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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
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Game Theory: No More Games
The $1.7 Million Lie
They stole $1.7 million
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    And I thought smash was just a game

  3. God of you NERDZ!

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    The 1985 missing children's incident is the one talked about throughout the silver eyes. They said that the ones that were killed were Michael and 5 outers. The date was said a few times in the beginning of it.

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    And here we are now 12k+ subscribers

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    Hay matpat wuts your favorite game theory episode

  8. {•Chris Chan•}

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    Fnaf world = Heaven UCN = H e l l

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    Mario and mrgame

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    Jeremy slashed off his face Fleshy mask oof

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    This video wouldn’t fly now 😂

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    Just to tell u guys in bojack horseman u can find a very similar cat clock I the episode he's told to duo the lollipop song

  13. Selina Kyle

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    Matpat what about fallout 3 you are born in the vault and don't leave until you are 19 ish

  14. PhoenixBoy59

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    Tying in with the books, could the FNaF 2 location have opened in 1985?

  15. Grimty Granule

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    This video is over three years old but I'm struggling to find comments from more than six months ago...

  16. 0moxie0

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    "the tragedy of Minecraft's sunken tomb"

  17. Grimty Granule

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    Uh, hey remember when you made a theory about DDLC? And theorized that the dev(s) would/were making a sequal/prequal/side story? Yeah turns out you were 100% correct. And then the dev(s) decided that too many people "figured it out" and decided to never finish it. Which is super unfortunate. Now I don't blame you but it's just lame, yeah? Seems like a super lazy and pretentious reason to never finish a story but whatever, I'm not a game developer.

  18. Andrew Jones

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    Yes the knight = king is name I knight liek what

  19. Sonic and Mario Games and more

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    5 years later the sonic movie gets 7/10

  20. Rebecca Meyer

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    When you use Game Theory in a research paper.

  21. kkod 10

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    Okay, not going to go much into religion here since I stay out of those kinds of messy arguments. Just wanted to clarify and state something. Samson's sin wasn't having his hair cut. It was pride. He assumed that since he had the power only as long as he had his hair and not because of God he grew over confident and when he was tricked by the woman and his hair was cut he lost all his strength and pride. I'm pretty sure that's where the saying pride goes before the fall comes from.

  22. Tristen Baker

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    The opening is the most disturbing thing ever.

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  24. {•Chris Chan•}

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    Theroy : Sammy actually Micheal A. / Chris A.

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    You know he's from North carolina

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    Bendy going sand bendybiingsams as is sand from undertale

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    You should try and tackle the phantom next minecraft theory maybe after the Pillager theory

  29. Kristofer Hanson

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    19:40 Look closely at Foxy. He fades a *lot* faster than the other 3 animaronics Perhaps this is because the crying child was so much more scared of him, bc of his brother...

  30. Pikachu Gamer2112

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    2:59 It is but it will take a year

  31. SgKbin 14

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    so if you say there were miners like Steve before, does that explain the zombies we've been killing?..

  32. Pat Hood

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    i watch game theory after breakups because mattpat was my first youtube crush to respond to me. he has been there for me with the info i need where other men fall short. you have touched the hearts of meny! thank you!!!

  33. Deandra Bryan

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    the minecraft animations i watched of this(enchantedmob,zamination,anybttf,) really made this less scary

  34. Levi Christopher

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    Hint hint Mr.bea he's from North Carolina you know

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  36. Pikachu Gamer2112

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    3:49 I catch like 5 ditto before and they are in the game

  37. burning dino

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    Matpat. I hope this is wrong. I hope the indie developer was revealing the truth.

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    Finally! Some Letterkenny rep!

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    Love you mat pat been watching 2011❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️ Great job dude lol

  40. John Wick

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    Jokes on you just started playing and literally everyone I’ve played with have been so socially awkward they have no tells unless you chat with them during or between rounds

  41. Jonah VanDyke

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    jirards stupid closing argument is infuriating.

  42. What the What the 911

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    Theory: the villager pillager video will turn into the new doctor who

  43. Trash Panda

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    Actually she punched him in the face before he saw his own death

  44. Esco Whitfield

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    Game Theory- ganon doesn't have a gerudo form Nintendo-"I'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move"

  45. Arson is Messy

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    I’ve seen this video many times, but the line, “why is she screaming even louder than before?” Still throws chills down my spine 😣

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    uhhhh david is blonde

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    You guys should do the lore of Resident Evil!!!!

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    i mean both sides have good points but still matpat kinda made the killing blow at the beginning with the 5 year old being able to dash

  49. Thedarkinsignia *last name missing*

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    there is a problem the computer talking to you the whole game scans them for x parasite and it comes out as no x

  50. Tikoblocks

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    Imagine a young kid watching this. He would believe the lies told and would grow up with this misinformation. This might hurt his grades or embarrass him in some future conversations. I hate this man. Screw Matpat.

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    hey at least you get ad revenue

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    Who's watching this thinking our great filter is the threat of global warming which is coming no matter what.

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    maybe they hada bunch of medkits

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    Ghosts are shittier versions of halo odsts

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    (This is just my random comment outta nowhere) Hey guys, I has found a new teaser :

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    are you ever going to do another video on petscop? theres been 3 more episodes since you last covered it.

  58. PaperCastle 330

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    When matpat tried to be a cool Me: no no more

  59. Kenny McBride

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    Rewatching this I’m amazed you didn’t get into the dust bowl effect that would follow from the huge swaths of land just decimated and turned into craters. That’s what is following the soot. Literal tons of soil being churned into the air because it’s just open. Also said soil is radioactive and will create acid rain. Yeah fallout is fingers crossed fantasy wish best case scenario if this ever happens. And that’s just bleak and sad.

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    I’m so short I can barely climb over the blocks 😂

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    Scott and MatPat are playing a big game of uno with each other and the only cards are reverse cards

  62. A terribly made channel

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    I think sonic movie referenced this video

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    Thanks for the anxiety from the opening thing

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    Watching here in 2020 it is the new links awakening

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    *Rasputin exists after yesterday’s cutscene*

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    Austin: *and losing my fu (HOME RUN) MIND!* All of us: he swore

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    Cool I had tolike

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    The nether may just be 3500 miles below the surface.

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    “Dark darker yet darker” gasters theme

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    One day, MatPat’s son is going to need this an be like “Thanks Dad”

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    I believe the dog is you in the future

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    Matpat please read this! This game is connected to SCP I’m sure you know what that is. But if you look around the levels you see symbols that are the same as the scp ones.

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    boi roblox was made before minecraft lol

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    Me: Good video - The ENTIRE COMMENT SECTION: *dOn'T lOoK bEhInD yOu -* Me: Honestly, I don't care.

  81. Floofer Snoofer

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    I love these old theories, they're so wrong yet so beautiful. Honestly, I just like going back and seeing how far we've come. It's a lot more creative in my opinion, lot more room to theorize.

  82. Leah B

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    People always say scream like a girl but I have only heard boys scream like that and I’m sure either gender could

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    take a look at the scottgames web-page there's a new photo

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    What happened to Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie

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    Mat I feel your lose and we love you so we are here for you to go through the situation. Ronnie will live on in our hearts.

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    If Colson isn't someone you can play as its him manly cause Colson

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    11:05....he's right about the wheelchair.... he was dying

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    In the middle of the game you see myth os people walking around but looking all stitched up that’s probably the nobodies turning into the main character

  89. bandit bondo

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    Hey matpat I have 1 question for you in the game Pokemon sword and shield wouldn't the corvanite taxis be dangerous because the steel bird could get hit by lightning and the taxi people that ride the corvanite die also the birds are ready angry so wouldn't be a hazerd

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    chiller font

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    Nice to revisit this episode now that it's so much closer to the 2020 Olympics! Honestly I kinda forgot about the Mario cameo until it was mentioned in the opening lol

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    This would explain why scott is "embarrassed" about this game.

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    "don't look behind you" Me sitting on a couch: [looks behind me and sees a couch], "FOOLS!"

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    Fortnite has a secret code if you check the info about the diabolical set

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    "To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind, there's no comfort in the truth, pain is all you'll find." -George Michael

  96. Jaco361g G

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    I like how in game lab he says. “I KNOW THIS GAME, THIS GAME HAS RUINED MY LIFE!” And yeah pretty much.

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    I still like to believe this theory.

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    Scott Cawthon: **breathes** Matt: _what an interesting piece of lore._