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8 People Who Shocked the World
This Is Why 5G Is Dangerous
8 Unusual Fake Bodybuilders
9 Unusual Nature Glitches
People Who Tricked the System!
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10 Coolest Pools in the World
10 People Who Do Weird Things
  1. VietCong Farmer

    VietCong Farmerپیش روز

    Cartoon Made In China

  2. Baby Yoda boss

    Baby Yoda bossپیش روز

    Jets make my chest burn

  3. Daedree Gangano

    Daedree Ganganoپیش روز

    He said tortoise but u think the thing said turtle lol

  4. 5am coatz

    5am coatzپیش روز

    That cave with the crystals, imagine Tom welling pops up and ask, who are you? 😂

  5. Earthworm Bob

    Earthworm Bobپیش روز

    I will not try this at home I try it at the battle filed

  6. EnderGamer2889

    EnderGamer2889پیش روز

    In 10 thousand years the star beteljuice will exploded and turn into a supernova it will be seen bye the naked eye at day and light for about two months. It has already exploded in the passed but we couldn’t see it because the light has not traveled yet it is travelling to us though.

  7. Noma Mohammed

    Noma Mohammedپیش روز

    Kim bok joo

  8. Senko Animates!

    Senko Animates!پیش روز

    Who has 20/20 vision? Only me ok..

  9. Sewa eric pius

    Sewa eric piusپیش روز

    What are the names of those movie scenes

  10. Le Darrawr

    Le Darrawrپیش روز

    Eat your cereal

  11. Darth tomor

    Darth tomorپیش روز

    Brugh have u ever heard of nuclear testing

  12. Carl Genzon Cimafranca

    Carl Genzon Cimafrancaپیش روز

    I came for the sheep!

  13. Audrey Cain

    Audrey Cainپیش روز

    tht kid with no legs much be strong

  14. Mishras Customs

    Mishras Customsپیش روز

    an increase of 40cm... riiiiiiiiight

  15. Gilberto Martinez

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  16. Isuapig

    Isuapigپیش روز

    Dat truck doe like I was at McDonald’s and saw a truck struggling to pull into a drive thru not a 18 wheeler a pick-up

  17. Svetlana Kostioutchek

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  18. Svetlana Kostioutchek

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  19. WolfGirl _4ever

    WolfGirl _4everپیش روز

    I get jealous so easily so that means I hate this video

  20. Chris28TheGreat

    Chris28TheGreatپیش روز

    Who pronounces it all bean oh?

  21. xander cage

    xander cageپیش روز

    Looking for the start of the video??? Its 8:05 . Yeah yeah thank me later

  22. DunnoWhoIam Yeses

    DunnoWhoIam Yesesپیش روز

    Omg Stephen is right! In 2020, right now, global warming and pollution is really baddddddddddddddd! Mdmdndhdmmdmmmmmmmmmmmm........ Jesuz, hes SMRT anyways..

  23. Ronald Masso

    Ronald Massoپیش روز

    When people population is increasing then animals population will decrease the world would be borin if there are no animals sol id like animals population is increasing rather than people cuz people are destroying the world and the animals just for technology

  24. Chris28TheGreat

    Chris28TheGreatپیش روز

    Some of these must be seriously invented by satan

  25. Chris28TheGreat

    Chris28TheGreatپیش روز


  26. CwisTheEntertainer

    CwisTheEntertainerپیش روز

    The picture is people desperate to eat ass.

  27. Reddit Steals The Joke

    Reddit Steals The Jokeپیش روز

    One day these people are gonna hit the wrong persons car

  28. NJCarspots

    NJCarspotsپیش روز

    You stole this video, and put voice over on it.

  29. Survival Time

    Survival Timeپیش روز

    People are lazy and want to make money easily

  30. margot servin

    margot servinپیش روز

    I've you

  31. Ab 19

    Ab 19پیش روز

    what is beauty if you are not clean 🧼 ايش فايده الجمال اذا انت ما تتنظف

  32. Chris28TheGreat

    Chris28TheGreatپیش روز

    Ouch, that first one is an ancient torture technique.

  33. Vee Waterson

    Vee Watersonپیش روز

    3:10 Daily Seizure time

  34. Rachell Garcia

    Rachell Garciaپیش روز

    *me when im little and tsunami coming towards me* *MOMMY WHY IS THIS BIG HUGE WATER COMING TOWARDS US....DOES IT WANT TO PLAY WITH US*

  35. iOSGamer

    iOSGamerپیش روز

    FYI The guy in the Pac-Man clip is a known cheater search Billy Mitchell

  36. Gaming With Q

    Gaming With Qپیش روز

    I am watching this at night

  37. Duryea Bentley

    Duryea Bentleyپیش روز

    Who else read the description with him in the beginning?

  38. Trip L Gaming

    Trip L Gamingپیش روز

    im a netizen here .......

  39. Alex Chwalik

    Alex Chwalikپیش روز

    Oof this video mad me cringe hard core lol. You can punch rocks and hang yourself all you want but until they start doing real time full contact sparing rather than Kung fu performance pieces, you will consistently loose to trained fighters who regularly spend time in the ring practicing fights with other human beings. I’ve heard it’s getting better but the things showed in this video are overshadowed by face to face combat experience.

  40. To Protect And To Serve

    To Protect And To Serveپیش روز

    I couldn’t stop smiling when they were tickling the monkey

  41. Created a youtube account so i can comment

    Created a youtube account so i can commentپیش روز

    I like to see eddie hall do that 😂

  42. 이근엽

    이근엽پیش روز

    There is nothing one is the most scariest

  43. Derpy Potato :3

    Derpy Potato :3پیش روز

    You got scammed. Like to undo.

  44. xdNo0p

    xdNo0pپیش روز

    watching this just raise my cringe meter to its maximum level

  45. Bek L

    Bek Lپیش روز

    Was that Joaquin Phoenix near the beginning?

  46. skattle Snake

    skattle Snakeپیش روز

    Imagine marshmallow was your dad and you never knew, honestly that’s so smart of him for wearing a mask, now he can go everywhere he wants without people attacking him and bothering him, you know? It’s great having fans, but we all know marshmallow is never doing a face reveal. Xoxo! -me

  47. Tom Sch

    Tom Schپیش روز

    Uhh Really? Beaches? Try Cairns. Yorkey's knob anyone? Cassowary? Stay away... Snakes, Spiders? They're not very dangerous. Don't freak out. Also who has a BASEMENT? Underwater Animals? No chance... Dingo? Never seen one in my life Sun? Use freaking sunscreen Fire Ants? They are freaking ANTS. Also allergic? Not everyone. Stinging Bush? Oh my... yes it hurts. And a long time. Just stay away. For 6 months max. Alligators? I freaking calmly swim in a lake with one. They don't travel to houses. Perentie? What the hell is That? Never even heard of it. Jesus Christ. I call bulldust Australia is beautiful. It's gold. Au stralia

  48. Noah Gochenour

    Noah Gochenourپیش روز

    I totally remember PSY.

  49. liqun zeng

    liqun zengپیش روز

    The people who died I felt bad for them all “I hope one day god will bring them all back”😔😞

  50. Email FN

    Email FNپیش روز

    Man its not fair he put all his points into stamina!!

  51. TonyynoT 13

    TonyynoT 13پیش روز

    Beast shows up* (boss music plays) Victim: Uh oh

  52. Psiros

    Psirosپیش روز

    4 hours.... hahahahaha

  53. Terra Lee Vera

    Terra Lee Veraپیش روز

    Tsunami survivle Step one, grab dogs Step two, grab perents Step three, grab electricity Step four, grab food water Step five, RUN Also I never been in a natural disaster so I do not know how to survive.

  54. spidy one

    spidy oneپیش روز


  55. Samrat Shivam

    Samrat Shivamپیش روز

    Thumbnail just gave me anxiety...

  56. mpho maudu

    mpho mauduپیش روز

    Angus T. Jones

  57. Jozev Sparks

    Jozev Sparksپیش روز

    He said in the 19th century when he was born in the 18th

  58. gacha trollface

    gacha trollfaceپیش روز

    6:35 XD I laughed like a clone so hard

  59. Roro ropo gaming

    Roro ropo gamingپیش روز

    Why am I not on this? I’m a 10 yr old boxer,bodybuilder,gymnast,mini ninja,baseball player ,basketballer,wrestler champion speller and mathematics expert plus I can play 13 instruments I think I deserve to be on this list and a dancer but that’s not important

  60. Gabija Gabija

    Gabija Gabijaپیش روز

    Dont worry who forgot thier name just ask your mom or dad

  61. ASMR Scriptures

    ASMR Scripturesپیش روز

    Contra is on this list... yeah right I beat that game every time I play

  62. Just Make It

    Just Make Itپیش روز

    Dude been watching these people yawn then I just yawned 5 times .I think it’s contagious through a screen.

  63. plague Sage

    plague Sageپیش روز

    Half the things you said are made up

  64. The Eligamer

    The Eligamerپیش روز

    No esto es otra empresa nooo😖😢

  65. Universe GALAXY

    Universe GALAXYپیش روز

    The scariest sound ever When your carrying a baby and you accidentally drop it and it starts crying and UH OH foot steps Five seconds later why is Jeff crying

  66. Jerome Aube

    Jerome Aubeپیش روز

    I love broccoli and I am Canadian

  67. 13th Mage666

    13th Mage666پیش روز

    the only way the scientists could explain everything is by being Open-minded and mix Occult / Satanic religion and only then everything will make sense ;)

  68. the beast

    the beastپیش روز

    For the wheelchair one we have that in New York

  69. Justin Chen

    Justin Chenپیش روز

    No chicken be like “oh f**k a human is drawling a line again”

  70. johnrei nicolas

    johnrei nicolasپیش روز

    I’m just here for the sheep

  71. Chatter Gaming

    Chatter Gamingپیش روز

    6:11 star Wars knock offs be like

  72. Crimson Sl4yer

    Crimson Sl4yerپیش روز

    The last girl one day gonna take a literall killer shit

  73. MH DuBois

    MH DuBoisپیش روز

    Well, I just found out that I am an artist…

  74. RCL FortniteYT

    RCL FortniteYTپیش روز

    A kid in my class also has teeth like that and gets called beaver

  75. Zach Landon

    Zach Landonپیش روز

    The sheep's at 8:04

  76. Toro To

    Toro Toپیش روز

    Why change his teeth? maybe he is in the revolution to a other humankind.

  77. Eensley Cover

    Eensley Coverپیش روز

    theres more in ph.

  78. James Storan

    James Storanپیش روز

    Doubt g zilla they waltz's before and none won none lost so I bet it'll happen again

  79. Andriod Q

    Andriod Qپیش روز

    Emenem king of rapper left the group

  80. Roblox Kids

    Roblox Kidsپیش روز

    7:26 me at school

  81. Rick Knapen

    Rick Knapenپیش روز

    0:50 Eminem hold my beer.

  82. rachel diane ames

    rachel diane amesپیش روز

    Rip all the victims whose life was taken by john wayne gacy 😭😭😭

  83. AwesomePlays

    AwesomePlaysپیش روز

    10:28 steve an carry 😂

  84. mark nvt

    mark nvtپیش روز

    You can't defeat a Shaolin Master, because a Shaolin Master can't compete in a MMA tournement. Suprise !!!

  85. Mark the gamer

    Mark the gamerپیش روز

    Why why! Does the thumbnail lie

  86. Earl Green

    Earl Greenپیش روز

    FROM THE FOUNDATIONS Leviticus 2 JESUS is of the Lamb of GOD slain from the foundation of the world; Revelation 13:8. It is no coincidence that the layout of the Israelites camp arrangement formed a cross; and instrument of shame, punishment, and death not invented till centuries later. We who treat the Bible as an ordinary book should take note of the seamless continuity and connectivity in the historic and spiritual facts of GOD’s Word. All the “boring” stuff in the Old Testament have significance beyond the pages. From page to punctuation mark JESUS all the way.

  87. Ari-El Jamila

    Ari-El Jamilaپیش روز

    This just shows how stupid Hollywood is. This is all ridiculous and dumb. People are hires for their face not their skills. Most of these stunt doubles are actors also but subjected to behind the screen pons for the rich and famous. Proven by Tom Holland did most of his own stunts and acted the part. I have more respect for him than anyone else

  88. Ajay Singh

    Ajay Singhپیش روز

    Is Squid an insect?

  89. Frosty - Minecraft, Subnautica и т.д

    Frosty - Minecraft, Subnautica и т.дپیش روز

    Мастерская Настроения неужели это ты?

  90. Jemma Mcandrew

    Jemma Mcandrewپیش روز

    This looks like wooloo but dynamax


    GOOD DOGEپیش روز

    You talk way too much and don’t show any good videos.

  92. WillyPillar Gaming

    WillyPillar Gamingپیش روز

    He steals clothes?! 😏🥵

  93. Eli Elfassy

    Eli Elfassyپیش روز

    3:50 How old he is... Without coming back to normal weight it does not look like he going to have a long healthy life...

  94. C456K TV

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    #mind warehouse

  95. Patrick Tilley

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    That trike is shit

  96. JuliaGr10 R

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  97. Grant & Gavin Ingram

    Grant & Gavin Ingramپیش روز

    Jaliyah can’t play in the NBA she has to play in the WNBA

  98. Daniel_sketchy_bananas

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    The GTA 3/4 clip?? Really?? Man???

  99. Jeremiah Witte

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    Now we all know sypher pk has a wig

  100. White Weddings

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