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  1. Charly Hayes

    Charly Hayesپیش روز

    Where has all of that annual Fed emergency funding been going? Cuomo, Bloomberg & de Blasio have a lot of explaining to do.

  2. Philip Turner

    Philip Turnerپیش روز

    I wouldnt shed a tear if someone shot her dead,or for that matter,shiff,or nadler,or schumer,either

  3. Andrea

    Andreaپیش روز

    Hey tuckie boy, isn't this all a hoax perpetuated by the FAKE NEWS!

  4. bosco008

    bosco008پیش روز

    You either support trump or the military. Can’t support both. His crew saluted him as he left. I support the military.

  5. Michesgqlle Dobbiln89

    Michesgqlle Dobbiln89پیش روز

    The Dumbacrates should be scared! Very scared. Trump is going to take the election. The best you have is Biden? LOL!!! What a bunch of LOSERS and cry baby little BITCHS!!!

  6. Mark Williams

    Mark Williamsپیش روز

    I trust the government like I trust the media.

  7. Albert Mario

    Albert Marioپیش روز

    The witch need to resign, period!!

  8. Tri Nguyen

    Tri Nguyenپیش روز

    The DemonMob Party has no better thing to do during pandemic .So ,why don't they just drop dead ,all of them ?

  9. China Teacher Brand

    China Teacher Brandپیش روز

    How many ACTING members of government are there? USA is run by temps!

  10. GinaM

    GinaMپیش روز

    *LIBERALS ARE THE PARTY OF HATE* ! And that is why they are failing miserably! 😊👍

  11. Holy Cats!

    Holy Cats!پیش روز

    Clearly, past federal government, state governments, big business, have decimated Americans ability to financial freedom in liberty, happiness and justice for all.

  12. the real TUPO

    the real TUPOپیش روز

    Trump blaming other people again and taking no responsibility what so ever. Republican for life but Trump doesn't represent me or what the party stands for. Sheer

  13. Charles Cary

    Charles Caryپیش روز

    President Donald Trump the commander of the Aircraft Carrier Roosevelt was concerned about his sailors and I hope his career isn't jeopardized because the fake news put it out their to trash your administration he must have the skills to command the biggest sea going vessels in the fleet give the man a second chance.

  14. Michael Hussey

    Michael Husseyپیش روز

    This is heart wrenching...

  15. Jessica Hicking

    Jessica Hickingپیش روز

    Are you kidding me!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves for letting this happen to this man!!

  16. dale carpenter

    dale carpenterپیش روز

    And they kicked ( w.h.o ) out of China !

  17. Richard Maginnis

    Richard Maginnisپیش روز

    Don't Save Lives & More Interesting Coming from The Govt, Keep Protecting the devil worshippers as they want to suffer & go to hell, the devil makes the beast not Humanity & Christians Don't Stand Against this, Lord Jesus has to be here for Revelations to Begin, Rogue Ones in Control

  18. Sanaathan Dharma

    Sanaathan Dharmaپیش روز

    @1:53 Kane said demonized?????

  19. Rickey H.

    Rickey H.پیش روز

    So messed up. The Chain Of Command was doing nothing so he had to break the chain of command and now those in charge are trying to save face because it makes them look bad.

  20. flyingfishsurf

    flyingfishsurfپیش روز

    The Captain was a brave patriot that had the best interests of his shipmates at heart. If you make the Dear Leader look bad, you will pay with your career. It's not first time or the second time. The crew would've mutinied if Trump was Captain. Walk the plank, Mr. President. Wake up Trumpanzees.

  21. scott taylor

    scott taylorپیش روز

    Ok what the hell is going on here... can anyone explain?!

  22. E.L.Dorado

    E.L.Doradoپیش روز

    People are going nuts sitting around the house and want to get back to work so to say it will take a decade for the economy to return is pure stupidity.

  23. Warlord5910

    Warlord5910پیش روز

    Apparently the navy officials are just as stupid and the USMC officials

  24. Kyle Ruiz

    Kyle Ruizپیش روز

    I’m really curious how any progress democrat can even logically argue against this..

  25. kp usa

    kp usaپیش روز

    When was the last time the ship has been at Port or when was the last sailor boarded how did the virus get on the ship if it has been out at sea

  26. Teltha Truth

    Teltha Truthپیش روز

    They probably gonna use Cuomo. They don't have anyone else.

  27. s 400

    s 400پیش روز


  28. James Kollath

    James Kollathپیش روز

    Prosecute them


    DJ DIGITALپیش روز

    I used to be in the Navy. The Captain was wrong to release that information outside of the Navy. "Loose Lips....Sink Ships"

  30. Edward Haglin

    Edward Haglinپیش روز

    Corporate welfare in the trillions but people welfare one tenth in the billions .

  31. Mike Hogan

    Mike Hoganپیش روز

    There is a chain of Command...your hometown newspaper ISN'T part of that.

  32. Kciredor Zerodasac

    Kciredor Zerodasacپیش روز

    He’s from San Francisco, He’s a Liberal...

  33. Garrett Szilard

    Garrett Szilardپیش روز

    We do need to go to war though. China is world enemy #1

  34. Jeffrey McCarthy

    Jeffrey McCarthyپیش روز

    He violated the chain of command. He was rightfully removed rom his command.

  35. garybeattie

    garybeattieپیش روز

    Most governments got this whole pandemic wrong , can we stop fkn blaming and start fixing please .

  36. Amanda Wethington

    Amanda Wethingtonپیش روز

    Tell them and all there employees to relocate to those countries for good and we will make our own!

  37. great outdoors

    great outdoorsپیش روز

    Sane America wants our lying incompetent president put behind bars

  38. Yisroel Katz

    Yisroel Katzپیش روز

    Nancy Pelosi is the wicked witch of the west! Where is Dorothy when we need her to throw a bucket of water over her?

  39. P Y

    P Yپیش روز

    What does it say about the people in charge if they need multiple oversight committees. Sad

  40. Rala's Gang

    Rala's Gangپیش روز

    As the daughter of a WWII veteran who served in Okinawa,I say how many more lives does Trump have to ruin. It's a sad day in this beautiful country when the "Commander in Chief" is a subordinate. He's not doing his job & doesn't realize the power he holds in a time of war.

  41. Aimee Kamowski

    Aimee Kamowskiپیش روز

    Why don't we see lines of people rushing to hospitals..... I've checked. All the lines people are forming are at the stores to get supplies. Just saying... that's reality here in Arizona.... Not saying the Coronavirus don't exist...but the fear is the problem of it's existence

  42. Larry Wayne

    Larry Wayneپیش روز

    You're reporting and you're editing are terrible!!! You are the enemy!! And we are under attack!!!

  43. j d

    j dپیش روز

    Very stupid, activist, skipper...He knows & understands chain of command.. He jeopardized national security by telegraphing weakness to the world...

  44. Coach Carter

    Coach Carterپیش روز

    I'm not worried about getting the virus.. why should I ?

  45. Kelly Krause

    Kelly Krauseپیش روز

    So, at least he was taking it seriously. If they were already arranging for hotels in Guam, I think they would have notified him. More BS fed to the mushrooms kept in the dark.

  46. Killer Vibe

    Killer Vibeپیش روز

    He did what he thought was best, they need to be told they CAN take care of their sailors.

  47. James Kepley

    James Kepleyپیش روز

    Democrats are the biggest threat to our country

  48. Adam Martinez

    Adam Martinezپیش روز

    Now to read comments from people who haven’t even read the full article about why he was relieved and just listen to Fox News and the headline without looking at why he was actually let go, which is a very justifiable reason

  49. Alfred Vallejos jr.

    Alfred Vallejos jr.پیش روز

    THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS GONE OR has been on THE negative side since DAY ONE OF trump's control OF the WHITEHOUSE with his NEVER ending LIES

  50. Harrell Brawner

    Harrell Brawnerپیش روز

    my god I hope some one would stop her using millions of dollars trying to cause trouble.

  51. James Kollath

    James Kollathپیش روز

    Prosecute them

  52. David of Yorkshire

    David of Yorkshireپیش روز

    Whilst I understand his motives, he's a serving military officer, there has to be consequences for breaking security and not holding to orders, which I assume were keep quiet... Was he "fired"? As a navy captain he can removed from duty, but fired implies dismissal, court marshal? Typical misinformation from the so-called news.

  53. Michael Van Wie Jr.

    Michael Van Wie Jr.پیش روز

    Get rid of all Chinese visa holders. Unemployment will go down instantaneously

  54. Timothy Tribble

    Timothy Tribbleپیش روز

    Temporary dont pay bills or put food on our damned table larry,,,TRUMP. END IT NOW!!!

  55. seanmcerini

    seanmceriniپیش روز

    Schiff is hiding documents from Judicial watch. He needs to be held accountable for his corruption. GFY!

  56. Robert Whitaker

    Robert Whitakerپیش روز

    That captain just put a carrier out of commission! Do you people defending what he did have ANY idea of the worldwide geopolitical consequences that has? A carrier has a task force assigned to it, no carrier, no task force! Bloody Hell, look past your own personal politics and see the real world results of what he did.

  57. Ed Griggs

    Ed Griggsپیش روز

    Like F.D.R. during WWII. We need to keep President Trump in office. We got no time to have somebody else to play house. This is WAR. china is poised. Once America's military becomes overrun, thay can quickly issue the vaccine they designed for the vaccine they designed to thier military to attack. Leaving us with our pants down.

  58. Captrowdy49

    Captrowdy49پیش روز

    If trump were a wartime leader we would be goose stepping and speaking German.

  59. Mark Capestro

    Mark Capestroپیش روز

    MODLY is the one who should be fired.

  60. International Harvester

    International Harvesterپیش روز

    I see a class action lawsuit in Fox's future. Misleading a large portion of the population is worth some jail time for Hannity too.

  61. Stella

    Stellaپیش روز

    Evil Polosi and Schumer.

  62. Antunes Santos

    Antunes Santosپیش روز

    Hi from Portugal ,,, I love your Show ,,, DONALD TRUMP 2020 ,,, GOD BLESS THE GREAT USA

  63. Thomas Kolter

    Thomas Kolterپیش روز

    Women wanted to be equal you can open the door for us and pay half the costs of dating.

  64. Mary Lindsey

    Mary Lindseyپیش روز

    This guy playing Bidens part is hilarious. Has no clue!😁

  65. Walter

    Walterپیش روز

    That’s what happens when secularism is God

  66. Randy Brindle

    Randy Brindleپیش روز

    oh , so now we want to put a couple lame old fools in charge ( Pelosi and Schumer )...I think not,,,,,

  67. Hundredacredaycare

    Hundredacredaycareپیش روز

    The navy should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. He was right trying to protect his sailors. And he was right when he said we are not in a war our sailors don’t need to die! Thank you captain from a navy mom. God bless

  68. Rod Black

    Rod Blackپیش روز

    He just got McChrystaled...

  69. James Kollath

    James Kollathپیش روز

    Prosecute them

  70. XtremeConditions

    XtremeConditionsپیش روز

    I just wanna' point out that those two cunts David Foster and Catherine McPhee only donated $1,000. No kidding. Probably $100 Million between 'em and they donated $1,000. Thanks guys..

  71. NorCal OutDoor

    NorCal OutDoorپیش روز

    Hope he get his job back soon

  72. The Rocker

    The Rockerپیش روز

    >>> IMPORTANT <<< >>> Wear a mask, something, anything <<< >>> SICK or NOT <<< several studies have tested the performance of masks improvised from household materials. A 2008 paper found that masks made from kitchen towels were about half as protective as surgical masks. For a study published in 2013, scientists compared the filtration efficiency of surgical masks to linen, silk, a scarf, a kitchen towel, a pillowcase, a vacuum cleaner bag, and masks that volunteers made from 100 percent-cotton T-shirts. The surgical mask performed best, followed by the vacuum cleaner bag and kitchen towel, but the latter were too thick and stiff to be worn for long periods of time. The T-shirt masks were comfortable, though, and one-third as effective as the surgical masks. “Our findings suggest that a homemade mask should only be considered as a last resort,” the authors wrote, “but it would be better than no protection.” A 2010 study reached a nearly identical conclusion. For a 2009 study of influenza transmission, nine infected volunteers coughed five times onto a Petri dish while wearing a surgical mask, an N95 respirator, or no covering. Nearly every time someone coughed without a mask, influenza virus showed up on the dish, but no virus was found when the volunteers wore either type of mask. Similarly, in a study still under review, 246 participants with symptoms of respiratory infection breathed into a droplet-collecting device called the Gesundheit-II for 30 minutes. When volunteers were bare-mouthed, coronavirus was detected in 30 to 40 percent of their sampled droplets; when they wore a surgical mask, no coronavirus was detected. Another study using a realistic manikin that simulated human breathing concluded that, when accounting for leakage, a surgical mask can filter at least 60 percent of 0.3 micron particles. A similar manikin study demonstrated that surgical masks reduce exposure to aerosolized influenza virus by sixfold, on average.

  73. 1elk

    1elkپیش روز

    F*** Pelosi! She can't even take care of her own people in California. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  74. Colton Peterson

    Colton Petersonپیش روز


  75. Steele Ingham

    Steele Inghamپیش روز

    *They don't have a test for regular cold or flu. which has been around forever, so how have they got a test-kit for Covid19, a new disease, which allegedly they know nothing about?*

  76. David Freed

    David Freedپیش روز

    100% should have been relieved of his duty - you must follow protocol; you don't talk to the outside world before you talk to your own people. It was emotional and I don't want somebody in charge that cannot control his own emotions.

  77. J Taylor

    J Taylorپیش روز

    John James of Michigan lost in '19. The whole state was red except for detroit. Whitmer won instead. Did detroit get blamed for turning on their brother?

  78. Amanda Wethington

    Amanda Wethingtonپیش روز

    Guessing they aren’t paying taxes on those cash sales

  79. Andrew Casebier

    Andrew Casebierپیش روز

    Time to evaluate the 3M products I use and stop using them forever. 3M is so un-American!!!!

  80. Turk

    Turkپیش روز

    We don’t need no leakers good bye sailor

  81. TONY

    TONYپیش روز

    But what if we never come out of this, do you agree with that. Can I make up your mind if we get checks in time for never

  82. Melinda fontenette

    Melinda fontenetteپیش روز

    No matter how you see it...die from foreign attack or Covid-19.

  83. Space Godzilla on YouTube

    Space Godzilla on YouTubeپیش روز

    Ayo bruh why everyone talking about my beam

  84. Team People

    Team Peopleپیش روز

    Makes you think about Clinton... one email and gone....

  85. john Cash

    john Cashپیش روز

    He’s a sleaze, always has been, now he’s paying for it.

  86. Kat G.

    Kat G.پیش روز

    TY for keeping ur employees on the payroll. Mom & Pops more difficult.

  87. Sharon Baugh

    Sharon Baughپیش روز

    We have to get rid of this evil woman get her out of Congress

  88. Yeti

    Yetiپیش روز

    Starting to sound a lot like China

  89. Carolyn Dennis

    Carolyn Dennisپیش روز


  90. Jamie Newcomb

    Jamie Newcombپیش روز

    I’m sick of pelosi

  91. krystal quevedo

    krystal quevedoپیش روز

    i wonder why theyre all lined up at the mall or clubbing or concerts without ids?bs

  92. Denis Gerasimov

    Denis Gerasimovپیش روز

    He is a coward did nothing to prevent or contain yet he went to yellow press wow!

  93. George Ayers

    George Ayersپیش روز

    To whoever leaked the letter should be brought up on treason charges. It was military business and nobody had the right to leak or know any of the content.

  94. Steele Ingham

    Steele Inghamپیش روز

    *Bill "Depopulation" Gates owns a Patent on the Coronavirus, and is going to use this orchestrated panic every way he can to bring about his and the NWO's agenda*

  95. James Kollath

    James Kollathپیش روز

    Prosecute them for there crimes

  96. FHKGP

    FHKGPپیش روز

    Just Heard because Pempeo doesnt like this captain, so he made big drama for the captain

  97. Barry Hussein Soetoro

    Barry Hussein Soetoroپیش روز

    Bye 👋 Felicia

  98. Lucky Lucy

    Lucky Lucyپیش روز

    Keep those borders tight SOS...SOS

  99. great outdoors

    great outdoorsپیش روز

    What Americans really want is our incompetent president removed from office

  100. Jeremy Backup

    Jeremy Backupپیش روز

    Trump commented that he might intervene and reverse his firing.