White House Coronavirus News Conference

Members of the Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters at the White House on the latest developments and the administration’s response. www.c-span.org/video/?470808-1/white-house-coronavirus-task-force-briefing


  1. King Kano World Media

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    Too funny. Even the trolls know they are trolls, and think they are critical thinkers. God job, trolls vote democrat. I have a nose bleed I do my homework

  2. Christina Schmidt

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  3. ShaneDeeZee

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    Why does he repeat himself so much? This is so difficult to watch without whiskey.

  4. khaoula Belferrag

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    Guys could you help me plz 💔 I'M from Algeria nd my teacher asked me to write down the first 4 and half minutes and I couldn't get everything he said so if it is possible to give it to me plzzz I need it so hard it's related to my final exam If any one of you want to help me just inform me so i give you my Facebook or Instagram account

  5. Alina Mihaela

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    Is he ok? Cause he like a little out of breath 😬. I hope he don’t have the virus ... I hope we live the day when the one who stay behind this deadly virus be catch and judge - I don’t believe in the story of China .. sorry that I think that this a weapon is

  6. Ed Wilkes

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    An hour and a half to say nothing.

  7. noel busselot

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    the woman on the right side is deepstate operatif

  8. Rudy Gonzales

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  9. TheOriginalMakaaka

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    Good on Trump. And there are plants such as Prunella Vulgaris that also inhibit the reproduction of RNA viruses. St. John's Wort actually destroys RNA viruses and also Euphorbia Hirta and Mimosa Pudica will destroy any secondary infection of Pneumonia, much more effective than pharmaceutical alternatives that only destroyed 50% of the viral microbes. Let me tell you a story, I was once attending a hospital where they found a protein they called Protein 86. People with Asthma, lack this protein. So they derived it from a naturally occurring source which meant they couldn't patent it. It was in the news for 3 days and then there was silence. I had befriended the doctors that worked next to the lab that discovered this protein and they said that the Ventolin company came and bought all the research as they make more money from the inhalable Ventolin pumps. So there you have it. That is the mindset of these companies. They are not concerned with mitigating harm at all. IMO medical degrees are just sell-out certificates. I'd much rather have knowledge than a degree because knowledge is power. A degree is just a coupon from a tyrant. I was born with attention deficit disorder, so I cannot control my focus or motivation because the medication I need is illegal where I live. However, my IQ is in the 99.9986th percentile and I can confirm that these plants will work on the Pneumonia and the Viral microbes. The research is out there but it seems whenever I post a research title I get censored. Just type in the plant and the condition.

  10. Ryo Saeba

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    heil to the king trump best president after jfk

  11. Sam Joseph

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  12. poetgirl

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    Want to hear something listen to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2298">38:18</a> and watch how NONE of them are wearing masks, and are they did feet apart? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. oricas123

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  14. poetgirl

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    Thank you Gov. Baker and The Kraft Family! I heard about how our Massachusetts designated supply was stopped by the Feds in New York or Jersey 🤔 And you guys had to be mavericks to get supplies to us...at work we literally have put our masks in a paper bag, to be used the next day/shift because we are low on masks, my professor would be giving me an F if I told her I would re-use my disposable mask😔 Thank God we don't, as of yet, have any active cases in our facility 📿 May God bless you and your families! Stay safe! I can't believe a White House official called it "Our stockpile" These United States Sir, These United States are under One God One Oath One Spirit God bless our Country Thank you again Gov.Baker and The Kraft family, pretty nifty 🙄🤓😆 Feds/Adminstration: 😈You can't get those masks Massachusetts: I'm not only gorgeous I'm awesome to. Check my history, I'm many First 🙄😊🤓 Hold my beer and blow me a kiss 😚 I got this! I was born in Cali, but I swear the Spirit of God got us here! I love our state! 💞💖💕💗

  15. Martyr787 ro

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    Trump as usual. Like a boss. Wish we had you on our team bud. From Canada.

  16. Diamond81

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    1hr 22min -- President Trump responds to "wiseguy" question.

  17. Eagle X

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    Don't forget who created this man made virus: China. Don't forget who failed to take actions for 20 more days and gave the virus a chance to spread globally: China. Don't forget from whom your country should ask for compensations: China. This is not a pandemic. It's an act of war!

  18. 1186wolf

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    Now I know what the FEMA Boxes are going to be used for!

  19. Allen Weston

    Allen Westonپیش ماه

    A lot of people thought this could happen, I mean the people with the ability to think!

  20. Allen Weston

    Allen Westonپیش ماه

    I think we should try not having Trump as a president, maybe God will calm down, it might not work, but it won't hurt anybody

  21. rayydogg420

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  22. james argyll

    james argyllپیش ماه

    This inarticulate waffling imbecile is the most unworthy President in the last sixty years and considering the calibre of previous Presidents, the bar was already set embarrassingly low. What an embarrassment.

  23. Joel White

    Joel Whiteپیش ماه

    I find it funny that the man behind the president keeps looking at his notes. Sure is a nosey person

  24. Allen Weston

    Allen Westonپیش ماه

    Have the 'Space Force', fight it!

  25. John Taylor

    John Taylorپیش ماه

    I just wanted 10 min of my life listing to this knee pad President of his united state, he need to get the "we" out of his pocket

  26. Robert Walker

    Robert Walkerپیش ماه

    yo, Trump step away from the fucking x/y axis dude, wtf!

  27. whyputaname2

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    Definition of Failure = Donald J Trump...

  28. Greg Murphey

    Greg Murpheyپیش ماه

    Trump will never rise to the challenges facing the country. Just like he's always been, unable to rise to the challenge. Small hands..

  29. Beverly Nuckols

    Beverly Nuckolsپیش ماه

    CNN @ 50 minutes I'd ask what *you * hope to accomplish by that question? Fauci does a good job. Remember, he's seeing the possibilities beyond the norm, beyond 2 standard deviations. He has to take those in consideration, smoothing the curves in light of current or slightly delayed information. Then, there's the hostility from all sides. That's bound to be unnerving, exhausting.

  30. Paul Riordan

    Paul Riordanپیش ماه

    Yeah trump, you cant trust him. Now fauci, I wasnt sure about him until I learned that hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and WHO all gave him their blessings. Pheeeewww now I can sleep. Gates hasn't killed thousands around the world with his vaccines at all

  31. Alex F

    Alex Fپیش 25 روز

    Your nuts

  32. Max Power

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  33. Geoffrey Baker

    Geoffrey Bakerپیش ماه

    IMO the good doctor is Deep State and given he flip flops so much I wouldn't believe any of the stats he provides

  34. Vannasgran 617

    Vannasgran 617پیش ماه

    I don’t understand how people love him, vote for him and adore him. This man is such a embarrassment to our country and to himself.

  35. john wessels

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  36. enginekid88

    enginekid88پیش ماه

    Why doesn't Trump revoke CNN's press pass? They have no journalistic integrity and are the epitome of fake news. Social media companies ban you if you are fake news. Why can't CNN be banned?

  37. enginekid88

    enginekid88پیش ماه

    @DR1987IIC you're an idiot if you believe that bullshit. probably heard it from CNN. he did not call the virus a hoax, he called the media's attacks on the way he is handling the outbreak their new hoax. you simpleton.

  38. DR1987IIC

    DR1987IICپیش ماه

    And Trump called Coronavirus fake and the latest hoax. They're both as bad as other.

  39. alexander nanos

    alexander nanosپیش ماه

    Why dont we disinfect streets like other countries

  40. Avenger

    Avengerپیش ماه

    Has that been proven to actually do anything? If so, I'd love to see the studies on that. I thought it was only placebo and PR.

  41. Ryan Chardon

    Ryan Chardonپیش ماه

    Trump is America's greatest flop

  42. MA X

    MA Xپیش ماه

    U.S. ADVISES AMERICAN PLAN BACK HOME NOW. It's the sign U.S. prepare to start another War. WWIII COMING!!!

  43. Lennart Brorsson Lens-art Photography

    Lennart Brorsson Lens-art Photographyپیش ماه

    What a clown

  44. Harry Kerr

    Harry Kerrپیش ماه

    Is hydroxychloroquine A cure for Covid or NOT?...here is the truth:- www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/28/coronavirus-cure-fact-check-hydroxychloroquine-trump

  45. Harry Kerr

    Harry Kerrپیش ماه

    A couple of weeks ago Dr Donald Trump said when asked about the Corona Virus he said “ Virus, what Virus?” But here are the latest figures of the Coronavirus Cases in America: Confirmed cases 336,851 Deaths: 9620 these are not just statistics they are people, with families...lost for ever and here is a man that a couple of weeks ago was deriding it, making little of it and calling any journalist that was asking about it as ‘Fake News’. He is an absolute disgrace, easily the WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

  46. Shryce

    Shryceپیش ماه

    Hey... Rome had Nero, Cambodia had Pol Pot... and we have trump... He's gonna get many, many tens of thousands of people unnecesarily killed and you know he's gonna boast about it not being more.

  47. Harry Kerr

    Harry Kerrپیش ماه

    This is what Boris Johnson the British Prime Minister thought about Donald Trump He said this “Trump's remarks betray a 'stupefying ignorance' that make him unfit for the office of President.” STUPEFYING IGNORANCE I think you must agree, that sums up what most people of the world (certainly the U.K.) think about Donald Trump. But the last part of his statement is the most telling which is UNFIT FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT. Now for those whose heads are in the sand and think that everything that Dr Trump says is the gospel and that I am peddling some fake news then listen and watch and learn...this is what Boris said:- irgos.info/fylm-hay/1W16eptihHemxqw.html

  48. Harry Kerr

    Harry Kerrپیش ماه

    He now is a Doctor....more like a witch doctor. He is totally disrespectful to the Doctors. If he doesn’t like a question he just bats it off by saying Fake News, the only fake news is coming from him. The doctors must cringe when he talks about this drug and promoting this drug as a life saver. He needs to stay out of medical issues

  49. rvonkesselstatt

    rvonkesselstattپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="476">7:56</a> Four hundred ventilators with cannabis??? The world is really changing....

  50. Harry Kerr

    Harry Kerrپیش ماه

    Guys here is the truth not Fake News like Trump peddles :- irgos.info/fylm-hay/lqCsgKODg59_s6g.html

  51. THE MOG

    THE MOGپیش ماه

    LOOL @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2789">46:29</a> Please listen to this and tell me this guy isn't full of BS.

  52. Harry Kerr

    Harry Kerrپیش ماه

    Is hydroxychloroquine A cure for Covid or NOT?...here is the truth:- www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/28/coronavirus-cure-fact-check-hydroxychloroquine-trump

  53. Robert Sabongi

    Robert Sabongiپیش ماه

    Hey Trump, you're fucking it up tremendously, no one has fucked it as much as you have before.

  54. A Dunn

    A Dunnپیش ماه

    All the numbers false! more cases and deaths that aren’t reported because people being denied a test even when they have all the symptoms just because they too young or they don’t have pre-existing conditions. Not enough test! People including nurses have Covid-19 but aren’t part of these number! Facts!My wife one of them. I personally have family and friends in Washington california Arizona Michigan Georgia and New York. Stop peddling drugs and put all the so called smart people around the globe in the same lab to come up with and produce a vaccine! Don’t need interviews need a vaccine.

  55. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    I hope that lying cunt hangs herself with her fucking scarves. She has pushed Trump lies for weeks. She is criminally liable and should be charged.

  56. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    How someone this stupid is still supported by anyone is a disgrace. He is a moron.

  57. Virginia B Leggett

    Virginia B Leggettپیش ماه

    I wish they was doing the stay at home , that's why I see them out jogging and doing a lot of yard work with there kids!! so NO there not doing a good job at all in washington state!!!

  58. Lisa Prince

    Lisa Princeپیش ماه

    So many lies. Can’t even listen to the whole thing.

  59. whobrown

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  60. Virginia B Leggett

    Virginia B Leggettپیش ماه


  61. Virginia B Leggett

    Virginia B Leggettپیش ماه

    and i don't want to hear that they are out!!!!!!!!!!!! after all these numbers! i don't trust new york!! they keep asking for more and i think they are hiding some!!!

  62. Perry Como

    Perry Comoپیش ماه

    it probably was a mistake to acquit this idiot right before he started getting everyone killed...

  63. Where We Go 1 We Go All

    Where We Go 1 We Go Allپیش ماه

    Youre insane if you think this is happening because of Trump

  64. Marlena Maizar

    Marlena Maizarپیش ماه

    DR1987IIC you are wrong, I live just north of the epicenter in Italy. Flights were coming in even after people were falling ill. Italy has a very large Chinese community, workers who are basically slaves to the luxury goods market so that they can put the made in Italy stamp on the bags etcetera. US travel ban was issued on January 31. I don’t care what those media propagandists are saying they did in Italy because I know first hand the borders remained open and people were traveling freely. In Firenze the mayor advocated for the population to hug Chinese they saw on the street.....WTF????

  65. DR1987IIC

    DR1987IICپیش ماه

    @Marlena Maizar Trump called Coronavirus fake news and the 'latest hoax'. US banned flights from China only after Italy (and many other countried) had.

  66. Marlena Maizar

    Marlena Maizarپیش ماه

    Apparently geography and geopolitics are not something you know anything about. The virus came from Wuhan, in China. The President shut down flights from China to in January to the mainstream mediocres chorus of RASICM.....🙄. Guess what, not the Dims Pelosi, Schift, and Schumer are shouting he didn’t do enough?? These fools change directions faster than a formula one driver shifts speed. 😏. Not to mention the fact Pelosi, Cuomo and others out their in January encouraging people to go to big public gatherings like Parades and Chinese New Year? If anyone is getting us killed it is the stupidity of the masses who believe the propaganda put out daily. 🙄🙄🙄

  67. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه


  68. DS Smith

    DS Smithپیش ماه

    This is praise our dear leader time. It's so sickening, it's hard to listen to. Why does the guy that can hardly say a complete sentence have to be on here at all? It's sinful what they expect the American public to listen to. We don't need pence as a cheerleader and he can brag on trimp without us having to hear it. Too bad they didn't take it seriously when it could have saved so many.

  69. Merlin

    Merlinپیش ماه

    Whats the bet Dr Fauci is fired by the end of the week for speaking the truth.

  70. Paul Riordan

    Paul Riordanپیش ماه

    Fauci has tremendous conflict of interest, Bill Gates has his hand up Faucis pants, fauci loves hillary Clinton

  71. Marlena Maizar

    Marlena Maizarپیش ماه

    Dr. Fauci is a fraud who has made millions in back room deals from various foundations. He also praises the WHO Chairman Who is not a Dr. of Medicine, but a doctor of Philosophy. ? He is also responsible for the genocide from cholera in Ethiopia of tribes that were in opposition to his own affiliations.

  72. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    Dr Fauci is deep state.

  73. Johnny Weekend

    Johnny Weekendپیش ماه

    Where is gas $0.97/Gallon? What's the point of filling up if there's a stay at home order? Gas was $0.30/gallon in the 1950's. Dotard.

  74. Betty Blackburn

    Betty Blackburnپیش ماه


  75. Betty Blackburn

    Betty Blackburnپیش ماه

    @whobrown COOL !!!!

  76. Betty Blackburn

    Betty Blackburnپیش ماه

    @whobrown FINE WITH ME

  77. Betty Blackburn

    Betty Blackburnپیش ماه

    @whobrown HEY DUDE...!!! THAT WAS RUDE ..IM NOT DIZZY...OK..!!! LOL

  78. Betty Blackburn

    Betty Blackburnپیش ماه

    @whobrown THANKS

  79. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    I will block you.

  80. Maria Romano

    Maria Romanoپیش ماه

    You inherited a thriving system ...and totally derailed it .......now your prescribing drugs to your followers?

  81. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    " You inherited a thriving system, and totally derailed it... And now you are prescribing drugs to your followers? "

  82. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    Ellipsis are three or four dots at the end of a sentence to indicate that there is more that could be said about a subject but that the information already given is enough to understand the issue.

  83. Kev Cunningham

    Kev Cunninghamپیش ماه

    You can’t change my mind that Trump has some sort of financial connection to whatever big Pharma company produces hydroxy-chloroquine. Dude is literally a car salesman up there every day

  84. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    @Avenger You see why I just ridicule her stupidity and dont bother with reason.

  85. Avenger

    Avengerپیش ماه

    @Marlena Maizar Well Trump made the positive claim that it does and there have been no studies to support his claim. If you're not supporting Trump and his dangerous and incredibly irresponsible claims, then I don't have much to discuss. "Would you rather take a drug that has a long track record with few side effects, or a hastily rolled out vaccine that will be laden with all sorts of adjuncts that cause often debilitating symptoms?" I follow the science, my buddy. 1) Is there evidence? Yes? Great! No? Then it's *incredibly* dishonest, dangerous, and irresponsible to make claims on a drug *NOT* proven to work. 2) Does whether or not it's "new" matter if they are backed by evidence? Absolutely not. Just because it's a vaccine =/= that it's automatically bad or dangerous.

  86. Avenger

    Avengerپیش ماه

    ​@Marlena Maizar You just did it again. Another fallacy. Attack the argument not the source! An unreliable source can still be correct. Just attacking the source does *NOT* attack the argument. I am clearly failing at teaching you what I thought was a simple concept, so I'm going to make it *incredibly* simple for you. Person A is not a reliable source. Person A says that 1+1=2. 1) Is Person A correct when they say 1+1=2? Yes or no. If Yes, then just because they're an unreliable source does *NOT* mean that they're automatically incorrect. 2) If someone points out that they're not a reliable source, does that change whether or not 1+1=2 is true or not? Yes or no. If No, then congrats! You finally understand what an ad hom fallacy is -- please stop doing it.

  87. Marlena Maizar

    Marlena Maizarپیش ماه

    Avenger I also believe you mean ad hominem, not ad hom but, whatever.

  88. Marlena Maizar

    Marlena Maizarپیش ماه

    Avenger CNN is not a reliable source. Their list of advertisers and board members and share holders make that pretty clear. In my response to Ken I stated that Hydroxychloroquine war NOT patented anymore as it was an old drug and any Pharmaceutical company can manufacture it. THAT was in response to his assertion that Trump was making money from this drug. The fact is it is cheap has been used for over 70 years in the treatment of Malaria and also is used for Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis. Those are FACTS. As for its use in the Wuhan Virus I do not know. But there have been many Doctors on Spanish TV, French TV stating that they have used it with good success on many patients. The point is, this is a drug with a long track record available with few side effects that could help potentially many patients RIGHT now. Instead of a vaccine rushed out under pressure with NO track record. I would point you to Mike Wallace’s interview from 1976 and the faulty swine flu vaccines for reference. Would you rather take a drug that has a long track record with few side effects, or a hastily rolled out vaccine that will be laden with all sorts of adjuncts that cause often debilitating symptoms?

  89. Rob123 Houton

    Rob123 Houtonپیش ماه


  90. Jianre Hsiung

    Jianre Hsiungپیش ماه

    Few hundred ventilators is alot? I thought we need at least 100k... Since 200k was expected to die...

  91. Walks away with grace

    Walks away with graceپیش ماه

    I hate that trump doesn’t let the reporters finish their questions. He is rude and it’s annoying Why does trump even come out and speak to the nation. He’s useless doesn’t explain things professionally!!

  92. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه


  93. UVB76 -4625KHZ

    UVB76 -4625KHZپیش ماه

    I admire Trumps stamina .What the poor guy has been through. And how old is he?75? WWC- World War C

  94. Walks away with grace

    Walks away with graceپیش ماه

    Omg it’s a damn shame!!! No masks and no dr Fauci. What’s going on😱

  95. Diamond81

    Diamond81پیش ماه

    1hr 18min -- Dr. Fauci

  96. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    Fauci was there, he literally spoke at the podium... smh

  97. nonoy2727

    nonoy2727پیش ماه

    Whiner in chief. Lie away....

  98. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه


  99. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnsonپیش ماه

    Fauci is pretty much a hostage. Notice how he was pretty much shot down and told not to answer that question? Absolutely disgusting. Fauci needs to just break away and get out from under Trump's mafia style tactics.

  100. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه


  101. Joshua Roelle

    Joshua Roelleپیش ماه

    He's already controlled by big Pharma and Bill Gates bro

  102. Eagle-Eye Mŕ_Sîngh VS Travel zone

    Eagle-Eye Mŕ_Sîngh VS Travel zoneپیش ماه

    Treatment for coronavirus (covid 19) this treatment is also give cure with H1N1 , Nipah virus even on flu. Please watch and share irgos.info/fylm-hay/vZyihKCmiYN4zn4.html

  103. TheCagedLion

    TheCagedLionپیش ماه

    No disrespect, but we need crisis managers running this, not elected officials. Does not matter if it is Republicans or Democrats. Would you have NASA president run the launch of a space shuttle or would there be a specific qualified person running the show ? .. this is not administrative stuff, this is critical operations and crisis management. Armed forces is be better suited to run this response, in conjunction with industry leaders and their crisis management teams. President, Vice President, senators etc need to support these teams and remove obstacles.

  104. JaciCat67

    JaciCat67پیش ماه

    Oh gosh Lion. I hate to tell you this but lots of folks (many of whom are fans of the president) Don't believe that NASA was ever anything more than a propaganda film production co.. I feel your pain though. I don't think we'd need the crisis manager running anything if our elected officials AND our citizens would follow through with the advice given by those managers.

  105. Warren Turok

    Warren Turokپیش ماه

    Nobody wearing a mask , standing right next to each other hmmm

  106. khaoula Belferrag

    khaoula Belferragپیش ماه

    If any one of you want to help me just inform me so i give you my Facebook or Instagram account ❤️

  107. khaoula Belferrag

    khaoula Belferragپیش ماه

    Guys could you help me plz 💔 I'M from Algeria nd my teacher asked me to write down the first 4 and half minutes and I couldn't get everything he said so if it is possible to give it to me plzzz I need it so hard it's related to my final exam 💔

  108. Max Power

    Max Powerپیش ماه


  109. Virginia B Leggett

    Virginia B Leggettپیش ماه

    the reporters aren't either!! so what's your point??

  110. Noemi Delgado

    Noemi Delgadoپیش ماه

    You”re the biggest complainer.

  111. Trump Blows

    Trump Blowsپیش ماه

    @whobrown You should listen to your Dear Cult Leader and ingest some chloroquine phosphate...

  112. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    @Trump Blows I'm done . later

  113. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    @Trump Blows You're deep state

  114. Trump Blows

    Trump Blowsپیش ماه

    @whobrown You're sinking ever deeper in your deep state of denial 😆

  115. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    @Trump Blows You're deep state paid troll

  116. Krenda Grey

    Krenda Greyپیش ماه

    President Trump and his team today look really tired...I pray they allow themselves enough time to eat well and get adequate sleep/rest...May God Bless all of you...#Trump2020....

  117. Raelee Felsman

    Raelee Felsmanپیش ماه

    Too little too late Mr. Trump. !!!! 🇦🇺😲🇦🇺😲🇦🇺

  118. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه


  119. darrolyn50

    darrolyn50پیش ماه

    what a complete ass

  120. B Jvu

    B Jvuپیش ماه

    The problem I have with these losers who are called journalist is that majority of Americans are dumb and they look to these clowns for guidance on how to think. People, it's simple, there is a process known as RISK ANALYSIS! It is used to weigh the pros and cons of an action vs effect. If the pros outweigh the cons as with the drug Trump is promoting then we treat but if the risk is higher than the positive then we pass. It's that simple! If the person is going to die and end up trying something that could save them but it instead kills them, then there is no risk because without taking it, they would still DIE! So, in this case, the pro heavily outweigh the cons and that's why it is worth the prescription

  121. Waitathu T.V

    Waitathu T.Vپیش ماه

    Why does he keep repeating himself?????

  122. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    @whobrown Laugh all you like dumbfuck. You obviously don't know our laws nor what the first amendment doesn't protect your dumbass from. But you will learn the hard way. Enjoy that watch list.

  123. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    @Mike Nunyabizness LOL

  124. Robert Sabongi

    Robert Sabongiپیش ماه

    He has no comand on the English language. Dumb ass is giving dumb people a bad rap :)

  125. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabiznessپیش ماه

    @CrashNBurn5150 I SS your lies and propaganda and have reported you to the FBI as a foreign asset. You might want to Google what the first amendment doesn't protect you from, dumbfuck.

  126. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    @CrashNBurn5150 NOT THE WIFE

  127. Chris Xavier

    Chris Xavierپیش ماه

    Trust me if that reporter got the virus he'd be killing to get that same malaria med

  128. B Jvu

    B Jvuپیش ماه

    I bet college students with a 2.0 gpa who spends most of their time partying could ask better questions than what most of these dumb reporters or so-called journalist ask... Wonder why journalism is considered a respectable profession while the job could be done by morons which as we have witnessed, is already being done

  129. whobrown

    whobrownپیش ماه

    So true!

  130. Cindy Clemmons

    Cindy Clemmonsپیش ماه

    This is so painful to watch the bullshit artist continue with his lies. Why? Such a waste of time, money, and air space.