank you! Thank you Mister Spider The Cute!

  70. Ali Minecraft

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    Knows what a polar bear is but doesnt know what a dog is

  71. chris ortiz

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    I just bought it a few days ago. Currently waiting for it to arrive

  72. Ove Cedman Löfgren

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    du e ful

  73. Homie Dodo bird

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    If this was a cartoon series I would watch it

  74. Rosethemuddyflower

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    omg whoever hates lucas i *ill come for you...*

  75. The Out Pack

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    I love jumping spiders they have here own personality :3

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    아 존나 귀엽다..

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  78. Funny family Kids

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    This should honestly be a childrens show

  79. Carlito Hugo

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    What instrument is that

  80. Funko, Haunters & More

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    Awwwwwwww love youbaby!

  82. AnneTheNightFury Studios

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    I showed my dad this and he couldn’t stop laughing!

  83. Eddie Boggs

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    Lucas for president.

  84. AnneTheNightFury Studios

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    Lucas noooooo!!!! 😭😭😭 DONT GO YOURE SO CUTE!!!

  85. Oliver Coronado-Bonilla

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    hes so cutttttttttttttttttttttttttte

  86. AnneTheNightFury Studios

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    I never thought a spider could be so damn adorable!!! 😭😭😭😭😱😱😱

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    Awwwwwwww,so cute

  88. Mariela Velazquez

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  89. Mary Rancourt

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    This is an awesome piece of music. Would love to hear more of this.

  90. Diana Costello

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    Am Khloe

  91. Flowers160 223

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    I saw this in my backyard and I fell in love when I realized it looked like Lucas! 💖💘💗💓💞😍🥰😘😚🤗

  92. Hyena Queena

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    Awww...I want one. So cute! Too bad I’m broke. 😞

  93. Grace Parslow

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    He found his harp! Ahh!😁😁😁

  94. France Bridrijo

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    Oh my gosh that laugh at the start was so wholesome!

  95. mr. Memeification

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    I know what Lucas is. A tarantula.

  96. Bradline Eriscar

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    10k likes over a 10 second video A true legend

  97. Axolotl Lover

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    Sometimes, I’m a boop spider *BOOP*

  98. Gian Antonio Maggio

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    Why in my house there aren’t Lucas but a dirty long-leg no-brain spider?

  99. Dylan Douglas

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    w h o l e s o m e

  100. las primas locas

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