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Graham Stephan

As a 28 year old real estate agent and investor who started working in real estate shortly after turning 18, with over $120,000,000 in residential real estate sales since 2008, I've created this channel to share my successes, failures, and experiences in the real estate industry and to support others who are thinking of getting into the business. Oh, and I'm also obsessed with cars. A lot. So expect to see some cars uploaded to my channel. A lot. And Subscribe. Because all the cool kids are doing it.
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  1. Karen Wallace

    Karen Wallaceپیش روز

    I wonder this every time I listen to the Dave Ramsey show. People who have figured out how to make a high salary but have no clue how to handle it. They start to believe that their income is their wealth; that the higher their income the wealthier they are so they buy, buy, buy. As for the rest who don't make a lot of money, they don't think or budget. 78 percent is pretty ;much the same percentage of people (almost all) that will be broke with less than 10k to their names by the age of 65. So, no matter what income a person has, 78 percent will all end up in the same boat. I find this particularly interesting because I'm surrounded by so many people who make good money who walk around thinking they are better than everyone else and I know that more than likely they will end up just like most everyone else. If a person can't manage the money he does make, more isn't going to help, unless of course you are dirt poor but we aren't talking about that. We live in such a consumer driven society that most people can't seem to be happy unless they are spending their money.

  2. Hauchimoto

    Hauchimotoپیش روز

    Anyone gonna make a video doing the same thing he does to Robert? 😂 talking all sarcastic and down talking everything he does and say for views

  3. Deep Patel

    Deep Patelپیش روز

    Hey Graham, can you do a video on options trading?

  4. 🔴Warped🔴

    🔴Warped🔴پیش روز

    I don't live paycheck to paycheck. I have direct deposit.😶

  5. cimplechico

    cimplechicoپیش روز

    If you don’t have any money leftover, it only means you’re living life!!!

  6. Jericho Intacto

    Jericho Intactoپیش روز

    What??? I was gonna make this topic as my 1st IRgos video..thanks for the insights tho.

  7. Dan Stevens

    Dan Stevensپیش روز

    It’s like you and nate o brien share the same brain.....

  8. NEONネオン

    NEONネオンپیش روز

    Modern shower

  9. elmateo77

    elmateo77پیش روز

    FFS just open a Roth IRA with Vanguard and set up a $100 weekly automated deposit. It takes maybe 15 minutes, then you can forget about it until you retire.

  10. Leonardo Marques

    Leonardo Marquesپیش روز

    Just stopping by to comment for that Algorithm! Awesome content! 😁

  11. burton975

    burton975پیش روز

    I can confirm this message. I made 2600 a month and spent 2600. Then I was making 4000 month and had nothing to show for it, because I was spending yep you guessed it - 4000. Now I spend 2000 a month on essentials and allocate the rest to different investments. I’m so much happier now and am on my way to retirement option by age 50

  12. Wolf of Dubai Stocks Investing Channel

    Wolf of Dubai Stocks Investing Channelپیش روز

    The most important rule to tattoo on your forehead: *Spendings < Income*

  13. mynameis ______

    mynameis ______پیش روز

    Hey i wanted to ask for some advice im graduating this year hs co/2020 and i was wondering should i go to community college for 2 years and transfer over to a 4 year to become an engineer Or should i become an electrician as an electrician apprentice for 5 years then being a journeyman. Is the debt worth it or should i just pocket the money from the first few years of being an electrician and already have a good sum to invest early on

  14. original patrick

    original patrickپیش روز

    My friends flex there new video games and I flex my chase bank account info

  15. Ruthless Lawn Gnome

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  16. Socrates92

    Socrates92پیش روز

    Wait, smashing the like button will improve the amount I can save?

  17. Kyro Vlogz

    Kyro Vlogzپیش روز

    that subtle title change tho ;)

  18. OG J4cob

    OG J4cobپیش روز

    I bet this is lies

  19. iOS Haven

    iOS Havenپیش روز

    Graham, can you make a video about buying cars while broke. I have a friend that has "bad luck" with all of his cars. I want to help him out!

  20. Azul Simmons

    Azul Simmonsپیش روز

    The majority of people would buy a pack of cigarettes or a Big Mac before saving money and then talk about wealth inequality and support for taxing the wealthy. It's ridiculous. I've never made that much money, but by saving and investing I've built up a comfortable life. And yet I'm supposed to pay extra taxes as a non-billionaire who came up from nothing to support the people that mismanage their money, time, and lives. It's incredibly irritating.

  21. joe n

    joe nپیش روز

    Free money:)

  22. bobbermanTTV

    bobbermanTTVپیش روز

    I bought a single share of Tesla today lol.

  23. zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl

    zxcvbnmmasdfghjklپیش روز

    Post your age and income here:

  24. JessyJ318

    JessyJ318پیش روز

    It depends on where you come’s about personal perspective.

  25. Quý Trung

    Quý Trungپیش روز

    3 ways to stop being rich

  26. OmniscientlyMe

    OmniscientlyMeپیش روز

    I'm a little surprise after it dropped 20% you didn't buy back the cheaper stock.

  27. Zystus

    Zystusپیش روز

    Best 0 to 60 in 3 seconds is to yolo options 😉

  28. RJ Pena

    RJ Penaپیش روز

    Dave Ramsey has left the chat

  29. Nana Hey

    Nana Heyپیش روز

    I studied psychology and suck at finances, great 😅

  30. Arthur Wu

    Arthur Wuپیش روز

    Graham is literally the CEO of making StarBucks go out of business

  31. Thiery Tony

    Thiery Tonyپیش روز

    I’m late sorry graham... but I did press the like button for the IRgos algorithms

  32. Skyler

    Skylerپیش روز

    I started budgeting and found out that my biggest expense is food. My food costs were well over 500 dollars a month. You don't realize how much you spend when you spend on average 10 dollars a day for food. Also, I started using the mint app and learning money and budgeting and it's been great. Couldn't stress more to use mint and live by the budgets you set for yourself. I cut my food costs in half and it's made a huge difference.

  33. GenZ Investor

    GenZ Investorپیش روز

    I believe being broke has everything to do with mindset! Although people make different amounts of money, if you are able to shift and transition into a stronger mindset, you will improve your finances and no longer be "broke"

  34. Eric Lee

    Eric Leeپیش روز

    I’m 18 and I started my first job with a Wells Fargo checking account. Should I open a credit card, open a savings account, or start on index funds?

  35. John Doty

    John Dotyپیش روز

    I was enjoying your videos, but half way through this one I realized how many cuts there were, even in a single sentence and it really made it hard to watch.

  36. M. Carr

    M. Carrپیش روز

    Stop shopping at Starbucks. Done

  37. Enthusiast2024

    Enthusiast2024پیش روز

    Graham, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your videos more as time goes on. In the beginning, not to be overly critical (because I am a huge long time fan), I think your videos were common sense. I can tell lately you are throwing your ideas out more and more, and I respect that because that is hard. I appreciate it, and you will always get my like!

  38. Nancy M

    Nancy Mپیش روز

    Not sure what the 🥑joke is but I make my own coffee at home, make my own avocado toast with a hard boiles egg, some dry coppa,pepper and 😋😋

  39. Byron Fiscus

    Byron Fiscusپیش روز

    1 in 3 Americans must live in California

  40. Emiko San

    Emiko Sanپیش روز

    Tell me more...:*)

  41. Squintillions

    Squintillionsپیش روز

    Prevalence Induced Concept Change. Aha! It has a name!

  42. Dewww

    Dewwwپیش روز

    Simple Answer: Just stop being broke

  43. Mr. Pariah

    Mr. Pariahپیش روز

    Most people who win the lottery end up right back to where they were or even worse. that is precisely because they don't know how to handle money they don't know how to use it to conserve it how to make it.

  44. Gabriell McLeod

    Gabriell McLeodپیش روز

    Surprised I didn’t see coffee on that list.

  45. Ciborium

    Ciboriumپیش روز

    I need to watch this fortnightly to shame myself to be a better consumer. I already "save first - spend second" but things like "wait to buy anything" needs to be drilled into my head. As well as shame myself out of buying impulse items because I have the self-control of a mayfly.

  46. MJE

    MJEپیش روز

    Holy crap he’s tiny

  47. Taylor Bodfield

    Taylor Bodfieldپیش روز

    I just only got into my career so I've yet to make the big bucks but I track the crap out of my money, I go so hard with my budget that I'm always surprised by how much I have leftover at the end of the month.

  48. Robert Albee

    Robert Albeeپیش روز

    People who use the term "Income Inequality" want everyone to make the same amount of money regardless of the job or career or hours worked for hourly jobs. When people say: men make more money than women, they only average what all men make and then average what all women make. They do NOT take into account type of job and they do NOT take into account FULL Time, PART Time, and OVERTIME into the equation. Socialist and Communist countries are the POOREST in the world and that is because when you take GREED out of the equation EVERYONE is POORER.

  49. sidra moqdas

    sidra moqdasپیش روز

    First of all I really want to appreciate your hard work it helps a lot I just have one request can you recommend website which helps those who lives in Canada order to manage money as you mentioned in this video I would be really grateful

  50. BlueEyedSexyPants

    BlueEyedSexyPantsپیش روز

    You definitely did the right thing. You made profit. Letting people play coulda should woulda with your timing will drive you crazy. You don't have to sell at the peak. You just have to sell higher than you bought.

  51. wO

    wOپیش روز

    so when u are 70 years old you have around a million...... cool dude. u wasted ur life

  52. Joel Corley

    Joel Corleyپیش روز

    I don't budget. I do track where my spending goes. But I've always hated shopping or buying things. My net worth is now about 16 times my base salary, which I've almost entirely accumulated since I got divorced 16 years ago.

  53. Rhoda Stone

    Rhoda Stoneپیش روز


  54. bigbiz990

    bigbiz990پیش روز

    You should've mention that ROTH IRA has income limit. If income is high you cannot contribute.

  55. Lizzy Grant

    Lizzy Grantپیش روز

    Love the well researched and educational yet fun content, you are definitely an inspiration Graham!

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    Why can’t I argue with a single point you made?

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    You'll get that thumbs up for algorithm when we get a thumbs up tattoo reveal! 👍

  58. Bryan Herincx

    Bryan Herincxپیش روز

    Consider going to trade school. Learn a skilled trade. So much opportunity coming these next few years. Everyone is retiring. You can make great money. I’m 20 years old and currently in school to become an electrician. You don’t necessarily have to make it your career forever but use the skill to fund whatever you want to do.

  59. Gwent Champ

    Gwent Champپیش روز

    I need to stop spending money on non-essentials like a T-Rex skull cast !

  60. Anne Wambui

    Anne Wambuiپیش روز

    Loan my brother 1million Kenyan Shillings was unable to make money after that situation. Am getting stronger learning from you thanks

  61. Har Amol Singh

    Har Amol Singhپیش روز

    I bet a big chunk of the $60k + he makes goes towards mortgage, bills, repairs, etc. Probably he is left with 10k after all the hussel. I have been in rental business too and I tell you, its a frekin nightmare.

  62. Private Private

    Private Privateپیش روز

    For me, I’ve never considered myself a saver. Certainly not an investor, until those e-Trade ads for started targeting the consumer market and people started feeling so Steve Jobs - even when they were earning a mere pittance, working for Apple Retail. As I used to say, “You, too, can earn $1/year - just like Steve Jobs!”🤣 But, now that I’m in my 50s and have experienced the recession, am looking forward to the possibility of 30 seconds of retirement, and I know that no one on the planet cares if I live or die, it’s different now. I have earned enough to save a decent emergency fund, even before I knew what it was called. I just knew that having money in the bank was a bit of a blast door between my butt and the asphalt. But, I REALLY REALLY REALLY DO NOT want to go back to that kind of SUICIDAL, DESPERATE WORRY!!! And, when I say suicidal - I kid you not... When I listen to Ramsey (not your cat that is “ALMOST” as cute as my male Tuxedo❤️), I hear the horror stories. The callers who owe this, that, this and that. My coworkers often tell me to stop spending money. But, I let them know that, firstly, I work hard to not pay full price, second, most of my lifetime shopping, including clothes and shoes is behind me and, third, I don’t have the kind of bills they do. I don’t go to Torrent and pay $40 for a tshirt. I buy them at the DT, although I still have a number of Apple shirts. Although my car threatens, I paid it off almost a year ago and have been driving for free ever since. I negotiated my student loans down and paid them off years ago, when college expenses weren’t the robbery they are now. I don’t have friends so, I don’t go out and eat at fancy places. I don’t get my hair and nails done and I done go for massages. I need to cut my cable bill since I stopped watching TV sometime ago, as I learn more on YT. I switched from TMobile to PureTalk and, for me and where I live and work, it’s slightly better service for $80 less per month. The major thing I’ve missed out on is investing and investing in purchasing a home. I’m currently looking at that because I’m wondering if I can buy cheap, in the right locale, and pay cash. By the way, note that, most would wonder why I’d entertain thoughts of buying a home at my age. I am because my mother will likely use the home I was to inherit to pay for her eldercare and because, as rent continues to increase, and as I will always question working for a corporation, even though I make a pretty good salary, I know that will end sooner than I realize. So, I’ll need a place to live. I wish people were thinking more about those things. I know they have FOMO and I do, too. But, I also know there’s a WSITY (wolf sitting one the yard) eager to snatch what little I have, out from under me.

  63. 777arc

    777arcپیش روز

    I don't "make budgets" but I definitely track where money goes and how it's spent or invested, they are not equivalent.

  64. Cal W

    Cal Wپیش روز

    Please do advise for real estate in the UK !!

  65. Lee Vo - Trader & Investor

    Lee Vo - Trader & Investorپیش روز

    Oh man, i remember when I first tracked my expense manually, I thought I was doing well eating out once a day for lunch which was $10. But boi did the little things plus fixed annual expenses add up. Was pretty disgusted seeing in one day I spent $50 .. overall the amounts are small in context to earning, but in my head I thought I was doing sooo well!! Track your spending!!

  66. Timothy Revelle

    Timothy Revelleپیش روز

    I have acorn and I have no experience in stock.. I want to by stock on weed sales or pharmaceuticals.. how do I do that

  67. Kiuie

    Kiuieپیش روز

    Hey graham can u give me some powerball numbers?

  68. Kenny Advocat

    Kenny Advocatپیش روز

    100k is nothing in nyc. If you need to support a few kids and a wife nothing is cheap. 800k-1.4mill to buy a 3 bedroom house in a lesser nice area that's probably far from work. 2-4mill if you want prime real estate. That a huge mortgage payment, plus property taxes insurance and etc. You'll need a car to drive the kiddos on the weekend. Parking, tolls, car fees $1,000+ a month. 100% chance you'll be a few tickets a year. Every weekend trip is $30 just in tolls + gas. If you get a tesla they will charge you for parking while it charges...

  69. John Van Teeckelenburgh

    John Van Teeckelenburghپیش روز

    Awesome video Graham! Thanks so much for this important information!

  70. Aynus Rugburn

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    I had this video playing while I had another tab open and on the Guitar Center website looking at another guitar that I don't need....I closed that tab..

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    Gotta cut back on coke and hookers.

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    Being dead serious.....I've never heard of this guy until now.....musta been living under a rock

  73. Jimmy Giang

    Jimmy Giangپیش روز

    Hey Graham, what do you think about extended warranty? Do you buy them? (exemple best buy geeksquad warranty).

  74. abcdLeeXY

    abcdLeeXYپیش روز

    It's really sad to see people everyday looking and being envious to those posting on FB and Instagram. All they want to do is eat in fancy restaurants, take expensive trips, and buy luxury items.

  75. Kevin Patton

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    OMG [email protected] you got me so proud...

  76. DSNCB919

    DSNCB919پیش روز

    When I closed on my house I got VERY serious about budgeting.. i budgeted per month $400 on food $408 car payment $500 gas ( Silverado and I drive alot) $1700 house $108 car insurance $50 net $160 utilites $20 planet fitness $60 hair cuts $352 on kid $115 for whatever I please.. $15 Netflix and I think $15 spotify.. meal prepping i found myself only spending $50 a week on food way less than the $100 I expected. And I'm spending less on gas than expected... I guess I'm lucky but I spend much less than I budgeted and save well over 1k a month and when I say save I mean it I dont touch it

  77. Marco Groove

    Marco Grooveپیش روز

    Mo money Same amount of problems

  78. JosLu 966

    JosLu 966پیش روز

    Any books people recommend for beginners on learning about stocks?

  79. Financial Discipline

    Financial Disciplineپیش روز

    LBRY-tv will eventually distroy IRgos and I have been using Lbry-tv for the couple of past week seems an interesting plateform. it is still in the initial stages and soon this will be a greater plateform free of sensorship. Please check it out and use this link to sign up.$/invite/@financialdisciplian:6

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    $200k and living paycheck to paycheck? Damn

  81. J Duke

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    It's simple... Don't spend money.

  82. danielle

    danielleپیش روز

    in active addiction i spent a MIN of $60 a day which works out to almost 22k a year. some days i would spend double that. would be an interesting video for you to do!

  83. LS

    LSپیش روز

    I’d say people have a priorities problem...cable is above education? Yikes bikes.

  84. MC Bc

    MC Bcپیش روز

    ANSWER: KIDS!!!! That's how a $100k salary could still lead someone to live paycheck to paycheck

  85. Nerd Realm

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    Finally smashing the like button more.

  86. Marlin

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    Graham: ...while you sit there and wonder to yourself, why haven't I already smashed the like button for the youtube algorithm? Me: Damn, I was just thinking the same thing.

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    Destroyed the like button

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    What is a normal day for Graham Stephan? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Not sure but for some reason Graham seems to be talking alot faster than usual. Either I need more coffee or he needs less. Lol. Like button shattered.

  90. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

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    Amen! Run it like business. You've earned a new subscriber!

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    Did nobody notice he said 59 when it’s 99

  92. Ben Jerry

    Ben Jerryپیش روز

    Graham, this is what I heard you say: "You must be willing to lose 90% of your income while living off of the 10% of your income which should be held in cash" Invest in myself with that 10% too. Sounds like a high income.

  93. Aleksi Nenadic

    Aleksi Nenadicپیش روز

    My mom has an 840 cam dit score and like holy crap that’s a lot

  94. Brad

    Bradپیش روز

    If you're a compulsive spender, set a limit for yourself, and never go over it. I basically live in my truck 6 days a week (road warrior) and I found I spent wayyy less when I set a weekly cash budget for the road expenses. Still in debt, so the rest that isn't immediate bills goes towards that.

  95. mszjoness

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    Dunning Kruger Effect= Ignorance is bliss

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    I smash the like button before Graham uploads...

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    Wait a minutes, you didn’t go to College? Dude, you could teach Mirco Econ and Life Finance classes, oh yaeh, you are on IRgos.

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