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  1. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompsonپیش روز

    Liar ....its a 2016

  2. Joshua Wisowaty

    Joshua Wisowatyپیش روز

    Love the programs! But where are the Red Sport 400s????

  3. Dean Opie

    Dean Opieپیش روز

    They just look sooo stupid!

  4. Ironbuket

    Ironbuketپیش روز

    3:30 Where is the licence plate going to go...

  5. Paul G

    Paul Gپیش روز

    new m3 will be fucking insane

  6. David Wells

    David Wellsپیش روز

    2 million for a car that isn't as good as a 130k Tesla... hmmm... something smells fishy here.

  7. maximillianMus

    maximillianMusپیش روز

    16:56 Get yourself a girl that looks at you the same way this girl looks at Mat

  8. Hamayun Mansory

    Hamayun Mansoryپیش روز

    I was actually so convinced to get a Supra until I found out it is BMW engine. Disappointed

  9. Cap ?

    Cap ?پیش روز

    I think that mechanic really does help

  10. Michael H

    Michael Hپیش روز

    This channel is fake news. Worse than top gear.

  11. Elwin Bu

    Elwin Buپیش روز

    Such a beautiful magnificent looking beast....

  12. Meridian

    Meridianپیش روز

    Matt, à quand les sous sous-titres en français ???🤔🤔 Pour ce qui est de la voiture, c'est ce que j'appelle un putain de chef-d'oeuvre..... elle est incroyable !! Un essaie ?!😏

  13. xafaR Ali

    xafaR Aliپیش روز

    You seem to be expert of Mercedes, BMW and Audi lol 90% of your videos I've seen are based on these 3 giants, I love them though (y)

  14. Fil a Ya chick

    Fil a Ya chickپیش روز

    320i were the best affordable BMW sad to see them go in the states. Also wish we got the 1 series. Absolutely shits on this ilx

  15. Khaled Salhani

    Khaled Salhaniپیش روز

    I won't buy it until I see its exhaust tested with the Carwow stick of truth :P

  16. 余晖

    余晖پیش روز


  17. Smarty CooL

    Smarty CooLپیش روز

    I would take off the VW and Audi and put the Cayenne and RR Sport instead

  18. Blingchachink

    Blingchachinkپیش روز

    is this nigga cross eyed a little

  19. Grinix

    Grinixپیش روز

    calm down boomer

  20. ken lau

    ken lauپیش روز

    Honda Type-R coming 1st and 2nd paces in racing. Overall, Honda Type-R WINS!!! That is awesome!!

  21. maxforce

    maxforceپیش روز

    Wait what? This car has on disc DLC?

  22. sanju2

    sanju2پیش روز

    Bmws are trash anyway. Now they are just finally starting to look it! 🤣🤣🤣

  23. maxforce

    maxforceپیش روز

    looks like a kia.

  24. Aura

    Auraپیش روز

    how is this car even real?

  25. Abe

    Abeپیش روز

    The 720 is on a whole other level

  26. Shohara Surahim

    Shohara Surahimپیش روز

    that car in old days categorized as 4 door hardtop with frameless windows....which differs with a long shot....

  27. LFC markeb

    LFC markebپیش روز

    what no cheap deals through car wow!?

  28. Jack Daniels

    Jack Danielsپیش روز

    Best job in the world mate.

  29. Sam Adams

    Sam Adamsپیش روز

    The Defender 90 First Edition sucks. Wait later in the year for more exterior and interior customization.

  30. Omer 001

    Omer 001پیش روز

    E63s is 2 year older car then m5 competition but 2020 baby new facelift e63s DADDY is coming soon to smack m5 competition n m8 competition bum

  31. محمد الشمري

    محمد الشمريپیش روز


  32. tom cullen

    tom cullenپیش روز

    Volvo - Superb quality, design & safety. Audi - Dated design and looks like it's 10 years old Land rover - shaped like an old boot and handles like a shopping trolley.

  33. Turururu

    Turururuپیش روز

    It looks like a Ford... Worst look on a BMW I've ever seen

  34. IGN Claws

    IGN Clawsپیش روز


  35. Bruce Moyo

    Bruce Moyoپیش روز

    Looks like a Hyundai from the side 🧐

  36. Christian Mastor

    Christian Mastorپیش روز

    We want to see Mat drive the car!!!

  37. Lama 67

    Lama 67پیش روز

    It looks like you would have room to lower it about 5in.

  38. Tony Notstated

    Tony Notstatedپیش روز

    Existing Tesla models can beat this car not to mention the upcoming Tesla Roaster, which will put a smack down on EVERY car out there for a lot less money .

  39. Sky View Ireland

    Sky View Irelandپیش روز

    Beautiful car but it looks a bit like its aesthetics are heavily inspired by Ferrari

  40. Trâm Anh Phạm ptr

    Trâm Anh Phạm ptrپیش روز

    This car is so smart!!

  41. Joshua T

    Joshua Tپیش روز

    Compare their battery replacement costs too.

  42. GearHead RD

    GearHead RDپیش روز

    That's not a drag race. That's traction control race. Who the fuck drag race in the rain? Congrats that all the cars ran 12's and 13's.... Pick a fucking better day.

  43. Santiago Sánchez

    Santiago Sánchezپیش روز

    So, the tesla roadster will have a faster 0-100 km/h time. Yes! For 1/10 th of the lotus price..

  44. Grey Phantome

    Grey Phantomeپیش روز

    Thought it was a Kia at first sight

  45. DE Media Sound

    DE Media Soundپیش روز

    How does NSX quality compare to the GTR especially in terms of reliability?

  46. cinegraphics

    cinegraphicsپیش روز

    Oil is not made from "rotten dynosaurs" but mostly from plant organic material and carbon that lies everywhere underground. Oil is constantly being created everywhere in the world, but at some locations it's shallow enough that we can pump it out. In other locations it will surface in a few hundreds or thousands of years. Oil will not disappear in 50 years as some stupid alarmists have been announcing... for the last 60 years :)

  47. si h

    si hپیش روز

    Where the hell will the number plates go?

  48. Sandy BoleYT

    Sandy BoleYTپیش روز

    This is a bit 'oh but the Mercedes' Mercedes this The Volvo is quirky and different

  49. Cristian Chavira

    Cristian Chaviraپیش روز

    It looks like a car from an asian manufacturer. Like a kia forte or hyundai elantra

  50. Cristian Chavira

    Cristian Chaviraپیش روز

    I hate the CLA but it is so much better than this 2 series

  51. Tom Bowes

    Tom Bowesپیش روز

    Imagine if you were called Un Hi Un (Un) Hi DIE

  52. Battle Axe

    Battle Axeپیش روز

    give me the old one and i will be the new one hands down.

  53. Paul Daly

    Paul Dalyپیش روز

    Something lacking in this... Interior looked questionable, alcatara is a cheap synthetic which doesn't wear well, seats looked a bit flat, steering adjustment looked flimsy... 2 million jesus no way... The cheaper love children from lotus that will spawn off this would be a safer bet.

  54. iZorroh F/A

    iZorroh F/Aپیش روز

    Really asked bmw that 🤣

  55. lottalava

    lottalavaپیش روز

    looks like La Ferrari

  56. CommandoInvert

    CommandoInvertپیش روز

    i really dont like bmw’s new design style ...

  57. Santiago Agredo

    Santiago Agredoپیش روز

    They really messed up a great model, not only in terms of performance, but also in style.

  58. Porsche9872

    Porsche9872پیش روز

    I can’t tell this is a Hyundai or not....

  59. James Eustice

    James Eusticeپیش روز

    the a6 gits a hock i am in the us my dad has a a6

  60. Marko Kostic

    Marko Kosticپیش روز

    Tesla with tv on dashboard is ugly

  61. Chuck Osram

    Chuck Osramپیش روز

    someone buying this ? 10 000 pounds for that roof ???????? who the hell not respect his own money so much to spend on this ??????????

  62. rammy bangbang

    rammy bangbangپیش روز

    This is a fuked up video. So many wrongs🤦‍♂️

  63. Cj Olsen

    Cj Olsenپیش روز

    Just make the Ugly Tesla look like the Gorgeous Lambo and all is good.

  64. Matt

    Mattپیش روز

    I hope Europcar doesn’t see this...

  65. Glenn Anthoon

    Glenn Anthoonپیش روز

    Audi powerr

  66. Tony Stark

    Tony Starkپیش روز

    The wheels look too small

  67. Miklós Somogyi

    Miklós Somogyiپیش روز

    Well this intro didn’t age very well 😂😂😂

  68. Volts PC

    Volts PCپیش روز

    Why are you using a model X, you should be using a model S or a roadster

  69. Razif Aziz

    Razif Azizپیش روز

    thank u mazda for the CD playerr!! I used CD's and wished to cont to do so

  70. Azrai Sidratul

    Azrai Sidratulپیش روز

    As an IT guy who likes cars, this guy reminds me of Linus

  71. Elrod Jenkins

    Elrod Jenkinsپیش روز

    Nico should help Lambo get back into F1!

  72. Bill Collie

    Bill Collieپیش روز

    I loved the 80s. So there

  73. Abdul Hasnat

    Abdul Hasnatپیش روز

    I love how they are trying to kill the environment with cars

  74. The Birds My Word

    The Birds My Wordپیش روز

    I knew who the winner was before they started.

  75. AM Oliveira

    AM Oliveiraپیش روز

    You are very very funny... Hahahaha

  76. Spy See Sauce

    Spy See Sauceپیش روز

    Bigger grill wins.

  77. Garry M

    Garry Mپیش روز

    It's a well known fact that Android users have bigger brains! 😜

  78. Mark Horney

    Mark Horneyپیش روز

    Making the poor woman push the car while your sit in it at the end how could you......LOL PMSL!!!

  79. E.

    E.پیش روز

    M2 feels more connected to road. You got a good feedback on your steering wheel on almost anything on raod.

  80. Sebastian Czarnecki

    Sebastian Czarneckiپیش روز

    Did it borrow it's rear lights from fiat 500?

  81. Joop Money

    Joop Moneyپیش روز

    where will we leave all those used up millions and millions rosten worthless batteries, emitting leaking and many toxic substances, still poisoning the earth after 1000 years, I hear no one about that, that is a bit strange right? and recycling? Batteries cannot be recycled whatever someone else wants to tell you !! Its like nucleair energy, finally it wil kill you and your FAMILY and kids and so further !!! Never never buy a Tesla if you wil stop this STUPID marketing Madness of MTF Musk !

  82. Didin Joe

    Didin Joeپیش روز

    Body blkng jlk bgt

  83. aashir mahmood

    aashir mahmoodپیش روز

    whats the 0-60 time

  84. Joop Money

    Joop Moneyپیش روز

    Tesla is destroying more Earth every minut and hour and day through the production of the batteries than gasoline or diesel engines have ever done since the year 1900 !!! Never never buy a Tesla, if you buy this car you wil kill our planet much sooner than you possible can imagine !!!!

  85. Ola Kristensen

    Ola Kristensenپیش روز

    What about the drag races? Where are you shooting them?

  86. Mohammed Ismail

    Mohammed Ismailپیش روز

    I think it's was an unfair test for g wagon!

  87. Max Wells

    Max Wellsپیش روز

    Only if my life depended on it could I ever choose only one M car. With that being said, I choose the F80. I've always liked the sedans, with the exception of E46. Not because only a coupe was offered. Because it's one of the best looking car on the road todate.

  88. Keith Hughes

    Keith Hughesپیش روز

    Beautiful car, for that price... I can buy 2 p1’s or or p1 and Gtr 50

  89. Rodane Codner

    Rodane Codnerپیش روز

    Nothing beats the Godzilla

  90. Samuel Biedny

    Samuel Biednyپیش روز

    2020 Corolla Hatchback XSE NEEDS an additional CHARGING USB PORT in the front lower Dash area, The "Data" port also is a charger, but IF you are using it for music playing, you do not have a charging port IF you do not have a "Q" charger phone.

  91. Karma 7

    Karma 7پیش روز

    Wine bar cruiser

  92. David Chaffee

    David Chaffeeپیش روز

    Where's the SLC

  93. Tom Williamson

    Tom Williamsonپیش روز

    Looks like a Range Rover

  94. Nimai Bulldog

    Nimai Bulldogپیش روز

    you litterly did this to the g wagon?! unsubscribed.

  95. Jim 6100 A. in Phoenix

    Jim 6100 A. in Phoenixپیش روز


  96. Karma 7

    Karma 7پیش روز

    Jimny should have been fitted with better tyres.

  97. Technology King

    Technology Kingپیش روز

    Hello mat watsonI like g63

  98. sam moore

    sam mooreپیش روز

    I see you found the stripper pole.

  99. sam moore

    sam mooreپیش روز

    Drive the Raptor next.

  100. chris77777777ify

    chris77777777ifyپیش روز

    It’s so ugly it’s vile.