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Our vlogs will show you the real life of a young married couple who happen to be teen parents. From laughter to fights. Accomplishments to struggles. Follow our journey!

we've been lying to you all...
Someone is trying to sue us...
  1. Journey

    Journeyپیش 20 ساعت

    i watch movies

  2. Melanie So Crafts

    Melanie So Craftsپیش 20 ساعت

    levy kinda looks like penelope for me if you dont think im okay with iy

  3. Divertisa

    Divertisaپیش 20 ساعت

    When is your little brother getting out of jail

  4. Ester Loya

    Ester Loyaپیش 21 ساعت

    When louis was trying to make levvy throw it back i was dying 😂😂

  5. Ruth Garcia

    Ruth Garciaپیش 21 ساعت

    Balcom got 🎂 lmaoo

  6. Kashia Lee

    Kashia Leeپیش 21 ساعت

    when i feel sad , i also remember there is bramfam , so that makes me 10x better it makes my day

  7. Brianna Franco

    Brianna Francoپیش 22 ساعت

    When he showed his butt crack 🤣🤣😂

  8. Sammy Lyons

    Sammy Lyonsپیش 22 ساعت


  9. Michel Flores

    Michel Floresپیش 23 ساعت

    Do y’all live In Bakersfield, cause I do?

  10. Kamila Valenzuela

    Kamila Valenzuelaپیش روز

    Bro I justfeeling like smacking levy

  11. Filiberto Galicia

    Filiberto Galiciaپیش روز

    my mom buys my bro a $100 clets (i don't know how to spell clets either it is spelled with a k or a c) and me and sis ask for somthing for $2 she says "no it's to exspenceve" than I say " then why does my big bro gets $100 thinge?" because he is a boy in my mind my brother is my moms fav

  12. Byanka Salazar

    Byanka Salazarپیش روز

    Bro remember that you guys put a pool in the house and put boles are you guys ganna go it again

  13. Mia Franco

    Mia Francoپیش روز

    Y’all do look the same

  14. Lidia Rodriguez

    Lidia Rodriguezپیش روز

    Lmao bramty always makes my day shes hilarious I love the amount of energy she has

  15. Banana Sauce

    Banana Sauceپیش روز

    Luis: do a front flip Bramty: a front flip? Penelope: nO...i DoNt WaNt YoU tO dO a FrOnT fLiP Luis: sHe Is GoNnA dO oNe

  16. Lidia Rodriguez

    Lidia Rodriguezپیش روز

    Awwww bramty lowkey a romantic

  17. Monica Lagunad

    Monica Lagunadپیش روز

    She so your twin

  18. Maegan vlogs

    Maegan vlogsپیش روز

    Why don't you guys say hey guys it's a brand new day hay hay aney more

  19. Samy Gonzalez

    Samy Gonzalezپیش روز

    Lol p is sassy but oh oh levy is feisty and a little savage 😂💕 trouble trouble

  20. Mya Rakow

    Mya Rakowپیش روز

    0:48 Penelope’s smile lmao😂😂❤️❤️🤗🤗

  21. Thalia Linares

    Thalia Linaresپیش روز

    When staci hits bramty with the shoe in the tik tok i was laughing tpo hard my parents saw and laughed to lol

  22. 《Glitch_Gacha》

    《Glitch_Gacha》پیش روز

    omg your moms renegade 😂 that was beautiful

  23. Arieal Darby

    Arieal Darbyپیش روز

    Ummm I just saw some stuff I should not have seen 2020 meet Lewis’s but crack

  24. Arieal Darby

    Arieal Darbyپیش روز

    Literally she was like child I am talking sees box go in there

  25. Natasha788m

    Natasha788mپیش روز

    when levy sead goodbye to balcome because of trhe chair

  26. Elizabeth Ambriz

    Elizabeth Ambrizپیش روز

    why. is. no. one. talking. about how they have the kids going out in public while covid-19 is killing so many ppl

  27. Hayley Capace

    Hayley Capaceپیش روز

    I love you guys so much♥️♥️♥️

  28. Ilce Tlaseca

    Ilce Tlasecaپیش روز

    Fit me kid

  29. Ilce Tlaseca

    Ilce Tlasecaپیش روز

    Haha TikTok

  30. Vinique Lyttle

    Vinique Lyttleپیش روز

    Bramty in her glasses ❤

  31. xXitz_PenPenXx

    xXitz_PenPenXxپیش روز

    My name is penelope!

  32. tania garcia

    tania garciaپیش روز

    Love itttt!!!!!!!

  33. Lakiesha Billings

    Lakiesha Billingsپیش روز

    my birthday is one day after urs its 23 of june dont know why im talking about this love you guys

  34. Chleo Walrus

    Chleo Walrusپیش روز

    I had that in my eye but it was really stuck because it’s a seed and it has like rigged edges it was in a weird spot. It’s hard to explain but it hurt soo bad. My was splits into small 3 peices I’m still taking my drops beacuse it slightly hurts

  35. Natasha788m

    Natasha788mپیش روز

    balcom looks like luis levy looks like bramty and penelipy looks like both

  36. nirvana life

    nirvana lifeپیش روز

    I mean that little boy

  37. nirvana life

    nirvana lifeپیش روز

    Lol at the start Julia is like ima twerk


    DIYA SAMAROOپیش روز

    I can’t believe you guys are real living people!! Like you guys are amazing even 💖

  39. Mioshye Gushiken

    Mioshye Gushikenپیش روز

    Penelope grew so much

  40. Cheila Martinez

    Cheila Martinezپیش روز

    I’m so sorry but I hate Penelope because she’s annoying and ugly

  41. Salamalovesmammals Tv

    Salamalovesmammals Tvپیش روز

    Ummm if girls are watching this video they will see his butt

  42. Edeliz Santana

    Edeliz Santanaپیش روز

    those neighbors can suck some salchichas 😡

  43. ashley vlogz

    ashley vlogzپیش روز

    in the back in the beginning peep penelope🥺💘😂

  44. Lia Gonzalez

    Lia Gonzalezپیش روز

    Gordo :ama start markeing músic and im GOING to send IT to you so that you can put it in your videos Gordo :and then im going to copyright it back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅 Bro that got me dead

  45. Dana Bettinardi

    Dana Bettinardiپیش روز

    The mom.dont show your whole BUTTCRACK

  46. Arayah Berryman

    Arayah Berrymanپیش روز

    Is it just me or is Penelope staring to look like ava Foley

  47. Jennifer Witt

    Jennifer Wittپیش روز

    That's the wrong dance for savage

  48. Alyssa Nelson

    Alyssa Nelsonپیش روز


  49. maria munoz

    maria munozپیش روز

    Hi I hate the "BIG SISTER"😒😒😒AND VERY MEAN MOM 🤐🤐🤐🤐

  50. Maribell Sanchez

    Maribell Sanchezپیش روز

    Yes You got that right

  51. Maribell Sanchez

    Maribell Sanchezپیش روز

    Hi bramfam

  52. gin3117

    gin3117پیش روز

    Kids annoying and ugly

  53. Jesus Pineda

    Jesus Pinedaپیش روز

    Go and buy a ranch

  54. Edeliz Santana

    Edeliz Santanaپیش روز

    that instant replay with luis falling at 4:55 had me dying waaay too much 🤣

  55. limelights .whydontwe

    limelights .whydontweپیش روز

    I couldn't that bramtey was so stressed about p's eye and um happy tht the stress is gone

  56. limelights .whydontwe

    limelights .whydontweپیش روز

    "ThErE mY KiDS I BiRtHeD ThEm ThE HeCk" I wAs deAd

  57. limelights .whydontwe

    limelights .whydontweپیش روز

    The fact that she didn't want to wait to go to the doctor

  58. Samantha Salazar

    Samantha Salazarپیش روز

    Copyright her

  59. Gamegirl Tube

    Gamegirl Tubeپیش روز


  60. limelights .whydontwe

    limelights .whydontweپیش روز

    I cant stand Penelope I'm Corona

  61. Alma Gonzalez V

    Alma Gonzalez Vپیش روز

    Balcom- Luis and P & Levy -Bramty Love You GUYS 💕💕💕💕

  62. Nani Carlos

    Nani Carlosپیش روز

    How many kids does she have ?

  63. Gabriela Zayas

    Gabriela Zayasپیش روز

    They were doing the dance savage

  64. Tyanne Stowe S.

    Tyanne Stowe S.پیش روز

    Idk why but I could watch the fish forever 🤣 I loved that she did her research too !

  65. Ansleigh McDonald

    Ansleigh McDonaldپیش روز

    what is that?

  66. Mia DV

    Mia DVپیش روز

    Making things with paper

  67. Jackie Drn

    Jackie Drnپیش روز

    😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩omigawshhhhhhh comments

  68. Short Swag

    Short Swagپیش روز

    OMG bramty has the BTS love yourself pink hoodie does she like BTS or she just like the merch

  69. Ja zmin

    Ja zminپیش روز

    Am I the only one who also thought Bramty looked high or something lol

  70. Blanca Morales

    Blanca Moralesپیش روز

    Your little girl is possessed

  71. samantha adame

    samantha adameپیش روز

    Who else came to the comments to see what happened

  72. Daisy Alvarez

    Daisy Alvarezپیش روز


  73. Hayley Capace

    Hayley Capaceپیش روز

    I love you guys so much♥️♥️♥️

  74. Hayley Capace

    Hayley Capaceپیش روز

    I love you guys so much♥️♥️♥️

  75. Alejandra Perez

    Alejandra Perezپیش روز

    You guys are funny I I LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS ATE THE BEST

  76. Nicole Hernandez

    Nicole Hernandezپیش روز

    omg i can talk spanish and i'm so glad i can cause for the phone call i was like yesssirrr

  77. Heidi Calero

    Heidi Caleroپیش روز

    I could understand when you talked in Spanish and I'm born in Nicaragua

  78. mia taylor

    mia taylorپیش روز

    hi my name is enillia and i love love your videos

  79. Ricky’s Pets

    Ricky’s Petsپیش روز

    Omg bramfam let’s jump em PIRIOT

  80. Queen Nicolette Heart

    Queen Nicolette Heartپیش روز

    I’m TYPING!!!!!! Lol this video is HILARIOUS. I tried doing the dance and I’m another Stacey 😂

  81. Rikki Norwood

    Rikki Norwoodپیش روز


  82. Margie Sharlow

    Margie Sharlowپیش روز

    Just plant grass

  83. Thalia C. F.

    Thalia C. F.پیش روز

    Hi 👋🏻 no pague nada y demándalo 🤨

  84. Rosie Mitchel

    Rosie Mitchelپیش روز

    Tbh I see Penelope when I see that picture of u when u were little.

  85. Tracey Miller

    Tracey Millerپیش روز


  86. Olivia Nemeth

    Olivia Nemethپیش روز

    How and were did you find a trampoline

  87. sonja sings and more

    sonja sings and moreپیش روز

    April 14 is meh b-day

  88. Lia Sty

    Lia Styپیش روز

    I haven’t watched them in like 4 months and omg the kids are so beautiful and look like Penelope.

  89. dang girl

    dang girlپیش روز

    Bramty is beautiful

  90. Gorlier Geimelyn

    Gorlier Geimelynپیش روز

    Lev es your tiwn

  91. Rachel millevoi

    Rachel millevoiپیش روز

    I love you

  92. Neha Patel

    Neha Patelپیش روز

    ahhh i missed the comment section

  93. Jennica Cozad

    Jennica Cozadپیش روز

    you should do the personality’s

  94. Maria Nicole

    Maria Nicoleپیش روز

    YES levy look like you bramte

  95. Steff Steffy

    Steff Steffyپیش روز

    Love ull...

  96. vaeha_2008

    vaeha_2008پیش روز

    now what i do when i stay inside is i ride my bike and scooter i watch my watch laters hope u guys r all safe and yeah byeeeeeee

  97. Galiana Molina

    Galiana Molinaپیش روز

    😁 Cute little baby sister

  98. Jordan Scally

    Jordan Scallyپیش روز

    My ma had 10 kids including me it is 11

  99. yasmin Dimas

    yasmin Dimasپیش روز

    My brothers girlfriend has twins and it's a boy and girl my mom babysits the girl because right know the boy is in the hospital cuz they ere born early

  100. Karylow

    Karylowپیش روز

    She literally said *I dont understand what the coronavirus has to do with getting my daughters eye checked out* that is just disrespectful that you said that ppl are dying do u not know