WhipAddict: 2015 Dodge Charger RT on Forgiato Otto 30s by Underground Rim King

More 30s dropping at Underground Rim King Atlanta location, this time a 2015 Charger RT from Florida mounting up on brushed 30" Forgiato Ottos!! You know the routine! @undergroundrimking.



    TRUST DA PROCESSپیش 6 ماه

    LOOKS GOOD.... THE ONE ON 32’s LOOK 👎👎👎👎👎

  2. grizzlie777

    grizzlie777پیش سال

    great job!👍

  3. Reis Ulysse

    Reis Ulysseپیش 2 سال


  4. Trevor Poinsett

    Trevor Poinsettپیش 2 سال


  5. abomb2134

    abomb2134پیش 2 سال

    Why does it make that squeaking noise every time he hits a bump?

  6. Lion Heart

    Lion Heartپیش 2 سال


  7. ShawnoSwervoo

    ShawnoSwervooپیش 2 سال

    That's dumb as fuck why would you put 30s on a charger?

  8. WhipAddict

    WhipAddictپیش 2 سال

    SHAWN2X Cause he can.

  9. Sam Atallah

    Sam Atallahپیش 2 سال


  10. 5u54

    5u54پیش 2 سال

    Prices for 30s?

  11. Topclassbullies Topclassexoctics

    Topclassbullies Topclassexocticsپیش 2 سال

    7,000 and up

  12. Castro007🃏

    Castro007🃏پیش 2 سال

    5u54 $6675444335566544455432224677

  13. Mike R

    Mike Rپیش 2 سال


  14. gphillimo

    gphillimoپیش 3 سال

    That shit is ugly. should have put some blacked out 22's.

  15. George Cocat

    George Cocatپیش 3 سال

    gphillimo o hell no!! black out 22s would look common and basic in other words fuckin retarded

  16. Eddie Daugherty

    Eddie Daughertyپیش 3 سال

    I think if you going big underground rim king is the best I been watching since day one

  17. jonnygunn100

    jonnygunn100پیش 3 سال

    Underground You da best to ever do it💯

  18. dread man

    dread manپیش 3 سال

    when u world wide you BIG

  19. dread man

    dread manپیش 3 سال

    he didnt invent putting big rims on cars. But he did set the standards high that nobody came close to accomplishing. c2c, carshow, wcw all good but he on another level since day 1.

  20. Knox Vitela

    Knox Vitelaپیش 3 سال

    That shit looks terrible I guarantee this gets laughed at way more then it does get admired.

  21. Jemaine Corley

    Jemaine Corleyپیش سال

    @Easin Rivers lol thats how u tell them heaters

  22. Easin Rivers

    Easin Riversپیش 2 سال

    Luis Franco how its laughed at when he had yo bitch in it

  23. FLA HEMI

    FLA HEMIپیش 3 سال

    stfu foreva ho. what tha fuck u riding a fuckin Nissan Altima.

  24. TasteMyStinkhole

    TasteMyStinkholeپیش 3 سال

    Do you ever AXE yourself why you never see a Bugatti, Pagani, Ferrari, Lambo, or other $250k+ car doing this dumbass donk bullshit? Here's a hint... it's gay as fuck. That car will make a great float leading gay pride parades, but other than that, it handles like shit, and looks like shit, and people with real money don't do this. So AXE yourself the following question when you get that itch to be a royal fucking dumbass (an itch you clearly can't scratch)... do wealthy people do this to their cars? If the answer is no, then maybe don't be a fag and do it yourself.

  25. Bronco Boy

    Bronco Boyپیش 3 سال

    Vernon Price u really are the dumbest bitch in the world

  26. WhipAddict

    WhipAddictپیش 3 سال

    Vernon Price The reason they dont do it is because those are worth $250k plus, you answered your own question. The cars you see on big rims are mostly under $50k and will be worth half that in 5 years of regular driving even without cutting it up. This type of car is for a certain crowd. You think big rims are gay and they think little rims are gay at the end of the day your car is your car do what you want. Wealth isn't the issue.

  27. BlckCoupe ryder

    BlckCoupe ryderپیش 3 سال

    Why people thumbing down????

  28. Marco Leon

    Marco Leonپیش 3 سال

    It's 2016 and people still doing this ???

  29. WhipAddict

    WhipAddictپیش 3 سال

    Marco Leon lol How did you think it would go away? ALL cars lose value unless its an All original classic. So whether your cars brakes down tomorrow or in 30 years is not gonna bring u more then you spend on it ever. So let ppl do what they want! Its 2016 and ppl like you still complain like its your car lol.

  30. in my ol'skool state uv mind

    in my ol'skool state uv mindپیش 3 سال

    good luck stopping that pos with those baby brakes #upgrade

  31. JGCSRT

    JGCSRTپیش 3 سال

    That is EASILY the dumbest thing I've ever seen anyone do to a car.

  32. JGCSRT

    JGCSRTپیش 3 سال

    No. lol

  33. WhipAddict

    WhipAddictپیش 3 سال

    JGCSRT Exaggerate much? lol


    KREO CAPRICEپیش 3 سال

    That looks real nice.

  35. EMMANUEL Ocampo

    EMMANUEL Ocampoپیش 3 سال

    the 2015 chargers look like dodge darts

  36. Steve Davis

    Steve Davisپیش 3 سال

    Thats just toooo big, 6s would be it for me.

  37. Steve Davis

    Steve Davisپیش 3 سال

    Bronco Boy Real deal right here 💯%. You can try man you're a nodody. I'm done arguing with you guy.

  38. Bronco Boy

    Bronco Boyپیش 3 سال

    Stephen Davis I'll beat yo ass u fake ass solider

  39. Bronco Boy

    Bronco Boyپیش 3 سال

    Stephen Davis who the fuck asked yo bum ass? u can't even afford a dam charger

  40. FP2000

    FP2000پیش 3 سال

    that is crazy bro....looks like a suv ....i kind of like it, nice !!!

  41. NightRider16

    NightRider16پیش 3 سال


  42. the7figuremaker

    the7figuremakerپیش 3 سال

    It looks good but i bet his transmission wont last that long.

  43. Donte Askew

    Donte Askewپیش سال

    That’s a v8 375 HP possibly more he would be good.

  44. Panamera Ghost

    Panamera Ghostپیش 3 سال

    the7figuremaker Transmission job is to transfer engine turning power to the wheels....Transmission cannot be damaged by big wheels, that's just stereotypical thinking. Sure you lose some HP because of the larger turning radius from the wheels, but you still have plenty power. Only reason why tranny's fail is because of neglect.

  45. LilDr3w_1

    LilDr3w_1پیش 3 سال

    @the7figuremaker ohhh, but Wat if u got a better trans.?

  46. the7figuremaker

    the7figuremakerپیش 3 سال

    Drewwiidthakicks I'm saying it won't last long because the transmission on my charger started fucking up fast. I only had 24s on it. The extra weight is putting a lot of stress on the transmission. Those big ass wheels must weigh a ton.

  47. LilDr3w_1

    LilDr3w_1پیش 3 سال

    the7figuremaker why would it blow?

  48. Broseph kash

    Broseph kashپیش 3 سال

    Their goes the warranty

  49. Panamera Ghost

    Panamera Ghostپیش 3 سال

    Broseph kash Unless the car breaks down somehow and the driver brings car to the dealer with those oversized rims still on it, it's possible warranty could be voided because they'll take pics and document that the oversize rims were the source of the problem to FCA warranty claim department. But who's stupid enough to go to the dealer with those rims on....nobody would even suspect a thing when the stocks are back on (except the fender gaps). So in conclusion, drivetrain warranty still in effect.

  50. Lance Johnson

    Lance Johnsonپیش 3 سال

    you take away from the car's performance by putting these big rims on here

  51. Panamera Ghost

    Panamera Ghostپیش 3 سال

    Lance Johnson They know that fool. Who cares anyway, it has a V8 and is still faster than your typical family vehicle. Besides, with these city street speed limits and slow traffic, there's really no point for high performance, barely going to use it. This car is just for show. But as you can see in the video, the car is still able to perform burnouts when rolling not stopped, so the performance is still there.

  52. FordRacing5oh

    FordRacing5ohپیش 3 سال

    Shit stupid stop wasting money. Do a old car like that

  53. John Marshall

    John Marshallپیش 3 سال

    how much do those rims cost???

  54. Lil Richard

    Lil Richardپیش 11 ماه

    10k new.

  55. CPK Unlimited

    CPK Unlimitedپیش 3 سال

    looks good. ridin supa clean

  56. HIGH LYFE600

    HIGH LYFE600پیش 3 سال

    How much performance does the Charger lose ? Do these destroy the tranny ?

  57. WeKnowTheTruth2012

    WeKnowTheTruth2012پیش 3 سال

    my uncle has 28s on his and trust me it did lose a good amount of power. some torque but a lot of hp for sure

  58. WhipAddict

    WhipAddictپیش 3 سال

    I know ppl that been riding 30s for years and haven't had a transmission issue yet

  59. djmac productions

    djmac productionsپیش 3 سال

    are those 275 tires on it? they fit so perfect...

  60. djmac productions

    djmac productionsپیش 3 سال

    that mf clean man, AND it still run hard 👌💪

  61. Coach Killa

    Coach Killaپیش 3 سال

    got 2s on my 15. I ain't making no noise 😂

  62. J Supreme 813

    J Supreme 813پیش 3 سال

    personally I like the sound of the HEMI engine over Chevy. What y'all think

  63. J Supreme 813

    J Supreme 813پیش 3 سال

    shoutout to Steve and the UGRK staff good work fellas

  64. J Supreme 813

    J Supreme 813پیش 3 سال

    that thang look good and sound good... you gotta love hearing that HEMI engine roar like that. Even on 30s that bitch still fast

  65. Catdaddy Mims

    Catdaddy Mimsپیش 3 سال

    yessir! 💯

  66. SMURF32S

    SMURF32Sپیش 3 سال

    my niqqa Steve kilt this bitch

  67. KSV Productions

    KSV Productionsپیش 3 سال

    Shout out to the got damn camera man!

  68. WhipAddict

    WhipAddictپیش 3 سال

    Preciate it

  69. Killer Pop

    Killer Popپیش 3 سال

    Why cut up new car any car for sum big rims shit dumb an ugly 30s my nigga 24s all it need it smh

  70. maxxpayne309

    maxxpayne309پیش 2 سال

    Killer Pop mind ya bizness fam your hate ain’t needed that’s his car and his money 💰 you watching another mans pockets and talking on it is hella gay

  71. King Phillips

    King Phillipsپیش 2 سال

    Killer Pop you cant get mad bc thsts thst man money not ours lol thats his life not ours he did what he like not for us sooo we cant get mad at him its his man

  72. Killer Pop

    Killer Popپیش 3 سال

    Get RAM srt10 put 30s on that you a dodge fan 30s on a car C'mon Son

  73. CPK Unlimited

    CPK Unlimitedپیش 3 سال

    becouse y the heck not...

  74. Mike Dezion

    Mike Dezionپیش 3 سال

    rims to big... 6s max on cars for me... 8s on sum

  75. Lance Johnson

    Lance Johnsonپیش 3 سال

    that looks stupid. it's a muscle car not a damn truck.

  76. djmac productions

    djmac productionsپیش 2 سال

    You dont even understand the culture so stfu

  77. FordRacing5oh

    FordRacing5ohپیش 3 سال

    Sports car not a muscle. I agree on what you saying

  78. FLA HEMI

    FLA HEMIپیش 3 سال

    clean. got my 15' on 4s. chec it out. trading it in for tha daytona or scat pack soon.

  79. Bronco Boy

    Bronco Boyپیش 3 سال

    LiL-A-407 stop lying bitch

  80. Jason Long

    Jason Longپیش 3 سال

    best new charger I've seen on 30's or better simple and clean nothing extra

  81. Colby Watford

    Colby Watfordپیش 3 سال



    HEMI JOHNپیش 3 سال

    At least got the Hemi in there

  83. marlo219 219GI

    marlo219 219GIپیش 6 ماه

    ToeTagGaming a hemi is v8 not v6

  84. Jemaine Corley

    Jemaine Corleyپیش سال

    @ToeTagGaming that s v8

  85. Dinero Kutz

    Dinero Kutzپیش سال

    ToeTagGaming v8 hemi

  86. ToeTagGaming

    ToeTagGamingپیش 2 سال

    HEMI JOHN its a v6

  87. Chris Felkin

    Chris Felkinپیش 3 سال


  88. Team706

    Team706پیش 3 سال

    Nice... S/o to UGRK stay dropping hits

  89. Vega lee

    Vega leeپیش 3 سال

    I never seen a charger set so perfect on 30s like that before

  90. ch3vyb0i2426

    ch3vyb0i2426پیش 3 سال


  91. Lucky Nichols

    Lucky Nicholsپیش 3 سال