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baldo mode

baldo mode

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extremely cursed (help)
mirror selfie

mirror selfie

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my old secret videos
who am i?

who am i?

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music genre: video game 2
video game christmas music
music genre: video game
How to make a Zelda necklace
  1. Salamamcqueen21_YT

    Salamamcqueen21_YTپیش 42 ثانیه

    666k likes illuminati confirmed

  2. Carl Lazarraga

    Carl Lazarragaپیش 2 دقیقه

    Daaaamn bro. Full version please.

  3. Marfil Forteza

    Marfil Fortezaپیش 3 دقیقه

    "I'm the bald guy"

  4. The Great Amegos Clan

    The Great Amegos Clanپیش 4 دقیقه

    YAaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's rewind time

  5. Julito's World

    Julito's Worldپیش 4 دقیقه

    Yt Rewind

  6. Poor Egg

    Poor Eggپیش 7 دقیقه

    My favourite part 0:39

  7. Medical Virtue

    Medical Virtueپیش 10 دقیقه

    If you're new here, Turn on captions.

  8. Sanca Hitam

    Sanca Hitamپیش 10 دقیقه

    subtitle Indonesia nya bikin ngakak

  9. Deku

    Dekuپیش 17 دقیقه


  10. PixelatedCoder

    PixelatedCoderپیش 20 دقیقه

    Am I dreaming Seth is singing


    DIAN YOESپیش 22 دقیقه

    When he said " duh " it got me so hard

  12. Пипяу Ваганович

    Пипяу Вагановичپیش 32 دقیقه


  13. Naxmor Vigatore

    Naxmor Vigatoreپیش 32 دقیقه

    I've heard Bad Guy so many times from literally every company brand and their mother that I wanna murder whenever it pops up... but instead I'm gonna start losing my spleen from now on because this is all I'm gonna be able to think about when I hear it now, lmao

  14. iTsYoel900_ツ

    iTsYoel900_ツپیش 36 دقیقه

    Im the bald guy

  15. yoram

    yoramپیش 39 دقیقه

    Genre: French Film Music Instrument: DEPRESSION

  16. Vale Alderete

    Vale Aldereteپیش 41 دقیقه

    Lo mejor de este video es verlo con los subtítulos en español y después en español latinoamericano JAJAJAJAJAJAJJA

  17. x funi

    x funiپیش 41 دقیقه

    666mil like :o

  18. Naxmor Vigatore

    Naxmor Vigatoreپیش 42 دقیقه

    Fuggin love how the end is just Twelve Days of Christmas intensifying more and more, lmao

  19. Yaya Lu

    Yaya Luپیش 43 دقیقه

    I can’t stop rewatching this

  20. Tyo Bahtiar

    Tyo Bahtiarپیش 44 دقیقه

    Subtitle indonya ngakak

  21. Rolling Sky And Roblox Games

    Rolling Sky And Roblox Gamesپیش 46 دقیقه

    Clac clac clac c c c c fouh fouh fou t t t t t t t nnn n n n la la lal lalal lala couch couch im the bad guy duh la la la >:0

  22. Alberto Giavani

    Alberto Giavaniپیش 48 دقیقه


  23. Stickybottom2_Judgement_Day

    Stickybottom2_Judgement_Dayپیش 49 دقیقه

    LOL 007 on his N64 fucking genius.

  24. GTN M Workstation

    GTN M Workstationپیش 51 دقیقه


  25. Анна Венгеренко

    Анна Венгеренкоپیش 55 دقیقه

    Афигеные субтитры

  26. Edrel

    Edrelپیش 59 دقیقه

    A genius.

  27. Naxmor Vigatore

    Naxmor Vigatoreپیش ساعت

    This is so me, lmao

  28. Sweet

    Sweetپیش ساعت

    Dude, this is a masterpiece. Good work!

  29. 桜AcientSakura

    桜AcientSakuraپیش ساعت


  30. Mr Manders

    Mr Mandersپیش ساعت

    So glad i wasn't the only one who heard that it matched "We are number one" xD

  31. Adam McKenzie

    Adam McKenzieپیش ساعت

    666k likes, 4.2k likes, I think it's missing a number.

  32. Easton Tao

    Easton Taoپیش ساعت

    nobody: youtube: here have this thing that we made with no effort at all

  33. Billie UwU

    Billie UwUپیش ساعت

    Polski Komentarz, którego szukasz.

  34. Jeacy

    Jeacyپیش ساعت

    im the bald guy

  35. Positive Mentality

    Positive Mentalityپیش ساعت

    Too short man ...

  36. smiloreh

    smilorehپیش ساعت


  37. GioShav

    GioShavپیش ساعت

    I didn't know that seth had such nice hair

  38. 陳泰辰

    陳泰辰پیش 2 ساعت

    This is the most times he smiled a video

  39. Kahu Allan

    Kahu Allanپیش 2 ساعت


  40. T .Akari

    T .Akariپیش 2 ساعت


  41. флюра рафикова

    флюра рафиковаپیش 2 ساعت

    залайкайте этот комент чтобы англичанины подумали что здесь что умное

  42. Mingo

    Mingoپیش 2 ساعت

    Greetz from Hamburg City

  43. Mingo

    Mingoپیش 2 ساعت

    Greetz from Germany

  44. Renerd

    Renerdپیش 2 ساعت

    0:15 Nobody: SethEverman: use a keyboard to do the bass instead of using the bass behind him

  45. aiman hatim

    aiman hatimپیش 2 ساعت

    "im the bald guy" bald guy 2019

  46. VinoJustian

    VinoJustianپیش 2 ساعت

    dude just open it and it made myday😂😂😂😂😂

  47. 온고

    온고پیش 2 ساعت

    (곧 알고리즘으로 이쪽으로 오는 한국인이 떡상할 댓글입니다.)

  48. DpwsXD

    DpwsXDپیش 2 ساعت

    *bald guy*

  49. lol hello

    lol helloپیش 2 ساعت

    nobody: not even a russian kid raging over fortnite: captions: *_ooh wah ooh wah aah wah ooh_*

  50. Adilkhan Amanbay

    Adilkhan Amanbayپیش 3 ساعت

    He man is watchhing is 2000 year man

  51. z3 n

    z3 nپیش 3 ساعت

    Re-Watch Value 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  52. Soane Samisoni

    Soane Samisoniپیش 3 ساعت

    1:15 no cap

  53. nurul faizah

    nurul faizahپیش 3 ساعت

    Anjir subtitle nya ngeselin 🤣🤣

  54. Gumilar Kusumah

    Gumilar Kusumahپیش 3 ساعت

    Sub indo bangsat

  55. _timboy _

    _timboy _پیش 3 ساعت

    the best reachion

  56. TIK TOK vs PUBG

    TIK TOK vs PUBGپیش 4 ساعت

    Yosuto ??

  57. James Weatherly

    James Weatherlyپیش 4 ساعت


  58. Nishan Alderson

    Nishan Aldersonپیش 4 ساعت

    Hello , i am from 2029 . This video appeared on my wall out of nowhere

  59. Mickey Sez

    Mickey Sezپیش 4 ساعت

    At first I thought it was Stephen Hawkins voice

  60. Sunny Sunshine

    Sunny Sunshineپیش 4 ساعت

    my question is WHY YOU SO HANDSOME is that 100% natural

  61. Sir_Stance_ A_Lot

    Sir_Stance_ A_Lotپیش 4 ساعت

    47 seconds. 3mil views. Holy shit

  62. Mickey Sez

    Mickey Sezپیش 4 ساعت

    Ok but no one is asking themselves where did he get the money?

  63. PugLordTR

    PugLordTRپیش 4 ساعت

    OMG the subtitles 😂

  64. Le Rob

    Le Robپیش 4 ساعت

    0:20 *B A S S*

  65. Jay Lord Estrada

    Jay Lord Estradaپیش 4 ساعت

    Where the disliked came from?

  66. Prabhu Raghunathan

    Prabhu Raghunathanپیش 4 ساعت

    I'm just here to absorb some of that *SETH EVERMAN ENERGY*

  67. Stalwart Saucer

    Stalwart Saucerپیش 5 ساعت

    С конца в голос ахахахахах

  68. Manitez

    Manitezپیش 5 ساعت

    Its him singing with an already made lyric

  69. Forrest Rozitis

    Forrest Rozitisپیش 5 ساعت

    Turn on English captions lol

  70. Forrest Rozitis

    Forrest Rozitisپیش 5 ساعت

    Turn on English captions

  71. HeyItsMeJk 69

    HeyItsMeJk 69پیش 5 ساعت

    Ah, my favourite instrument *COUCH*

  72. Galaxy Reaper

    Galaxy Reaperپیش 5 ساعت

    Welp gg i guess

  73. Gur Vee

    Gur Veeپیش 5 ساعت

    Psychologist: tell me what is it you fear? John Wick: I'm here to find the hairless man, who raises his eyebrow. He plays the piano. Psychologist: *sits down at Grand piano, begins to play this tune* John Wick: *gets up quickly turns to cocks gun.......* *Seth laying on the piano with one eyebrow raised* *Black screen* John Wick 5

  74. super juice

    super juiceپیش 6 ساعت

    Shit went form zero to one hundred really fucking quick

  75. Future Artist

    Future Artistپیش 6 ساعت

    Everyone is watching thos primative vids lol

  76. ZombieMovieBread

    ZombieMovieBreadپیش 6 ساعت

    I just watched a bold Russian man react to a video silently for 1 minute

  77. Future Artist

    Future Artistپیش 6 ساعت

    Bead guy turning into we are number one was as smooth as your head

  78. Dylan Purdy

    Dylan Purdyپیش 6 ساعت

    This is what Billie Eilish's audience sees when they hear the music

  79. IODA Art

    IODA Artپیش 6 ساعت

    I like your slurpmeme sweater

  80. Sp3ctor Eagle

    Sp3ctor Eagleپیش 6 ساعت

    Im the Girl guy

  81. 69dconway

    69dconwayپیش 7 ساعت

    Your videos suck n immature.

  82. 69dconway

    69dconwayپیش 7 ساعت

    Your videos dnt impress me at all.

  83. Ukas

    Ukasپیش 7 ساعت

    0:29 We see a glimmer of hope

  84. matrixbg

    matrixbgپیش 7 ساعت

    At the end of YT rewind I was still waiting for it to start.

  85. Boss Killa

    Boss Killaپیش 7 ساعت

    I can't be the only kid who would sing behind a fan lol....that brung me back

  86. KaiakArmy

    KaiakArmyپیش 7 ساعت


  87. Salman Al Farisi

    Salman Al Farisiپیش 7 ساعت

    Anjing subtitel nya kwkwkwkw🤣

  88. mymi 545

    mymi 545پیش 7 ساعت

    French subtiles are so funny !!!

  89. Javier7w7

    Javier7w7پیش 7 ساعت

    Eres el puto amo bro

  90. Gustavo Guimarães Da Silva

    Gustavo Guimarães Da Silvaپیش 7 ساعت

    0:51 Brasil Porra❤️

  91. weeb

    weebپیش 7 ساعت

    We need part 2

  92. Elmokendo 521

    Elmokendo 521پیش 7 ساعت

    Subtítulos en español.

  93. Moises Tamayo

    Moises Tamayoپیش 7 ساعت

    Have I been saying IKEA wrong?

  94. TableWrens

    TableWrensپیش 7 ساعت

    Legends Edition is the only true 2019 Rewind.

  95. Daenen Castro

    Daenen Castroپیش 7 ساعت

    I cant get enough of this

  96. melody ?

    melody ?پیش 8 ساعت

    seth should start a gaming channel

  97. Dio Brando

    Dio Brandoپیش 8 ساعت

    the mission was failed correctly

  98. Kevin More

    Kevin Moreپیش 8 ساعت

    Lazy town XDD

  99. juan valenzuela

    juan valenzuelaپیش 8 ساعت

    Los subtítulos son lo mejor jajajajaja

  100. Unicorn Abigail

    Unicorn Abigailپیش 8 ساعت

    he was acting lazy and the rewinds lazier. It makes sense now