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    MICHAEL GRANTپیش روز

    This eats the Accord & Camry's lunch!

  2. Alan Sach

    Alan Sachپیش روز

    Of course, like 90% of "How does this car perform in the snow?" videos, we are on a nice plowed track that, with careful driving, you could drive just about any FWD car with decent snow tires around. It is very telling when the narrator says that the snow was starting to intensify so it was time to stop filming! Well, gee! What do I do if I'm at the grocery store and the snow unexpectedly "intensifies" ? Spend the night in the parking lot? It doesn't really matter how sophisticated or not the AWD system is or is not, it does you no good when you are high centered. Then it's all about clearance. When small SUVs first became popular in the late nineties/early 2000s, they all seemed to have a fair amount. But as they have gradually become "crossovers " a lot of that has disappeared. This is a big advantage that Subaru has (8.7 inches) in their Forester and Outback. Maybe that's one reason they are so popular in snowy areas. Something for these other manufacturers to think about.

  3. Captain K

    Captain Kپیش روز

    65K for a diesel Wrangler Rubicon after tax and licensing you’re at $70,000. That’s definitely insane.

  4. Antonio Da Silva

    Antonio Da Silvaپیش روز

    i just dont believe because my girlfriend has one like the same hes has with manual transmission and the motor blow 2 times already, for me its just hard to believe

  5. Lance Poindexter

    Lance Poindexterپیش روز

    That Tacoma wow hilarious!

  6. Edwin Thomas

    Edwin Thomasپیش روز

    "8 inches a little bit too small"...thats what she said.

  7. dezinetech1000

    dezinetech1000پیش روز

    GM killed it on the c8. Well done designers, engineers and the person who approved the mid engine design! My only gripe is that painted rear vents (keep it black) and the hideous spoiler (not shown here) whoever designed and approved the spoiler needs to leave design alone. The spoiler alone destroys the entire car. Other than that, beautiful car! All these haters just mad GM built a awesome machine that looks and perform just as good or better for 1/4 of the price of these exotics. If I wasn’t a Porsche guy I’d be all over this car. Who knows, I’d probably get one later. Well done GM!

  8. Dorian White

    Dorian Whiteپیش روز

    I think minivans are really underrated.

  9. Paul Holterhaus

    Paul Holterhausپیش روز

    This Car has turned out to be another VW LIE......It has been released and looks more like a leaf......Tottally disgusting.....Paul..................Yes...The lie WAS beautifull

  10. Jonathan Roy Bacchus

    Jonathan Roy Bacchusپیش روز

    6:39 You're welcome

  11. Novac Darco Louis

    Novac Darco Louisپیش روز


  12. Joshua Stabach

    Joshua Stabachپیش روز

    I like reading about the tech but am not interested until most cars get to 300 miles normal driving with my AC on. A few times a year anyone will forget to plug that thing in at home and then you gotta call into work late bc your car needs to charge.

  13. C Steele

    C Steeleپیش روز

    I'll admit I hate bright coloured cars but that yellow green Vette is something else. The Tacoma's still trying to catch up.

  14. Tony Skafidas

    Tony Skafidasپیش روز

    Its like apple getting rid of the headphone jack, people will get used to the way smaller and better looking button shifter.

  15. BlueRice

    BlueRiceپیش روز

    despite the looks, civic hot hatch sale so much and still in demand. its one of the best car honda ever produce as of now.

  16. Alex Chavarria

    Alex Chavarriaپیش روز

    Nice truck! but the 4 Chevy 3/4 tons in the vid got my attention :) Those were work horses and you didn't have to take out a mortgage for a good truck.

  17. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinsonپیش روز

    Little red Ferra--, i mean Corvette, baby your MUCH too fast!

  18. Sergey Pupko

    Sergey Pupkoپیش روز

    Comment section in this video contracted autism and is spreading it faster than fires in australia...

  19. C J

    C Jپیش روز

    The energica one was better

  20. Alex eaton explores America

    Alex eaton explores Americaپیش روز

    10 thousand oil changes between oil changes is he crazy what a

  21. Georgia Fan

    Georgia Fanپیش روز

    We knew the vette was going to be better but this C8 is going to embarrass a lot of super cars and yet it costs about $60k. Has a dual clutch 8 spd - amazing. How are the C7 engine tuners/builders going to make more power with this car? Sky is the limit. 👍 “Give it the beans!”

  22. jeff okello

    jeff okelloپیش روز

    But nissan still sucks though

  23. Dandre Davis

    Dandre Davisپیش روز

    I can just imagine ricers ruining this already

  24. Niels Goetschalckx

    Niels Goetschalckxپیش روز

    "Headlights that's supposed to mimic the look of the Joker." Nah, just inspired by Kawasaki's z1000 headlight styling :P Awesome looking bike still though, and much better looking than the new Kawa ZH2.

  25. Sirlucifer 2

    Sirlucifer 2پیش روز

    3.3 on a NA vehicle not bad all a lot of potential can’t wait till mine comes in

  26. vhim cruz

    vhim cruzپیش روز

    looks-mazda engine-corolla ang civic

  27. Andrei Bunea

    Andrei Buneaپیش 2 روز

    Raising the infotainment display and moving the air vents done AND going for a petrol aired engine (no turbo) would make this (trailhawk if possible) my ideal car.

  28. Corey Whitaker

    Corey Whitakerپیش 2 روز

    Time to see some Z06's Curious if they will change out completely in the NEAR future to an all electric motor.

  29. Robert Reed

    Robert Reedپیش 2 روز

    Im sure it had lots of work done and it was garaged

  30. Robert Reed

    Robert Reedپیش 2 روز

    Bc its not made in the USA and it doesent have a timing belt has chain and 4 cyl with 5 speed manual lasts forever

  31. Jason Ricci

    Jason Ricciپیش 2 روز

    That Blue is stunning and the Phoenix Yellow is beyond sexy

  32. Seadoo4life

    Seadoo4lifeپیش 2 روز

    How much does a loaded gti cost?

  33. Harry L

    Harry Lپیش 2 روز

    Honda should have replaced all the black accents with real carbon fiber, especially the roof. Now, that would be called limited edition.

  34. Scott Edwards

    Scott Edwardsپیش 2 روز

    Escalade is a Yukon in a dress

  35. Scott Edwards

    Scott Edwardsپیش 2 روز

    I wouldn’t buy a Hyundai at gun point. 🤢🤮🤢

  36. 84jamesp

    84jamespپیش 2 روز

    Nice Ferrari

  37. 赵星桥

    赵星桥پیش 2 روز

    just like byd's electric 4we system

  38. diezlfreak

    diezlfreakپیش 2 روز

    What is the gray car next to yellow?

  39. Bebeto Fandi

    Bebeto Fandiپیش 2 روز

    Is it available with RWD? ??

  40. Sunil Ipe

    Sunil Ipeپیش 2 روز


  41. Clint Lewis

    Clint Lewisپیش 2 روز

    Nissan: we want to compete with the big dogs in the truck market Also Nissan:make stupid shit standard to crank the price up to the point that it's not competitive

  42. 0.2uikorraM

    0.2uikorraMپیش 2 روز

    Scotty Kilmer:Nissan’s tend to not last as long as Toyota’s do Nissian frontier:hold my beer

  43. Molecular dissociation

    Molecular dissociationپیش 2 روز

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., often abbreviated as FCA, is an Italian-American multinational corporation. If you want to buy a 300, you had better hurry. Sales in 2019 were below the 2009 bankruptcy level.

  44. Stan Kinaz

    Stan Kinazپیش 2 روز

    You guys are pathetic. You use the shit Tesla's in your show so you guys can't really compare the quickness

  45. 5speedMax

    5speedMaxپیش 2 روز

    Pipe in an engine sound to the speakers?? Blasphemy!!

  46. Danilo Scott

    Danilo Scottپیش 2 روز

    So much better without the black air scoop, painted black looks so tacky, in my taste.

  47. Michael Williams

    Michael Williamsپیش 2 روز

    I really like this but it is obviously copied from the Suzuki Vitara.

  48. VanillaGorilla

    VanillaGorillaپیش 2 روز

    The mid engine placement, small Italian design cues *cough* Lambo frunk *cough* Audi R8 _side sills_ & flat bottom wheel w/ updated tech is cool, but the Corvette will always be known as the *boomer's* sports car until you get into Z06/ZR1 territory.

  49. HW2800

    HW2800پیش 2 روز

    Yeah, I always shut off the traction control when I driving in snow and icy conditions.

  50. DriftR35

    DriftR35پیش 2 روز

    I’d take mine with the radio delete, I have the same setup in my Integra. No need for a radio on a track weapon. Europe knows how it’s done! Hopefully the U.S. will have the option for that.

  51. ED_PR ED_PR

    ED_PR ED_PRپیش 2 روز

    Nissan GTR and the Tacoma 😆😆😆🙏🙏💯💯

  52. Aasa C

    Aasa Cپیش 2 روز

    actually this car has everything I ever wanted: hard top convertible mid engine great performance heads up display this corvette embarrasses all the super cars in terms of their performance and cost

  53. navy Guy

    navy Guyپیش 2 روز

    Held back by girly engines

  54. Langolier

    Langolierپیش 2 روز

    I don't get this video. Why the need to compare Honda CR-V with Acura RDX? Are they even competitors? How about VW Tiguan vs Audi Q3 or AUDI Q5. Why is the bias against Honda and Acura brands like this? If, Acura or Honda goes out of the market will we be very happy with Audi or VW - a company screwed its customers by rigging their cars' ECU's?

  55. Zach Hampton

    Zach Hamptonپیش 2 روز

    Half second slower than it’s rated for.

  56. potasticpanda 89

    potasticpanda 89پیش 2 روز

    Needs meatier wheels imo. And as much I love the Teluride/Palisade, don't think it will look anything remotely like the concept. Probably gonna be a "lifestyle" truck like the Ridgeline.

  57. Pak Sang Tae

    Pak Sang Taeپیش 2 روز

    Thank you for the video easy way to check out. Great help for understanding how it is actually.

  58. Alberto Santiago

    Alberto Santiagoپیش 2 روز

    Way better than a Sti

  59. Santiauto99

    Santiauto99پیش 2 روز

    16:58 😂😂😂😂

  60. aunnieboy

    aunnieboyپیش 2 روز

    The SHAWD is an amazing system! But awd is sufficient for day to day use

  61. Matthew Valadez

    Matthew Valadezپیش 2 روز

    So he never changed the shocks or springs?


    MARK HAMRICKپیش 2 روز

    I really like the ST Explorer and it’s monochromatic look. The 0-60 time probably would have been a lot better if it was done at a reasonable altitude where most of the country drives, not on top of Everest. Anyhow, I still love the vids, keep em coming.

  63. Battenkill Rambler

    Battenkill Ramblerپیش 2 روز

    2020 model is the one to get, not interested in the special edition...not social enough. Color is awful, should have done a frozen blue or some other exotic update and engine upgrade.

  64. AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER

    AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTERپیش 2 روز

    I like the Boost Blue better, but I'll settle for the yellow one if you want to give it to me

  65. Saablives

    Saablivesپیش 2 روز

    This gets the similar fuel numbers like the v6 means... fail... 4 cylinders doesn’t have enough power to compensate the drive Tran loss. V6 will loss less fuel economy in my opinion.

  66. David M

    David Mپیش 2 روز

    Both of you looked like you hardly had any head room. Roman's hair was mussed up before he got in the back seat.

  67. Snorkelsnot

    Snorkelsnotپیش 2 روز

    I cannot wait to see how it manages your Loveland Pass test. I live in a hilly area that gets HOT during the summer - wHat could I expect real life range to be? 40 to 50 % of the 110 max range? I am afraid I'd be in anxiety mode all the time, except for a post office run or trip to the grocery store.

  68. Pablo Picaso

    Pablo Picasoپیش 2 روز

    How many rear diffs this thing been through?

  69. KingVik

    KingVikپیش 2 روز

    Base 0-60 3.3 seconds z06 0-60 2.8 zr1 0-60 2.4

  70. dalex7777

    dalex7777پیش 2 روز

    @TFLnow this crossover is not built on the Hyundai Kona platform. This vehicle shares a platform with the Hyundai Create/ix25 which are not imported into North America. Just like the Hyundai Venue does not have a Kia counterpart in the States--or at all from Kia. The Hyundai Kona platform mate is the Kia Rio and specifically the lifted version of the platform called the Kia Stonic, which once you see one is recognizably similar to the Kona (

  71. Les Shelest

    Les Shelestپیش 2 روز

    That’s a nice review!

  72. CheezusCrust

    CheezusCrustپیش 2 روز

    50k or 60k for a ton of shit I dont need and want.

  73. Khang Xiong

    Khang Xiongپیش 2 روز

    I hope it ain't a huge price gauge. Doesn't sound like a great thing. I mean all those weight reduction sounds pointless except to those hardcore every millisecond count. I'd rather keep the 20lbs and a more comfortable daily. 😅

  74. Jake Myers

    Jake Myersپیش 2 روز

    Chevy is just crazy.. why the heck you putting turbos in these cars? People are afraid to buy Turbos and CVTs..just don't do turbo, no CVT s.. you be fine.

  75. deadend

    deadendپیش 2 روز

    ...quirks and features...?...

  76. dylL1

    dylL1پیش 2 روز

    These truck manufacturers have got to stop letting Andre interview anyone that owns these trucks. He’s so bad. He just makes all the trucks look like shit.

  77. bertito43

    bertito43پیش 2 روز

    TRD V6 AWD Manual 🤤

  78. Rav Gill

    Rav Gillپیش 2 روز

    Got a 2019 RDX A-Spec shortly after release and have to say, best decision ever. Soooo much fun in the snow, especially with traction control off. But once you put it into Snow mode, becomes very difficult to get it to slip. I legit had to try hard to get it to do so, which is very nice for being safe. Only downside is the sound system isn’t as good as its competition (Rovers and BMW, etc) but still impressive (I have the 16-speaker ELS version). Likely cause the sub is in the very back, but it’s not enough to sway my decision for the rest of it. Most vehicles can’t compare to its “multi personality” Snow vs Sport+, as well as the Acura quality, which blows every luxury manufacturer out of the water (aside from Lexus, but they don’t have the features to compare to this, such as no Pano sunroof, etc)

  79. Kishan Kish

    Kishan Kishپیش 2 روز

    Now a comparision betweet the rav4 and de nx!!

  80. Chet Baigh

    Chet Baighپیش 2 روز

    Hey!! Come check out the C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends) Facebook group! It’s awesome :) -

  81. John Hovan

    John Hovanپیش 2 روز

    One of the most impressive cars ever made in my mind. Every angle looks good. Price is insane! WOW WOW WOW! A hypercar at joe the plumber price.

  82. Matt D

    Matt Dپیش 2 روز

    Thank you to Tommy for saving this video

  83. Kanon 08

    Kanon 08پیش 2 روز

    I want a street fighter bad, but just cant get behind the “identity” they’re all required to have. Look at the Panigale V4 , it’s aggressive yet elegant, why cant any of these naked bikes take this approach? Not all of us want to look like a Joker; looking at you MV Augusta.

  84. CyberVeg

    CyberVegپیش 2 روز

    remain about the same? are u stupid?

  85. flylike97

    flylike97پیش 2 روز

    What civic model is on the left at 0:33?? Looks like a civic hatchback, but with a spoiler. Did they come out with an si in a hatchback?

  86. Cheshire Red UK

    Cheshire Red UKپیش 2 روز

    Harleys are one of the ugliest bikes ever....

  87. AZ Deng

    AZ Dengپیش 2 روز

    Nice review and the blue color look nice.

  88. Peter Kang

    Peter Kangپیش 2 روز

    Happy to see a rev match button by the shifter.

  89. Tekkengodjets

    Tekkengodjetsپیش 2 روز

    Holy smokes!!I’m gonna own a Civic Type R one day

  90. Jo Vallas

    Jo Vallasپیش 2 روز


  91. Clint Holder

    Clint Holderپیش 2 روز

    Love the car congratulations

  92. David Ozburn

    David Ozburnپیش 2 روز

    How about hybrid with the 4.6

  93. jalmonte91

    jalmonte91پیش 2 روز

    Did Sofan say $40k for this Camry AWD fully loaded? Wow

  94. John Pendas

    John Pendasپیش 2 روز

    All that gloss black should be carbon fiber.

  95. skyhawk311

    skyhawk311پیش 2 روز

    Good it’s not tommy... damn, now I hear him but don’t see him!

  96. Steven Kreiss

    Steven Kreissپیش 2 روز

    We are leasing a 19 awd trax and love the car. But why would anybody buy a trax if they can get the trailblazer with more standard features at a cheaper price?

  97. Robert MTL

    Robert MTLپیش 2 روز

    Nissan should give you a new one. I believe Mercedes did the in the past not sure they still do.

  98. TheRaymondG23

    TheRaymondG23پیش 2 روز

    Is the equinox really chevys best selling crossover? The 2013 models were being recalled because of the piston rings burning up! We have one and it sucks! Burns tons of oil!

  99. Spurs Dynasty73

    Spurs Dynasty73پیش 2 روز

    F**k all the Crv haters. Its the ultimate small SUV. It has more room and is more practical than anyone else. How many competitors has it beaten ? Way too many ! That being said, they do need to fix the oil dilution problem. No car maker is perfect. Doesn't the Rav4 already have a recall. Plus the Hybrid can't even fill its fuel tank. Wtf Toyota ?

  100. Boywonderr71

    Boywonderr71پیش 2 روز

    Good day @2:40 Never say sorry for doing that. I love power and acceleration. Dont EVER apologize for fun. Side note. I watch your son in time to time.keep it going