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Honest Trailers | Mulan

Honest Trailers | Mulan

پیش 21 روز

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  1. Robert Bowser

    Robert Bowserپیش روز

    Dude I actually reallllly want Justin Hammer to come back

  2. Task Force GH0ST

    Task Force GH0STپیش روز


  3. na Oleon

    na Oleonپیش روز

    “Luke just got Talented Misses Ripleyd” 😂😂😂😂

  4. PurplePanda Guy

    PurplePanda Guyپیش روز

    Dormammu is doctor strange from another dimension

  5. Dr. Jh Irons

    Dr. Jh Ironsپیش روز

    Worst movie ever!

  6. SaviourInBlack

    SaviourInBlackپیش روز

    No it’s the worst movie ever

  7. Enxman

    Enxmanپیش روز

    Tomb raider was a nice movie. But Pacific 2... urgh...

  8. PurplePanda Guy

    PurplePanda Guyپیش روز

    I liked it when Star Wars movies didn’t expect you to read all the books

  9. Shaman LizardKing

    Shaman LizardKingپیش روز

    Where is Moshimo?

  10. Lou E

    Lou Eپیش روز

    I'm mad at myself for not knowing about this. Damn this I gold. 4 years later :(

  11. Méo

    Méoپیش روز

    "what do you call them?" Maggie: "mom"

  12. Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Andersonپیش روز

    This was a very good doc. I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time and right now, we all need that

  13. iammacio

    iammacioپیش روز

    I actually went to the cinema for that xD

  14. tom was here

    tom was hereپیش روز

    Do community

  15. Mehtab Rahman

    Mehtab Rahmanپیش روز

    Game of STONES!!!!!!!LEGIT

  16. Craig Zer0

    Craig Zer0پیش روز

    Please say, "Superman please don't forget to wear a mask and to wash your hands before fighting crime we don't want to take chances with covid-20"

  17. Roland Lawrence

    Roland Lawrenceپیش روز

    id rather do shrooms and watch pokemon in japanese with subtitles. 2:34 i think those "lemons" just hit man. ;)

  18. Assan Asman

    Assan Asmanپیش روز

    Was this episode written by Joe star? Just asking cause it was boring.

  19. Herbert Miller

    Herbert Millerپیش روز

    Exactly my thought on the movie he brings the equivalent of hand grenades strung together by their detonating pins into New York and is surprised that people don't like that.

  20. TheDeathmail

    TheDeathmailپیش روز

    Guys, you are so insensitive... that is obviously Spanish from another dimension.. jeez

  21. your comment might not work so please

    your comment might not work so pleaseپیش روز

    She got SCITZNOPHRENIA, Bipolar disorders,PTSD,ADHD,Parkinsons,williams,LBD....yeahhh

  22. CruseMina 26

    CruseMina 26پیش روز

    MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU is 1 of Disney's most iconic songs ever. Mulan is still one of the best & most memorable Disney movies. SMH at the disrespect. This video failed.

  23. PurplePanda Guy

    PurplePanda Guyپیش روز

    I literally got a captain marvel video after watching this video

  24. forbes foo

    forbes fooپیش روز

    They literally pulled a “ready player one” at the end

  25. PurplePanda Guy

    PurplePanda Guyپیش روز

    “ no one’s ever really gone”

  26. UrbanRose

    UrbanRoseپیش روز

    Steven universe plsss

  27. A Ri

    A Riپیش روز

    The movie was crap but it had Scarlett in it ❤

  28. UrbanRose

    UrbanRoseپیش روز

    dont know if youve done this yet but steven universe the movie?

  29. - Legend -

    - Legend -پیش روز

    Do Harry Potter next. I know it’s old but still

  30. PurplePanda Guy

    PurplePanda Guyپیش روز

    Dr Zola was actually Swiss

  31. slink1313

    slink1313پیش روز

    the moral of john wick, DON'T KILL A MAN'S DOG

  32. SmG Super Mario Garrett

    SmG Super Mario Garrettپیش روز


  33. Alfie

    Alfieپیش روز

    “The ride ain’t over yet.” “I’m saaadd!”

  34. Dr. M. H.

    Dr. M. H.پیش روز

    Grinned though the entire review 👏👏👏

  35. swaraj bal

    swaraj balپیش روز

    " I'm bad and that's good . I'll never be good , and that's not bad ." Made me cry

  36. ferfoxakeladdy

    ferfoxakeladdyپیش روز

    They forgot the shot of Uma Thurman's dirty foot when she says Let's go! to John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

  37. Your Medic

    Your Medicپیش روز

    Thankyou For giving me more insightful understanding!

  38. Allen Sneed

    Allen Sneedپیش روز

    I never noticed how bad that guys' English accent was.

  39. chainfire

    chainfireپیش روز

    Just watching these clips... this really was one of the worst put together trilogies of all time... How do you have one of the best franchises paired with all the money, personnel and resources that Disney has and still end up with this.. at least the prequels had awesome saber duels

  40. Dakshina Nad

    Dakshina Nadپیش روز

    Say "cheeza meeza chicken kabeeza"

  41. Francesco Pedroni

    Francesco Pedroniپیش روز

    Love the vid but you shouldn't prepare us to watch Dark Phoenix... none should watch Dark Phoenix...

  42. Purple Dove

    Purple Doveپیش روز

    honest trailer chicken little

  43. Sarthak Choudhury

    Sarthak Choudhuryپیش روز

    Seen bhai

  44. Mr Bulldops

    Mr Bulldopsپیش روز

    Say: "I will have a magnificent garden party, and you're not invited."

  45. Sonarist Arsonist

    Sonarist Arsonistپیش روز

    Dragon Ball: The Search for the Source Material

  46. Joe Brown

    Joe Brownپیش روز

    Was a tough job for kevin hart to follow jack blacks amazing impression but man he couldnt of done a worse impression if he tried to 😂

  47. Joe Brown

    Joe Brownپیش روز

    Anyone else fast forward nick jonas to get back to seeing the impressions !

  48. Servant of the King

    Servant of the Kingپیش روز

    The real genius of this Honest Trailer is that "Guy" isn't listed in the Starring section. XD

  49. Jeremy Hurdle

    Jeremy Hurdleپیش روز

    Need peaky blinders honest trailer!!!

  50. tyler bonser

    tyler bonserپیش روز

    Remember that movie where Adam Sandler did'nt type cast himself? yeah me either

  51. Servant of the King

    Servant of the Kingپیش روز

    Gang-tweeting your desires into existence is actually a thing. It's called the Sonic movie.

  52. Chup Smith

    Chup Smithپیش روز

    1:12 : So THIS is what it actually feels like to live in the 'Post Snap' world, huh? (all those scenes are pretty much how the real world is during the Viral Apocalypse, unless you are Florida, Mississippi, Alabama.....sensing a trend here......^_^) 6:55 : And it looks like the entire film industry is going to collapse for entirely different reasons.

  53. Servant of the King

    Servant of the Kingپیش روز

    Don't forget about the _awesome_ music the first one had. "Remember" cuts me to the heart.

  54. Umakant Stark

    Umakant Starkپیش روز

    Hey now I realise Walt's got corona

  55. SavaGe GeCKo!

    SavaGe GeCKo!پیش روز

    That joke about ken Watanabe was pretty lame. The original Japanese movie was named Gojira. Ken is merely making a reference to that by pronouncing the original name, not that he was struggling to pronounce Godzilla...

  56. 221BSam

    221BSamپیش روز

    I too stopped watching halfway through the first season... I too have been told “it got so much better...” hmm, did it? am I missing out internet? 🤔

  57. Servant of the King

    Servant of the Kingپیش روز

    Cinema Beehive Syndrome: make all the females unquestionable leaders, and make all the males disposable drones.

  58. Brian Whitney

    Brian Whitneyپیش روز

    You need to just add a couple “Pause” buttons in front of each group… Think “Easy Button”

  59. nelsonta00

    nelsonta00پیش روز

    Space Jam would've been awesome if it was funny.

  60. Aravind M

    Aravind Mپیش روز

    say 'i don't love you, i loooove you !'.

  61. Saim Ali Anwer

    Saim Ali Anwerپیش روز

    You didnt even show the "Congratulations it's a....squid" scene

  62. Vaibhav Verma

    Vaibhav Vermaپیش روز

    DOOOOOOOO PARASITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. bnk57

    bnk57پیش روز

    Do every Coen Brothers movie honest trailer. You can't, can you?

  64. Alucard Hellsing

    Alucard Hellsingپیش روز

    Sorry there is a mistake but the movie is based in World War 1. Which was supposed to be the war that ended all wars. The majority of this war was fought in trenches. Germans use of the machine guns which were far superior for its time. Your guys need to do better research.

  65. nelsonta00

    nelsonta00پیش روز

    Funny thing about Tokyo Drift is that the entire movie is mostly based in LA, and most of the Japanese character are actually Korean. There is hardly any Tokyo in it LOL

  66. joel jojy

    joel jojyپیش روز

    u forgot the dialogue i am iron man and one from star wars and im all of the jedi

  67. Aldy P

    Aldy Pپیش روز

    What happened to the old voice??

  68. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezپیش روز

    Omg I have to poop o

  69. Allan Logsdon

    Allan Logsdonپیش روز

    The fact that this movie existed when it did was a plot hole.

  70. Larry Walsh

    Larry Walshپیش روز


  71. Aldy P

    Aldy Pپیش روز

    Hal Rudnick's voice sounds like Ryan Reynolds.

  72. Marcelo Briseño

    Marcelo Briseñoپیش روز


  73. nelsonta00

    nelsonta00پیش روز

    Funny thing about Megazoid is that Spider-Man is the first Japanese tv show that invented them LOL

  74. Sidney Suen

    Sidney Suenپیش روز

    If you played this movie in reverse, would you get Air Con?

  75. luisito1273

    luisito1273پیش روز

    That was a fun interview. John Wick 2 was intense. I was gripping my sit the whole time and felt like a weirdo because of it. Haha Action packed from beginning to end.

  76. Michèle Walther

    Michèle Waltherپیش روز

    Oh, I just saw the interviewer has a name: Roth Cornet ! Hej, you are great and you made this interview very entertaining!

  77. Kevin Yannutz

    Kevin Yannutzپیش روز

    Can you please do an honest trailer for every Coen Brothers movie? Similar to Wes Anderson, they're all a little quirky yet very good. They all have a certain dark humor

  78. Michèle Walther

    Michèle Waltherپیش روز

    Woooow! Absolutely great interviewer !!!!!!! I love her coolness, humor and simply her great questions!

  79. Scarletbull

    Scarletbullپیش روز


  80. MCW 164

    MCW 164پیش روز

    The last title is the most accurate thing ever

  81. Wink Blink

    Wink Blinkپیش روز

    Make an honest trailer for “Stardust”

  82. Soviet McDucc

    Soviet McDuccپیش روز


  83. Alec Bain

    Alec Bainپیش روز

    Jesus, they really didnt hold back.

  84. Scarletbull

    Scarletbullپیش روز

    3:47 - 🤣🤣💀... 🤦‍♂️

  85. Raza Alee

    Raza Aleeپیش روز

    Hilarious review but the notebook is the only movie I cried over. Well this movie and Princess Shireen death scene.....

  86. Zephyr

    Zephyrپیش روز

    I was crying when Jack Black was talking

  87. travistrue2008

    travistrue2008پیش روز

    Awesome movie, but I was waiting for Honest Trailers to compare this to the first Captain America movie. There are enough similarities between the two. Despite that, it is still an awesome movie in its own right.

  88. Saurabh Sharma

    Saurabh Sharmaپیش روز

    Los pollos hermanos hahahah

  89. bren lc

    bren lcپیش روز

    Say: Home safe home.

  90. Fishslap 33

    Fishslap 33پیش روز

    I honestly didn't enjoy any part of this movie. I wanted to just leave but I had too much popcorn left. It just doesn't taste the same at home, somehow...

  91. Joe Card

    Joe Cardپیش روز

    Movie wasn't bad just not better than the original. People don't know wtf they want

  92. thisisonlyatest44

    thisisonlyatest44پیش روز

    I actually love the curtain call credits. Wish they would do those more.

  93. Fishslap 33

    Fishslap 33پیش روز

    You know, this reminded me that I've been waiting for the third Alien movie since 1986. I should have used Twitter more...

  94. Fishslap 33

    Fishslap 33پیش روز

    Personally I think the we're fighting against the gender roles and the sexualization of women/shirtless men combo is a tad hypocritical. it almost makes you think Disney don't really care about this issue at all but are just pandering to...someone.

  95. motta0

    motta0پیش روز

    I liked the part he said mortal kombat

  96. fco2121

    fco2121پیش روز

    Honest Trailers - Outbreak , Contagion and Osmosis Jones

  97. fco2121

    fco2121پیش روز

    Honest Trailers - Outbreak , Contagion and Osmosis Jones

  98. fco2121

    fco2121پیش روز

    Honest Trailers - Outbreak , Contagion and Osmosis Jones

  99. fco2121

    fco2121پیش روز

    Honest Trailers - Outbreak , Contagion and Osmosis Jones

  100. Lantern Prime

    Lantern Primeپیش روز

    How is that weak recipe considered jungle juice?