US deemed next Coronavirus epicenter, agrees on $2 trillion dollar stimulus package | Corona Update

The coronavirus outbreak in New York City in the US is so severe that White House officials have called on anyone who has recently left the city to self-isolate for two weeks. More than 15-thousand cases have been confirmed in New York, and around 200 deaths. It's been in lockdown since Sunday, and state officials are pleading for help, but preparing for the worst.
US lawmakers have agreed a 2 Trillion dollar stimulus package. After days of wrangling, Democrats and Republicans announced the deal shortly after midnight in Washington. Among the items agreed - adults can receive direct deposits of up to 1,200 dollars - 500 dollars for children. The government will support small businesses with loans to the tune of 367-Bbillion dollars. Hospitals will also get some 150-Bbillion dollars in aid. There will also be half a Ttrillion dollars in guaranteed, subsidised loans to larger industries.
Meanwhile China's Hubei province sees the lifting of travel restrictions, where the coronavirus pandemic began in December.
Trains are running again, although they're not yet carrying many passengers. Stations are opening up across the province, except in the city of Wuhan, where the corionavirus was first detected. Car drivers there are still being tested, and it will be another two weeks before Wuhan sees its restrictions lifted.
It's not only in Hubei where people are now free to go out and about. One family in Beijing is relishing the freedom to roam after weeks cooped up in their apartment.

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  1. Kenichi Sonoda

    Kenichi Sonodaپیش 6 ساعت

    Thank you for killing the world, China. :P

  2. aola wili

    aola wiliپیش 3 روز

    omg Louisiana rates are skyrocketing from mardi gras celebrations from a few weeks back

  3. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniپیش 4 روز

    US: "Universal health care is UNAFFORDABLE!" Also US:

  4. Mauro Lombardo

    Mauro Lombardoپیش 5 روز

    This video will remain in the history of our monetary system. The US just signed a deal to potentially print 6.3 trillion dollars out of thin air. $6 Trillion: * USD M2 money supply in 2004 * GDP of the US in 1990 * Down payment to buy all the real estate in the US * Enough to buy 68.9% of all the gold in the world at spot * 1.6 years of tax revenue for the US Seriously? #Bitcoin fixes this

  5. The Reverend Jim Jones

    The Reverend Jim Jonesپیش 6 روز

    Phil gayles voice is so velvety smooth... I get ASMR when he’s the DW Anchor lol!

  6. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniپیش 4 روز

    I love the voice of the reporter..

  7. mixio hili

    mixio hiliپیش 6 روز

    When the finicial correspondent said "It's difficult of any leader to tell us to chillax" I almost dropped my phone. I needed that laugh as bad as I need that stimulus bill to pass

  8. bilias hour

    bilias hourپیش 5 روز

    Trump has made the US #1 .. in COVID cases.

  9. Dinesh Shukla

    Dinesh Shuklaپیش 6 روز

    stay home to safe your country for the people of all

  10. monika laosi

    monika laosiپیش 7 روز

    It would be worse if we didnt shutdown almost everything

  11. bilias hour

    bilias hourپیش 5 روز

    Start spreading the news. No ones leaving today, don’t want to be a part of it. New York New York!

  12. geezusispan

    geezusispanپیش 7 روز

    How much is one trillion dollars? One trillion seconds equals 31,700 YEARS! The corporations, who own "our" government, will make 100s of billions of dollars! Socialism for Wall Street.. again!

  13. mixio hili

    mixio hiliپیش 6 روز

    Who knew democracy central would be worse than communist China.

  14. geezusispan

    geezusispanپیش 7 روز

    How much is one trillion dollars? One trillion seconds equals 31,700 YEARS! The corporations, who own "our" government, will make 100s of billions of dollars! Socialism for Wall Street.. again!

  15. bilias hour

    bilias hourپیش 7 روز

    When the finicial correspondent said "It's difficult of any leader to tell us to chillax" I almost dropped my phone. I needed that laugh as bad as I need that stimulus bill to pass

  16. monika laosi

    monika laosiپیش 7 روز

    AMERICA FIRST - I love that

  17. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissپیش 8 روز

    There's SARS, MERS and Ebola for the government to prepare but it did nothing now it's facing a rapidly growing crisis and racing for the development of vaccines

  18. Valentin

    Valentinپیش 8 روز

    Bailing out companies, but I ask, will the CEO and other Managers skip their bonuses or get even bigger ones? I think we all know what will happen.

  19. Caroline Lala

    Caroline Lalaپیش 8 روز

    And China is up and running and the virus didn't spread throughout their country but they managed to infect the world.

  20. 786otto

    786ottoپیش 8 روز

    It is spreading worst than anyone knows. Hear about six million cellphones want silent/disconnected in china.

  21. ko napi

    ko napiپیش 8 روز

    Right now, the world news is Coronavirus, but before that I only saw news between Hong Kong and China. What are they doing from that? I was still relieved to have the idea that we are Hong Kong, not Chinese. Lately I was depressed because I failed to cut my own hair. And even worse, when I was in a row in a public toilet, a young woman dude came from behind saying `` a man is in the toilet '' and said double men and gave them a nickname Was done. It was a very shocking event, but I laughed. Men and women, double women, just I am reading h / why = yhwh = 360 °, the name of Yahweh's supreme deity in reverse, formulating the importance of thinking about things from all perspectives and trying to tell the world . Always why? Someone thinks that W @ women is an interesting idea, right? I was hurt when they told me, "I am not a woman, but a woman of W" 今、世界のニュースはコロナウィルスばかりだけどその前は香港と中国の間のニュースばかり見ていた。 あれから彼らはどうしているんだろうか?と考えていたけれど、相変わらず、「私達は中国人ではなく、香港人」という考えを持っていることに安心した。 最近私は自分で髪を切って失敗して落ち込んでいた。そしてさらに悪いことに、公共のトイレの列で並んでいたら後ろから来た若い女性二人組に「男性がトイレにいる」と悪口を言われた上にダブル ウヲメンって彼らから私はニックネームをつけられた。 とてもショックな出来事だったけれど、笑えてしまった。 男性と女性、ダブル ウオメン、ちょうど私はh/why=yhwh=360°、ヤハウェの最高神の名前を逆から読んで、あらゆる視点から物事を考える大事さを公式にして、世界に伝えようとしている。常にwhy?と考えてる人でもあるから、W women,面白い発想になるね?彼女達に言われた時は傷ついたけれどもね、 「私は女性という一つの考えではなくて、W の女性」 h/why=yhwh=360° eddiee55

  22. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissپیش 8 روز

    Allaho akbar

  23. Robert Zalewski

    Robert Zalewskiپیش 8 روز

    And what you unbelief about the crown virus is gone CHINA CHEATED THE WHOLE WORLD! Well done CHINA. For those who have not yet understood what is going on! What China has received in the last three months: 1. China has successfully prepared itself for the next generation war - the bioinformation war. Exercises took place in the country and showed the world a master workshop! They declared a bioinformation war to the whole world and defeated all countries without a single shot and occupation. They have sent a harmless virus around the world, spreading horror, fear and chaos, the deaths of people and the destruction of national economies around the world! 2. Conducted a census. Fast and effective. 3. The digital dictatorship was sharpened. Control of social networks and all communication. 4. They created a system for quickly establishing all contacts in the social networks of the desired person: who is in contact with him, with whom she moved, where she was, with whom she communicated. 5. All illegal immigrants have been identified and many have been evicted from the country. 6. Many foreigners and spies have been removed from the country gently. They themselves sought evacuation. The rest were identified and accepted for control. 7. A mechanism for mass and sharp blocking of the entire country was developed. 8. Show the whole world what China is capable of. Placing 1.5 billion people in full quarantine, putting on all masks - this is a powerful impact, as is building a huge hospital in a week. 9. The whole country has been taught how to care for hygiene. 10. A law was adopted prohibiting the consumption of wild animals, which is the norm in many districts. 11. It was shown to the world how much all countries depend on China. 12. Many production chains around the world have been frozen, causing a global crisis. All production around the world has been stopped! 13. The use of drones and automatic tracking devices is massively introduced in police and various emergency response services. 14. A mass thermal imaging system was developed with automatic calculation of anomaly data. 15. The algorithms of operation of video cameras with face recognition have been updated to include people wearing masks, so now the person's walking style is also included in personality recognition. 16. Systems for the automatic delivery of goods are created massively and quickly. 17. A system of electronic concentration camps was developed. 18. Hong Kong protests ceased and the government's influence increased. 19. Most important. While the world is still in crisis, China has already left it and bought shares of all foreign companies operating in China for pennies. They buy cheaper assets of all companies around the world. They help financially weak countries by increasing their global influence. Gaining on lower oil prices. They create new alliances and agreements. While the entire world is struggling with the fictitious pseudo-epidemic of KORONAWIRUS (COVID-19), they have taken control of the whole world! The above information shows that the leadership and parliaments of all countries in the world have come under the total control of China, using the latest technologies, which are mainly produced in their country and have been delivered worldwide for many years. While Russia, the USA and Europe decided who would dominate the world, China sat in the royal chair. Sad, but the facts speak for themselves!

  24. bilias hour

    bilias hourپیش 7 روز

    Politici illuminatie corona virus

  25. Metalgear SolidSnake

    Metalgear SolidSnakeپیش 9 روز

    insane number!!

  26. Stripdancer100

    Stripdancer100پیش 9 روز

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="319">5:19</a> "shotguns... shutdowns"...

  27. Engin ULUSOY

    Engin ULUSOYپیش 9 روز

    Russia, America, Britain, Israel, France, Italy, Germany, these countries have killed babies, pregnant women, in Syria and other countries. this is the brutal justice of god.

  28. darkane71

    darkane71پیش 9 روز

    Whether the virus is as bad as they say or not they will hype it up cause you can't let a good crisis go to waste.

  29. Eman JavaScript

    Eman JavaScriptپیش 9 روز

    I love the voice of the reporter..

  30. themarbleking

    themarblekingپیش 9 روز

    Start spreading the news. No ones leaving today, don’t want to be a part of it. New York New York!

  31. Greg S

    Greg Sپیش 9 روز

    Trump has made the US #1 .. in COVID cases.

  32. Leech

    Leechپیش 9 روز

    Who knew democracy central would be worse than communist China.

  33. Be Nice

    Be Niceپیش 9 روز


  34. Sven Greulich

    Sven Greulichپیش 9 روز

    AMERICA FIRST - I love that

  35. azzamat dardhk

    azzamat dardhkپیش 9 روز

    Corona virus is also spreading through smokers by smoking in open air and inside of homes.smokers must save their lives and lives of others

  36. daisy lee

    daisy leeپیش 9 روز

    i'm not surprised about the news after watching them hoarding toilet papers in crowed store without mask...

  37. stoops201

    stoops201پیش 9 روز

    Politici illuminatie corona virus

  38. stoops201

    stoops201پیش 9 روز

    Allaho akbar

  39. Ashley Supernova

    Ashley Supernovaپیش 9 روز

    US death toll is still low and just getting started now, we will see the apocalypse 20 days after.

  40. maccajoe

    maccajoeپیش 9 روز

    Drumpf wants this over by Easter BTW.

  41. cash is king

    cash is kingپیش 9 روز

    This is the first time China made original products!and Its blockbuster business.i wished it was a copy cat!!

  42. diM

    diMپیش 9 روز

    Its Chillax corona holiday for everyone

  43. diM

    diMپیش 9 روز

    So the messange is to Chillax guys....

  44. Andriy Makukha

    Andriy Makukhaپیش 9 روز

    Everybody noticed "chillax", but nobody noticed "asymptotic cases"? 🙂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="717">11:57</a>

  45. Robert Pol

    Robert Polپیش 9 روز

    How much packedges like this you have, mayby 3 more.

  46. Bhabesh Kakati

    Bhabesh Kakatiپیش 10 روز

    #Take hot ginger tea frequently , #take hot lime water and citrus fruits ,#wash your body and garments you are wearing with soap every time you go out , # carry hand sanitizer with you and use it before and after touching anything .# keep 1 meter distance from others.#avoid cold food .# wear warm apparel . # Don't go out if it is not urgent

  47. Doris C

    Doris Cپیش 10 روز

    We need boycott China and stop buying cheap items from China. We need to close the port to China items!.

  48. ClaudeMagicbox

    ClaudeMagicboxپیش 10 روز

    My guess is the virus can’t be bribed.

  49. Lorrie Sigley

    Lorrie Sigleyپیش 10 روز

    I don't know how anyone can take what China says seriously . China has lied from the very start. The world should turn our backs on China. Human life means NOTHING to them.

  50. ik

    ikپیش 10 روز

    They ran computer sims on this weeks maybe months ago..... They' ve always known...... Your economy has ruptered this world twice in 12 years! Here 's a prediction: 30% of your populaition will die...... And they ran sims on that too!

  51. Addison Steiner

    Addison Steinerپیش 10 روز

    What does Coronavirus want? What are it's terms? Has anyone discussed a negotiated cease-fire?

  52. David mesero

    David meseroپیش 10 روز

    The fumarato ferroso hierro elemental... plus cafi Aspirinas forte

  53. Daniel Denti

    Daniel Dentiپیش 10 روز

    The karma the end of america sionist

  54. مصطفى mostefa

    مصطفى mostefaپیش 10 روز

    is trump a good presdient?

  55. Tomasnok

    Tomasnokپیش 10 روز

    So, the Fed print 2 trillion and the debit raises to 25 trillion with interests .. easy huh? I'd like to have such a machine, too ... B.S. economy ...

  56. Diego Perez

    Diego Perezپیش 10 روز

    Some ask how rich is America? Well there you have what capitalism do!! 👏👏👏

  57. Pat Allard

    Pat Allardپیش 10 روز

    USA be prepared, you will be in bad situation in couple of weeks, everybody will regret they have voted for Trump.

  58. Hadi Hesam

    Hadi Hesamپیش 10 روز

    Where R the banners “I have corona give me a hug “ Lol👻👻👻

  59. Gym Jordan's Hairline

    Gym Jordan's Hairlineپیش 10 روز

    At least the Wall Street casino is alive & well thanks to [upsidedown] socialism, that grand American practice that takes from the poor to give to the rich.

  60. mohd ridza Hanafi

    mohd ridza Hanafiپیش 10 روز

    Seems like China is winning the political war to paralyze USA and its western allies, just to acquire the South China Sea as theirs. To challenge head on militarily, they know its impossible to win easily, so the other alternative is Coronavirus, just export it by its people first at the peak of travels, the CNY . Death of those who are infected is just pawns to sacrifice for the bigger gains. Now the western power is occupied with the virus problem and economy is half paralyzed. Nothing is straight about the Chinese except their hair.

  61. frank rizzo

    frank rizzoپیش 10 روز

    We’ll all chillax

  62. Ray Philippine Newbie

    Ray Philippine Newbieپیش 10 روز

    Como and Bloomberg took way too long to make separation and shutdown of business mandatory. Now they are paying the price and infecting the rest of the country. Also the financial expert on this video totally overlooked the non related to virus additions like fine arts, union retirement funds, etc. authored by the Dems.

  63. Kevin's Journal

    Kevin's Journalپیش 10 روز

    I'm in NYC now and can attest been stuck at home, it's quiet here now, saddest part some have left the city, but I have nowhere else to go, coincidentally my last video was about life in the city, stay safe everyone best wishes from NYC 💗

  64. Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war

    Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare warپیش 10 روز

    My gdp isn't even 2 trillion

  65. Siris Rangabhasm

    Siris Rangabhasmپیش 10 روز

    Hey Benjamin , Are you the youngling of a cow ?

  66. sanjeev kumar

    sanjeev kumarپیش 10 روز


  67. Alex T

    Alex Tپیش 10 روز

    Its just the flu bro

  68. Kevin Donovan

    Kevin Donovanپیش 10 روز

    Did Tzung Han Tsuou actually say "Chillax?"

  69. DuckyLogic

    DuckyLogicپیش 10 روز

    What happen to the phrase die doing what you love. Well now the entire US is in lockdown and if I get said virus I wont be able to die doing what I love

  70. angela bickerdike

    angela bickerdikeپیش 10 روز

    The amount of verbal diarrhea that comes out trump’s mouth,his breath must stink!! God love you all in the us , your going to need it!🙏🏼

  71. Blue Canyon

    Blue Canyonپیش 10 روز

    If you notice the air it is better than ever, i think coronavirus outbreak reduce the effect of global warming by reducing pollution all over the world at the same time.

  72. S K

    S Kپیش 10 روز

    0.01% of the population is just an inevitable numbers... So 8k (nyc) is just an obvious...and it is going to be between 0.01~ 1 depends on how you handle it (NYC might ends up having more than 100,000......and please never trust Chinese Communists... Heard few Millions of smartphones users are gone mysteriously... So in china I'm sure more than a mil...

  73. Ryan Perez

    Ryan Perezپیش 10 روز


  74. Open Mind

    Open Mindپیش 10 روز

    Everyone needs to panic because the CVD19 death toll in Australia currently stands at 13...meanwhile in other news in the same time frame 6500 people have died after waiting on surgery that they had paid for their entire working lives, 12000 men have killed themselves, countless thousands have died due to the lingering consequences of illegal wars etc etc etc etc...but let's not get distracted by such menial dramas, there's a virus to obsess over.

  75. Kushal Shahi

    Kushal Shahiپیش 10 روز

    *It's better to be cautious than sorry later.*

  76. 小弟弟

    小弟弟پیش 10 روز

    Trump: I am willing to exchange an F35 fighter jet for 1,000 boxes of surgical masks from China

  77. Scott Aubrey

    Scott Aubreyپیش 10 روز

    China should fit the global financial bill for not informing the world. Effected countries get those claims in, they new in 2007. Clinical Microbiology Review Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus as a Emerging & Reemerging Infection. Hong Kong Clinical review identified SARS Cov in bats being eaten, they expected the virus to go off like a time bomb!! and they did not know?? the document date October 2007!

  78. Pratik Joshi

    Pratik Joshiپیش 10 روز

    Never seen new York like this

  79. Zeus Caboose de Jesus

    Zeus Caboose de Jesusپیش 10 روز

    The New York gov worked waaaayyy too slow. Very densely populated cities with lots of international travel will have large outbreaks without control. Cuomo shouldve insisted on isolation a month earlier than he did.

  80. Tha Gunna

    Tha Gunnaپیش 10 روز

    We should make China pay and if they don’t we need to Boycott there products

  81. Kieran Daly

    Kieran Dalyپیش 10 روز

    excellent correspondent from Taiwan

  82. Serious Cook

    Serious Cookپیش 10 روز

    How is it possible the the US cannot even supply respirators to New York!

  83. wingriffith

    wingriffithپیش 10 روز

    The health departments, hospitals and clinics/ surgeries in every country have pandemic plans. And you'll find that those plans state they should have at least 4 weeks supply of all protective equipment on hand at all times...and none of them, anywhere, followed their own guidelines.

  84. 7sword Mary

    7sword Maryپیش 10 روز

    *😈GRIFTING Murderer-In-Chief +his Prosperity Gospel /EndTimes RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST GHOULS😈 OUT OF OFFICE NOW❗*

  85. Artur Rodriguez

    Artur Rodriguezپیش 10 روز

    ...aand what about the national debt?

  86. Dustin Luthro

    Dustin Luthroپیش 10 روز

    Karen, that's a skate park. Not a playground.

  87. Chloe Lin

    Chloe Linپیش 10 روز

    Well. If your 'flu' deaths have decreased that means your virus deaths have increased.

  88. Slick Six

    Slick Sixپیش 10 روز

    I still haven't seen anyone or know anyone with the mystery illness????????? Anyone here know of anyone that has it, please comment here?..........................