Why You Board the Plane from the Left

When you hear “airplane” you think of a “big, white, a rounded nose, relatively small tires, two oddly angled wings with their tips curling up, normally late taking off. Oh, and you always get on board through the left side!” But have you ever wondered why is it always the left side?
And, why are do the wings have curved tips? Or, why is the entire wing tilted upward instead of being perfectly parallel with the ground? Most airliners have nicely rounded noses, but there are jets with pointy ones - so what decides it? Let’s see!
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Commercial aircraft usually have their wings angled backward 0:30
Many plane wings have curved tips 0:56
Why is the entire wing tilted upward instead of being perfectly parallel with the ground? 1:38
Why is lift so important? 2:13
Why is landing gear a bit tilted? 2:57
Why are wheels so small they for such a massive machine? 3:22
Why are airplane tires super inflated? 3:49
What are flashing lights on airplane's wings for? 4:08
Why do most planes have rounded noses, but there are jets with pointy ones? 4:35
Why do passengers board on the left? 5:41
Why don't airlines save time by letting people in through all the entrances at once? 6:39
Why can’t you always board a plane through a jet bridge? 7:54
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-Wings angled backward help planes be as fast as they are.
-Wingtip vortices lead to slower speeds, more fuel consumption, higher CO2 emission, and safety issues.
-Upward angle is crucial for the airplane's stability. That stability is at risk when a jet comes across some obstacle, like a bump from turbulence, that can make it roll to either side.
-If you tilt the wing too much, the lift will get weaker or disappear altogether! Then the plane will stall in the air and eventually fall. If the wings are tilted down, the lift decreases.
-The tilt serves several purposes: to soften the landing and absorb the touchdown shock, to level the plane and prevent it from pitching forward, and to let the gear fit properly in the gear well.
-If you made airplane wheels bigger, it would add extra load, and aircraft would waste more fuel carrying them.
-Thanks to huge pressure inside them (as well as the material they're made of), airplane tires don't burst under the immense weight of a landing aircraft.
-The lighting scheme helps pilots figure out the direction of oncoming planes in the dark and avoid a collision. The green and red lights on commercial aircraft must be on from sunset to sunrise.
- The faster a plane is, the sharper its nose will be since they need to cut through the air without meeting too much resistance. That's why almost all supersonic aircraft have pointy noses.
-The right side is used for fueling the plane and loading and unloading baggage and cargo. If passengers were also entering aircraft from the right side, it would mess up the whole process and probably lead to accidents.
-Some airlines do use both for boarding and deplaning. But if people board an aircraft through a jetway, using both doors won't work. Jetways only reach the front left entrance.
-Some airports are just too busy and don't have enough gates. It's either using buses and mobile stairs or waiting for hours for an available gate.
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