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I Got A K-Pop Makeover

I Got A K-Pop Makeover

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  1. Gabs Dormio

    Gabs Dormioپیش روز

    8:53 same

  2. Sirendipity Britt

    Sirendipity Brittپیش روز

    I’m so glad I found this. You’re fantastic and Wow, we look alike! You’re incredible. I’m getting married this fall. So happy I found your content ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕🤗Congratulations!

  3. adrian

    adrianپیش روز

    9:06 was that the choreo for Red Flavor?

  4. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegoodپیش روز

    I’m super late, but I love how the edible lube is “almost gone.”

  5. mauro gentile

    mauro gentileپیش روز

    Tyler is so cute, he could be on TV!!!

  6. Nicey

    Niceyپیش روز

    “Nobody in Georgia talks like that anymore” *Laughs in Georgian* She’s never heard of Screven County

  7. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinnپیش روز

    Apparently your wardrobe update options improve when your membership is renewed. The more data for the algorithms to process the better the selection process get over time.

  8. ev ev

    ev evپیش روز


  9. Izzy Hannay

    Izzy Hannayپیش روز

    I know that this comment is VERY late but i still think you should have called it say "I'm down to the gown"

  10. Nora Monahan

    Nora Monahanپیش روز

    Me: I want Calvin Klein Mom: we have Calvin Klein at home Calvin Klein at home: *calun kelun*

  11. HRD Heather 77

    HRD Heather 77پیش روز

    I love the look. It definitely looks like Tim Burton.

  12. Ximena Guzman

    Ximena Guzmanپیش روز

    her voice...

  13. Saw It

    Saw Itپیش روز

    I finally got my picks from Amazon, after 4 days. Not a single one of them was even close to acceptable. The worst was a pair of shapeless, oddly "orange" colored pants that looked like something my grandmother wore in 1977, two ruffled shirts, after I specifically stated I wasn't into the "romantic" style, and a pair of off-white flats that looked like something you could get at Payless. The two picks I would have purchased (a faux leather jacket and a pair of black boots) I already owned---in real leather, not fake. None of the clothes looked like quality fabric, stitching, style or cut; they were definitely low quality WalMart style. You can actually find the odd, decent piece at WalMart if you look, but these were not those pieces. I was beyond disappointed. I revamped my profile but I suppose I have to wait until March for my next picks. I'm not holding my breath. I can see myself cancelling next month. My experience so far has been very poor and I don't recommend.

  14. Lori Noullet

    Lori Noulletپیش روز

    How much was it to do all of it

  15. Lindsey Hickam

    Lindsey Hickamپیش روز


  16. Mia Charpentier

    Mia Charpentierپیش روز

    It’s name should be SimplySaf

  17. Gacha Wolfys

    Gacha Wolfysپیش روز

    I tried the doctor fish before. we got all the time we wanted cause none was there thatday

  18. Gabriella Gorzkowski

    Gabriella Gorzkowskiپیش روز

    I think she looks really good with white

  19. ღMystic Moonღ

    ღMystic Moonღپیش روز

    13:12, *JoJo fans intensify*

  20. Shanaya Biswas

    Shanaya Biswasپیش روز

    " can easily be added to " third bat is gonna wait lmao

  21. Sophie J

    Sophie Jپیش روز

    Those shoes are the ugliest pair of shoes ever but I kinda live for it

  22. Katie Yurgel

    Katie Yurgelپیش روز

    the banana skirt was so pretty

  23. Ember Gacha Awesome

    Ember Gacha Awesomeپیش روز

    Saf: it’s what I wanted it’s fine just fine . Lol

  24. holland thompson

    holland thompsonپیش روز

    imagine being the person that drew her tattoo

  25. Tierstin Williams

    Tierstin Williamsپیش روز

    no one made the joke?... *honey ad lady* : "Yeah... It's polka *_stars_* now..."

  26. Circe Writes

    Circe Writesپیش روز

    Watching this in 2020 and wishing I had some headbands again lol

  27. RoyaleT Life

    RoyaleT Lifeپیش روز

    9:20 😂😂😂😂 I love that joke red flavor since one of there songs are called red flavor I like red velvet the kpop group😂😂💜💜

  28. faye

    fayeپیش روز

    can anybody please tell me what the jazzy French sounding music is called? plays at like 14:52

  29. Mae Andzulis

    Mae Andzulisپیش روز

    Foot fish: oh look Tyler has ‘chunks’ of dead skin! *all fish go to Tyler* Safiya: 2 fish

  30. Kate with Books

    Kate with Booksپیش روز

    The Skirt one is kind of like an on stage the back curtain Is weighted down by a metal chain so it doesn’t blow up

  31. Les_Wasausky

    Les_Wasauskyپیش روز

    Just a girl that missed Saf while we wait for after marriage content

  32. Sylveon Ribbon Uwu

    Sylveon Ribbon Uwuپیش روز

    Saf and RinRin: nom nom bread Tyler: *h o r n e t l a r v a g o o d*

  33. Waggle DevaDIE

    Waggle DevaDIEپیش روز

    you should do a video of you dressing like cardi b for a week that would be awesome !!!

  34. My Latest Obsession

    My Latest Obsessionپیش روز


  35. Jaye Bugg

    Jaye Buggپیش روز

    Who here are watching this in 2020

  36. Magna Ryuu

    Magna Ryuuپیش روز

    I am pretty certain they keep the soap mix warm so it doesn't solidify

  37. shannon

    shannonپیش روز

    “ long sleeve *t-shirt* “ let that sink in

  38. Sally Anderson

    Sally Andersonپیش روز


  39. Abundance

    Abundanceپیش روز

    This is what I mean when I say you don't have to be a kpop fan to actually be respectful towards the idols. Hating on whatever is popular doesn't make you edgy.

  40. Sadie Rose

    Sadie Roseپیش روز

    for those that don't know when Emma said "party" that's something that a drag queen named Adore Delano says A LOT

  41. Tierstin Williams

    Tierstin Williamsپیش روز

    bezos w/ safiya's face looks like the bald dude from AHS Hotel (S:5)

  42. Brandi Munguia

    Brandi Munguiaپیش روز

    Holy cow! I, VERY RARELY, spend more than $20 on any one item of clothing. My husband would kill me if I spent $80 on any article of clothing.

  43. Amber Geyer

    Amber Geyerپیش روز

    The Killers reference at the sport panties made me smile 😊

  44. Mariyam Meherzad

    Mariyam Meherzadپیش روز

    Awww she’s wearing the necklace that simplynailogical gave to safiya on her wedding❤️🥰

  45. Holly Carter

    Holly Carterپیش روز

    Found y’all couple months ago & I’ve been down the hole. #couplegoals I’d love to travel around w/ my partner. 🙌🏻

  46. Jessica Freeman

    Jessica Freemanپیش روز

    Mauve me like a rock

  47. Golden_retriver

    Golden_retriverپیش روز

    Please shave all the hair off your head, that would be a wonderful video

  48. Elaine Coniglio

    Elaine Coniglioپیش روز

    Amazon is becoming Brawndo.

  49. gee ma

    gee maپیش روز

    when you realize you own the same dress 11:00

  50. Brandi Munguia

    Brandi Munguiaپیش روز

    I don’t understand how so many people successfully do their clothes shopping,exclusively, online. Sizing is so different from site to site, unless you are a perfect size small or medium, it is near impossible for you to have the same size across the board. I refuse to buy clothing online because I’m lucky if even half the things I order fit properly.

  51. Vincent & Alex Gilbert

    Vincent & Alex Gilbertپیش روز

    I can smell this video.

  52. Brandi Munguia

    Brandi Munguiaپیش روز

    I’ve missed your videos so much! I do hope you had a great honeymoon/break, but I’m so glad you’re back!

  53. Molly Oberrath

    Molly Oberrathپیش روز


  54. live14 hard

    live14 hardپیش روز

    Omg...I need these tree lady's badly!!!

  55. Angie Ando

    Angie Andoپیش روز

    You guys are weird!

  56. Red Ross

    Red Rossپیش روز

    ILLINOIS GANG!! ❤️❤️

  57. Eight Otu

    Eight Otuپیش روز

    I hope you see this and maybe like it so I know you did: this channel has a weird vibe that I love. It’s a channel that reminds me of that feeling of when you seen a scary movie and need something to watch that is peaceful and makes you happy. As I write this now, I am kinda having a anxiety attack and looked through all my subscriptions and ran into this channel. I’ve seen this video but ima watch it again cause this gives me warmth. Thank you 🙏

  58. Maggie Gordon

    Maggie Gordonپیش روز

    I like mauve over

  59. Devin Rodriguez

    Devin Rodriguezپیش روز

    Why does she say actually like this actchully

  60. sfurheen

    sfurheenپیش روز

    Frankin orly wat a bout dat

  61. Gina Ames

    Gina Amesپیش روز

    I luv mtw dew

  62. Sara Takkoush

    Sara Takkoushپیش روز

    I still cry everytime

  63. Christina Belmares

    Christina Belmaresپیش روز

    I'm such a brand snob and I thoroughly enjoyed this regardly of the knock offs, safiya is just cool <3

  64. Raaaaaaaach

    Raaaaaaaachپیش روز

    Please more soap making content, I am begging you

  65. Ricardo Douglas

    Ricardo Douglasپیش روز

    Beutifull wedding. Congrats and blessings ever

  66. Swimmer Pibb

    Swimmer Pibbپیش روز


  67. Sophia Dargis

    Sophia Dargisپیش روز

    I use lipsence for dance competition because other wise i would need to need omkeep layering it on

  68. Lauren 3131

    Lauren 3131پیش روز

    Ummmmm... Alternate name: SUPER EXPENSIVE CONTOUR???

  69. Angie Ando

    Angie Andoپیش روز

    I would have lit them, to soften them...

  70. Nicole London

    Nicole Londonپیش روز

    Should have brought Simply Nailogical for the green tea bath

  71. hayden and olivia show

    hayden and olivia showپیش روز

    *ThAt WaS a ClOsE cAlL! ThAt WeInEr DoG wAs AlMoSt A gOner!*

  72. B. Grace

    B. Graceپیش روز

    9:53 a-wear

  73. Gia V

    Gia Vپیش روز

    I don’t think she liked the color

  74. Maisie Drew

    Maisie Drewپیش روز

    My makeup routine: So I start by putting lip balm on. Then I say f it and not do anything else. It feels very extensive.

  75. Jade Violet

    Jade Violetپیش روز

    I'm a pisces and I loved every outfit

  76. Sophie Grace

    Sophie Graceپیش روز

    Is Safiya wearing the benana nail polish

  77. Brenda Lins

    Brenda Linsپیش روز

    6 colours 1 cup AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA nice

  78. Gamer Glam

    Gamer Glamپیش روز

    If had to wear the thigh high jumpsuit I’d use some fancy tights underneath like a fun and patterned

  79. Holly Hayward

    Holly Haywardپیش روز

    “The real answer is Hogwarts.” “Yes.” Ha ha

  80. Gamer Glam

    Gamer Glamپیش روز

    That open thigh jumpsuit reminds me of chun li 😍

  81. Ella Cruz

    Ella Cruzپیش روز


  82. Meg Mon

    Meg Monپیش روز

    It's pretty much just watching them eating stale Foods all around the city.

  83. Jacob Fernandez

    Jacob Fernandezپیش روز

    Is she Muslim ?

  84. Nicole Soto

    Nicole Sotoپیش روز

    Everything was so pretty! 🥰 & LoL at Shane's reaction to the spilling of the cocktail at 22:57 😅🍸

  85. Rebekah Holloway

    Rebekah Hollowayپیش روز

    You should do an IPSY review bag!

  86. Azazels Wings

    Azazels Wingsپیش روز

    These are unhygienic as fuck😬 ladies somethings just shouldn't be done and this is one. Nothing like plastic wrapping a tuna farm.

  87. Alexis Barth

    Alexis Barthپیش روز

    Oscar the grouch is my cats nickname

  88. Gabrielle Donn

    Gabrielle Donnپیش روز

    I would need an actual person cause i'm 5'9 but i 175 but i get told i look 140-150 lol and i'm built as my Nana puts it like a brick shit house. I would need a person to see me in person.

  89. Sara Takkoush

    Sara Takkoushپیش روز

    Rip kobe :( randomly stumbled upon this video now

  90. Maliyah Raquel

    Maliyah Raquelپیش روز

    I went to a Chinese Night Market and the exchange rate was so different that my grandma didnt even mind spending because it was like $4 usd but i REFUSED, had to get the BEST deals

  91. Lillia Heaton

    Lillia Heatonپیش روز

    The rad velvet was the blueberry candle

  92. Mi.soo. Weird

    Mi.soo. Weirdپیش روز

    Me and my friends were watching this and when it got to the ‘red velvet’ part I just started laughing and they didn’t know why

  93. K Missoni

    K Missoniپیش روز

    I really used to like scented candles until I found out that most of them are made from parafin which is really harmful to the environment and the health of humans and animals (namely your pets). Please do yourself the favor and do some research. If you still want to burn candles please look for soy, coconut or bees wax candles.

  94. Caitlin DerMiner

    Caitlin DerMinerپیش روز

    Granted there are cool things that are black but when you go got all nuetral or black it's not surprising they're all boring. Also: they might go safe for the first styling just to gauge how you go

  95. Daniela Marvin

    Daniela Marvinپیش روز

    okay but whyd they totally pop off 😳