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Usher - Burn

Usher - Burn

پیش 2 سال

Usher - Missin U (Audio)
Usher - Believe Me (Audio)
Usher - Good Kisser (Edited)
Usher - Numb

Usher - Numb

پیش 7 سال

Usher - Numb (Audio)

Usher - Numb (Audio)

پیش 7 سال

Usher - Dive

Usher - Dive

پیش 7 سال

Usher - Lemme See (Audio)
Usher - Climax

Usher - Climax

پیش 8 سال

Usher - Climax (Audio)

Usher - Climax (Audio)

پیش 8 سال

Usher - OMG ft.
Usher - Confessions, Pt. II
Usher - Call Me A Mack

Usher - Call Me A Mack

پیش 10 سال

Usher - Think Of You

Usher - Think Of You

پیش 10 سال

Usher - U-Turn

Usher - U-Turn

پیش 10 سال

Usher - Can U Get Wit It

Usher - Can U Get Wit It

پیش 10 سال

  1. Frederick Mckinon

    Frederick Mckinonپیش روز

    This is the hottest beat other than Chris Brown's "HEAT" BEAT. REAL TALK. I stay fuckin with Ush

  2. Hughton Rwakyakizi

    Hughton Rwakyakiziپیش روز

    2:16 usher:dancing Studio:dances with him❤💥

  3. Primum Genus

    Primum Genusپیش روز

    problem with this song is.... it's too short!

  4. Carlos R

    Carlos Rپیش روز

    Usher going down as one of the greatest. His longevity is amazing.

  5. S W Broca

    S W Brocaپیش روز

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWAAAAAAAAH❗️🔥😢🔥😢🔥😭🔥😭🔥😭🔥😭... ths r h y t h m i c is th’ sssssSSSSSHHHIIIIUUUUCCKS💕🤎🤎🤎❣️❣️❣️ooooh dntbreakmy🤎❗️😍😍😍💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💜💜🔥🔥🔥🔥❣️❣️❣️❣️💜💕💕💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘😘😘😘i🤎🤎🤎USHERRR! 🎩s OFFFF on ths#1 y’all...💜🌎✌🏽🌸

  6. Nae

    Naeپیش روز

    Yaassss! I love this video.

  7. rcn_tobzz132 Master

    rcn_tobzz132 Masterپیش روز

    Who is listening to this in 2020 and think it is still a great song? If u see this screen shot it and send it to my insta @psycho_tobzz_maybee

  8. david carter

    david carterپیش روز

    Damn Usher my dawg still got it all hail the true King of R&B.

  9. Posejdon Seaman

    Posejdon Seamanپیش روز

    all the best from Poland fans👊🏻🇵🇱

  10. David Okolie

    David Okolieپیش روز

    Neither Usher nor his music would ever look bad in my eyes ✌🏽 This is a lifetime classic 🎵🔥 Nothing less from my number 1 role model...

  11. Alexander Williams

    Alexander Williamsپیش روز

    Love it!!!

  12. Gabrielle Amaya

    Gabrielle Amayaپیش روز

    Okay but I love the vibes of this video

  13. vincent drobo

    vincent droboپیش روز

    I can't imagine where my old school boys are with their bulky designs

  14. Ashlee Robinson

    Ashlee Robinsonپیش روز

    Multicultural, Moroccan, 60- early 80’s, looks like it was shot at Hallie Berry’s house in Cali in that Frankie Lymon movie. Cute ass video

  15. Loveyourself Ddaeng

    Loveyourself Ddaengپیش روز

    Such an aesthetic video 😍

  16. Riska 08

    Riska 08پیش روز

    let's throwback. boring cause corona virus

  17. Kirren Degeneres

    Kirren Degeneresپیش روز

    what the hell was going on in the B story?!?

  18. Hey fool

    Hey foolپیش روز

    What the hell Snoop sprinkling on that food. That ooowwweeee 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Tennille Nurse

    Tennille Nurseپیش روز

    I wish I can stop playing this song , imma need therapy!!!!

  20. The Sunsoldier

    The Sunsoldierپیش روز

    Ayy this is a banger

  21. nikki Bass

    nikki Bassپیش روز

    My joint right here Baebee ❤️🥰

  22. Monty Singh

    Monty Singhپیش روز

    Usher is a classic player This tune just shows his talent am diversity In times of uncertainty and doom my man brings some good vibes feeling Respect to Ella Mia lovely and smooth ..... respect darling lovely voice 😎 Yo what's Snoop cooking. ......😉

  23. Jakyus Bounds

    Jakyus Boundsپیش روز

    Make me think of that boondocks episode 😂😂

  24. layla 23

    layla 23پیش روز

    im 3wks in x sorry x believe me im hurting x im feeling better x

  25. vincent drobo

    vincent droboپیش روز

    Wen we talk about Usher today guys won't understand what we're meaning

  26. Fabio Manzo

    Fabio Manzoپیش روز


  27. vincent drobo

    vincent droboپیش روز

    Hmmn damn!!, The way Usher is in me infact you deserve a sugar from me☕☕

  28. Etienne Mujanay

    Etienne Mujanayپیش روز

    Usher better than jaquees

  29. Akasha More3

    Akasha More3پیش روز


  30. Sthandwa

    Sthandwaپیش روز

    Nothing like the 90s r&b vibe.

  31. We Dead

    We Deadپیش روز

    All jokes aside, this song was a banger back in the day

  32. BigDoula1

    BigDoula1پیش روز

    So yalll jus gone egnore the fact that this niggas passin shit out 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢 yalll crazyy

  33. JANUBANU DU 78

    JANUBANU DU 78پیش روز

    Creeper AW MAN!



    Let me show you the way to go 🎼 Jackson 5


    TIA MARIEپیش روز

    ♥♥♥♥ Ah I love this song and the video, wow such amazing talent. Thanks for sharing your great talent with the world Usher and Ella Mai.

  36. aaliyah loman

    aaliyah lomanپیش روز

    lovethis😩😩 hits good

  37. S W Broca

    S W Brocaپیش روز

    Wow... um ssssoooo whr hv I bn... ths rhythmic SASTRAIGHT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎

  38. Mica S

    Mica Sپیش روز

    I knew this was a hit! Everybody said o was tripping but look at me now!!! ❤❤

  39. Denilson92

    Denilson92پیش روز

    Cadê os 🇧🇷🇧🇷?🎶✌🏽 Matando a saudade de época de escola!?!! ❤️💥

  40. Emma Marie

    Emma Marieپیش روز

    Lol I came here to hate but I cant even

  41. Ron Ash

    Ron Ashپیش روز

    👑USHER👑...📿🎤🌟..WE ALL MISSED YOU, MY BOY.....I needed this new joint right now.....this Coronavirus.....innocent people PASSING, ACROSS THE WORLD🌍🌎🌏Very sad right now.....needed this Usher, THANKS BRO🗿✊ !!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Jiggly McSugertits

    Jiggly McSugertitsپیش روز

    Hitch brought me here

  43. S. Rlson

    S. Rlsonپیش روز




    lol everyone in this video

  45. S. Rlson

    S. Rlsonپیش روز


  46. Jay Belafonte

    Jay Belafonteپیش روز

    You can’t help but dance hearing this

  47. bukky omodiagbe

    bukky omodiagbeپیش روز


  48. Ms.Donna Clark

    Ms.Donna Clarkپیش روز

    Usher u can do better than that and my girl e 😥😥

  49. workout alley

    workout alleyپیش روز


  50. anthony webster

    anthony websterپیش روز


  51. Gulom Azizkhujaev

    Gulom Azizkhujaevپیش روز

    Wow, where's the social distance?

  52. Caprisun

    Caprisunپیش روز


  53. james paul x

    james paul xپیش روز

    Young thug always sounds like they force slapt him to do adlibs

  54. S W Broca

    S W Brocaپیش روز

    ... I hv jus bn MOVED by U..usherrrrrrrr is th’ sssSSSHHHHUCKS❣️❗️uHEARRRDmeh! Ths rhythmic is straight tough🔥🔥🔥🔥❗️🔥❣️😘😘😘💜💜💜😘🔥❗️🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎😘😘🔥❗️❗️🔥❣️❣️✌🏽😘✌🏽✌🏽💜💜💜😘

  55. Princess Denise

    Princess Deniseپیش روز

    Who else is here in 2020 reliving the good old days

  56. wendy wendy

    wendy wendyپیش روز

    Perfect timing ..

  57. Mizan Rashid

    Mizan Rashidپیش روز

    Would've been better if it was just Usher tbh. The girl sounds a bit generic

  58. Shatima Buckner

    Shatima Bucknerپیش روز

    Love this song and video we need this type of vibe right now #2020 #besafe#stayhome

  59. дмитрий авдеев

    дмитрий авдеевپیش روز


  60. Eden Hemo

    Eden Hemoپیش روز


  61. Nurs Designer

    Nurs Designerپیش روز

    Хит еді кезінде шіркін

  62. State P9988269

    State P9988269پیش روز

    This song is heavy

  63. Jesus

    Jesusپیش روز

    I love how Snoop Dogg is the chef 😂😂

  64. susette princess

    susette princessپیش روز

    Covid 2020...welcome Usher

  65. Mehdi Deneche

    Mehdi Denecheپیش روز

    Can someone tell me where is Eric Bellinger at ?

  66. Ben Zipper

    Ben Zipperپیش روز

    Lol Jamie Kennedy 03 babay!!!!!

  67. lolamkv

    lolamkvپیش روز

    when you can break these cuffs

  68. candi girl

    candi girlپیش روز

    Yesssssssssssssss Usher putting it down.

  69. בן פריינד

    בן פריינדپیش روز

    210,849 לייקים 4131 אנלייק אני נשוי לבילי אייליש

  70. Silviutz Ionutz

    Silviutz Ionutzپیش روز

    Cool shades tho !! ✌

  71. Jesús Jlo

    Jesús Jloپیش روز

    Crown_virus: yeah yeah yeah

  72. Tasha Nicole

    Tasha Nicoleپیش روز

    Thank you sir!

  73. Gadget_uk

    Gadget_ukپیش روز

    i wanna be there💜👍🏿

  74. Dayvson Roberto

    Dayvson Robertoپیش روز

    Minha mãe falou que essa música é mais velha que posição de caga , e ela é evangélica rsrsrs

  75. Nyan Pigle

    Nyan Pigleپیش روز

    It's got less views than its Minecraft parody lol

  76. Alli Poppington

    Alli Poppingtonپیش روز


  77. Cedric Bolton

    Cedric Boltonپیش روز

    Don't Waste my Time

  78. Las Kay

    Las Kayپیش روز

    0:20 - why them doughnuts look like shrimp?

  79. Zaria Alford

    Zaria Alfordپیش روز

    there goe my babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  80. Laban Njoroge

    Laban Njorogeپیش روز

    No profanity, drugs,nidity..just a good vibe

  81. Michael White

    Michael Whiteپیش روز

    This had better be Usher's real crib

  82. GIT GUD

    GIT GUDپیش روز

    Usher admitting hes a simp

  83. AeroAngel

    AeroAngelپیش روز

    This is beautiful and classy! I love it!! ❤️❤️❤️

  84. simo bmw lover

    simo bmw loverپیش روز

    Moroccan style 🙏

  85. Liam Virgin

    Liam Virginپیش روز


  86. Liam Virgin

    Liam Virginپیش روز

    YES!!!! That's more like it Bro 👊 I'm groovin all round the lounge right now tinkin I'm in da club. Oh yes!

  87. Tracey J. Hill

    Tracey J. Hillپیش روز

    This shit flows so smooth! I mean, wow!

  88. Sophie H

    Sophie Hپیش روز

    I can't stop playing this song, takes me back to the 90's. Usher has always been a legend of us 80's babies! Great music!

  89. Haf Boukh

    Haf Boukhپیش روز

    Yeh i got the real Metropool vibe from Zaandam or the challange vibe hoofddorp . ThIs were the best R&B(swingbeat) places in Amsterdam area

  90. C Q

    C Qپیش روز


  91. Lion Heart

    Lion Heartپیش روز

    This was supposed to be the song of the summer. Maybe next year, still banging though.

  92. Marlon Ladd

    Marlon Laddپیش روز

    This is definitely a nice jam. Evan, what's up with the mustache though? Is that a thing?

  93. geli

    geliپیش روز

    R. I. P usher son💔😔

  94. eyeKater byKai

    eyeKater byKaiپیش روز

    This is beautiful

  95. Tenzing Rijiju

    Tenzing Rijijuپیش روز

    Need of the hour. Thanks for the music.

  96. Strawberri Rose

    Strawberri Roseپیش روز

    Omgosh love this,, bringing bk that real r&b and he got some heavy hitters in here. Love it. So smooth! I love you Usher!! 💙

  97. C7 B

    C7 Bپیش روز

    Was it filmed in Morocco 🇲🇦 ?

  98. Dusky The Human

    Dusky The Humanپیش روز

    This is a good parody of Revenge

  99. Dominique Nelson

    Dominique Nelsonپیش روز

    Yes! 😍 Reminds me of a cool summer jam! ❤️

  100. Nvm I oy Yt tu i gkg

    Nvm I oy Yt tu i gkgپیش روز

    Creaper? Aww man :(