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New shop office gets a TWIST
  1. MrFibs419

    MrFibs419پیش 10 ساعت

    8 hours of prep work and 30 minutes to paint :(

  2. Nanay

    Nanayپیش 12 ساعت

    Thumbs up if this e36 is your fav build!

  3. Seth Reed

    Seth Reedپیش 18 ساعت

    Keep feathering it brother #ripfedsmoker

  4. Jaime Campbell

    Jaime Campbellپیش 18 ساعت

    Man you crazy for doing the one chip challenge...... I can't wait to try myself tho 😆

  5. Zane Schaad

    Zane Schaadپیش 18 ساعت

    @jimmy Oakes I was looking for a good alternative to cx racing kits for a 4.6 mustang I couldn’t find a kit on cx for it so I was wondering what a good alternative kit would be?

  6. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jacksonپیش 19 ساعت

    I'm not commenting this video

  7. _Kuwabara_

    _Kuwabara_پیش 20 ساعت

    Jimmy why don't you stitch weld the seams while you're at it which would make the chassis more ridged and reinforced?

  8. Major Noob

    Major Noobپیش 22 ساعت

    I can smell the glass cleaner through my screen

  9. hunter harbeson

    hunter harbesonپیش 22 ساعت

    Dont paint the downpipe leave it raw like that

  10. Danny Rincon

    Danny Rinconپیش 22 ساعت

    Can you guys please film the reaction on the alignment guys face?? 😂😁

  11. Cars and Construction

    Cars and Constructionپیش 23 ساعت

    Wear a mask when spraying brake clean

  12. Poppin Blisters

    Poppin Blistersپیش روز

    That Shin hoodie is dope!!!

  13. tweek1540

    tweek1540پیش روز

    B's hoodie literly went from fresh to red quick as shit......F this finger F'ing

  14. adamskate13

    adamskate13پیش روز

    Just me or does Brian remind you of the squirrel on over the hedge 😂

  15. Roar.F31

    Roar.F31پیش روز

    You seriously need to look at your volumes when editing dude, i can come from any other channel at full blast, and when coming in to yours, it straight up ear rape. I need to go down a 60% on the volume to be at the same volume as the other channels. Your voice is clipping bad. No bueno.

  16. David Schwartz

    David Schwartzپیش روز

    Damn Marcus got offered $40 Also yes water does make it worse 😂😂

  17. Koty Sisson

    Koty Sissonپیش روز

    Looks sick

  18. Dan AYP

    Dan AYPپیش روز

    @2:04 and @9:14 what are those tracks!?

  19. Cookeh

    Cookehپیش روز

    Question as I have no idea about the answer, do you need to etch or prime the bare metal before applying bodyfiller for rust prevention, or?

  20. Velyo Kukov

    Velyo Kukovپیش روز

    just a normal episode of huffing rust neutralizer

  21. flappy188

    flappy188پیش روز

    i hate you, puffin head

  22. Carl Williams

    Carl Williamsپیش روز

    This is exactly where I'm up to with my project so really appreciated this vid!

  23. Donny Bawson

    Donny Bawsonپیش روز

    Easily best car channel on YT

  24. recent two

    recent twoپیش روز

    That body fill job looks like shit but dont mind my negative comment. I'm just a man with a phone and a handful of internet access

  25. Chris Sterling

    Chris Sterlingپیش روز

    Big surprise for nissonda... like an SR kind of surprise?

  26. LividParty

    LividPartyپیش روز

    The bodywork is my favorite part

  27. Christianspiller

    Christianspillerپیش روز

    SR20 in Nissonda?

  28. CompressorSurge

    CompressorSurgeپیش روز

    I know DJ said he doesn't like spicy stuff but wtf would have happened if he just ate the whole damn chip? Lol

  29. Undecked Moon

    Undecked Moonپیش روز

    Hey jimmy i am building a 1995 bmw 525i and i need a shift boot i was wondering if you had one you would let me buy off you

  30. Garage Goons

    Garage Goonsپیش روز

    tear down the head and rebuild it. May find better compression after doing so

  31. Mando Tellez

    Mando Tellezپیش روز

    B hall works full time and still comes in clutch,dude looks tired but never complains.👍👍🍻

  32. Mega Muww

    Mega Muwwپیش روز

    After 2 years doing body work and fiberglass work on motorhomes, I can appreciate what Bhall does, that shit is a tedious job and requires an eagle eye for detail.

  33. Daniel Ward

    Daniel Wardپیش روز

    I've always used superclean and a yellow power washer tip, never had a peeling issue.

  34. Edwin Garcia

    Edwin Garciaپیش روز

    Nissonda is getting an SR now?

  35. Mozeus Meister

    Mozeus Meisterپیش روز

    Poor Donald :/

  36. Wiliam Sciurba

    Wiliam Sciurbaپیش روز

    Trade spots with Brian's car when you bring yours there so that thing can get work done to it. Or at least get b to talk about what holding jim up.

  37. Daniel Setareh

    Daniel Setarehپیش روز

    It's probably not good for your skin *Instantly touches it*

  38. gorski93

    gorski93پیش روز

    You should make merch that says "get me a water Mike" lol

  39. ShadowFox439

    ShadowFox439پیش روز

    undercoating kinds sucks thats why everyone uses bed liner it will actually last

  40. Hugo Gomez

    Hugo Gomezپیش روز

    “Pin holes” more like porosity in your welds

  41. Chris Fife

    Chris Fifeپیش روز

    Love that feeling when you get it all back together and runs well 👍🏻

  42. JAMES 199

    JAMES 199پیش روز

    brian is my favourite guy, so fckn funny 🤣

  43. Stuart Henderson

    Stuart Hendersonپیش روز

    Maybe switch up the tunes there Jimmy.

  44. reece webb

    reece webbپیش روز

    Who did you kill Jimmy @5:04

  45. صـيـت شـمـرآن 5٢5

    صـيـت شـمـرآن 5٢5پیش روز

    mrhba bk fe alsaodih ant mn wen y moder😎👋🏻

  46. reece webb

    reece webbپیش روز

    Started a apprenticeship as a mechanic today, they said I have a great base knowledge of cars and I credit that all to you Jimmy, your videos have taught me the basics well over that last 2-3 years

  47. Ben dasd

    Ben dasdپیش روز

    he definitely changed the time lapse song after uploading

  48. Mateusz Zleczewski

    Mateusz Zleczewskiپیش روز

    You gonna paint the sideskirts wing and mirrors?

  49. turbohayabusa01

    turbohayabusa01پیش روز

    You gota get some kind of competition setup with throtl and their RWD hatch they are building

  50. Ben Thony

    Ben Thonyپیش روز

    And with that everyone sends them tons of gloves lol. Update on DJ????? Did he survive the reaper? Lol

  51. Jesus Andrew

    Jesus Andrewپیش روز

    Name off instrumental @ 6:16

  52. ccodydc

    ccodydcپیش روز

    B ment it smells like douche

  53. Allyn Strong

    Allyn Strongپیش روز

    I like how at the same time you guys are painted the engine bay of one of yours cars, I'm doing the same on my car

  54. f4easy2

    f4easy2پیش روز

    Killing it on the videos bro.

  55. Landon Turner

    Landon Turnerپیش روز

    B hall is my favorite IRgosr

  56. Hunter Parker

    Hunter Parkerپیش روز

    Whats the website where you get your euro parts? just bought a 01 530i and i need a bunch of random stuff that normal places dont sell and the dealer obviously is too expensive.

  57. Adamantium Life

    Adamantium Lifeپیش روز

    Engine bay is fine, but please oh pleaseeeee don’t ruin the car using spray cans to paint the entire body of the car! Do it properly please!

  58. Brock Breezy

    Brock Breezyپیش روز

    Being a body man seeing him lay on that bondo hurt lol

  59. Kuliten

    Kulitenپیش روز

    body filler and sanding is the best part man.. you get to see the transformation

  60. Mista Dabolina

    Mista Dabolinaپیش روز

    When you’re featherin it brother

  61. David Cross

    David Crossپیش روز

    i love this shit

  62. Penny Copperhatch

    Penny Copperhatchپیش روز

    U guys always forget to use PPE!!!....Your lungs are gonna be coated to hell w/ paint dust etc....LoL...

  63. DanMk2

    DanMk2پیش روز

    You should put a dust mask of some sort, you're breathing so much shit doing this 😂 Dope work tho ! 🤘

  64. Tommy  GunnZ

    Tommy GunnZپیش روز

    Dude hammer and dolly the 3 bumps on the strut towers. You will thank me later.

  65. Random Shit

    Random Shitپیش روز

    “Mean while were just dudes being guys” b-hall

  66. Stuart Brophy

    Stuart Brophyپیش روز

    I’m glad you decided to do things right with the BMW. Takes way longer, but it’ll turn out way better

  67. Calvin Wilks

    Calvin Wilksپیش روز

    Funny hear the song ammo nyc uses for his intro in the montage. Of you sanding. Gotta love that royalty free music.

  68. Jack Pigeon

    Jack Pigeonپیش روز

    My favorite part of this video was watching Dj in pain

  69. Leroy Taylor

    Leroy Taylorپیش روز

    Can u pls make the videos longer like around 20-25 mins like just make then longer fr

  70. JPringels

    JPringelsپیش روز

    JIMMY. Put a little oil down the cylinders FIRST. ESPECIALLY if they've been sitting Had the same issue on my RSX after it washed the cylinders down. Went from 75-85psi across the board to 170, all tests were done cold

  71. Adam Farlo

    Adam Farloپیش روز

    Any content off you jimmy is the best content.

  72. akuma 710

    akuma 710پیش روز

    About to hit 1 million viewes

  73. Brian Galeano

    Brian Galeanoپیش روز

    "Just Dudes being Guys" -Brian

  74. Your Man Mike

    Your Man Mikeپیش روز


  75. Markus Viinikka

    Markus Viinikkaپیش روز

    Can someone explain why they use glass cleaner and scotch brite together? Jimmy, keep up the videos! ✌️

  76. carl fitzpatrick

    carl fitzpatrickپیش روز

    The channel feels where it’s as much about b hall as much as Jimmy, similar to like TJ an Calvin it just works ( yes I get it fuck him he’s a poser what ever ) anyways sick duo keep up the work boys

  77. Ardnaglew Auto Repair

    Ardnaglew Auto Repairپیش روز

    Jimmy and B are killing it. Most underrated youtube car enthusiasts out here.. Adam lz hasnt got a patch on the boy's. All work done by them

  78. Dalton abbott

    Dalton abbottپیش روز

    I just started watching you when you and Adam did the Subaru shenanigans and you have quickly become one of my favorite youtubers! Builds are awesome my guy.

  79. JohnBeck Paradizo

    JohnBeck Paradizoپیش روز

    Wow 2 days in the roll hell yeah the old jimmy is coming back

  80. Louis Yaple

    Louis Yapleپیش روز

    How do you like the one ton shop crane? Good enough or would you go two ton next time?

  81. nowitsdone

    nowitsdoneپیش روز

    Ohhh! this reminds me of the old days of sanding for weeks.


    MAG FILMSپیش روز

    So is any one else confused if this is a drift car or a show car 😂

  83. Lil’ King

    Lil’ Kingپیش روز

    When a white boy says “it’s going to be gangster” I usually don’t believe it but when Jimmy says it I take his word 🙏🏼

  84. Jason Petrich

    Jason Petrichپیش روز

    You 2 look like you just broke down 100 pounds of red fosferus!!!!!!! Crazy

  85. Nodd inn

    Nodd innپیش روز

    How come no ones sent Brian a toothbrush and some 3D white toothpaste. Or is that a yellow gold grill in his mouth?

  86. darkMaarten1

    darkMaarten1پیش روز

    Sooo their lungs are red now XD

  87. Stephen Russell

    Stephen Russellپیش روز

    You guys are the shit.. Brian is the man. You and him make a great team. Good energy that makes you wanna come back for more

  88. Big D Some MCee

    Big D Some MCeeپیش روز

    This is a right hand drive ?

  89. B B.

    B B.پیش روز

    Invest in some PPE...

  90. onburpose

    onburposeپیش روز

    breathing so much paint dust

  91. Koop

    Koopپیش روز

    I could watch you two do just about anything, don't apologize for what you upload, it's great.

  92. pvertes23

    pvertes23پیش روز

    Best youtube channel ;)

  93. Marcos Rangel

    Marcos Rangelپیش روز

    Your channel is one of the few automotive ones that I really like because shit actually gets done

  94. Airidas Labanauskas

    Airidas Labanauskasپیش روز

    Put a BMW N55 in it and call it Supronda

  95. Knockout Customs

    Knockout Customsپیش روز

    Did b get some clear eyes?🤔🧐😁

  96. BarbWalters

    BarbWaltersپیش روز

    Stop apologizing for what you're uploading, any Jimmy and crew content is good content.

  97. Torque Monkey

    Torque Monkeyپیش روز

    Videos like this make me really appreciate my sand blaster.

  98. Aeneas Merchant

    Aeneas Merchantپیش روز

    Are you actually gonna run it when it’s done? I want a piece. Wonder if I could guess the surprise for nissonda.

  99. T-rent C

    T-rent Cپیش روز

    5:38 you just gotta feather it brother

  100. TheTechy2

    TheTechy2پیش روز

    Jimmy my man, love the content, and I'm loving the bodywork content even though it looks like alot of work, it's really informative and helpful for other east coast guys who also have to deal with this kinda rust repair/prevention I'm also loving all the fabrication you've been doing as well. Keep it up! Oh and pls stop using the same music in the time lapses its driving me crazy