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I spend most of my time making videos for IRgos and then the rest falls in the order from top to bottom FYI

  1. Diego Lopez

    Diego Lopezپیش روز

    My dad has a acura

  2. Tetrophil

    Tetrophilپیش روز

    Weird flex but ok 👌

  3. XD Xd

    XD Xdپیش روز

    I fucking love that car!!!

  4. Peter Haring

    Peter Haringپیش روز

    This is why I like my second amendment in the USA

  5. Alif Putra

    Alif Putraپیش روز

    Another vid will be both your daughter race

  6. Tom Holley

    Tom Holleyپیش روز

    Welcome to the communist state of California

  7. RideVictoria

    RideVictoriaپیش روز

    Sooke-a-Hala highway......the worst road to drive suddenly becomes the best. Well done. 👍🤘😎

  8. Neil Manadan

    Neil Manadanپیش روز

    Nobody likes police

  9. John Alontorres

    John Alontorresپیش روز

    DDE family !!!!!

  10. Logan White

    Logan Whiteپیش روز

    Damn I really enjoyed this video, good stuff!

  11. Garrie Read

    Garrie Readپیش روز

    Nice diving like that with your daughters in the car do what you like on your own

  12. Kat White

    Kat Whiteپیش روز

    Flip jake

  13. ojalainen

    ojalainenپیش روز

    My fifth time at the wheel of a car was in pedal car!

  14. John Merlino

    John Merlinoپیش روز

    You guys are so fucking GAY!!..

  15. Moonlight Media

    Moonlight Mediaپیش روز


  16. samfortnite123

    samfortnite123پیش روز

    Ci like property 4

  17. Mr DMc

    Mr DMcپیش روز

    More proof all cops are assholes

  18. Michiel Verhoye

    Michiel Verhoyeپیش روز

    funny how they removed the penis from the little nirvana baby

  19. Aaron Corona

    Aaron Coronaپیش روز

    Is this midnight Club

  20. Nattvibes

    Nattvibesپیش روز

    mia thicc

  21. Easton Curtis

    Easton Curtisپیش روز

    OH MY GOD they have nice cars! Must be assholes. lmao people are disgusting. It’s a car and if someone wants to buy something nice let them by something nice. GJ for standing your ground

  22. 200mph

    200mphپیش روز

    uncle Dave it is

  23. Nicolas Sliheet

    Nicolas Sliheetپیش روز

    Ferrari is 👑

  24. Magnes Flight

    Magnes Flightپیش روز

    So Awesome baby girl pushing the SC.. I can see another additional driver.. So awesome though & lack of ladies in super cars..

  25. Educasoft

    Educasoftپیش روز

    You have beautifull daughters btw

  26. kevin bennett

    kevin bennettپیش روز

    theis pigs are jealous of his car ,plain and simple

  27. Keith Burns

    Keith Burnsپیش روز

    you guys are bootlickers

  28. Eat. Pray. Hustle.

    Eat. Pray. Hustle.پیش روز

    Great job adapting! Love the videos!

  29. Mohammed Sarwar

    Mohammed Sarwarپیش روز

    I think American cops master of ppl but in UK police officer are like friend very cool

  30. Tyler Bauer

    Tyler Bauerپیش روز

    i love how Dave says the car is a boot 6 feet wide at 18:01😂

  31. Ice Cold

    Ice Coldپیش روز

    I would not be able to control myself I would knock them both out

  32. David D

    David Dپیش روز

    The age of consent is 16 FYI don't worry

  33. arthernandez831

    arthernandez831پیش روز

    Just seen this Supra today in Alhambra California at yum yum donuts

  34. David D

    David Dپیش روز

    Sex sells and that's what runs our country dummy ...when food runs out the tasty treats can get you paid; n food . Il be all over the hoes .I hope you get it together bro

  35. okay, and?

    okay, and?پیش روز

    I'm living my best 87 life 😂

  36. Darrien

    Darrienپیش روز

    so nobody is gonna talk about how he said dave has ridin a lot of things wide and big???!!!

  37. Scott Richardson

    Scott Richardsonپیش روز

    What about the Miura?? All but the Miura!

  38. Nathan Blake

    Nathan Blakeپیش روز

    killing it 💯👏🏿

  39. derek grant

    derek grantپیش روز

    Dave looking like a douche..but is so far from one!!

  40. zII dragon IIz

    zII dragon IIzپیش روز

    I have only driven my dads shitty ram truck, but that’s gonna change soon when I get a mustang.

  41. Buddy Vision

    Buddy Visionپیش روز

    Watching liking and commenting on every video in upload order for the lockdown of 2020. Thank you for keeping us entertained

  42. Thomas Zupancic

    Thomas Zupancicپیش روز

    Thanks for the KOVE code. I just got the new commuter which is a $199.99 speaker for $69. I’m super stoked after watching this video.

  43. benjaminc1850

    benjaminc1850پیش روز

    this cop is what we need professional officers

  44. Jorge Lozano

    Jorge Lozanoپیش روز

    Maybe they should learn how to appreciate how to earn the money that those cars cost. Great content in the channel, poor parenting example 🤦🏻

  45. Manuel Jacinto

    Manuel Jacintoپیش روز

    *only fucking rich*

  46. WJ Grobler

    WJ Groblerپیش روز

    To be able to drive a car like that on the age of 16 is a blessing from heaven

  47. ImpactzOG

    ImpactzOGپیش روز

    In Australia you have learner licence for a year, red provisional plates for a year and then green provisional licence for 2 years

  48. Joey sk8ts

    Joey sk8tsپیش روز

    Get the p1 you wont.

  49. Russell Dawe

    Russell Daweپیش روز

    Driving in my van with my L i still fuck up sometimes, couldnt imagine the nerves in a mclaren

  50. STEALTH172 Brandon

    STEALTH172 Brandonپیش روز

    Hey that was a good wholesome family video but I still think you should get him out there on the track with the Integra with that 5-speed teach him how to run that clutch drive ins one thing but learning how to drive a 5-speed is another I'm in my father used to take me out on the gravel roads when I was 14 and taught me how to drive a stick shift I live in Washington and me and my father went to North Dakota and stopped in Montana and to meet relatives and we got to North Dakota I was learn how to drive a stick in the truck and next thing I know we're in the middle of nowhere and come up to this farm and next thing I know I'm driving a combine for the first time and I feel the combine up and dump the grain into the crane truck which is about the size of a dump truck and drove the dump truck to the local a weigh station at 14 years old back in the day this little things like that you just never forget awesome video awesome video guys peace DDE fam

  51. Nolan Plays MC

    Nolan Plays MCپیش روز

    you should do more videos with your family

  52. Jo Thompson

    Jo Thompsonپیش روز

    This bully everybody around I'm so sick of it The people need to rise up and do something about this take our country back

  53. M1stasinista

    M1stasinistaپیش روز

    Lmaoo damons reaction at 17:50 when dave said we're doing donuts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Greg Bird

    Greg Birdپیش روز


  55. Brand New Rock

    Brand New Rockپیش روز

    The bugatti is so ugly !!! Why are so many into this car except speed?? Seriously not a good design ! Bulky and no beauty at all

  56. AverageKing

    AverageKingپیش روز

    Wont be surprised if the next video was filmed "a couple weeks ago"

  57. Peter Sanchez

    Peter Sanchezپیش روز

    Great video best car channel

  58. AverageKing

    AverageKingپیش روز

    Mia looking thicc👌

  59. jamiejeeper

    jamiejeeperپیش روز

    How many times has she driven a car? 55? He said it 11 times

  60. Ha Med

    Ha Medپیش روز

    Those yoga pants are ugly

  61. satanskittensTV

    satanskittensTVپیش روز

    I like how he blurred the dogs face

  62. Allphonetips

    Allphonetipsپیش روز

    A daughter swap eh

  63. X Bootlicker

    X Bootlickerپیش روز

    "What do you want me to do?" DO SOME FVCKING TRAINING.

  64. Curtis Carté

    Curtis Cartéپیش روز

    9:00 that prelude had the rear steering package. Back wheel looks wonky AF!😂

  65. Joey sk8ts

    Joey sk8tsپیش روز

    You can see passion in the blonde ones eyes. She actually loves it.

  66. heyyoujm1

    heyyoujm1پیش روز

    Ora suegro🤣

  67. Mihai m

    Mihai mپیش روز

    Omg, they are completely idiots. And I thought the mother of idiot cops gave birth only here, in Romania, but now I see she has so many kids there over the ocean.

  68. Derek Spencer

    Derek Spencerپیش روز

    Nice cars and asses!!!!

  69. P.J. Holmes

    P.J. Holmesپیش روز

    The Cops just pissed because that guys car is worth more than his house 😂

  70. Nathan Brunoni

    Nathan Brunoniپیش روز

    There gonna come on bikes: comes on a beach cruiser

  71. ed v

    ed vپیش روز

    Dave looks like that touchy uncle everyone hates in a family reunion

  72. Shahil Maharaj

    Shahil Maharajپیش روز

    The original colour is red I think

  73. Jesse Rutherford

    Jesse Rutherfordپیش روز

    Such a good dad 😁😁😂

  74. Secret Owl

    Secret Owlپیش روز

    Why didnt you make a citizens arrest. Here in the US you can make an arrest yourself and by law the police have to take them to jail.

  75. Marc Wouters

    Marc Woutersپیش روز

    WOW , Hot cars and exhilarating girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Secret Owl

    Secret Owlپیش روز

    Your daughter is so beautiful, you better start packing. This is why I dont leave home without it, these guys would have been found without heads if that were me. One day someone tried to jack me and that day it just so happened that I had my dirty harry revolver, needless to say I won.

  77. Naaz Qureshi

    Naaz Qureshiپیش روز

    At its supercar heven

  78. James low

    James lowپیش روز

    Rip acuair

  79. Uncle Charley Who Knows Everything A Real Mota Foka

    Uncle Charley Who Knows Everything A Real Mota Fokaپیش روز

    What was that shit? Trabant 601 is the best !!!!

  80. React Saucy

    React Saucyپیش روز

    Can you buy a muscle car and drift with it? Pls I would love to see one of those on the Chanel.

  81. Speed Metal

    Speed Metalپیش روز

    This was actually even more genuine & entertaining than usual! Dave just keeps getting funnier all the time. I also prefer the looks of the McLaren over that FF. Lucky girls!

  82. Dominic Barber

    Dominic Barberپیش روز

    What happened to Alex

  83. Jeremy Monteiro

    Jeremy Monteiroپیش روز

    The outro music is FIRE!! Composer is money!