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Andy Shauf - Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf - Try Again

Andy Shauf - Try Again

پیش 9 روز

Donald Trump Wins Best Picture
Guillermo at the Oscars

Guillermo at the Oscars

پیش 11 روز

Kelsea Ballerini - LA

Kelsea Ballerini - LA

پیش 15 روز

Russ - Patience

Russ - Patience

پیش 16 روز

Big Thief - Forgotten Eyes
Big Thief - Shoulders

Big Thief - Shoulders

پیش 17 روز



پیش 22 روز

Mean Tweets - NFL Edition #4
Orville Peck - Dead of Night
Mitt Romney is Our Only Hope
49ers Fans Betray Their Team
Marcus King - The Well
Trump Has Lied 16,241 Times
  1. Nicholas Bogani

    Nicholas Boganiپیش روز

    And Grover Washington

  2. Nicholas Bogani

    Nicholas Boganiپیش روز

    I died when the guy named Hawaii-Five-O and Dragnet and Perot as president

  3. I Love You

    I Love Youپیش روز

    How many countries you can name is your IQ. These people must have the intelligence equivalent to goldfish.

  4. Ace Diamonds

    Ace Diamondsپیش روز

    just have a long island instead.

  5. YoloSwagger1234

    YoloSwagger1234پیش روز


  6. logic rules

    logic rulesپیش روز

    Abcess in the throat? Stop putting so many dirty "things"in your mouth.

  7. maze -

    maze -پیش روز

    bruh i say like so much, but it be like that sometimes. i’m smart yet i sound stupid and i love that for me

  8. Phillip Sinemau

    Phillip Sinemauپیش روز

    If the Kids say Dad, they making their own breakfast till Collage..

  9. The Watcher

    The Watcherپیش روز

    Probably the most time I’ve spent watching a late night show.

  10. Teki Pluton

    Teki Plutonپیش روز

    I dunno why youtube recommend this to menow in 2020 feb but that girl problem is Kardashian? From all in the world u bother with someone u don t know.. damn

  11. Angshu Sarma

    Angshu Sarmaپیش روز

    How on earth did they get the car in the livingroom?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Reagan C

    Reagan Cپیش روز

    That thumbnail

  13. Attitude BOY

    Attitude BOYپیش روز

    WtF he is real??

  14. Kristina Paxton

    Kristina Paxtonپیش روز

    Next one is quizzing dads about their children :o My dad doesn't know my birthday and gets confused :o

  15. Marco Baptista

    Marco Baptistaپیش روز

    the second couple has to be actors. i refuse to believe otherwise. how do you not know your girlfriends eye color.

  16. Michael Harrison

    Michael Harrisonپیش روز

    So psyched to see him on a big platform

  17. No20

    No20پیش روز

    Why is Jay Leno doing street interviews?

  18. neverending nightmares

    neverending nightmaresپیش روز

    I'm American and I know more geography than most Americans here. I'm the only educated one who's not doing drugs or smoking and doing stupid things. That proves something.

  19. kaligirl916

    kaligirl916پیش روز

    Go check out STICK FIGURE!!!!


    SAMMIsLIFEپیش روز

    Love Mileys hair!

  21. Sabrina A

    Sabrina Aپیش روز

    Dam. No words. All I know is that I LOVE IT😍💕

  22. Srex 117

    Srex 117پیش روز

    I never comment someones look on YT but men that girl at 1:32 is so beautiful.

  23. Marcos Pintor

    Marcos Pintorپیش روز

    I love that red guitar

  24. guyfroml

    guyfromlپیش روز

    At 94, June Lockhart looks fantastic! How'd they get her for this video? Hats off to everyone's favorite space mom, Maureen Robinson.

  25. Natasha Narushev

    Natasha Narushevپیش روز

    He has the mouth features to play the next 🃏

  26. Jim Hamberg

    Jim Hambergپیش روز

    Ook. This has gotta be fake. Either those 2 have only been in a relationship for A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. I mean THERE'S NO WAY YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S BDA AAANNND HER PARENTS NAMES

  27. Fishy YT

    Fishy YTپیش روز

    Dave should just talk back?

  28. John Kirkhart

    John Kirkhartپیش روز

    And for that they cut him off

  29. Trevor Robbins

    Trevor Robbinsپیش روز

    dose anyone else notice that jimmy is a squinter??

  30. Fluffy Hearts

    Fluffy Heartsپیش روز

    These guys are pathetic....

  31. Beverlin del Rosario

    Beverlin del Rosarioپیش روز

    “in NBA history” 👀

  32. Yohan Lobo

    Yohan Loboپیش روز

    Dude that's really bad. You don't remember your girlfriend's middle name 😅

  33. Nicholas Bogani

    Nicholas Boganiپیش روز

    Kudos to the last genius kid

  34. doretha W

    doretha Wپیش روز

    Cheryl has the date to the tee.... yeah, she high!!!

  35. AirFire18

    AirFire18پیش روز

    I would date him, he is incredibly sweet and the fact he seems traditional is charming. I speak Spanish as well, so it would be lovely to hear him talk more Spanish 😌

  36. Daisy Gonzalez

    Daisy Gonzalezپیش روز

    She said penicillin....I- I hope this woman never ends up in the hospital 😂

  37. YG please give Blackpink a full album

    YG please give Blackpink a full albumپیش روز

    2:03 my dad loves Angels!

  38. Nick 2x opoku

    Nick 2x opokuپیش روز

    I like how no one is using phone

  39. kyrie112

    kyrie112پیش روز

    Guillermo aka the guy who dreams about going to Beyoncé’s house

  40. Bagel Por tart

    Bagel Por tartپیش روز

    I literally thought they were the same person up to last year

  41. Matthew Diaz

    Matthew Diazپیش روز

    If only the left cared this much about republican voices being able to speak.

  42. Mayke Bosch

    Mayke Boschپیش روز

    AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO HEARS THE "HMMM" AFTER HE PUNCHED JIMMY!? I'm getting Geralt vibes....oof!🤣

  43. Amgalan Mijiddorj

    Amgalan Mijiddorjپیش روز

    1:39-2:30 hahahahhaha

  44. doretha W

    doretha Wپیش روز

    Donna definitely idc

  45. Megan Pearl

    Megan Pearlپیش روز

    These two are just as funny as their show

  46. TheGaming Addict

    TheGaming Addictپیش روز

    Meh these are fake bruh

  47. Kpop Kookie Lover

    Kpop Kookie Loverپیش روز

    Damn, she got those power rangers

  48. Emma Goff

    Emma Goffپیش روز

    These were not unnecessary

  49. hilham 89

    hilham 89پیش روز

    Oh God this was great.

  50. Justin Provido

    Justin Providoپیش روز

    Reggie used to talk mad trash and now he's this gentleman. FOH Reggie lmao.

  51. cgcskim

    cgcskimپیش روز

    When you know they gave carrie the most ridiculous tweet to read... god forbid she actually had to hear some criticism

  52. next episode

    next episodeپیش روز

    love it

  53. Supreme Meme

    Supreme Memeپیش روز

    a lot of times it's not even that they don't know more, its that people aren't used to being put on the spot. Like the likelihood the first person could name Obama but not trump and bush is extremely unlikely.

  54. Erick Scherzy

    Erick Scherzyپیش روز

    Wtf is he wearing?

  55. Frankenstein lives

    Frankenstein livesپیش روز

    I dare say these guys encountered a few changes after this questionnaire

  56. Jessica Shea

    Jessica Sheaپیش روز

    Lol cardi b

  57. James Gibson

    James Gibsonپیش روز

    To whom it may concern, Please send more money. Love Mom & Dad.

  58. Ali K.

    Ali K.پیش روز

    nick offerman laugh was on point lmaoo

  59. Stella K

    Stella Kپیش روز

    Petition to find the girls Instagram haha!

  60. Charlotte Woodson

    Charlotte Woodsonپیش روز

    The US Economy growth rate has been less than 3% under the lying Dump-Rump junk

  61. Hope Nield

    Hope Nieldپیش روز

    How did men rule the world for like the past six thousand years?????

  62. Michael Lubin

    Michael Lubinپیش روز

    Sorry, Jimmy... no cookie.

  63. Brooke Loffredo

    Brooke Loffredoپیش روز

    This is hilarious and definitely difficult to guess

  64. Ivan Angeles

    Ivan Angelesپیش روز

    Omg I’ve never heard his actual voice

  65. The Combara

    The Combaraپیش روز

    He's Jeff from American Dad 😂

  66. Ge In

    Ge Inپیش روز

    Who else wants to smoke with Willy mutha fn Nelson? Weed bucket list #5

  67. Sabrina A

    Sabrina Aپیش روز

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Anything he does is badass!

  68. Milky Way

    Milky Wayپیش روز

    Ariel is 16......

  69. Sage Springs

    Sage Springsپیش روز

    the fact he didn’t guess correctly after she said “sorry” with an american accent??? what??

  70. Dee Johnson

    Dee Johnsonپیش روز

    Does this guy know anything about handling these animals😕

  71. Pan!c on

    Pan!c onپیش روز

    "I lost my virginity at 19 and it happened by having sex"

  72. Adam

    Adamپیش روز

    Yooooo the first girl was born on the same day as me

  73. Emily Enns

    Emily Ennsپیش روز


  74. Ayush Chhetri

    Ayush Chhetriپیش روز

    Everybody: Talking about breasts in the comments. Me: Which movie was Jimmy taken out from.

  75. Jeff Jeffrey

    Jeff Jeffreyپیش روز

    2nd girl cute af 👅

  76. fiestadancers

    fiestadancersپیش روز

    I blame the parents. They should have spent more time with the kids growing up. JK guys.

  77. Alexa Bella Muerte

    Alexa Bella Muerteپیش روز

    Stupid Emma Stone acting like only one card can ever exist

  78. Nebs

    Nebsپیش روز

    Either these people are brain dead, in a short relationship or faking this for the video

  79. Katie Rotuno

    Katie Rotunoپیش روز

    You can tell Jimmy genuinely likes Ru! They have good chemistry!

  80. gus laberge

    gus labergeپیش روز

    Me. De Niro, you made me smile.

  81. Yeethelife

    Yeethelifeپیش روز

    Just 3:30

  82. Nathan Drews

    Nathan Drewsپیش روز

    Wiz gotta be on that mountain

  83. 01000010 01100101

    01000010 01100101پیش روز

    FYI: 1 OZ = 28.34 G

  84. Brenda Kendrick

    Brenda Kendrickپیش روز

    Love Uncle Charlie

  85. Nicky Williams

    Nicky Williamsپیش روز

    wtf is she wearing

  86. carlos campos

    carlos camposپیش روز

    Why does every time a white person talks to someone from a different ethnicity he/she act like they're superior to that person and when they talk to other white people they treat them with so much respect, you can always sense when someone is racist and ignorant

  87. Vanessa Marco

    Vanessa Marcoپیش روز

    That's a lot of blonde light eyed people

  88. Anne Anderson

    Anne Andersonپیش روز

    Just leave the dogs out of this. Someone find that person! 🤬 And also Tom Brady looks like a real life Max headroom.

  89. -MouseAccuracy-

    -MouseAccuracy-پیش روز

    Bro,? No "My Hero" Foo Fighters comments? ; D

  90. Gr33nGuy5

    Gr33nGuy5پیش روز

    He still looks like himself with the wig and beard 😂

  91. DAMM990

    DAMM990پیش روز

    Hm I don’t know Rick...

  92. Bryan Tran

    Bryan Tranپیش روز

    😔 so much cheese... wasted

  93. Balraj Gill

    Balraj Gillپیش روز

    1 of my favourite actors! Great talent, loved him in Appaloosa and Lord of the Rings. 👍🏻👍🏻

  94. jacqueline walker

    jacqueline walkerپیش روز

    now their trying to embarrass people about living with their parents. but rent getting so high in some area that you have to live with your parents.

  95. saad7896

    saad7896پیش روز

    Stupid New Yorkers, rude af just caring about their jobs and themselves lmaooo

  96. Jmustan03

    Jmustan03پیش روز

    Idk why I thought with that intro he was going to be screaming his head off lmao. Some things just dont change....

  97. G Sav

    G Savپیش روز

    Scary. Really scary.

  98. Rrlrr Y'kimej

    Rrlrr Y'kimejپیش روز

    She like give me my money while throwing money at him.

  99. Ali Abbasi

    Ali Abbasiپیش روز

    I use to say Billie eyelash.

  100. Sami Rami

    Sami Ramiپیش روز

    Very dangers stupid people