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Driving HALF a Duramax

Driving HALF a Duramax

پیش 2 ماه

Extreme gooseneck off-roading
I wrecked my 700hp duramax
1200hp Duramax VS 13cc moped
the 10mm (a short film)
  1. J Tech

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  2. Numeky

    Numekyپیش روز

    this homeless guy asked me for money one time. I said I didnt have any although i bought him a large sandwich and when i got about 10 feet away the same sandwich came flying by my head.... ive not given food or money ever since.

  3. Wes Idk

    Wes Idkپیش روز

    Don't bring the booger sugar into this

  4. josh_rit

    josh_ritپیش روز

    I want to see you try to flip that thing over!!

  5. Maksim Lang

    Maksim Langپیش روز

    Call the cops

  6. jason lee

    jason leeپیش روز

    Why does batman have kryptonite balls so that superman cant tickle them

  7. Aiden Merritt

    Aiden Merrittپیش روز

    How low can she go

  8. Earl P

    Earl Pپیش روز

    WTF is wrong with you. Are you the kind of person that would eat a pizza watching homeless folks beg for money? Seriously it's your truck but damn.

  9. CfWontStopMe

    CfWontStopMeپیش روز

    Zzzz he babies this truck. Anyone else agree. Too panzy to even do some real pulls or ramp it off into a tree. Be a man, wearing a carhartt hat and can't even fix his own bumper. Dead channel.

  10. Cameron Strickland

    Cameron Stricklandپیش روز

    Literally love ur channel

  11. Trucks and Stuff 238

    Trucks and Stuff 238پیش روز

    you know what would really piss ppl off. throwing paint on your new truck inside and out

  12. Crowd Eater

    Crowd Eaterپیش روز

    Bruh using a chain to pull that much weight is so stupid the camera man would’ve been cut in half if it broke 😂

  13. Jeffrey Ziola

    Jeffrey Ziolaپیش روز

    Wounding if you sit the hitch on concrete and would the suspension system lift the axle and tires off the ground? Keep up the great videos love it. Thank you

  14. :P

    :Pپیش روز

    I just realized that this video was from last year but I really like this stuff keep it up :D

  15. Billy Jardine

    Billy Jardineپیش روز

    Bet dad loves how those fields turned out

  16. asif afzal

    asif afzalپیش روز

    This guy is so funny

  17. Robert Sexton

    Robert Sextonپیش روز

    You didn’t put the trailer wind stabilizers down on the trailer


    BLUESTAR KINGپیش روز

    After many years of being and viewing videos on youtube ...this is the dumbest thing I've viewed.congratulations.

  19. BASSIN with BrAdY

    BASSIN with BrAdYپیش روز

    Like that burgundy duramax you dEat rotes that thing it was awesome to watch

  20. BASSIN with BrAdY

    BASSIN with BrAdYپیش روز

    A bed is not that much you should of hit the whole truck

  21. Wyatt Bohnsack

    Wyatt Bohnsackپیش روز

    I thought that was the trick to keep nice

  22. Luke Schaub

    Luke Schaubپیش روز

    These comments are so funny

  23. Matt Hand

    Matt Handپیش روز

    Hey man. Trade me straight up for my 2015 gasser 😂😂

  24. Tin Man

    Tin Manپیش روز

    Keeping the haters mad! I love it!

  25. Adam Clark

    Adam Clarkپیش روز

    Lmaof my wife tells me I'm the same shit to hell with them fuckem all up I do and remember TRUMP 2020 LMAOF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Brady Stanga

    Brady Stangaپیش روز

    I always wanted to know how powerful that red tip was thanks

  27. Brady Stanga

    Brady Stangaپیش روز

    Mine died on me one time and I was going up a very steep hill. would not start back I was basically stranded there is no Park and the e-brake is a joke

  28. charlie james

    charlie jamesپیش روز

    Welp duramax is tuff ... wonder How many miles was on that engine

  29. Ken Underwood

    Ken Underwoodپیش روز

    Wairs the next video wrecking the ford

  30. charlie james

    charlie jamesپیش روز

    Why'd you trash a good engine

  31. Cooper C

    Cooper Cپیش روز

    All you haters need to shut up

  32. Anthony Sommerville

    Anthony Sommervilleپیش روز

    I LOVE seeing that new truck just beat on. Therefore I will add fuel to the fire in typical hater fashion: "you is dumbest person you should be died next time i recommend to donated truck to I" LOL

  33. Zxerie

    Zxerieپیش روز

    Quality content keep it up my friend❤️



    fast forward thats buy a 102000$ truck and start it on fire

  35. Eric peppy

    Eric peppyپیش روز

    They're thinking, "what a nice piece of shit"

  36. valley boo

    valley booپیش روز

    Seriously guy! That was entertaining when you read the comments!😂 But I still think you've lost it.. can't stand how you destroy trucks. I still think one day you will look me up because you will be hungry and won't have any money because of this foolishness. Maybe your brain isn't fully developed yet I'm not sure but I definitely question it?? Seen that someone from my area bought your once beautiful red GMC duramax.

  37. Trevor Grampp

    Trevor Gramppپیش روز

    Hey HATERS I hear what's good for likeing whistlen diesels channel. If you wach the most 'destructive' video he has posted

  38. The capitalistic Boy Scout

    The capitalistic Boy Scoutپیش روز

    Duramax in a gay mans chevy huh makes sense

  39. Donnell Powell

    Donnell Powellپیش روز

    🤘🏾Damn that is one tuff ass bumper, I need that on my truck to knock ass holes out my way that pull out to far and have the nose of their vehicles in my damn lane or those super slow drivers !!!!

  40. danner 696

    danner 696پیش روز

    FAIL. would love to be there when you grow up and realise what a waste of skin you are. Shame that poisoning the globe is making you #youtube$...

  41. Nathaniel Hilden

    Nathaniel Hildenپیش روز

    I bet you $5 you won't do a powerslide into a tree

  42. Javon Young

    Javon Youngپیش روز

    Dude I don’t give a fuck go ahead and destroy your trucks you look like a fucking child your a piece of shit

  43. HDXFH

    HDXFHپیش روز

    Absulutely bananas

  44. Drewg351

    Drewg351پیش روز

    Almost 700K subscriber's !!!!!

  45. Crystal Webb

    Crystal Webbپیش روز

    And the Almighty Dodge wins

  46. Kool Curlz

    Kool Curlzپیش روز

    Someone should fix his trucks as a prank

  47. Jerrythecoo

    Jerrythecooپیش روز

    Most of the scratches should buff- out!!!!!!!👀😏😎👍🤘🇨🇦

  48. Alex Geldmacher

    Alex Geldmacherپیش روز

    Your hands are freaking me out in this video lol

  49. Jae Kae

    Jae Kaeپیش روز

    Let this be a warning to you guys out there, don't buy used. You just don't know. He could be the "1 owner!" Lol.

  50. Bronson Wangen

    Bronson Wangenپیش روز

    What are you gonna make another video

  51. Jon c

    Jon cپیش روز

    wouldnt it be cheaper and easier to just rent 2 forklifts to lift the truck lol

  52. Jesus Castillo

    Jesus Castilloپیش روز

    Stupid jerk put a Match in your ass

  53. TexasEdition06

    TexasEdition06پیش روز

    I'd laugh my ass off if I was randomly driving down the road and saw a couple trucks doing this lol!

  54. Alessandro McQuillan

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  55. Brady Otto-Fisher

    Brady Otto-Fisherپیش روز

    OK cut my self my names dad

  56. Brandon Joel Loewen

    Brandon Joel Loewenپیش روز

    Love your truck

  57. Joe Blow

    Joe Blowپیش روز

    Here in Indiana this is pretty drinkable. I'd like to see what isnt considered drinkable.

  58. Brock Hunter

    Brock Hunterپیش روز

    This is awesome keep up the great videos. Everytime I’m having a off day I watch your videos and it cheers me right up. Keep tearing shit up 😂😂

  59. Tony Williams II

    Tony Williams IIپیش روز

    I mean I understand this Chanel and everything but when it comes to sentimental value like ur dads old truck I’m done I’d rather see the ford get destroyed then the dodge tbh

  60. Emmanuel Dipom

    Emmanuel Dipomپیش روز

    You should put a nitro on one of the trucks.

  61. Reward Amobi

    Reward Amobiپیش روز

    Be there or be square

  62. oxmandaniel

    oxmandanielپیش روز

    I figured you would have that any level lift turd destroyed by now little Disappointed il give you to the end of the month then il have to un sub go back to watching street speed 717 if you haven't done some real damage...

  63. mnsportsman 700

    mnsportsman 700پیش روز

    These guys are such idiots. Look at this tard wearing a helmet while in a semi...

  64. XcorrosiverainX

    XcorrosiverainXپیش روز

    Any one else relise that his “Kawasaki threetrax” is actually a Honda 300 fourtrax?

  65. Casey Albiero

    Casey Albieroپیش روز

    Damn you waisted half the vid showing us your front wheels dont spin when you could've done cooler shit

  66. Brady Cook

    Brady Cookپیش روز

    Frank vs ford and Cummins🤷🏼‍♀️

  67. Brady Cook

    Brady Cookپیش روز

    Kinda sad the dully can’t push the ford good enough

  68. Lance Goetz

    Lance Goetzپیش روز

    The problem I see is the low profile tires and big rims. This setup is a pavement queen truck. ( Maybe making up for a tiny dick?) Put some real tires and wheels on it it will actually tear up some southern mud pits

  69. Richard Leblanc

    Richard Leblancپیش روز

    $$ 100,000 and didn't even go home yet and already having problems.. Dam. Red flag on that truck... It looks nice though lol.

  70. jace hoard

    jace hoardپیش روز

    11:35 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh noooooooooo people better stop hatting now please

  71. Taylor Briley

    Taylor Brileyپیش روز

    Do a tug of war between frank and the ford

  72. Lawrence Barfield

    Lawrence Barfieldپیش روز

    Live your life

  73. gautom gotaya

    gautom gotayaپیش روز

    What 🤣

  74. Trevør Ackert

    Trevør Ackertپیش روز

    Today is when a legend was born

  75. Jesus christ Coming soon

    Jesus christ Coming soonپیش روز

    This is utterly retarded

  76. Lawrence Barfield

    Lawrence Barfieldپیش روز

    Built Ford Tough...

  77. The Boss

    The Bossپیش روز

    Love this guys attitude lol 🤘🤘🤘🤘🇨🇦🤘🤘🤘

  78. Big Ounce

    Big Ounceپیش روز

    Lmao an amish donk💀

  79. Tim Lewis

    Tim Lewisپیش روز

    That's gotta feel like pulling away in 5th gear.

  80. Michael Mayo

    Michael Mayoپیش روز

    I started to get teary eyed watching its last moments.

  81. Norman White

    Norman Whiteپیش روز

    Y'all twisted the whole tire

  82. Michael Mayo

    Michael Mayoپیش روز

    Line locks.

  83. Michael Mayo

    Michael Mayoپیش روز

    These mike Bloomberg commercials are annoying as fuck. Everyone one of your video's are full of them..... he would be against you polluting the air with diesel smoke and tire smoke.

  84. Dang Right

    Dang Rightپیش روز

    How u gonna let TopLineRacer use ur name and steal ur content? U should be getting 25%. Hes a copy cat coat tail rider!! Keep destroying shit, we love it

  85. Michael Mayo

    Michael Mayoپیش روز

    You the real MVP.

  86. michael forrester

    michael forresterپیش روز

    Anyone think macey the dog would lick peanut butter off me?

  87. Backroadsofgrandbend

    Backroadsofgrandbendپیش روز

    home wrecker lol cool vid cheers from the sunny north eh

  88. G S R okok

    G S R okokپیش روز

    Fuck haters , They don't do anything in life and don't let others too! But we will keep our head up

  89. Austin Brenny

    Austin Brennyپیش روز

    Hell yeah keep smackin ass and trashing those trucks. I’ve always said they’re nothing but sheet metal anyways

  90. DarK_russell The 3

    DarK_russell The 3پیش روز

    Why would you ruin a truck like that so many repairs if your going to fix it

  91. GTI Fast

    GTI Fastپیش روز

    Content 🤟🏽

  92. Shep quinn

    Shep quinnپیش روز

    Destroy more trucks hit the bumper

  93. Duane Sarkinen

    Duane Sarkinenپیش روز

    I think your videos are way better when you wreck your rigs, and it’s funny when it pissed everyone off

  94. christian Holley

    christian Holleyپیش روز

    Plz give me a truck

  95. badtama07

    badtama07پیش روز

    I was wondering how long it would be before he was beating on the Ford 😂😂😂😂😂

  96. Derek Beaudry

    Derek Beaudryپیش روز

    Dude your fucking awesome.... ... I love all your videos!!!!!!!!! Beat that truck to shit😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Cam Ball

    Cam Ballپیش روز

    Your a fucking idiot idc if u do it cause u can ur runining perfectly good trucks u fucking clown

  98. Craig A Davies

    Craig A Daviesپیش روز

    Hey boy,, You still playin with that chunk a shit ...???? BORING . OUTA HERE

  99. michael Sharkan

    michael Sharkanپیش روز

    I love u bro. Ur videos are great and ur funny as shit 😂

  100. MyT2000

    MyT2000پیش روز

    I’d take that 3rd gen over that Ford any day. Right now I can’t afford either lol.