What is ISSIMI, anyway? (featuring Jason Cammisa)

Before the rest of our videos start to roll out, you should probably know who we are. Jason Cammisa explains what an ISSIMI is. But first, coffee and e-brake slides.
ISSIMI offers members a new collector experience. One built with customer service, trust, and transparency at its core. With over 60 years of combined experience in the specialty car market, ISSIMI’s team is dedicated to taking the opacity out of collecting cars. No more exorbitant fees, vehicles with unknown provenance, or painful transactions.
ISSIMI's primary focus is our members, we are driven by their needs and requests. Specific cars can be hard to find, individual transactions complicated, and ongoing collection management time consuming. Our suite of services smooths the path for members to achieve their goals.
We are assembling a community of collectors and offering them a new set of tools and services to make collecting simpler and more enjoyable. ISSIMI's offering includes:
ISSIMI Marketplace: Curated selection of world-class vehicles, transparent transaction process and fees, and fully managed post-sale logistics.
ISSIMI Events: Members-only access to bespoke adventures and private gatherings around the world.
ISSIMI Network: Members are connected to a global network of collectors and specialists, and receive exclusive access to boutique brands.
Jason Cammisa: Writer / Host / Producer
Alexey Orlov: Director
...if you've read this far, you need to get a life. Kisses.


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    If you're looking for a low-mileage Pontiac Aztec, will Issimi help?

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    write us at issimi@issimi.com!

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