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From viewer Bob Frazier on my Oroville Dam series-
"Juan, I think you've demonstrated the true power of the fourth estate - reporting information, facts, observations, and informing the public. Nobody has to watch unless they're interested, but thousands of us bystanders are, and we thank you. "TV News" can't do what you've done, they don't have the time, but you really did show how powerful a smart capable person with a camera can be. It amazes me how much more information you covered than anyone - and without drama or sensationalism. Thank you!"
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blancolirio1 second ago
Thanks Bob! This sounds like a good testimonial for this channel!

Crosswind Landings in Big Jets
Flight Training Trends
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Happy Veterans Day

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Happy Veterans Day, Live!
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737 Max UPDATE 30 Aug  2019
  1. John Nelson

    John Nelsonپیش روز

    Blancolirio has the best music

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    You might have been better off with "Splish splash - I was takin a bath..."!

  3. Paul Borne

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    Got to thinking about John Madden. BAM!

  4. bob whalen

    bob whalenپیش روز

    That was great Juan. What a neat perspective I never get riding in coach....

  5. Bill Mathies

    Bill Mathiesپیش روز

    Very interesting, I used to have a Cessna 140, and when we get a windy day, I would head out to the airport (Oakdale, Ca) and practice the crosswind landings..Lots of fun really, scared myself couple times, but all was well..thanks for sharing!..

  6. conantdog

    conantdogپیش روز

    Sweet 👌 nice to see you and your family. ✈️

  7. farcticox 1

    farcticox 1پیش روز

    wow, the movement on the control column ! left, right, forward, back. Working hard on that landing.

  8. Brad Shropshire

    Brad Shropshireپیش روز

    No I am not an airline pilot, but I did stay a Holiday Inn Express....and watch Juan show me around his office. Too cool sir.

  9. Sarge084

    Sarge084پیش روز

    Bristol Airport, previously known as RAF Lulsgate Bottom.

  10. Reinier Rautenberg

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  11. Roger Roger

    Roger Rogerپیش روز

    Thanks Juan, its helped me to fly my armchair when I've got the fan on.

  12. Mr. Mark

    Mr. Markپیش روز

    Why didn't the Max crash with America or European crews flying them? The aircraft was flyable.... ASSUMING it was flown by somebody with a lick of air sense. "autopilot disconnect". Did the aircraft malfunction with American crews flying them? Yes. Did they crash? No. (According to news reports in the USA, soon after engaging the autopilot on Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, the nose tilted down sharply. In both cases, they recovered quickly after disconnecting the autopilot.) Duh? Neither crew, the Lion Air or Ethiopian Airlines, appeared to know the FIRST thing about emergency procedures . The MCAS system on the 737-Max was not designed with a sufficient level of redundancy and fault-tolerance to handle that failure. American crews can handle it..other less trained crews cannot. Just a few thoughts from a retired Boeing guy...carry on. Hope we don't let Boeing off of this too easy...they screwed the pooch.

  13. dsonictube

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  14. imkona87

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    Perfect Tune

  15. Paul Carpenter

    Paul Carpenterپیش روز

    I've driven along that road just before the threshold many a time. I had a friend who lived in Blagdon (out to the left of the video). There is an amazing little brewery in Butcombe.

  16. EngSci Defender

    EngSci Defenderپیش روز More appropriate soundtrack. You're welcome. I've just been in this place before.

  17. Jim Bledsoe

    Jim Bledsoeپیش روز

    Left of centerline is akin, but opposite to runway behind you and altitude and airspeed you don’t have. Putting yourself in the best place you can at touchdown is a little added insurance. If he get a huge gust at touchdown he has time to get the nose down and get it back in control before the grass gets too close on the right side. Also, while brick one landings are a bad idea in gusty winds I bet a short wet runway looks a lot better from the approach end versus 1500 to 2000 down from it. I noticed that he held the left wing down all the way to the end. Good job!

  18. idlevandal69

    idlevandal69پیش روز

    Crosswind or no crosswind, the detailed description of the flight instruments and what's going on in the cockpit was amazing!!!!

  19. karen coberly

    karen coberlyپیش روز

    it always amazes me w every video you post how exciting and interesting flight details are. you are the most ! thanks so much for the ongoing education , Juan. kerp up the most e cellent work! hope you get your wings back asap. 🦏🦏🦏🌀🌀💙💚

  20. OsakaRose

    OsakaRoseپیش روز

    *Great choice of music, Juan! Question : To the left of this video on the cockpit controls, about halfway up that side, what is that number "268" that is there? Sometimes looks like it's flashing but I think it's steady. I thought it was speed or something but as they slow it stays the same.*

  21. HoundDogMech

    HoundDogMechپیش روز

    Did that very left cross wind at Terranaut Indiana RW 4 (Now 5) minus Rain after an ice storm the previous night, with RW Sanded only breaking fair in a Cherokee 6. I found out why the Tower had me taxi back on the RW when I turned on to the RW exit toward the Ramp the wind started blowing the plane sideways toward the 6' snow banks #00 HP and a great big prop kept it going straight.. Question: In crosswind landing le this, in small SE land, I was always taught that ounce on the ground to hold the up wind aileron full into the wind. Doesn't look like that applies in a B-737 NG. Thanks for another great Video.

  22. Will Warden

    Will Wardenپیش روز

    He really greased that under less than ideal conditions


    rarbi.artپیش روز

    0:22 "come on baby light my fire" - elevator edition

  24. Scott Batchley

    Scott Batchleyپیش روز

    Thanks Juan, I always enjoyed practicing cross wind approaches when I was learning ...

  25. jagmarz

    jagmarzپیش روز

    One of the interesting things I notice (as a non-pilot) about both this video and your landings in the Luscombe, is how dramatically the stick gets moved during the descent. It's honestly kind of scary since the only similar experience I have is driving a car, and you just don't do that to your steering wheel! How does the sensitivity of the stick work?

  26. enuNC8EDj

    enuNC8EDjپیش روز

    Persistence of vision Watch the end credits of any movie with video monitors in it for the phrase "24 frame systems" Also visible with any film photograph of a television (crt) shot faster than 1/30th of a second.

  27. Cementer

    Cementerپیش روز

    Mr. Brown, congratulations on the good news regarding your medical condition, and it seems to show in your face and voice. For the last several videos, your face seemed drawn and haggard, whether from the stress and worry about what the results would be, or from having to report on all of the bad news of the recent spate of crashes, (and perhaps knowing the crewmembers who perished in the C-130 fire tanker crash), or what seems to be the daily revelations coming from Boeing. In this video, you answered a question even before I could ask, as you explained that it was a "video anomaly" making at least two of the gauges flicker. Your recent video about the Oroville Lake level, and the lack of rain was also interesting, although you did not mention if the media were still in a panic over "The Great Green Spot", which they have made out to be as large as the "Giant Red Spot" on Jupiter.

  28. George Figueiredo

    George Figueiredoپیش روز

    Great vid JB. I've always loved aeroplanes and have been a wannabe pilot as you may have guessed from my previous comments and questions. I personally feel (my most humble opinion) that filming from inside the cockpit would/could benefit training and may complement the on board recorders (CVR/FDR) in the event of an incident. Take care and be safe. 🙏

  29. Voytek CYVR

    Voytek CYVRپیش روز

    Great video Juan, with that kind of crosswind I would aim to the left of the center line. Cockpit video recording is prohibited in US? Is that FAA or just airlines?

  30. Europa Europa

    Europa Europaپیش روز

    I like the feeling of being thrown toward the bulkhead knowing we are coming to a quick stop and not overrunning the runway.

  31. Todd Johnson

    Todd Johnsonپیش روز

    One of your best yet Juan! Love the Barney Miller music!

  32. justmegarry

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    Thanks again watch every night thanks again bye bye

  33. Christopher Schuster

    Christopher Schusterپیش روز

    Fitting music. Production quality will never catch content quality. <that's a compliment> Good job young man. Keep at it.

  34. Tim Hardman

    Tim Hardmanپیش روز

    liked the giggle at the end by the pilot...he was a smooth operator riding on that storm.

  35. Polyboy70

    Polyboy70پیش روز

    Berhard, obviously, made a very good job. Great video, Juan!

  36. Tom Bombadil

    Tom Bombadilپیش روز

    LOL, Doors and "Doors of Perception" by Huxley. Two of my favorites.


    LOREMA LINپیش روز

    Iwill try with the same wind conditions on x-plane. Great video as usual from you.

  38. igblan

    igblanپیش روز

    MSFSX shows the aircraft heading on the HSI in the 737, but here the course (168) appears to be shown (with a white triangle apparently showing the heading). Is this a change to this aircraft? All passenger aircraft? Oh, and one of your best!

  39. John Bare

    John Bareپیش روز

    Thanks Juan, good stuff...

  40. Joe Uehlein

    Joe Uehleinپیش روز

    Since IRgos came about I realized just how much I enjoyed flying - especially this kind of landings.

  41. charcounsel

    charcounselپیش روز

    EXCELLENT choice in soundtrack!

  42. David Harris

    David Harrisپیش روز

    why is it illegal to film in the cockpit in the US for air carriers

  43. Richard Crouse

    Richard Crouseپیش روز

    Great video. Pilots such as yourself have a lot to do which takes a lot of training. Thanks for the ride. from Texas

  44. John Rodrigues

    John Rodriguesپیش روز

    I remember the L1011 crash in the Everglades. That was a pretty tragic chain of events. I think it unfairly marred the reputation of the Lockheed l-1011.

  45. Mike Knox

    Mike Knoxپیش روز

    Yet the rotation of the earth is inconsequential.

  46. John Bruno

    John Brunoپیش روز

    My first few cycles should have been logged as 1 takeoff... 3 landings 🐒 Thank you Juan for more great content! 💯

  47. John Rodrigues

    John Rodriguesپیش روز

    You see how much yoke work he's doing, I'll bet his feet were dancing on that rudder too. how many folks that were watching him land this plane we're trying to talk him down in their minds? Easy, easy, down, down, straighten out, flare! Nailed it! No I am not a pilot. No I don't profess to be a pilot. Juan this is a truly excellent video. Great explanation of what the pilot is looking at in the cockpit or the front office! Now I'm left to wonderwhat the heck was going on on that Turkish plane if they have all those alarms and everything going.what I thought was a bungled landing in Turkey is turning out to be sheer stupidity if they had this level of automation in the cockpit.

  48. D Stew

    D Stewپیش روز

    Was it normal for him to use all the runway or he used all the runway due to the weather conditions?

  49. Kirk Oliver

    Kirk Oliverپیش روز

    Great from the cockpit video and explanation. Also glad to see how you and JPS have connected.

  50. Fred Sanford

    Fred Sanfordپیش روز

    Excellent video. 2 points off for not being on centerline.

  51. Kevin 747

    Kevin 747پیش روز

    Looks like a typical European day. Done a few hundred of those over there. The NG's I flew had HUD's. That was good for these kind of days. Auto brakes max is an attention get'r. Only flew the NG about 1200 hours. Good landing. Thanks for the presentation Juan.

  52. paulsautocm

    paulsautocmپیش روز

    love it, thanks for the time and effort you put into your information.

  53. Dale Schafer

    Dale Schaferپیش روز

    Thanks Juan. What an excellent video on a technique that few passengers realize is taking place in crosswind conditions.

  54. Master Warning

    Master Warningپیش روز

    That was Sporting

  55. Bogusbits

    Bogusbitsپیش روز

    Do you REALLY need the music? Pilots are supposed to be concentrating on flying the aircraft, not jiving!

  56. screens1979

    screens1979پیش روز

    Wow “Riders On The Storm” perfectly timed Jaun!! Gave me the shivers 😁

  57. Kristoffer Book

    Kristoffer Bookپیش روز

    Q? Are pilots normally turning auto-pilot to off to be doing the job done as PILOTS and not only supervising a flight computer? Or if are we humans have better capabilities in flying and landing in strong cross-wind?

  58. Duane Lundgren

    Duane Lundgrenپیش روز

    A Day in the Life of....... yep!! THanks!!

  59. Dean Cully

    Dean Cullyپیش روز

    With about 2,000 hours equally now in the 737-2/3/4 (freighter-converted) and my own Luscombe 8E, I've found the 737 to handle maximal crosswind takeoffs and landings excellently into and out of the various 5,900-6,500 feet-long out-station runways within Alaska. And the "Classic"-series (pre-NG) wipers are louder and less operationally refined than seen here in the NG; why it has taken four decades for the windshield wiper system to approach 1980s-automotive-level refinement remains somewhat elusive.

  60. shellmaker10

    shellmaker10پیش روز

    Even the music is awesome!

  61. gregory gehrke

    gregory gehrkeپیش روز

    Hardest working man on the internet, thank you

  62. Six Toes

    Six Toesپیش روز

    Juan. Thanks. I was going to ask if you could explain an ILS approach. I know this video does not explain the whole process.(ILS) I wanted to see the glide slope bugs.....Rick, Pittsburgh.

  63. John Hunter

    John Hunterپیش روز

    Perfect song....

  64. wpherigo1

    wpherigo1پیش روز

    Have you considered recording your own Microsoft Flight Simulator version of this so you can show it from a Blancolirio cockpit vew?

  65. Farrell McGovern

    Farrell McGovernپیش روز

    Great choice of music! Thank you again!

  66. Thomas Miller

    Thomas Millerپیش روز

    Excellent video!

  67. Vernon Slone

    Vernon Sloneپیش روز

    I didn't think they had old wipers like that on modern airliners...

  68. Melena Schneider

    Melena Schneiderپیش روز

    Juan, Thanks for this video. I'm not a pilot at all but I am getting a much better appreciation for what you pilots have to know and the training that goes into it all. I've learned a lot from watching these videos even though I don't understand most of what you are saying. :-\ Although you did make this one pretty clear even for me. lol And the music was perfect!! Hadn't heard that song in a while. :-D

  69. Abaddon

    Abaddonپیش روز

    Video of Southwest Airlines cockpit video of landing in Phoenix. From Last Year

  70. Brian Garcia

    Brian Garciaپیش روز

    That was an excellent video and the background music timeless. On Utube they have videos of worlds most difficult airport runways. I'd get a kick out of a pros. Opinion on some these insane landing places. Especially that one in Nepal. Thanks

  71. madree p

    madree pپیش روز

    This was great! I'm really enjoying your new partnerships with other channels, your content has become very diverse. I'm going to miss it when you return to the cockpit and have less time

  72. Mike M

    Mike Mپیش روز

    My dad flew WB-50's, just like a B-29 out of Guam, typhoon chasers, 63 penetrations. Dad said when landing through the clouds he would watch the navigator in the front of the plane, all-glass, curl up with fear he knew they were close to the runway. Check this out. He flew the C-124's a lot out of Travis and McChord. Here's how he landed in the fog.

  73. James Rustermier

    James Rustermierپیش روز

    what did the WWII B-? pilots due landing in England?

  74. Kent Kelly

    Kent Kellyپیش روز

    Great video again. As always I appreciate your input.

  75. Lucky Me

    Lucky Meپیش روز

    🎶 If you give this MAX a ride... Sweet family will die... Killer in the sky, yeah... 🎶

  76. Matthew Amendt

    Matthew Amendtپیش روز

    You sound like you can't wait to get back to shooting one of these approaches sir. :)

  77. Martin R.

    Martin R.پیش روز

    Great topic/episode! For xwind, it's always aileron into the wind and the opposite rudder (to prevent weathercocking/maintain centerline), right?

  78. Raymond Jones

    Raymond Jonesپیش روز

    Love that!!!! Thank you very much 😊

  79. Michael Schroeder

    Michael Schroederپیش روز

    Absolutely great video Juan! Great instruction will video from inside the cockpit. I'm told that most pilots enjoy the challenge these X wind landings give them. Really great video. I'm very glad your health issue has improved and you're going to get your license back. You must be thrilled as well. Cheers

  80. Peter Sorrell

    Peter Sorrellپیش روز

    DUDE!!! How can I land the plane when you keep waving that stick in front of my nose?????

  81. Geir Haugmo

    Geir Haugmoپیش روز

    I like the Doors music. :-) Thanks for the video. Just retired 737NG from Norway. So pretty familiar with wind, lots of wind. :-) Even done Citation II on 800meters in northern Norway. Which was quite interesting. Keep on with your good work!

  82. barry hansen

    barry hansenپیش روز

    When I was flying as a passenger a lot in NZ due to work I loved the small planes due to being able from the seat closest to the cock-pit to see what the co-pilot and the pilot doing while landing or on take-off, they had a curtain to separate them from view but most of the time didn't which was great these were only 17seats max. Thank for all the videos bring back memories.

  83. Karl P

    Karl Pپیش روز

    "Riders on the storm". I though a voice says "Autopilot Off"? Maybe not on this plane.

  84. sportscarnut

    sportscarnutپیش روز

    Can you please explain: I did not see the flared roll to the left on landing coming out of the crabbing. He seemed to be leveled all the time. Wrong perception?

  85. Glynn Knox

    Glynn Knoxپیش روز

    i'M sitting here smiling buddy. Good memories. I missed the 737 trim noises compared to the quiet Airbus. I think it gives you better situational awareness. That was nice of 1000 Landings to loan that video. Thanks again Juan, for sharing. RIDERS IN THE STORM lol

  86. Jim Foreman

    Jim Foremanپیش روز

    We had flown out to Southern California in our C210 to see our son and I had him in the left seat for some complex aircraft time. He had a private ticket in both SEL and Gliders but had flown very little in the past several years, first college and then as a busy doctor. We had flown out to Catalina Island for lunch and found a direct cross wind of about 20 kts. If you've ever landed there you know the strange runway sight picture on final. He was fighting his way down and about a quarter mile out he said, "OK Dad, it's your airplane!" I really appreciated the high wings and wide stance on that landing. A guy in a Bonanza behind us gave up after three tries and went back to the mainland.

  87. Dave Schmarder

    Dave Schmarderپیش روز

    Thanks Juan and 1000 Landings. I really liked seeing what it was like at the other end of the plane.

  88. Milt Clark

    Milt Clarkپیش روز

    Ok I could be wrong but: I thought the video of strobing lights has to do with the frames per second of the video camera and the electricity cycles per second of the light bulb synchronized to a particular mathematical relation to create the strobe light effect. Am I any where near correct?

  89. daffidavit

    daffidavitپیش روز

    Brownie, I love your choice of "Riders on the Storm" from the Doors from the late 60s for the musical introduction. I've listened to the words and I was going to link them here. But for good reason, I decided not to. The words can be found on YT. The music is awesome, but the words don't belong here. IMHO.

  90. Joe Brown

    Joe Brownپیش روز

    Loved the "office" section of the video thanks very interesting.

  91. NBT 3

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    I'm pretty sure I am ready Juan!! Lol!! That was awesome!!

  92. Dennis Harrington

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  93. Christopher Rasmussen

    Christopher Rasmussenپیش روز

    Eastern Air Lines Flight 401. For the love of a light bulb. I have been out to the site and some of the wreckage is still visible. Then we had the Value Jet crash in the mid 90s. That was a crime (IMHO)

  94. Tom Kennedy

    Tom Kennedyپیش روز

    Those 737 wipers look like something off a WWII Jeep

  95. Christopher Leveck

    Christopher Leveckپیش روز

    The glider port i flew out of had a runway that ran perpendicular to the face of the Hill that we used to run for ridge lift. So if the wind was straight down the runway, take off and Landing was super easy but you didn't get to fly for very long. But on the other side of that coin if the wind was blowing a gale you can stay up all day but by the time you got back you were super tired from running the hill and you probably had to deal with a huge crosswind. With the added bonus of only getting one shot at it.... No go arounds. Thats why i always tell people i can land anywhere....... once. Full slips to a crosswind landing were the norm. I used to make people sick by changing from a left slip to a right slip on approach. Only friends that said they never get sick and would bet me i coukdnt make them queasy. Id let them think they made it, then WAMMO!

  96. Ed Fleming

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    Nice music!

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    Great landing. Even greater for Ryanair

  98. Larry Be

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    Juan, what information is relayed to the pilot when the wheels meet the runway beyond just sensual knowledge.

  99. A Mascia

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    OK... it almost looks safe. PS: nice music... 17:40

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    Excellent thanks for sharing.