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    Yo I am white..I failed the test I got a chance to fuck my step mom

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    I swear if black people fight, the ambulance will start coming to the school

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    I thought he said december

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    That’s called expecting us to read their minds like Karnak the Great despite what they say or do. Like most girl games there’s no winning. It’s like how they expect us to approach only if they want us to. Or how they won’t tell us wtf they wanna eat, not even the type of cuisine, then straight punish us for the rest of night for fucking up the temperature of the meat or getting the wrong dressing.

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    It's like 'The one with the sweet food' then he stuffs his face with sour lollies. Not judging tho, cause I am totally that person. Haha. Like if you are too!

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    4:10 had me dying 😩😩💀💀💀

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    watching this and my exam is tomorrow

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