Young Don The Sauce God
Young Don The Sauce God
Young Don The Sauce God

Welcome to the Young Don The Sauce God IRgos channel, my name is Don Hinds. I make two types of videos:
1) Funny animated videos where I either rant about a topic in the same way a stand comedian does on stage or tell a funny life story.
2) Blvd Docs (Mini Documentary) - where I document my life and the life of my close friends as artists
My animations are what I mostly known for though, so check them out.

My Church Camp Girlfriend
How I Want To Die

How I Want To Die

پیش 2 ماه

I Got Slapped At The Movies
thank you.

thank you.

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My Last Animation.

My Last Animation.

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پیش 2 سال

How To Be A Hero in 2017
My High School Love Affair
Getting Bullied in High School
My First Broken Heart Story
SpeedPaint Mafia feat. J. COLE
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Getting My ASS BEAT part 2
Getting My ASS BEAT part 1
  1. Sanu Barry

    Sanu Barryپیش 23 ساعت

    I like flying

  2. Keiran jaydon Hartley

    Keiran jaydon Hartleyپیش 23 ساعت

    Huh. Exact same story

  3. Omar Stewart

    Omar Stewartپیش روز

    why dont u start gaming on world of tanks

  4. jshine williams

    jshine williamsپیش روز

    if your heart stop you have been dead by now

  5. Keiran jaydon Hartley

    Keiran jaydon Hartleyپیش روز

    Beef patty MM MJ MHMHMMHMH

  6. Keiran jaydon Hartley

    Keiran jaydon Hartleyپیش روز

    Bag juice

  7. Keiran jaydon Hartley

    Keiran jaydon Hartleyپیش روز

    He said for MARY........ Please dont tell my dad, hes gonna hit me.

  8. Keiran jaydon Hartley

    Keiran jaydon Hartleyپیش روز

    Only jamaicans understand what he said for Mary

  9. Keiran jaydon Hartley

    Keiran jaydon Hartleyپیش روز

    I'm JAMAICAN too

  10. HEKZranger06 666

    HEKZranger06 666پیش روز

    “I see her put some *balls* into the *goal* “ Me: GOES STRAIGHT THROUGH THE COMMENTS

  11. Callum The goat

    Callum The goatپیش روز

    It is hilarious when you showed sixnine you was like the blink ah the was so funny

  12. Joseph Njoroge

    Joseph Njorogeپیش روز

    Stop the cap stop the cap

  13. Aqua

    Aquaپیش روز

    In my city there was a fight with 80 students and a teacher got shanked with a fucking scicorss

  14. Aqua

    Aquaپیش روز

    I’m Morrocan aswell lmaooooo

  15. Keion Brinson

    Keion Brinsonپیش روز

    Me:You left you jut left Don:Yea pretty much Me and 69:Dumb stupid huh BTW I'm here in 2020 anyone else?

  16. Lucky Laki

    Lucky Lakiپیش روز

    Can u get the dub verzion plz

  17. Marquez Moore

    Marquez Mooreپیش روز

    That one moment when don dose "it" too hard

  18. SuperShadic lit4life

    SuperShadic lit4lifeپیش روز

    🔥🔥🔥 Edit: I got a whole tik tok ad after that

  19. Keion Brinson

    Keion Brinsonپیش روز

    Well its a good thing it wasn't a Megaloblatta longipennis o for real that the name of the largerest roach in the world

  20. Kiki Li

    Kiki Liپیش روز

    i heard the music @7:42 and got excited

  21. Nezuko Chan

    Nezuko Chanپیش روز

    At least she really cared for you

  22. John Powell

    John Powellپیش روز

    what primary school did u go to

  23. ffaroooq

    ffaroooqپیش روز

    You. Are. Screwed!


    GREY RAIZپیش روز

    The beat is by young Taylor

  25. Gavin Deshotel

    Gavin Deshotelپیش روز

    This whole video was a roller coaster of emotions for me

  26. ROSE_Yex

    ROSE_Yexپیش روز

    Scissors permit Career: *pretend power ranger* I’m dead dude 😂

  27. Bryan Nwizu

    Bryan Nwizuپیش روز

    Bruuhhhhhhhh. I thought that only happened to Nigerians🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Pandaxz

    Pandaxzپیش روز

    The entire video sumed up Don: jade, i trust you to transport my bed to LA Jade: AH HA HA

  29. **

    **پیش روز

    *Mama bear*

  30. Pres Har

    Pres Harپیش روز

    Respect the Sauce

  31. Fat Donkey

    Fat Donkeyپیش روز

    This is the most extreme bed time story

  32. mikael gabb

    mikael gabbپیش روز

    In belize too my g

  33. Animation gaming adventures

    Animation gaming adventuresپیش روز

    You a legend

  34. Xavier Brooks

    Xavier Brooksپیش روز

    Why have you say this at this time instead of 4 ovlock

  35. Double One

    Double Oneپیش روز

    1:32 that's how companies get your money

  36. The Blacksmith

    The Blacksmithپیش روز

    I haven't thrown up in 3 years I hate it too

  37. Nezuko Chan

    Nezuko Chanپیش روز

    I always get bad haircuts

  38. Sparks Laughs

    Sparks Laughsپیش روز

    The "A" side

  39. DuRz Grxxn

    DuRz Grxxnپیش روز

    It’s all fun and game till yo fam start talkin yo language on the phone

  40. Beyond Instinct

    Beyond Instinctپیش روز

    Weeds better,much better once you get your OWL's and NEWT's my g

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    BRKN Headphonesپیش روز

    Bruh six nine isn’t black

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    Christian Jamesپیش روز

    Man’s said the ultimate ghosting😂😂😂😂

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    Young_LLپیش روز

    My mom black n is from south africa ...n she woopes the fucking shit out of mee ...😂😥

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    thatperson 340پیش روز

    i was into skinny girls at 13 cause i WAS A VIR new taco bell chalupa GIN

  45. YoungWEEZY -

    YoungWEEZY -پیش روز

    Even in 2020 this is some of the perfect videos to watch durin quarantine no cap

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    ŠŠCharming_ Charzard_GFN1ŠŠپیش روز

    Jamaican ppl no fucking vape

  47. jarred ross

    jarred rossپیش روز

    8:30 was just me 5 minutes ago when the bathrooms at the water park were locked

  48. RareBrockStar K

    RareBrockStar Kپیش روز

    Are you sure that you're ready for another q&A from the last story you don't seem too ready for anything

  49. Nezuko Chan

    Nezuko Chanپیش روز

    Casually chills with a snake



    I didnt think it would be so hard to get a bed uh uh uh I know I told you that you'd get here soon uh uh uh I hope you can see all the times I called for you yea uh uh uh uhuhuh

  51. Kaleigh Carter

    Kaleigh Carterپیش روز

    i’m so glad youtube recommended him cause this quarantine has been boring .

  52. PatrickPlayz 5000

    PatrickPlayz 5000پیش روز

    How did you know I use your videos as white noise when I play fortnite .-.

  53. thatperson 340

    thatperson 340پیش روز

    dont ha SEARCH BEGINS te the player

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    Bro that sound with the grease and elbows

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    2020? Like if you are

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    only fans @bean_baby

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    Parks and recreation was my first and far from last crappy job

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    This dog is having its period

  61. Nezuko Chan

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    Why does he sound so wise sometimes

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    i'd rather date bffs

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    Nezuko Chanپیش روز

    I like the ending

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    He threw me In the water and said you better learn how to swim

  68. Elijah Hogan

    Elijah Hoganپیش روز

    My uncle did that

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    Dwanell Mobleyپیش روز

    Usually I don’t listen to IRgosr music but this was good

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    Baseball players and football players know what 328ft looks like


    SPTLGHTپیش روز

    having gf that has onlyfans is not simping, its cuckery

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    SPTLGHTپیش روز

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