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  1. Mihnea Tudor

    Mihnea Tudorپیش 2 دقیقه

    This is sad because is the last movie of the Star Wars series😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Patrick Jeuriens

    Patrick Jeuriensپیش 5 دقیقه

    I fricking love this music!!!

  3. Legend MP

    Legend MPپیش 10 دقیقه

    Idk if anyone saw this... But 0.54,you can see Emperor Palpatine.. Just realise it.

  4. Stormbreaker 309

    Stormbreaker 309پیش 11 دقیقه

    “The saga lives on....”

  5. Randy Welch

    Randy Welchپیش 12 دقیقه

    Thanks for ruining my childhood Disney with these horrible movies you’ve made

  6. Aiden Dill

    Aiden Dillپیش 13 دقیقه

    I’ve watched every Star Wars movie ever made

  7. Clint Liu

    Clint Liuپیش 14 دقیقه

    The third saga will end for sure, and the fourth will be coming soon. The force aka money will always be with you. It's not movies anymore, it's long form TV series.

  8. thisismeasnaunau u

    thisismeasnaunau uپیش 19 دقیقه

    holy shizz this made me cry😭☺️

  9. Wayne Johnny

    Wayne Johnnyپیش 21 دقیقه

    Disney : Ok let's stop with the tv spots now Also Disney : *MAKE FEATURETTES !!*

  10. Sheeen Tastic

    Sheeen Tasticپیش 23 دقیقه

    “We’re trying to stray away from the sky walker arc” THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

  11. o BlueSky

    o BlueSkyپیش 23 دقیقه


  12. booger face

    booger faceپیش 26 دقیقه

    Disney trilogy is not canon it is as if all the lord of the ring fans got together and said this is how we will destroy Star Wars.

  13. 달룡TV

    달룡TVپیش 31 دقیقه

    공화군 등신들 전략전술 짜는거 보면 어이가 없음. 베테랑들 다 갈아죽이고 그래도 희망희망타령만 함.

  14. Kymerah X

    Kymerah Xپیش 32 دقیقه


  15. thisismeasnaunau u

    thisismeasnaunau uپیش 32 دقیقه

    thankyouu star wars!

  16. thisismeasnaunau u

    thisismeasnaunau uپیش 32 دقیقه

    star wars always made my day

  17. Spinnz

    Spinnzپیش 34 دقیقه

    Not as good as the prequel and the OT versions a long time ago.

  18. Chris Camacho

    Chris Camachoپیش 34 دقیقه

    I want to be or not to be.

  19. Chris Camacho

    Chris Camachoپیش 35 دقیقه

    cross breed with a christian?

  20. Chris Camacho

    Chris Camachoپیش 35 دقیقه

    I don't even know who daisy is. aren't you in the book of revelations?

  21. ham mok_officiel DJ

    ham mok_officiel DJپیش 36 دقیقه

    A scen of the film in Fortnite is realy

  22. T Mel904

    T Mel904پیش 37 دقیقه

    That storm commando must not have seen a lot of combat lmaoo DAD BOD

  23. Sanutep Chan

    Sanutep Chanپیش 51 دقیقه

    I would have loved to see the film that this trailer was made for! It seems much darker than the Rogue One we actually got :O Granted what we got was good too!

  24. Smalls

    Smallsپیش 58 دقیقه

    I'm sorry I dont watch movies based on political standards, I watch movies because I like them, and that's a movie that only cares about the story plot and not politics.

  25. coo3disk1

    coo3disk1پیش ساعت

    Yeah, Finn was supposed to be Jedi, I am glad that I saw this trailer again. I was expecting the force to be the reason Finn was able to go back the light side and that he would get trained by Luke. Seems like everyone has forgot that Finn was supposed to a jedi.



    Star wars now feels like a disfunctional marriage Disney keeps beating the sit out of us with bad movies and we still return back to it thinking things have changed

  27. Louis O'Halloran

    Louis O'Halloranپیش ساعت

    Love this film

  28. Turkey Lad

    Turkey Ladپیش ساعت

    I just realised that I watched a spoiler. 😢

  29. maxsKi Moose

    maxsKi Mooseپیش ساعت

    "Mark Hamill held at gunpoint dresses up as Stormtrooper"



    Does anyone know if Don Cherry is in this Film ? ?

  31. Lee Moore

    Lee Mooreپیش ساعت

    I’m a 43 year old man who grew up watching Star Wars, I don’t mind admitting this but watching this brought a tear to my eye

  32. Cinematic Thaddy

    Cinematic Thaddyپیش ساعت

    Why not make a full trailer with this theme

  33. The one and only Charlie Chill

    The one and only Charlie Chillپیش ساعت

    I've never been so hyped for a movie I won't watch. The last 3 ST MOVIES ARE TRASH.

  34. The one and only Charlie Chill

    The one and only Charlie Chillپیش ساعت

    I've never been so hyped for a movie I won't watch. The last 3 Star Wars movies do really SUCKS. The Mandalorian is the way.

  35. David de los santos

    David de los santosپیش ساعت

    Who’s still angry in December 2019?

  36. Mariella K

    Mariella Kپیش ساعت

    Боже ... я стараюсь не плакать

  37. Dennis Sobti Kumar

    Dennis Sobti Kumarپیش ساعت

    is this the last one?

  38. Panos Fl

    Panos Flپیش ساعت

    I am a little bit confused. How could be the army clones exist if the story is in the past?

  39. Jarrod Pasicznyk

    Jarrod Pasicznykپیش ساعت

    Star Wars Episode 9: You think 7 & 8 sucked, hold my beer!

  40. Radsoe

    Radsoeپیش 2 ساعت

    2019: The saga will end. 2020: Roger, roger: a star wars story.

  41. Pigeon

    Pigeonپیش 2 ساعت

    I keep forgetting this movie is coming out soon, and then I see an ad for it and I'm like "oh yeah" lol It's odd that there's barely any hype for this movie.

  42. Ayman ElM0N

    Ayman ElM0Nپیش 2 ساعت

    This is the way

  43. hugo brzobohatý

    hugo brzobohatýپیش 2 ساعت

    1:30 Poe dodge a laser just by crunch

  44. Peter Booth

    Peter Boothپیش 2 ساعت

    So why does the Millenium Falcon have a round disk?

  45. Timoteimar

    Timoteimarپیش 2 ساعت

    I will have the penne alla arrabiata

  46. Maga 4Eva3

    Maga 4Eva3پیش 2 ساعت

    If you gave offered me a 1000 dollars I would Not see your cringe Liberal movie

  47. Kauan Antuny

    Kauan Antunyپیش 2 ساعت

    The Rey’s theme when the new stuff comes just 😭😱

  48. Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguezپیش 2 ساعت

    The saga Will (end)ure another 30 years

  49. Sight Field

    Sight Fieldپیش 2 ساعت

    No women speaking in here... Yea? Good

  50. Buenrostro

    Buenrostroپیش 2 ساعت

    ✌😇👍🎁🥇#StarWars The Rîse of Sky*Walker Recommended go see it three times awesome go see Black Widow and Wonder Woman wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020

  51. Sight Field

    Sight Fieldپیش 2 ساعت

    Okay... The witcher and The mandalorian.. thanks.. yea ? Good

  52. Paul W Franklin

    Paul W Franklinپیش 3 ساعت

    It was going okay until about 1:14

  53. Lego Heaven

    Lego Heavenپیش 3 ساعت

    She looks like an action figure in the thumbnail.

  54. Jarome Johnson

    Jarome Johnsonپیش 3 ساعت

    Take subscription on ScreenVariety Tv for $4.17/mothly if you want to watch series 4K.

  55. natme hellbear

    natme hellbearپیش 3 ساعت

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: Now this is pod racing: A star wars story

  56. Dan Turner

    Dan Turnerپیش 3 ساعت

    I cannot wait for this. It looks fantastic* *(For those that are not aware of the concept - Optimism: "hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something")

  57. Senk Yoghurt

    Senk Yoghurtپیش 3 ساعت

    Star Wars. It means money.

  58. Ri Yo

    Ri Yoپیش 3 ساعت

    Its like endgame but more sci fi looking

  59. everusa15

    everusa15پیش 3 ساعت

    end it, you destroyed a story and a saga. Good job.

  60. Akainu Sakazuki94

    Akainu Sakazuki94پیش 3 ساعت

    Oh come on guys, Rey is a Kenobi. She has the same look and anger as Obi wan.

  61. Defaul Defaul

    Defaul Defaulپیش 4 ساعت

    I cried when c3po said “taking one last look at my friends”

  62. Michelle V

    Michelle Vپیش 4 ساعت

    Who else keeps coming back to the trailers to find what’s already happened? I know I do 😅

  63. Ninoman

    Ninomanپیش 4 ساعت

    Leaks confirmed, this will be a nice comedy movie. We'll be waiting for George to make a trilogy that Actually Counts, cuz this was a total joke :/

  64. McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

    McGannahan Skyjellyfettiپیش 4 ساعت

    Coming out December 2021- *STAR WARS EPISODE X: **_Maclunkey..._*

  65. shan4883

    shan4883پیش 4 ساعت

    Everytime I watch this, I feel like I'm there. The work crew and cast are so positive, encouraging, and family like. Wish my job was like that. All I get is work faster and don't talk to staff. Fun times at my job. 🎉

  66. Thomas Boisson

    Thomas Boissonپیش 4 ساعت

    Emperor palpatine or snoke ??

  67. Noélectron

    Noélectronپیش 4 ساعت

    Not gonna see

  68. ITS Computers LLC

    ITS Computers LLCپیش 4 ساعت

    dislike this trash

  69. Jay West

    Jay Westپیش 4 ساعت

    I'm just waiting for the triggered reviews too come out after the film was that a horse yup I'm definitely interested now

  70. The Soviet Union

    The Soviet Unionپیش 4 ساعت

    It's kinda annoying how Disney is ending one of the most legendary movie sagas with a disappointing trilogy with no clear plot and annoying characters.

  71. chaxavv vv

    chaxavv vvپیش 4 ساعت

    I am not crying, you are.

  72. rudavath jai

    rudavath jaiپیش 4 ساعت

    Still waiting for boom

  73. JoshDlow23

    JoshDlow23پیش 4 ساعت

    Went through the comments and seen nothing about “The Phantom Menace” ☹️ and that’s my fav...

  74. Herman Carter

    Herman Carterپیش 5 ساعت

    Chewie doesn't look a day over 225 yrs old mayne...

  75. Archedrob

    Archedrobپیش 5 ساعت


  76. zw a

    zw aپیش 5 ساعت

    Without precise calculations you could fly too close to a store... The force tells me this is deliberate and there is a good reason its the first thing in the feature... Im guessing they jump the falcon through hyperspace withought plotting a course, its something we haven't seen the Falcon do yet.

  77. shukezi

    shukeziپیش 5 ساعت

    i understand completely why people dislike the disney trilogy but like, i can’t help just loving every movie that disney comes up with for star wars. i think i’m just blinded by my love of just seeing star wars as a concept get expanded upon, even if the movie overall is bland or bad.

  78. Jeremy Coleman

    Jeremy Colemanپیش 5 ساعت


  79. Hala Al Bukai

    Hala Al Bukaiپیش 5 ساعت

    2019: the saga ends 2020: if Ironman was a Jedi, A Star Wars story

  80. Untamed TV

    Untamed TVپیش 5 ساعت


  81. DarthOliptius

    DarthOliptiusپیش 5 ساعت

    What was the point of making Finn seem like he was going to be the Jedi? All the trailers and posters had him holding the lightsaber

  82. philz2002

    philz2002پیش 5 ساعت

    I like last jedi and love force awakens. However, I look around and see a lot of people don't. That's fine, everyone has their preference. However. What if Abrams rounds off the saga in spectacular style and everyone loves this? It's possible. More has been done with less. Also, absolutley love the Y wing 01:41 - 01:43

  83. 4lpha Red

    4lpha Redپیش 5 ساعت

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: That one Stormtrooper in Rogue One who's suit was bulletproof: a Star Wars Story

  84. Danny De La Cruz

    Danny De La Cruzپیش 5 ساعت

    *the new trio* also daisy: it's my 1st time working with oscar........

  85. No One

    No Oneپیش 5 ساعت

    Jango is the best.

  86. Alexia Is On Fire

    Alexia Is On Fireپیش 5 ساعت

    Praise the Most High this cancerous “trilogy” is almost over 🤮 Social Justice Wars: Rise of the Feminazi

  87. Warden Cobb

    Warden Cobbپیش 5 ساعت

    The leaks... Omg. This movie is coming to be even worse than awakens and last Jedi combined and then times ten. And then topped with a giant turd.

  88. Alexander Schindler

    Alexander Schindlerپیش 6 ساعت

    No, No, You're still holding on! Let go!

  89. Ivan Vegas

    Ivan Vegasپیش 6 ساعت

    Why was this recomended in 2019 xd

  90. Simon Five

    Simon Fiveپیش 6 ساعت

    Looks like garbage

  91. Trevor Solomon

    Trevor Solomonپیش 6 ساعت

    Can I watch this without watching the first one?

  92. Darth Vader

    Darth Vaderپیش 6 ساعت

    No Daughter No!!!!!!!!

  93. Sid TheFilthyBastard

    Sid TheFilthyBastardپیش 6 ساعت

    Please redeem this trilogy, pls pls pls pls !!!!!

  94. Slainator

    Slainatorپیش 6 ساعت

    palpatine is rey's grandfather

  95. Réka Bordás-Simon

    Réka Bordás-Simonپیش 6 ساعت

    What about jar jar??

  96. Réka Bordás-Simon

    Réka Bordás-Simonپیش 6 ساعت

    No it’s not the same as the original trio!!!!!!!

  97. Rudolf Wickond

    Rudolf Wickondپیش 6 ساعت

    I just want to see big explosion with battling spaceships, and people fighting with colorful lightsabers, making heroic one-liners like in an 80s movie. And the occasional weird alien puppet creature.A final battle with Darth Vader against the Emperor would be cool. Its just a popcorn movie after all.

  98. Luis Macias

    Luis Maciasپیش 7 ساعت

    Sir Alec Guiness looks sooo annoyed at Mark and Harrison.

  99. Nintendong

    Nintendongپیش 7 ساعت

    Holy shite this movie is going to be total garbage (like the last one)

  100. David Messer

    David Messerپیش 7 ساعت

    I don't see any reason to see this clunker but I suppose I will.