Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer

I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of 'misinformation' has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a 'smarter' farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and businesses to help better understand other farming and business practices. There is no limit to where this channel may go, so please join me!!

Implement Rollover

Implement Rollover

پیش 6 روز

Harvesting Corn

Harvesting Corn

پیش 9 روز

Tilling with the new 2680H Disk


پیش 12 روز

Farm Communities Come Together
Our Pets Heads are Falling Off!
Activating Millennial Mode
John Deere S780 Harvest Debut
Our First Day of Harvest 2019!
302 Bushels Per Acre

302 Bushels Per Acre

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پیش 29 روز

Cleaning the Grain Pits
Combine Improvements
Combine Work Before Harvest
Farm Tour

Farm Tour

پیش 3 ماه

Farm Equipment at Farm Fest
Farm Work

Farm Work

پیش 3 ماه

We're Building a New Grain Bin
Field Work in Iowa

Field Work in Iowa

پیش 3 ماه

We Toured a Hog Farm!

We Toured a Hog Farm!

پیش 3 ماه

Just in CASE

Just in CASE

پیش 4 ماه

Seed Tender Review

Seed Tender Review

پیش 4 ماه

Planting Green

Planting Green

پیش 4 ماه

Farm Kid Takes out The Trash
Planting Non GMO Soybeans
Tractor Stuck in the MUD
Never Climb in Grain Bins
Excavators and Chainsaws
Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning

پیش 5 ماه

Farming VS Rain

Farming VS Rain

پیش 5 ماه

Switching from Corn to Beans


پیش 6 ماه

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

پیش 6 ماه

Planting Our Corn Test Plots
Spring Corn Planting 2019
125 Acres in the Ground
The Work Continues

The Work Continues

پیش 6 ماه

A Brief Announcement!

A Brief Announcement!

پیش 6 ماه

It Snowed.

It Snowed.

پیش 6 ماه

Planting Preparations

Planting Preparations

پیش 7 ماه

Getting Closer to Spring!
Equipment Envy!!!

Equipment Envy!!!

پیش 10 ماه

Challenger VS Deere

Challenger VS Deere

پیش 11 ماه

Farm Wash Day!

Farm Wash Day!

پیش 11 ماه

Cleaning Some Things Up

Cleaning Some Things Up

پیش 11 ماه

MN Millennial Farmer Farm Flix
The John Deere Shuffle

The John Deere Shuffle

پیش 11 ماه

Visiting a Turkey Farm!

Visiting a Turkey Farm!

پیش 11 ماه

Wrapping up Harvest!

Wrapping up Harvest!

پیش 11 ماه

It's all Frozen!

It's all Frozen!

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Bonus Tillage Vlog

Bonus Tillage Vlog

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Farmer gets Bean Boozled
Last Day of Harvest 2018
Isn't it Pretty?!

Isn't it Pretty?!

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  1. fivekeepersala

    fivekeepersalaپیش 7 دقیقه

    WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU NOT RUN IN AUTO......Its a great system....If your manual running your meter rolls than your not getting the best grain out....Also another thing you might want to look at is putting a VFD on your cyclone system, works great with adjusting the blower speed using the signal off the meter roll speed......great video

  2. Anthony

    Anthonyپیش 16 دقیقه

    73 people just dislike farming smh

  3. Anthony

    Anthonyپیش 17 دقیقه

    Grind em till you find em

  4. Nick Ardoin

    Nick Ardoinپیش 18 دقیقه

    Glad you saw the kitty cat before you made minced meat out of him

  5. Tom Ling

    Tom Lingپیش 28 دقیقه

    9:50 bahha shit happens everyone breaks something at some point

  6. Jackson Hazelwood

    Jackson Hazelwoodپیش 29 دقیقه

    Famous last words (tiers look good)

  7. X-X Farms Lyons Ga

    X-X Farms Lyons Gaپیش 48 دقیقه

    Sta boy Gump!😂

  8. Rufuss33

    Rufuss33پیش 54 دقیقه

    you cannot put those bearing in dry. you have to put grease on them or you will be fixing it again soon.

  9. Bill Abernathy

    Bill Abernathyپیش 56 دقیقه

    Zach, for goodness sakes put some eye protection on when using that saw!!

  10. Daniel Randolph

    Daniel Randolphپیش 57 دقیقه

    Good video Zach

  11. Rufuss33

    Rufuss33پیش 59 دقیقه

    the reason why that bearing went out so fast cuz you have pat grease in those lil bearing wheels first before you put them in the hub. then put the hub together then fill it up with grease.

  12. Daniel Randolph

    Daniel Randolphپیش ساعت

    Zach you should always wipe your dip stick then check the oil it has been know to walk up the dip stick well it just good practice ! Just an idea

  13. Lincoln Lutz

    Lincoln Lutzپیش ساعت

    Memories. Back as a kid in NoDak dad bought a big 31 ft cultivator (we called it a tool bar, also known as a chisel plow) that kept losing wheels. Dad figured out that the manufacturer should have put grease zirks (yep, that’s what we called them) in the hubs. So he stocked up on roller bearings, races, zirks etc and taught his number 1 hired man (me) how to pack bearings drill and thread the hubs etc and away I went. Good times. Thanks for the videos, they always remind me of what a fantastic childhood I had.

  14. Steven Payne

    Steven Payneپیش ساعت

    Murphy’s Law kinda day...

  15. 2016keke

    2016kekeپیش ساعت

    Is that a husqvarna?

  16. mike thomas

    mike thomasپیش ساعت

    Caliber = length / width example 5" width / 10" barrel length = 5" / 2 calibers

  17. H GC

    H GCپیش ساعت

    We don't have these cold problems in Aus, just generally a lack of moisture 😅

  18. Gene Murphy

    Gene Murphyپیش ساعت

    Did you disconnect the battree ?

  19. Tomáš Suk

    Tomáš Sukپیش ساعت

    Is it possible to plant corn what went thru dryer? Will it sprout, or is it only for eating after dryer?

  20. Finch Harper

    Finch Harperپیش ساعت

    🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 A safe Poison is still Poison even if its salt or caffeine.

  21. torkel myklatun

    torkel myklatunپیش ساعت

    I have a question,who owns the farm

  22. Miraball

    Miraballپیش ساعت

    I've come to realize that this year zack isn't so consistent with his uploads and also videos aren't nearly as long as they were in the past..maybe he has turned into the Casey Neistat of farmers.. I don't know..I just hope he continues to do what he does

  23. Martin Donat

    Martin Donatپیش ساعت

    Thats how it always happen ,you bring the truck to the dealer for repairs and end up repairing stuff the entire day anyway ,because when something fails everything else does to lol

  24. J. R.

    J. R.پیش ساعت

    “You O.K. “ 🤣

  25. Erik Swärd

    Erik Swärdپیش 2 ساعت

    Its a big investment but what about swapping the propane system for a windpowered electric dryer? Looks kind of flat and open where you are so should be a good area for windpower and an electric dryer could just be connected to the powergrid if windpower should fail when needed.

  26. Brandon Taylor

    Brandon Taylorپیش 2 ساعت

    That permatex right stuff is honestly the best sealant I've used... it's just consistently awesome!!! :) It seems this year that if farmers didn't have bad luck, they wouldn't have any luck at all! Between the weather and breakdowns... ugh! Great video, Zach. Thanks for taking us along again. How much more do you guys have left to harvest?

  27. sorina verde

    sorina verdeپیش 2 ساعت

    Being as busy as a bee these day Zach.Don't work to hard!🐝

  28. Gene Murphy

    Gene Murphyپیش 2 ساعت

    At 4:15ish which one is the fish finder?

  29. Sheila Gibson

    Sheila Gibsonپیش 2 ساعت

    A man of many talents!

  30. ivy and roses

    ivy and rosesپیش 2 ساعت

    How do I send over a combo hard hat / face mask for chain sawing. That chain could break and fly in your face . Especially when your overhead cutting... I have 5 brand new extra sets. Im retired

  31. andrew pederson

    andrew pedersonپیش 2 ساعت

    “The wheels look fine” 2 minutes later wheel falls off! 😂

  32. Steve Holsten

    Steve Holstenپیش 2 ساعت

    We're down to 21 degrees right now (3:15 am) in the MO Bootheel with a 7-degree wind chill... It's colder than a well-digger's ass on a Monday morning!

  33. Quinnton Miller

    Quinnton Millerپیش 2 ساعت

    Was that a case of busch lattes I seen?

  34. Marco mei

    Marco meiپیش 2 ساعت

    Mechanic from Australia, I have a prolapsed disc in my back, and have been in bed for 5 weeks. I’ve been bingeing on your channel for a few days now to stop me from going insane. Thanks for the good work keep it up.

  35. Dave Kimbler

    Dave Kimblerپیش 2 ساعت

    You looking to maybe get some help out there ? I know you millennials don’t like working in the dark ! I do have a couple of propane 20 lb’ers I could loan you ! Lol

  36. xMagicalDonkey

    xMagicalDonkeyپیش 2 ساعت

    Forrest Gump

  37. Alastair Buchanan

    Alastair Buchananپیش 2 ساعت

    I figured I'd jump out and make sure everything is looking OK.... Yep all the wheels are still attached

  38. The Bad Wolf

    The Bad Wolfپیش 3 ساعت

    I just put my fuel nozzle in the tail pipe of the truck when its that cold.

  39. William Uskoski

    William Uskoskiپیش 3 ساعت

    Does the frosty weather cause havoc with the dryer?

  40. mike thomas

    mike thomasپیش 3 ساعت

    Grew up on a Ranch, we did some farming. Mostly cattle, if I knew then, what I know now. I would never have left the Ranch.

  41. Dan Finley

    Dan Finleyپیش 3 ساعت

    Man I am still laughing 😂 dam the one liners are awesome holy cow.

  42. EdJane Sherwood

    EdJane Sherwoodپیش 3 ساعت

    I live in the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky, and most of us were happy on Election Night too. My wife and I are Ginseng Farmer's, and this year was off to a wet start, and lasted long enough to do some damage, but we're going to make it. Love your show!

  43. The Cast Bullet Kid

    The Cast Bullet Kidپیش 3 ساعت

    Your time lapse reminded me of King of the Hill.....I tell you what.

  44. KeTonic

    KeTonicپیش 3 ساعت

    So i am not a farmer, so please forgive my ignorance. But is the reason why your machines seams to break more often the others the muddy soil, the frozen ground or just that you use them hard? Or is it the fact that they are green? ;) (last part is a joke for all you sensitive persons:P)

  45. Steven Martinez

    Steven Martinezپیش 3 ساعت

    No drinking n tractoring

  46. Eric Fowler

    Eric Fowlerپیش 4 ساعت

    Glad you got your semi hub fixed that bites when they go out

  47. Kelly Constenius

    Kelly Consteniusپیش 4 ساعت

    You should be wearing safety gear running that saw. At the very least some eye protection. Some young fella is going to lose an eye because he saw you do it.

  48. Bob TheBuilder

    Bob TheBuilderپیش 4 ساعت

    What no " ARE YOU OK" for the broken hub....darn!

  49. Wild Dutchman

    Wild Dutchmanپیش 4 ساعت

    I think it's would have been better for you if you would have just not climbed out of bed this morning.

  50. John Dillon

    John Dillonپیش 4 ساعت

    Lads, wear the safety glasses doing channel on you tube well done.JD

  51. Colin Murphy

    Colin Murphyپیش 4 ساعت


  52. Charli Sierra

    Charli Sierraپیش 4 ساعت

    why is there a problem with the propane?

  53. Michel Hekking

    Michel Hekkingپیش 4 ساعت

    A Bearing's life is determined mostly by how it is put in place. DON'T HIT IT WITH A HAMER ! Put in the freezer when its an 'iny', heat it up to 120 C ( with your wife's induction stove preferably, heats perfectly evenly) when an 'outy', or press it in when you dont have the time.

  54. wolfgrizzer

    wolfgrizzerپیش 4 ساعت

    Here we had to wait until the ground froze to get the soybeans off if you didn't want to bury the combine.

  55. David Pitts

    David Pittsپیش 4 ساعت

    you didn't pack the bearing

  56. Wayne Herby

    Wayne Herbyپیش 4 ساعت

    I love the 'Farmers first' American flag... very cool 🤘

  57. Brett Habeck

    Brett Habeckپیش 4 ساعت

    Thank god the red trucks have Cat engines and start in the cold for you

  58. Andre du Toit

    Andre du Toitپیش 5 ساعت

    There is something wrong with the colour of your atv !! I'll give it a weird look if it pass me and it's not green? 😉

  59. Ryan Cafin

    Ryan Cafinپیش 5 ساعت

    love all the movie references..hang in there youll get your harvest finished

  60. Mike Kotowski

    Mike Kotowskiپیش 5 ساعت

    "Well Jim at least it's cold out"...

  61. andban92

    andban92پیش 5 ساعت

    *shameless plug* -lmfao,this got me laughing waay that i was suppose to. Please,never change,Zac!!

  62. Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brownپیش 5 ساعت

    In my area we got snow and I saw some corn fields still up

  63. allgood 2008 mw22 clan

    allgood 2008 mw22 clanپیش 5 ساعت

    What happened to the 7930

  64. Jesse Duke

    Jesse Dukeپیش 5 ساعت

    Solid happy Gilmore reference

  65. Jarrett Fullerton

    Jarrett Fullertonپیش 5 ساعت

    Can you buy off brand parts and save some cash? Deere must get a wee bit expensive

  66. Jarrett Fullerton

    Jarrett Fullertonپیش 5 ساعت

    Sweet happy Gilmore reference. Awesome movie

  67. Jannie Smit

    Jannie Smitپیش 6 ساعت

    That wheel looks heavy for its size.... ☝️you okay . Usually when the wheel track tension sensor is broken or wires come loose you have to hydraulically retention the track. Your lucky I guess

  68. Dejjal

    Dejjalپیش 6 ساعت

    The sign said "No Customers" not "No Farmers."

  69. brakel8r

    brakel8rپیش 6 ساعت


  70. Nick Popelka

    Nick Popelkaپیش 6 ساعت

    That diesel trailer is so worth it just to hear you say thunder everytime you use it

  71. Great Northwest

    Great Northwestپیش 6 ساعت

    Is there a propane issue going on? I don't live in a traditional agriculture area so I'm just curious what's going on with that.

  72. Brian Stephenson

    Brian Stephensonپیش 6 ساعت

    End of video, the correct saying is can't find 'em, grind 'em. Good luck, best of luck, and send some weather to the west coast so we can rip, disc and plant before turkey day.

  73. Lee Griep

    Lee Griepپیش 6 ساعت

    I'm not familiar with the sukup dryer but the super b's around here are catching on fire. We had a fire in ours yesterday morning but luckily caught it early. Something to do with the cold temps and high amount of fines in the corn this season. Just a heads up, stay safe.

  74. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norrisپیش 6 ساعت

    Question, do you cross your diesel with kerosene?

  75. G Host

    G Hostپیش 6 ساعت

    Grindem till ya findem!!!!!

  76. Grant DuBridge

    Grant DuBridgeپیش 6 ساعت

    Did that say Challenger under that shamelessly plugged coat? Is the tire that fell off "loaded"?

  77. Dawson Durrence

    Dawson Durrenceپیش 6 ساعت

    How wide is that ripper??

  78. Richard McElligott

    Richard McElligottپیش 6 ساعت

    Torque Spec... Yup.... What I thought. we may be kin.. we just may be.

  79. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylorپیش 6 ساعت

    "Hey Zach what's that laying in the field out there in front of you?" "Exactly what you think it is..." 🤣

  80. Ryan Bosserman

    Ryan Bossermanپیش 6 ساعت

    Hey not a farmer, and maybe I’m not up to date on current events but what’s up with the LP shortage? Is it normal?

  81. Johnny Luck

    Johnny Luckپیش 7 ساعت

    Looks like a racing tire lol

  82. Brady Ford

    Brady Fordپیش 7 ساعت

    “what’s the torque spec on this” Yup “ that’s what i thought” 😂😂

  83. Caleb Mattson

    Caleb Mattsonپیش 7 ساعت

    I’m definitely not a farmer. Just working in North Dakota and it is interesting to see what that lifestyle involves. It’s a harsh world dude!

  84. David Grady

    David Gradyپیش 7 ساعت

    Forest Gump!

  85. jacob mattingly

    jacob mattinglyپیش 7 ساعت

    YoU CanT CUtt dOwN thE TreES

  86. Conor timm

    Conor timmپیش 7 ساعت

    Good try on the plug but carhartt is always going to get my money

  87. Jake Adair

    Jake Adairپیش 7 ساعت

    Legit Forest Gump reference👌. Feel that way more and more

  88. Jordan 701

    Jordan 701پیش 7 ساعت

    I was amazed when I seen that corn auger at 9:55 ! I’m running the SAME ONE for my boss. We been grinding High-moisture corn for 2 months now .

  89. Barry Pearce

    Barry Pearceپیش 7 ساعت

    your bean silo looks 1/3 full. Is that normal or do you have a higher rate of beans?

  90. 379ToLife

    379ToLifeپیش 7 ساعت

    Heeey. You okay?😂

  91. Don Mathias

    Don Mathiasپیش 7 ساعت

    A technique for figuring out how tight to do those stub axle nuts up. Grease up the bearing and massage the grease into the cage. Now assemble and spin a few times with the nut firm. At this point put the wheel on and tighten wheel nuts. Now spin the wheel vigorously, even pummelling it with a decent hammer. Keep nipping up the stub axle nut. Even with a big wheel, you should feel when it gets firm and has resistance. Slack off the nut and repeat the process. lastly slack off and do up to within approx one flat of when it has resistance. Now drive thru your retaining pin and bend over. Install grease cover. Lower to the ground and rechech wheel nuts. Taper roller bearings are very LIKELY to fail if they are too tight! The flat end of the big dia of the roller is forced up against the square edge on the cone. It is a rubbing action. Makes heat and metal! I have seen semi axle bearings welded together in 100 miles. Hope this may help you one day.

  92. Steve Scott

    Steve Scottپیش 7 ساعت

    @millennial farmer, I’m not a farmer from Denver, Colorado! I love your videos I started watching them sometime last year and I’m hooked, hats off to you and all the other farmers across his country and I watch them because I’ve always had an interest in farming and I love heavy equipment!

  93. Barry Pearce

    Barry Pearceپیش 7 ساعت

    Are most of these repairs due to farming “got to get it done?” or do these just pop up during shitty weather?

  94. Dave Ackerson

    Dave Ackersonپیش 7 ساعت

    Hey Zach, my guess... when the grain dryer in running.... about 1,500 to 2,000 gallons of LP a day?

  95. Spencer Rogers

    Spencer Rogersپیش 7 ساعت

    One of my favorite things about these videos has to be when he finds something dead or broken and he asks it "hey are you ok?" Everytime 😂😂

  96. trump greatest

    trump greatestپیش 7 ساعت

    "Jim atleast its cold out" *Jim gives death glare*......*me* absolutely dying 😂😂 I lost it 😂

  97. Kaleb Crafts

    Kaleb Craftsپیش 7 ساعت

    alright Forrest, you go home

  98. Bill Sexton

    Bill Sextonپیش 7 ساعت

    Hello Zach, it’s always something when you farm !