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Scotty Kilmer

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  1. Jorge Navarrete

    Jorge Navarreteپیش روز

    Ni scotty. Big fan. Whats your opinion on the 2003-2007 Nissan titan ??

  2. Nice Rides

    Nice Ridesپیش روز

    My Prius gets 49 MPG

  3. creephead

    creepheadپیش روز

    I have a 99 yukon denali, I'm always working on it to keep it going. It has 167k miles.

  4. frickenbored

    frickenboredپیش روز

    These are all the same reasons why I still drive a 2000 dodge ram with 230000 miles on it. The thing is built like a tank and simple to work on.

  5. Troy Phillips

    Troy Phillipsپیش روز

    They aren't worth buying any GM product used or new

  6. Chris Demas

    Chris Demasپیش روز

    I have a 2004 Tahoe (bought it new) with the 5.3 V8. 180k miles and have never had an issue. I love it.

  7. XxMineSwatxX

    XxMineSwatxXپیش روز

    I’ve got a 2015-2020 Suburban, no issues amazing vehicle! Anyone know anything too look out for or common issues with this generation?

  8. J.T. Cooper

    J.T. Cooperپیش روز

    Rev up your kicked to the curb bowtie!!

  9. Dcdatruth85

    Dcdatruth85پیش روز

    Scotty got the same Chevy in thumbnail I just bought. It's a 99.

  10. Bee Bob

    Bee Bobپیش روز

    Don't buy them. I'll never buy another Chevy!!!!!!!!

  11. Darren Enns

    Darren Ennsپیش روز

    So cool to see Scotty with an electric vehicle! :)

  12. Cameron Johnson

    Cameron Johnsonپیش روز

    I love older Tahoes. I do a lot of driving so mpg was the only reason I didn't get one

  13. Christopher Huntzinger

    Christopher Huntzingerپیش روز

    Pffft! 2002! I have a 93 GMC Suburban with 198k and it purrs like a kitten - yes, they did know how to build a hunk a steel back then (wiring, not so much) - thanks Scotty!

  14. Josh Pickle

    Josh Pickleپیش روز

    149,000 is nothing on those vortec motors. They are breaking in at that mileage.

  15. e36325is

    e36325isپیش روز

    Agreed. I’ve always been a BMW guy. The last BMW I bought and will ever buy is my E92 335 that I bought brand new with an extended warranty and maintenance plan. Great car while I had it covered. After that, it was a money pit. Yes, I could afford to keep it on the road, but common sense kicked in. What do I have now? A Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road Premium. Bulletproof and I love it.


    xXTHECARGUYXxپیش روز

    I got a 2001 and it’s runs mint. Best, most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned.

  17. DUARTE

    DUARTEپیش روز

    3:14 , Big beefy rear end 💀💀

  18. Ra Drumba

    Ra Drumbaپیش روز

    I hate leather Seat. Any northern would know that Leather Seat make your back go cold.

  19. saul de la torre

    saul de la torreپیش روز

    Love my 14 xB. A great car. Love the simple transmission and the 2.4 has nice torque. Went to buy a hardtop for my miata na from alex here in Houston. So that gives you an idea of all the room they have.

  20. Luxury Auto Insider

    Luxury Auto Insiderپیش روز

    Almost 400,000 miles on my 2002 LS Tahoe

  21. bigbass 147

    bigbass 147پیش روز

    FORD FANBOY!!!!!!

  22. Richard Williams

    Richard Williamsپیش روز

    I replaced my valve cover gasket and now my engine smokes when I turn it on....

  23. Maximilian Bourgh

    Maximilian Bourghپیش روز

    Only if they breaks, feels good to be French. 😎

  24. Andy P

    Andy Pپیش روز

    oh boy, well, I have something to tell you Scotty, I am bad luck, your stuff wont last, its not that I don't want it to, but when my psyche magnetises'; towards/and; something, it always get destroyed, sorry in advance. ... .. ... .... ....

  25. Wildforthecats

    Wildforthecatsپیش روز

    Smart car, endless money pit.

  26. bwtv147

    bwtv147پیش روز

    We old guys remember when every place that sold car parts sold what were called "test tubes". They were straight pipes that bolted in place of catalytic converters.

  27. Stuart Conner

    Stuart Connerپیش روز

    Vin number tells the dealer what key to cut. They will probably ask for proof of ownership.

  28. Alfred Martinez

    Alfred Martinezپیش روز

    I bought a 01 tahoe LT 4WD in 06 with 50,000 miles.. it's now 2020 and it has over 300,000 with my dad still driving it! So very worth the money

  29. Micheal Scott

    Micheal Scottپیش روز

    Gmt800 love it. Best generation

  30. saysbadman

    saysbadmanپیش روز

    Scotty keeps talking about fully charging the car. The car should charge up to 80% a lot faster than the last 20%. I do wish it got closer to 100 miles per charge as the average person does not drive 100 miles each day. If you put the average 15k miles on your car each year then you are only driving 41 miles each day.

  31. TNN Media

    TNN Mediaپیش روز

    I own a 2002 Tahoe 80,000 Mileswas a one ownerr 4X4. Do not drive these in the snow in 2 wheel drive. The wheels spin like no tomorrow. Even with the weight, that does not matter if your tires are not getting traction. Get one with the AWD/2WD/4Hi.4Lo transfer case, that it your best bet for any weather situation.

  32. KoGi Gle

    KoGi Gleپیش روز

    My 00 Tahoe is solid! It's been very reliable for my family!

  33. M E

    M Eپیش روز

    Fuel level senders were weak. You can lift the carpet behind drivers seat and cut a fuel pump access panel. Change pump and sender without dropping or draining the gas tank. Window regulators were weak. Very easy to replace and cheap. Front hvac blower motor controller modules can fail in the models with auto climate control. $90 part. Tow/haul mode fails due to orange wire at base of shift lever breaking. Easy to fix wire or replace shift lever switch and all cheaply. I have a 2001 Tahoe. These are good trucks.

  34. Megacharzard10 Gameing

    Megacharzard10 Gameingپیش روز

    My mother has a 2003 Chevy trailblazer 255,000 miles and it's now starting to say heyy I'm dying slowly but dying dam I love that car it's not the 4x4 but so many memerios from when I was a kid

  35. Jonny Sherouse

    Jonny Sherouseپیش روز

    That new intro didnt last long. It's all good, I still love the content.

  36. The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy

    The One Saskatchewan Farm Boyپیش روز

    Chrysler is one of the best companies out there, so I dare you to own a ram dodge Jeep or Chrysler car. And think about the Jeep gladiator

  37. Morgan Alkahlout

    Morgan Alkahloutپیش روز

    Is the Honda Civic CNG worth it?

  38. 2003monte

    2003monteپیش روز

    2000 Yukon xl - 208,000 miles on it. Still runs great

  39. Jonny Garcia

    Jonny Garciaپیش روز

    I have a 2005 Tahoe with only 130k miles and I love it. Still going strong

  40. ShartingFish

    ShartingFishپیش روز

    Miss my fox bodies.. were easy to fix and indestructible

  41. Bryan Umana

    Bryan Umanaپیش روز

    Scotty, what do you think about the New awd camry

  42. John Beeck

    John Beeckپیش روز

    My 2002 Yukon SLT has 165,000 miles and still drives great!

  43. DOS Flash

    DOS Flashپیش روز

    Buy the 2006 models they had a better interior (200k 2006 5.3 sierra)

  44. Josh Garcia

    Josh Garciaپیش روز

    Have a 97 tahoe 200k miles still runs smooth as ever

  45. The Royal Crowned Tiger

    The Royal Crowned Tigerپیش روز

    I need one of these old Tahoe, or Suburban.

  46. nvkulk

    nvkulkپیش روز

    I’ll keep my bus pass

  47. Tonys ToolBox

    Tonys ToolBoxپیش روز

    3.07 mil people (Most) believe this guy knows what he is talking about. Sad. The 300 you can buy here in 2020 and all his info? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  48. 01SilveradoLT

    01SilveradoLTپیش روز

    Those should get around 16 mpg on average. The new ones are not much better at all. The early 2000’s Vortecs didn’t have all the active fuel management and VVT stuff. Better in my opinion. With new trucks costing so much you should buy used with as low miles as you can get. Expect a few things to need serviced but it’s still tens of thousands of dollars less than new.

  49. David Denison

    David Denisonپیش روز

    The idea isn't new. We had one 40 yrs ago. The teacher was doing most of the work. They weren't making money. Didn't last long

  50. Shop Grunt

    Shop Gruntپیش روز

    4L60E is a crap transmission.

  51. Rumer1

    Rumer1پیش روز

    149000 Mi that thing is still getting warmed up. my dad has a 2003 and it has 315,000 miles on it still runs like a champ.

  52. t swartzbaugh

    t swartzbaughپیش روز

    I've read that the battery life is longer if you stick to 110v (slow) charging. (electric cars in general)

  53. ALF Raydough

    ALF Raydoughپیش روز

    If you want the best vehicles without the Over technology get them made in the late 90s to the early 2000s.

  54. Christopher w

    Christopher wپیش روز

    I bought a Chevy suburban same engine low miles and ripped the engine out lol. Put it in my old 1960 pickup

  55. Hyrum P

    Hyrum Pپیش روز

    I had a 2000 suburban. It had almost 212K miles on it and still going strong! Sadly it was rear ended on the freeway and totaled! Now gotta a 99 suburban with 185K and a new engine(30k miles ) that I got for $1,850!

  56. Chris Villalobos

    Chris Villalobosپیش روز

    How about 2002 Escalade



    My wife has a kia sedona 2006. It just suddenly stopped going reverse, do you think this would help it?

  58. Corey P

    Corey Pپیش روز

    i like that body taho but my mom has one and ive had to repair alot for her. the bled door actuator goes bad alot, the gauge cluster goes out alot, the radio and ac acts up, 4wd controller goes out, cats get clogged, fuel pumps go out, had to replace batter many many times. all kinds of stuff on the electronics go out, the rear ac stopped blowing, \its annoying, she wants a new car

  59. Eric D

    Eric Dپیش روز

    When you buy the Raptor you don’t buy it for the gas mileage ☝🏾

  60. Action Jackson

    Action Jacksonپیش روز

    My buddy plows with his In Vermont

  61. Ben Seger

    Ben Segerپیش روز

    Ball joints, god speed😂

  62. MC C

    MC Cپیش روز

    The interiors rarely hold up on this generation Yukon/Tahoe, but they are good mechanically. My uncle just sold his 2004 with almost 300k miles, and the only reason he sold it is because the wheel bearings wore out.

  63. Ricky Davis

    Ricky Davisپیش روز

    The older Dodge Ram are better made and last forever the newer ones are overpriced junk

  64. Motorheadmike

    Motorheadmikeپیش روز

    Like a ROCK.

  65. Zaffeer Zarook

    Zaffeer Zarookپیش روز

    Honey there is that maniac screaming at the camera in front him. Except this time behind him is a pile of decent junk 😂

  66. barry cowan

    barry cowanپیش روز

    He’s got that right those are the good ones there

  67. señor pepper

    señor pepperپیش روز

    scotty "BIG BEEFY REAR END" kilmer

  68. Matthew Macinnis

    Matthew Macinnisپیش روز

    Are scottys videos worth watching Let’s find out... I’ll save you sometime no....

  69. M . E . Teruel

    M . E . Teruelپیش روز

    Tesla is real boss in electric cars not matter what Chinese or Indian trying to do about good luck mr scotty with u new money pit small car

  70. 01SilveradoLT

    01SilveradoLTپیش روز

    My daily is still my 01 Silverado with 5.3. I bought it new. Original engine never rebuilt now has 333,000 miles and I just did my 111th oil change. The 4L60E has been replaced once however. Couple water pumps and fuel pumps and maintenance items, of course. Very solid vehicles without all the stupid tech crap.

  71. Jay Harrison

    Jay Harrisonپیش روز

    How much did you pay? 💲❓

  72. Mike Clarke

    Mike Clarkeپیش روز

    Scotty, have a 2002 GMC silverado, 5.3 V8, when cold out starts up with a tapping noise soon goes away and runs great as long as warm starting up do not hear the noise, is that a lifter ?rocker arm ? running the recommended 5w-30 oil. are oil flushes any good ?

  73. Aram Zenteno

    Aram Zentenoپیش روز

    I do not know if there is any good ones left. I have seen a lot of those on the junkyard lately.

  74. U.E. U.E.

    U.E. U.E.پیش روز

    Did the Smart have an accident front-left before? The panel gap from the engine hood to the left fender over the headlamp and to the a-pillar is a offset.

  75. bobrocks79

    bobrocks79پیش روز

    My parents have a 2006 Tahoe with 280k miles. No mechanical problems, it's comfortable and in great shape.

  76. Ivan Tinoco

    Ivan Tinocoپیش روز

    I just bought a 2005 Silverado 1500hd with 190k miles should I be worried? runs like new.

  77. Joseph C

    Joseph Cپیش روز

    I have a 1995 LS Tahoe 5.7 TBI 182000 miles runs and drives like new it is a beast never will buy new.

  78. Clinton Farley

    Clinton Farleyپیش روز

    Makes me feel better about my pushrod V8 and 4 speed auto. Now I don't want a Toyota

  79. Mike Gemberling

    Mike Gemberlingپیش روز

    My 99 Yukon 5.7 has 251K miles on it. Drives like a dream and it’s a beast.

  80. Drew Shepard

    Drew Shepardپیش روز

    My god what a legend

  81. Bison Jr.

    Bison Jr.پیش روز

    Would you guys buy a used Silverado of around this age with 180,000 miles?

  82. Rusty Shackelford

    Rusty Shackelfordپیش روز

    I thought my garage was cluttered...

  83. HeyHerdy

    HeyHerdyپیش روز

    Hey Scotty, or anyone in the comments, I've been thinking about getting something like a chevy tahoe, gmc yukon, you know, one of the big people movers. The idea I have is to get one of these with something like 300k km's on it for something around $1000 to $4000 and replace the engine with a reliable toyota 2uz or 3uz V8. I've heard nothing but good things about those engines. Put it in the chevy, gmc, what ever I end up getting and spend approximately $10,000 on what is something that will last me a super long time. What are your thoughts?

  84. I would prefer not to

    I would prefer not toپیش روز

    Push rods are the best engine design by far.

  85. Eugene Generally

    Eugene Generallyپیش روز

    Tahoe’s are built solid. I rolled one off some black ice into the snow up in Oklahoma. Put 2 new tires on and got a wheel alignment and drove it back to San Antonio. Solid vehicle. We are on our 4th one

  86. Barath Vedant

    Barath Vedantپیش روز

    GTI are built to a higher standard than the econo- VWs. He literally just assumed VWs are bad = GTI are bad

  87. iver92975

    iver92975پیش روز

    Those were the good old days except for the brake lines that rust off here in Minnesota from the road salt!

  88. Josh Derksen

    Josh Derksenپیش روز

    Seeing this made me so happy! Ever since learning to drive with my dad's 2002 GMC Yukon, I knew that would be the vehicle I would someday own, and now I do. Paid $4000, put a bit of work into it and it's a dream winter DD. Heated seats, remote starter, bluetooth radio, power EVERYTHING, all kinds of room for my tools and outdoor gear. Seriously, I can't understand why someone would sink ten times more money into a vehicle that's inferior to the 2000-2006 design. Thank you Scotty for being the voice of reason and economy in this day and age, and please never change!

  89. Plasma 29

    Plasma 29پیش روز

    My mom has a 2015 Dodge Ram.

  90. Brian G

    Brian Gپیش روز

    Great video! I love my 2004 Tahoe LT with only 110k bought this brand new.

  91. Jonny Velez

    Jonny Velezپیش روز

    Ithink scotty on something now 😁😁😁

  92. Blast

    Blastپیش روز

    My 2001 Yukon got 280,000 today

  93. ChiPyro

    ChiPyroپیش روز

    Bro you must he high, the LS430 is more reliable than the 460. 300k I'm mine and it feels like it has 50k I would not trade it for a newer one because the engine is bulitproof and still have everything the new cars have 2004 Ls430.

  94. Jesse Ash

    Jesse Ashپیش روز

    My daily commute in Houston to my job is 40 miles total not counting groceries so I still don't think this is worth it.

  95. Plasma 29

    Plasma 29پیش روز

    What do you think of the 2009 ford f-150, is it good, bad or average? I love your channel!

  96. AllAmericanTeam

    AllAmericanTeamپیش روز

    I honestly love how you post so often Scotty !!!!!!!!!

  97. WESMAN381381

    WESMAN381381پیش روز

    I've had my 2003 Z71 Tahoe since I was 17 and turn 31 in April, you're right Scotty, I'll never get a modern Chevy these days.. Way over-priced for something that doesn't last the same, GM had it right back then.

  98. Blade Snapp

    Blade Snappپیش روز

    I bought a 05 Tahoe last year. Been a solid vehicle. I traded my 98 Silverado z71 in on it. The HVAC system completely went out no heat on AC I didn't want to rebuild the whole system so traded it off

  99. Joseph Lopez

    Joseph Lopezپیش روز


  100. weasel884

    weasel884پیش روز

    Okay 1 the 4.8/5.3 it has is GMs smaller motor. 2- 140k on that thing is just the beginning of that things lifespan and 3 they can go off toad which is why they came in 4x4 and AWD models. I own a suburban same year with a 5.3. Best thing GM makes is the suburban.